Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop

Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop

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The Gauntlet: Arctic
Contents: Endless
Mapping Competitions: BossFight2023
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The Gauntlet: Arctic

GAUNTLET advanced training simulation, Ref. IAF-WNTR82
--Survival Scenario: Arctic

Caught in the middle of a snowstorm, your dropship has descended into unknown grounds. Stranded, what remains of your squad must resort to the defense of a derelict research station so as to repel the tempted Swarm. In this cold darkness, there are perils legion; in this cold darkness, you make your stand.

The Gauntlet: Arctic is the first installment of a series of planned maps for the GAUNTLET game mode, designed by the authors of the Nam Humanum campaign.

The Gauntlet is a virtual arena where IAF Marines train, decompress and compete against other squads for higher scores, all under the knowing eye of the Gauntlet Master.

Voiced by Matthew Simmons in all its snark and playfulness, the Gauntlet Master serves as the announcer for this game mode. His role is to sharpen IAF soldiers into combat-ready Marines, and so will repeatedly rain hell upon them in the form of enhanced Swarm waves composed of tougher variants.

Inside the Gauntlet, players have but one objective: survive. Though the flow of enemies is persistent, their saving grace lies in the ammunition & equipment stations that will periodically activate on each end of the map at the goodwill of the Master.

The scenario will only end with the squad’s demise at the hand of the Swarm. Play as a team, watch each other's back, and fight well.

Good luck, Marines.

Scathered ressources

Remnants of a previous scuffle are still disseminated across the area. Use them as you see fit.

Defense turrets

Convert the old station’s defense system to your side. Rain hell from the safety (relative) of a computer screen.

Refill stations

Refill stations will be made available throughout the match. They are on a set timer, so make sure your ammo consumption is too.

Vents & walls

Be smart, be nimble. Use the environment to your advantage so as to not let yourself be overrun.


There is strength in number. Communicate with your squad and establish strategies in order to survive.


Level design / mapping / environment by Guillaume (Stral) Houard:

Writing / casting by Thomas (Synmachus) Lesteven

Cover art / character design by Larry Lebon:

Gauntlet Master interpreted by Matthew (MegapiemanPHD) Simmons:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio:
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Ax-now Sep 19 @ 11:44pm 
Also idk if you are aware of this problem but your map is very unstable in terms of performance, lots of fps drop. var is 2.35msec, sometimes way more (most of other map var is around 0.30 / 0.40msec).
Stral  [author] Sep 10 @ 11:53am 
The problem should be fixed in the latest update :lunar2019grinningpig:
Ben Lubar  [developer] Sep 8 @ 9:44am 
If you change the roof from func_brush to func_asw_fade there's a setting to ignore grenade collision for grenades that spawned below the roof
Ax-now Sep 8 @ 3:08am 
delet roof i good solution =)
Stral  [author] Sep 8 @ 3:05am 
Hello and tanks you everyone for your comment.

I have already studied the problem of the grenade launcher, but for now there is no solution that suits me
Ax-now Sep 8 @ 12:12am 
there is issue, grenade luncher cant be used inside buildings bcs of roof :p
[AF]ĈittizinKane[SąS] Aug 20 @ 8:02pm 
killing lots of bugs, sign me up!
ねこもこ Jun 26 @ 9:36pm 
I'm loving this map!
Jimmy McSex Jun 24 @ 6:40am 
Am glad that you guys still plan on doing more maps for Alien Swarm. Namhuman was an great addition to the game and i hope seeing more of yall work on here
Torque Jun 23 @ 3:57pm