Not enough ratings
must have for most realistic feeling
must have for most realistic and intense gameplay (sounds, player models, blood, graphics)
w/o weapon skins cuz ppl like to pick them theirselves

if a sound bug occurs:
type "snd_restart" in console (w/o "")

i binded it on F1:
type "bind F1 snd_restart" in console (w/o "")
Items (5)
Improved Blood v1.2
Created by Ancef :)
I decided to make my own edits to an exsisting mod on the workshop.

I played around with the brightness/contrast to get a nice deep red and added a soft AO glow effect to the splatters to make them look more natrual and chunky. I also remixed one of the t...
USMC Series - Security Skins
Created by WoodMan
Bring the United States Marines into action against the Insurgents with a set of highly detailed Security team skins that remain as faithful to the real life combat outfits as I could manage.

-MARPAT Desert Camo
-MARPAT Woodland Camo Backpac...
Veteran Insurgent Skins v4
Created by Warrior J
Like this mod? Consider supporting the creator @

UPDATE ***6/28/2017*** - Mod works with current version of Insurgency. Please leave feedback. Enjoy....
Realistic Explosion Sounds
Created by Porpeta Voraz
Mod created by: Porpeta Voraz
Video demonstration by: -Huggoogle


To load the mod, press the [Workshop] button at the main menu and wait for it to load.
If the mod doesn't work in-game, type "snd_restart" (without quotes) in console an...
Transparent in-game background
Created by Ƥαωℓ
Ever get killed in-game when checking the scoreboard? Ever wanted a more transparent background because of it? ..I sure as hell have.

Well now the day is here!

I bring you this mod with hopes you enjoy your new window to information and be able to keep...