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Hostile Universe
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Aug 8, 2014 @ 6:25am
Sep 18, 2016 @ 2:07am
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Hostile Universe

Hostile Universe is one of several mods that attempt to make Space Engineers a compelling PvE space sandbox experience. This is for players (solo or multiplayer) who would like to focus less on player vs player (PvP) and focus more on surviving and raiding AI-controlled/owned assets.

Hostile Universe brings the following features to the game:

# Class-based naming of NPC ships. 7 new NPC ships now have coded beacon names: class designations and role categories.
# New respawn escape shuttle. the yellow respawn ship has been replaced with a more sleek rescue ship. But the new model is slightly slower and lacks a medical bay (you'll have to regain energy in the cockpit). This ship is on a 4 hour cooldown timer.
# New respawn escape pod. the vanilla escape pod has been replaced by a smaller and more compact escape pod.
# New single button for large ships. a large single button for large ships/stations (light green when assigned)
# New interior lights for small ships. exactly the same as large ships, but placed on small ships
# New large thruster model the hyper thruster which is 5 times more powerful than large thrusters with its only icon and enhanced flare.
# Missile cost increase. Overpowered mIssiles require a lot of uranium ingots each, making them less accessible in the game.
# NPC ship enhancements. All NPC ships now have some form of turret defense and if you do not have a ship you will probably get shot to pieces trying to board them.. NPC ships also now have their antennas turned off to reduce HUD clutter.
# Full compatibility. fully compatible with all other block and cosmetic mods.
# includes Hostile Universe - Respawn Shuttle
# includes Hostile Universe - Hyper Thrusters
# includes Catwalks by Telamont

NPC Ship Class Designations
1 = 1 turrets A = 0 - 50k tonnes
2 = 2 turrets B = 50k - 100k
3 = 3-4 turrets C = 100k - 200k
4 = 5-7 turrets D = 200k - 400k
5 = 8-12 turrets E = 400k - 800k
6 = 13-17 turrets F = 800k - 1.5M
7 = 18-23 turrets G = 1.5M - 3M
8 = 24-30 turrets H = 3M - 5M
9 = 31+ turrets I = 5M - 10M

Other Recommended Mods
1) Hostile Universe - Real NPC & Meteor Timers (changes meteor spawns to ~2 hours and NC ships to ~30 minutes)
2) Midspace's Speed 350/225 (increase large ship max speed to 350m/s, small ships to 225ms/s)

Planned Features
- Increase integrity of bullet proof glass to be the same strength as steel.
- Increase integrity of steel plate and large steel tubes: they will endure much longer against gattling damage.
- More NPC ships covering trade, civilian and military genres.
- Reduce gattling turret damage (aim to take 30 seconds to shoot through light armor)
- Reduce missile damage (aim to take 1 missile to shoot out light armor + collatoral damage)
- Reduce meteor damage so that 1 layer of heavy armor will soak up a direct meteor hit.
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shadowsign45 Jun 14 @ 10:29pm 
Hostile Universe- PT_BR translated'' is a great mod because it delivers ships to you regularly and saves you having to mine for resources. I used it early game to add to the challenge but switched to Cylon Combatants later on because i wanted to ignore physics and have someone shoot me 400 metres inside an asteroid but not be able to shoot back . . . . . . .. . .
Pixelblob Apr 15 @ 9:12am 
im trying to figure out if this mod adds respawn rovers
Aggelus Mar 26 @ 8:06pm 
I made a new version of this MOD with AI, I hope the author does not mind.
Ehndras Mar 20 @ 5:05pm 
EEM is amazing, to be fair
Robko Mar 20 @ 5:14am 
@Storm such as? What pve mods are better in your opinion? And whats wrong with this mod?
Currently, I am using these pve mods:

Reddit Custom Encounters
Storm  [author] Mar 16 @ 5:05am 
The more recent pve encounter mods will be better than this. Honestly I use the mod purely for the improved large hydrogen thruster and the single button only.
Robko Mar 13 @ 6:08pm 
Is it compatible with Modular Encounters Spawner mods, such as Corruption PvE Combat? What about other PVE mods such as Exploration Enhancement Mod etc?

Ehndras Mar 7 @ 4:35pm 
<3 Please update!
Slartey Nov 4, 2018 @ 9:07pm 
Hey, Is this still working? Im thinking of adding it in to my server for more encounters
Udrakan Sep 1, 2018 @ 1:48pm 
Storm, I do. I make it really hard to capture enemy stations, so capturing ships and repurposing them for combat is the most fun for me.