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Space Engineers

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Aug 6, 2014 @ 4:53am
Aug 14, 2015 @ 12:14pm
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SAN♥♥♥♥♥ORP Mod v0.0.7 (contains hoverbike mod only for now)

!!!!!!!!!available from 8/8 or 8/9!!!!!!!!!!!
this mod adds almost 20 parts to make hover-bike as small ship.
adding more parts for ships is planned.

hover bike show case

2014/6/23 v0.0.1 First release.

2014/7/6 v0.0.2 added blocks(sncnc_heavy_seat,remodeled 2 thrusters).

2014/7/16 v0.0.3 addedblocks(SNCNCMicroConnector,SNCNCConnector,
all blocks is colorable.

2014/7/22 v0.0.4 added blocks(SNCNCthrustrer,podroid(not stable),SNCNCBattery)

2014/7/22 v0.0.5 added blocks(SNCNC_Micro_Cargo,SNCNC_Cargo,
remodeled SNCNC_reactor
reduced poly of gravitythrust and gravity thrust3
minimize the texture of gravitythrust

2014/8/7 v0.0.5b fixed cockpit animation path

2014/8/11 v0.0.6 fixed path and added two lights(lighting position is strange and couldn't fixed.)

2014/8/11 v0.0.7 added machinegun, gravity generator

2014/8/13 v0.0.8 added artificial mass,drill,welder

2014/8/16 v0.0.9 added grinder, pulsecannon(custom projectile has slight problem so its left as default), thrustglow(place holder now).

2014/8/16 v0.1.0 added plasma thrust,fixed conveyor system(2cargoes,welder,grinder,drill,2connectors,machinegun,reactor)
fixed collision.
your cargoes, reactors, connectors will be put wrongly rotated with this update. sry for this really.

2014/8/22 v0.1.0b fixed light definition

2014/8/28 v0.1.0c fixed sync problem(in survival mode)

2014/8/28 v0.1.1 added tinyseat.

2014/9/4 v0.1.2 added structureL,structureT. fixed connector.

2014/9/10 v0.1.3 added blocks(bumper,3 different size wheel,gun turret,10 structure)
visit hoverbike showcase for checking stabilized wheeled vehicle.

2014/9/13 v0.1.4 added blocks(camera,remotecontrol,controlpanel,smaller gyro,2 sensor(will be remodeled after probably))

2014/9/13 v0.1.4b fixed turret crashing game in survival mode. fixed problem that podroid stay in complete state.

2014/9/17 v0.1.5 added blocks(button, timer,piston(WIP?),more structure blocks)

2014/9/18 v0.1.6 added blocks(2 rotators),fixed turret shooting itself(not perfectly done but its best for now.laser looks weired:just because of workaround)

2014/9/30 v0.1.7 registered new G-menu style(sorry for being late. i was busy),fixed recharge indicater of battery was not showed up,fixed dummy's offset of landing gear2.

2014/11/23 v0.1.8 fixed weapon and tools don't show up in tool category of g-menu,fixed turret,added 2 new block:(implosion ,explosion) booster which is assigned as weapon.its in g-menu next to gun turret.

2014/12/1 v0.1.9 added several structure block, fixed missile projectile's model.

2015/3/28 v0.2.0 fixed pulse cannon ammo

2015/8/12 v0.2.1 update for DX11.and fixed collision,mesh angle.

2015/8/15 v0.2.2 update animation for tinyseat.

connecter - your vehicle need to be in same faction to connector-side to connect.(this is not bug i think).

odd glow of gravity-thrust - i take a look later.

conveyor - there is no conveyor block actually. I mean that if you put cargo container next to welder or grinder or any weapon etc,you can use small component from cago container.
the conveyor port is not visible there for its hard to distinguish.when i have enough time I'll make it more clearly.

component can't be extracted from cargo - its because in this mod every block uses small conveyor system,there for you can use conveyor system only for small component.large components are impossible to pass conveyor port.i think its needed so game-balance is not entirely broke.(blocks in this mod is likely to break game-balance though...)

crash in survival or dedicated server - i cant support fully support for online thing.cuz i have no test server.weapon issue is now fixed but i couldnt figure out why grav gen causes crash.fixing issue around dedicated serever is in very low priority currently.

turret shooting owner's vehicle - check both vehicke's faction and if it is assigned to nobody it'll shoot each other. assigning both vehicke to "Me" will make them stop shootng each other.

colorable parts are bright - later i'll fix it

Made by sanchindachi666
The mod showcase video is made by Xocliw.

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RandomGuy4 Apr 2 @ 4:59am 
can anybody fix this
Solraven Feb 10, 2018 @ 9:40am 
wish you would come back and continue working on this
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How do you use the gravity thrusters?
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Great mod but no way of building the bikes till you're off planet... Kind of makes no sense...
Snugglez Jul 31, 2017 @ 6:35am 
no update since month, but still one of the best mods ive ever used :(
with this mod we r able to build beautiful interior for small ships.
jperry998 Jul 13, 2017 @ 12:06pm 
can you pls update this
Vash Nightshade May 24, 2017 @ 7:05pm 
blaster caused the game to crash
BeJay Feb 7, 2017 @ 2:01pm 
Sanchiiiiiiii! Make Sanchincorp great again! please! :D
Trollslegur Jan 5, 2017 @ 3:04pm 
Dead mod is dead. Move along.