Arma 3
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The Anvil Campaign
This collection is a BLUFOR COOP multiplayer "campaign" spanning all of Stratis and Altis made with the Anvil Editor. The campaign currently consists of two missions, with the third being in development.

PREQUEL: ANGEL FIRE (CO62, optional TaskForceRadio, Respawn/Revive/JIP)
NATO must destabilise the CSAT forces on Stratis with a co-ordinated island wide campaign following the missions outlined by Anvil HQ. The island is heavily defended but if enough disruption is caused to the CSAT forces then they could be forced to retreat. This mission launches objectives randomly across all of Stratis. Complete objectives to unlock new and improved equipment.

A small NATO special forces unit lands ashore on Altis and by capturing a few key objectives tries to unlock a beach head for the main force invasion at day break.

CHAPTER TWO: TACTICAL ADVANCE (CO42, optional Task Force Radio, Respawn/Revive/JIP/Zeus)
After establishing a foothold on Altis, NATO must throw everything into its advance. Command has identified almost 200 objectives that can be captured on the island, and we need to root CSAT force out wherever we find them and reclaim the island for our own.

The campaign demonstrates the power of the Anvil Editor and Framework ( and is a submission into the Make ArmA not War contest (
Items (3)
Angel Fire
Created by Will
v0504c. The prequel to the Altis "Tactical Advance" campaign, a full spectrum, full map random objective assault on Stratis with an unlockable arsenal of equipment. Autodetects taskforce radio....
Night Assault
Created by Will
v0504d. This is the first COOP12 mission in the Showcase Campaign for the Anvil Editor and Framework ( was made almost entirely using the Anvil Editor. Assault under cover of darkness and prepare the ground for invasion....
CO42 Tactical Advance [MANW Edition]
Created by Will
**THIS IS THE MAKE ARMA NOT WAR EDITION OF TACTICAL ADVANCE. Development on this version was frozen at 2300Z, 27th Oct 2014. See the Tactical Advance Campaign Collection for the latest version of this mission.**

Tactical Advance is a huge scale opera...