Portal 2

Portal 2

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Aperture Valentine
Created by Mevious
Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
Glados wants you dead.
What could you do?

Dear test subjects, today is your big day!
Robot love is not wrong! Can you and your partner prove this to GLaDOS?
Today you should grab your favorite co-op partner and expl...
Aperture Valentine - The advanced chambers v1.3
Created by josepezdj
This is part of the Valentine's day special COOP map created by LpFreaky, Zivi7, Mevious, Sicklebrick and me. Link to the main course:

Aperture Valentine

These are the chamb...
Cone Corporation's Confidential Cooperative Cone Course
A course, shaped like a cone, for cooperative use, made by Cone Corporation, in absolute confidentiality!

Cone Corporation is merely the cone-department of Aperture Science, with the sole purpose of manufacturing giant cones that are to be used for Testin...
Death by turret
Created by Get JACKED
Inspired by "you and one army", try not to get yourselves killed!...
Elevator Shaft
Created by shalianahe
Getting to the top is just a leap away...
Find Me! Part 1
Created by Rammar515
Haircut!!! V2.0 The Synchronization
Created by ZeBaconator
Welcome To Version 2 Of Haircut!!! Bring A Friend And Leave A Tip Below!!!...
Left alone - Part 1 - Escape
Created by Trexau
You have been caged some days ago. One day, as you wake up, you notice that you left alone for some reason.

Part 1 - Escape:
You have to escape from jail and break your way through the complex...
my first hammer map
Created by Trexau
just tried out some things with hammer, there are no complicated puzzles in...
Puzzle Race Challenge
Created by RuppDat
While I made this map for the coopcrowd to hopefully play, anybody interested can give it a try and race against a friend.

I got the idea to try this after watching over the single player races Henry and Wills did a while back, and figured it'd be a dif...
Testing Tower Co-op
Created by Claptrap
THE BEAST Rollercoaster
Created by sterling013
Legend has it, if you are traveling to Cincinnati Ohio, head north to Kings Island, and if you dare to go into the deep backwoods, you may run across something laying in wait known as THE BEAST.

In 1979, THE BEAST was unleashed upon the public as the ...
Created by Sejievan

This is the first map of a series that I plan to do, called "The Lone Future-Starter". is a short map but i hope you guys enjoy =).
I tried to create some different puzzles, and also used a small concept of my previ...
The Maze
Created by KucineQ
Turret Fireworks
Created by Geneosis
Welcome turret killer! You have done a really good work for now, have a break and come with us to the millenium turret kill party!

Note : Show map only, no puzzle!

Type : Fun/Show
Difficulty : None

Update 1 :
- ALL the turrets will now die!
- I...
Turret Massacre v3 (More Gel-tastic)
Created by KireDalbo
After rigging the scanning system for turrets, You and Wheatley go destroy the warehouse full of turrets...
Turret Master
Created by iThinkI'mInfected
Hmmmm... Thinking Of Explosive Turrets, Don't Have Them......
turret tormentation 2
Created by The Token Gay
You are a new test subject learning the ropes. You find your self surrounded by things that shoot bullets. You press a button it starts randomly shooting. You say, "Cool!!". You continue, you finish. You are now an official turret killer (please start...