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ReIncarnation RPG
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ReIncarnation RPG

Twilight's Eve Spirit Successor, ORPG
Patch Notes are in the change notes tab above the screenshots!

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We drew inspiration from classic WC3 RPG's such as the iconic Twilight's Eve, aiming to bring a fresh perspective to the games of our youth. Indeed in ReIncarnation there are over 43 completely custom heroes separated across four Tiers that you are able to advance through as you play the game, ending in a choice of 24 heroes at the max tier.
The early/mid game is designed to be somewhat solo-able, and not too punishing without a party. As you enter late and end-game, a party is going to become more and more valuable, but for those who wish to play solo it will be difficult but not impossible to progress.

* Save/Load system - Save your games progress each time you play!
* Dungeons - 16 dungeons in the game with unique boss fights and at least 10 unique equipment drops in each
* Alchemy - Create various potions to help you in your journey
* Gathering - Explore the world to find rare herbs and minerals
* Fishing - Catch fish to eat or use in cooking and even have a rare chance of finding rare treasures
* Cooking - Prepare food to replenish you when you're exploring the world, exotic foods even provide you with special buffs
* Quests - A long and story-driven quest line
* Dialogue - Dynamic dialogue with every NPC on the map which changes depending on how far you are into the story
* Cinematics - In-game cutscenes to showcase key parts of the story
* World Events - Work together with your allies to defend a farm or assault a fortress in the abyss
* World Bosses - Late game bosses hidden around the world with unique mechanics and abilities
* A PvP Arena - Attempt to best your allies and the game will even keep score across multiple sessions

Everyone starts the game as the same novice hero, as you level up, you will get the opportunity to advance your hero to the next tier. The first opportunity you get to change your hero will be at level 10 and you get a choice from the Warrior, Brute, Ranger, Rogue, Devout, and Mage classes.

Class Descriptions/Synopses -

We have no intention of stopping development with the release. We plan to continue balancing and polishing the game far into the future. We have plans for expansion maps including a PVP-oriented battleground where you can fight in objective-based arenas using your hard-earned characters, and more PVE/story-based maps where you can explore more of the world of ReIncarnation and it's secrets!

You can support us by donating at !
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Feb 8 @ 2:16pm
druid bug
Oct 22, 2017 @ 12:52am
PINNED: Regarding Balance
Jobodo ツ
Dec 25, 2017 @ 7:15pm
Not able to switch classes
< >
Mid or -25 Jan 31 @ 8:01am 
Эта рпг еще жива?
How to fix interface hidding sometimes? When all bars, bag, potions are hidden ='(
I am getting it at the beginning of game (restart helps), but when I release wizzard after killing Satyr Lord - eveytime I came into city - all interface is hidden and some npc probably tries to start a dialogue with me. but I cant see. reload\reconnect - return interface but i am losing starting of dialogue, and receive my dialogue starting after exiting\entering the city. but it hides all interface again and even dialogue( and I cant play further ='(
Kera Jan 28 @ 1:30pm 
Druid hotkeys are bugged, only normal form spells are binded all other forms are unbinded.
Really makes druid unplayable
TWICE Jan 27 @ 8:51pm 
havent touched the game for quite awhile but if nothing major has changed then ur best bet will be grinding at the ice lord till lv200+, then proceed to do magma core at decrepit pass.
Once you get a couple of FE (flame's embrace) there then you're good to go to have a shot at abyss and other dungeons.

Although i'd still recommend to just join in random lobby and hope for the best to find someone else to carry you through the end game dungeons. Cheers!
Jobodo ツ  [author] Jan 24 @ 5:14pm 
I haven't abandoned it,
Definitely been a low point for updates. I am about to move home for a new job(and a pretty big move too), which I have been preparing for the last little bit, kind of made it hard for me to focus on modding. Not a great reason but nonetheless that's whats been going on.

After I move and get set up again, there are some updates I'm eager to finish for RI.
Luz AzuL Jan 24 @ 8:35am 
the game was abandoned?
putogua Jan 24 @ 1:53am 
Hi, now that i know we can't farm soul shards from world boss anymore. As a solo player, how do we farm soul shard from abyss dungeon alone without soul shards item lol
Bing Bong Jan 22 @ 1:22pm 
@WalkerBot As soon as you enter the portal as Io the wisp, do not click on anything. Wait till the dialogue window appears.
WalkerBot Jan 22 @ 11:43am 
Dialog window doesn't appear.
Bing Bong Jan 22 @ 11:11am 
@WalkerBot I believe the cause of that is clicking and making your character move while a cutscene is playing. Let the cutscene play itself and only click on the dialogue options.