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Ultimate Rodina Guide
By Prof. Astrial Kronos
A guide put together to describe general block functions, a small tutorial on starting out, ship systems, some of there possible uses, planets, game features, enemies, weapons, change log, currently being worked on, future updates, and modding!
Starting Off
When you start you have the option to choose 3 different world types:
  • Normal
  • Freeform
  • Peaceful
In this case, we will be picking the Normal option. After you select it, you should be standing on a Dwarf Planet, with low gravity, a menu should pop up informing you of your serial number. Click Acknowledge, it should then say "YOUR NAME:" After you decide your name and click acknowledge, there should be a small green, hollow, Circe. Go to it, this is your ship. Use the A, S, W, and D keys to move, space to jump.

After you reach your ship, you should see a door, go to it and press your activate key. (F by default) You're now in your ship's airlock, use the Airlock Computer (to the right when you enter) to do a variety of things, like close the doors, customize your ships interior, and remotely control it. Right now, I would propose that you look your ship's interior layout over. Learn it, as it comes in handy in the future.

Once you find your pilot controls, use F on it and start to pilot the ship, and after finishing the flight tutorial, head towards the "+". Once you're there,(using F) collect the crates, the barrels, the data stick, and the Cruise mode upgrade.
This allows you to fly faster, and allows you to fly between asteroids. Go asteroid to asteroid (hollow circles) and try to find a plus sign ("+"). Try to find a diaconium crystal, it powers the Limnal Drive, an even faster way to traverse the system. After that go to planet Jarilo, the third from the star, Zorica. There you will fight, and locate a new type of ammunition. Scavenge the planet for new weapons, and ship upgrades. You can follow the story line, or just explore. After you get a certain length into the story line, you get the ability to produce robot babies! Once finished gestating you can name them, and they'll wonder around your ship and follow you every once and a while.
Working Ship Systems
  • Fire extinguisher: Your ship can catch fire and you will be acquired to put it out. Using the fire extinguisher you can defeat the horrid fire, quickly, because it ignites all around it. The fire spreads, but the fire extinguisher effect lingers, and can hold fire back! Can also be used as a form of propulsion in space.
  • Blaster: can be shot with left click, if held down, it can be charged up. Does damage to enemies and ships.
  • Bulkhead Doors/Normal Doors: They open, press F on them. They also separate certain parts of the ship, each room is its own atmosphere, kind of.
  • Operations Computer: Use F on it to open. Once upon opening it, it opens to the weapon menu, here you can switch your secondary ammo. There's another tab, up near the top, you can select "Ship" and look over your ships health, and air pressure. You can also open all of the doors. (Emergency)
  • Holoscreens: used to view the outside of the ship.
  • Barrel: No use on the ship, yet, some can be filled with ammunition to use against your enemies(Found on Planets and asteroids).
  • Crates: No use on the ship, yet, some can be filled with ammunition to use against your enemies(Found on Planets and asteroids).
  • Limnal Drive: Gives player access to the Limnal Speed Gear, Powered by diaconium. (sort of, it being in the ship doesn't change the access to the limnal gear.)

  • Pilot Wave Radio: Primary use for story mode, use it to read and receive messages from Rodina.

  • Pilot Station: Use it to control the ship.
  • Scanners: Use it to see the layout of the Solar System you're in.

  • Archives: Use this to read Data Sticks you find on asteroids and Planets.

  • Holoscreen: Can be used to view what is outside the ship, for use with cockpit mode, and can be used for some great views!

  • Cockpit Mode: This ship system allows you to fly the ship in 1st person with the extension of holoscreens. How to use it?
    • Sit in the Pilot’s Chair by just walking into it
    • While flying the ship, press “F” (for “Activate”) This brings up the pilot menu, choose “Toggle 1st/3rd Person”
    • You can also target something by looking at it with the center crosshairs and pressing "T".
    • Once you enter the area surrounding a celestial body, your altitude will pop up in a free floating box. This box can be made static from the f menu while flying.
  • Grav-Bike: A drivable bike, it counts as an interior item, and can be placed in the ship through the editor. After added, activate it with F, and then walk into it like the pilot's chair. It can drive around on planets, and can even move the ship if you hit it hard enough.
Non-Working Ship Functions, and Their Possible Use
  • Generator: Powers ship, runs off of Ammonia. (Morena is an ice planet, like Titan, it might have some ammonia ice on there that you could collect)-Brendan
  • Battery Array: Back up power supply, or could be used to convert energy from the generator to usable electricity.

  • Pressurized Tank: Hold Ammonia, makes systems in a room work? Or possibly the more of them you have the more "energy" you have. A sort of back-up reserve.
  • Shower: Wash off radiation?
  • Sink: Water Supply (Drink)
  • Storage Closet: Storage (Parts to repair ship?)
  • Storage Table: Storage (Parts to repair ship?)
  • Shelves: Storage (Parts to repair ship?)
  • Toilet: No comment.
(Suspected) Purely for Looks
  • Desk
  • Chair
  • Dresser
  • End Table
  • House Plant
  • Rug
  • Bed

The Zorica system currently consists of 4 planets, in order
  • Perun
  • Veles
  • Jerilo
  • Morena
  • The Asteroid Belt
  • Scattered Vanguard Chunks

First Planet
Thin Atmosphere
Mountain Ranges, large flatish areas

Second Planet
Thickest Atmosphere
Dry, windy, red
Rocky, Rough, Mountains
Acid Unit Upgrade Required. The acid shield upgrade can be found on Morena.

Third Planet
Thin Atmosphere
Dry Planet, dull, dusty.
Mountains, platea.

Fourth Planet
Medium sized Atmosphere
Ice planet
Heat Unit Upgrade Required. The heating upgrade can be found on Jarilo/Perun.
Asteroid Belt
Consists of 50 Big/Main Asteroids (Dwarf Planets) 40,000 Small Asteroids.
Vanguard Chunks
Consists of X chunks of the Vanguard Ship that has a procedural interior.
It's currently possible to add moons to your planets and dwarf planets by editing the code, but it is possible that moons can become a future celestial body that is in the game naturally. Currently the game supports multiple star systems with there own dedicated planets.
Simulation Effects
  • Modifiable Ship Interior:Using the airlock computer you can modify your ships interior. You can edit multiple floors, and make tall rooms. You can edit your own tilesets and lights.
  • Moving Interior When you exit pilot mode the ship still moves, the first step towards ship boarding! Be carefull because the ship can crash.
  • Atmospheric Simulation: Every thing has pressure now! If your ship is on fire, and you can't put it out, use the "Emergency: Open all doors" option under the Ship tab in the operations computer. Be carefull though, you'll get sucked out! (Or in some forum members case, Blown out!)

  • Fires: Fires can be caused from collision, or from battles. They spread quickly and can be held, and put out, using the Fire Extinguisher. If you have a fire and your ship is below 15% health, most likely you're doomed. Aim at the originating point of the fire, and it will be extinguished. Fires can even be put out by opening the airlock (Future Feature, Check below!)

  • Atmosphere Entry: If entering a planets atmosphere at too great of an angle, then you will start taking damage, if at a high speed you will have fire surrounding you, it doesn't effect you. To enter the atmosphere without taking any risk, switch to combat speed, you will never reach enough speed to catch on fire, or take damage.

  • Full-scale, procedural solar system: 4 full-size planets, 50 randomized major asteroids, and something like 45,000 minor asteroids.
Ship Combat
At present, there are four different types of Xeno ships:
  • Xeno Scout: which fire the standard blaster, not unlike the player's ship
  • Xeno Bomber: which fire missiles and the ring blaster
  • Xeno Battleship: which fire missiles and the mega blaster
  • Xeno Sphere: which fires the hail blaster

Weapons can only be fired in the Docking, or battle speeds.
  • Standard Blaster: Default left click. Player automaticly has it from start.
  • Missiles:Heat seeking, they will follow the enemy, shooting them will make them explode. Missiles can be found on Jarilo, and asteroids.
  • Ring Blasters:Blue octagon, doesn't explode when shot. Ring Blasters can be found on Puren
  • Hail Blaster:Shoots multiple shots at once. Can be found on Morena
  • Mega Blaster:Shoots a big, red, flare looking shot. Can befound on Veles (The same as what the Xeno Battleship main weapon is)

When it comes to dodging these weapons, the best for most of them is to switch into cruise mode. Using that you can fly around very quickly, but can't fire. Missiles can be shot, and destroyed, but if you don't have time you can always fly in their opposite direction, and move to the left or the right.

First-Person Combat
  • Xeno Soldier: Can be found on planets, and Vanguard Chunks. Drops health pickups when killed. Health of 20, and uses the default Xeno Blaster.
  • Skirmisher: Equipped with a default Xeno Blaster, and has a Health of 15.
  • Assaulter: Equipped with a Xeno Gun 3, it can shoot missiles at you and has a health of 35.
  • The Incinerator: Part of the Scavenger class, these Xenos are part of the cleanup crew – they strip everything of value and burn what they don’t need. They are large and slow but will try to close distance to use their flamethrower, which can also double as a fire-ball launcher when at range. Health of 65, and uses the Xeno Incinerator Bomb.
  • The Poacher: Another member of the Scavenger class, the Poacher’s responsibility is to strip target areas of all life and decide whether to eat it, breed it, experiment on it, or recycle it for resources. They use a weapon that tracks living things, and may eventually have an attack that slows you down. Health of 50, and uses the Xeno Poacher blaster.
  • The Replete: Repletes are one of the "lowest" castes. They are weaker and used for manual labor. They can't defend themselves very well and will run around to try and escape. Health is 10, and uses the Xeno Replete Blaster.
These weapons can be found in the ship, or aquired from killing a special enemy. They can be fired anytime you're not piloting the ship.
  • Blaster: Hand held blaster, shoots one energy blast at a time, but is semi-automatic. Shooting button can be held in to charge it for a more powerful blast. Holding right-click and pressing left click will shoot missiles. Can damage ships, and npc's. Is equippable by default, can also be found around the ship, or placed like the fire extinguisher.
  • Repeating Blaster Blaster: Identicle to the default blaster, except fully-automatic. Not given by default, can be found (by default) near the airlock, or placed around the ship.
  • Fire Booster: This weapons lets you temporarily shoot fireballs, you get this power-up[ from defeating the Xeno Incinerator.

In a phrase: Ship Boarding.


  • Multiple Floors
  • Tall Rooms
  • Revamped Interior Editor
  • Better Room Shapes
  • Hierarchical Zones
  • Hallways
  • Diverse Room Types
  • Object Placement
  • More enemy types
  • Health Pickups
  • Powerups
  • Outdoor combat
  • More weapons

  • Planetary Bases – ranging from Outposts to huge Strongholds
  • Xeno Ships – fully Explorable and Pilotable
  • Diverse Gameplay – meaningful locations, special encounters, security alarms, poison gas, troop reinforcements, etc
  • Development of Xeno Culture – (in terms of architecture and combat systems)
  • Boss Fights
With any luck, this year will mean VERY significant changes to the game, with a full sense of progression and lots of gameplay.

  • Multiplayer
  • Cities and NPCs
  • RPG Features – skills, inventory, equipment, resources
  • Planet Gen – clouds, biomes, oceans, caves, foliage, rocks
  • Crafting – mining, molecular science, component assembly
The Story, and Documents
All documents can be found under Rodina/Data/Documents
Side Story
Document Name (How many there are)
  • A Traveling Child's First ABCs (1)
  • A Traveling Child's Guide to Holidays (1)
  • An Intimate Academic Evening with Malcolm McCreedy (5)
  • Anomalies in the signal feed - let me know what you think (3)
  • Arise! (1)
  • At the spaceport (3)
  • F-A Daily Chronicle Coverage - Molten Alloy and Torn Lace (2)
  • Global Bosanic Product Sales Patter Cheat-Sheet (3)
  • Grinding Terror - A Young Adult Horror Compilation (3)
  • Idris Kennedy - Personal Logs and Effects (4)
  • In Defense of the Same (4)
  • Intro to Space Sciences - 2nd Grade Edition (1)
  • Local Woman Wins Fifteenth Annual Culinary Competition (1)
  • Memo to All Parents, Teachers, and CareTakers (1)
  • Mother Goose's New Tales for Traveling Children (4)
  • Notes From Terranova Research Concerning Diaconium (2)
  • Open Casting Call - Refractive Entertainment (2)
  • Psych eval results for Mila (plus shopping list) (5)
  • Remarks Made During the Funeral Of Florian Fyodorov (1)
  • Rodina-Bradford Ship to Ship Transmission Logs (3)
  • Runaway (4)
  • Signals Command - Public Duty Log (2)
  • Speech Transcript - 275th annual 'Stay the Course' gala (3)
  • Status report PAST DUE - please explain (5)
  • Terraforming For Dummies (4)
  • The Inhumanity of Automatons - A Transcribed Interview (2)
  • The Protocol (6)
  • Transmission Logs - Satellite Monitoring Base 42634-C (4)
  • Upstairs-Downstairs Services Inc. Official meeting record (3)
  • URGENT - No More Racing!! (3)
  • Vanguard Lottery Announced (3)
  • Wagon Master Election - Official Results (4)
  • What I Think About That (5)
  • Xenos - Fact or Fiction (2)
Main Story
There are 12 main messages you can decrypt by getting encrypted messages from loot zones. ("+") You also recieve a message everytime you aquire a upgrade to your ship.
The scanners can tell you were more of the same documents are found, so say you have the first terriforming for dummies, well, go to your scanners and you can find out where more are located! The story is in ongoing development, and will be added to as more updates come. Once you collect all of the Encrypted messages, then it will give you a message saying something about the message being damaged.

Then, there are these:
This is just one of 6. They are encrypted messages. But they probably don't mean anything. Humans are the only species smart enough to send encrypted messages, right?
Wrong! Some of the messages have been decrypted! They turned out to be messages between the xenos.
Decryption #1[]
Decryption #2[]
Decryption #3[]
Modding, and Console Commands
Possibly Outdated
First off, you need to be able to open the files, (.lua) you can download Notepad++ (Free) and will be able to edit lines of code in Rodinas files. Second off, you will need to go to where Rodina can be found in your Steam Files, I'm suggesting you all know how to locate it, in the steam app, and so on.
Starting Small, how about unlocking small features?

How about unlocking the "Energy" and "Auto-Repair" Button? They don't do much, but will give you a little bit of experience. Go to Scrips/Gameplay
Go down untill you find "EGMenuOperations" Open it, and scroll down untill you see a large chunk of green text, on the outsides (top and bottom) there are two dashes, and two bracket, on top, and below, the code. Remove them. (Everytime I post it here, the test gets all funky, so I cant add the actual characters.) Remove them, save, then load up your game, go to the operations computer, and you should see a new option added, and an energy bar.

(Outdated as of the 1.1.7 update, but still works!)
Console Commands
  • EGOnStartGame()
  • MainUpdate( aDeltaTime )
  • MainUpdateFinal( aDeltaTime )
  • OpenScanners()
  • OpenArchives()
  • OpenRadio()
  • EGResetPilot()
  • HandleScriptsReloaded()
  • EGDebugTexture( aTextureName )
  • MakeCloseEnemies( ACount )
  • OpenEditor()
  • GOpenBrowserWebsite()
  • EGOpenBrowserDashboard()
  • EGOpenBrownserBuyGame()
  • StartFire()
  • StopFire()
  • EnableGodMode()
  • EGHealPlayer()
  • MakeRobot()

Will be more elaborated, in the future.

This guide is continually being changed to provide more detailed, and adequate information. (Updated to fit with every update) Please, if you have anything to add, comment it below and/or inform me of mistakes I've made! I'll add more to it as the game updates! I hope that this will help you, and if you'd like to help me, since I don't know much about modding, you can give me tips and advice on how to make my guide better!
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How would one disable GodMode? I'm running the More NPCs mod so I figured I'd turn it on for the clusters of armadas over various planets, but now I can't seem to turn it off...
Prof. Astrial Kronos  [author] Jun 20, 2018 @ 8:30am 
You can produce automatons after you go so far into the story.
Ace12 Jun 19, 2018 @ 6:46pm 
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DEVIL KILL 247 Mar 4, 2018 @ 12:45pm 
They should add a lock on feature for combat and warping to planets and such so you can lock on to a planet and just warp without having to steer. Either way i love this game and trying to get back into it and find a grav bike for my hanger. Also i got a robot to spawn and if you use the MakeCloseEnemies (# of enemies) it makes the game a little harder to spawn like 4 ships next to mountains.
RollingInDough Feb 21, 2018 @ 4:36am 
Morena is scary
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i seem to be finding them a lot on Perun
Impotent Luigi Sep 4, 2017 @ 12:53am 
I lost my gravbike, is there a way to get a new one? (I'm into the second chapter)
Prof. Astrial Kronos  [author] Jul 29, 2017 @ 4:36pm 
Progress in the story.
The king of Butter▼ Jul 29, 2017 @ 4:23pm 
what about the robots how do you get those
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This is a great guide! I love it!

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