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Faelandaea's Trailer Pack
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Faelandaea's Trailer Pack

On Steam, my Utility 3000R/4000D-X apparently was well liked, which meant a lot to me. As a real world truck driver, I did not have time to maintain a mod online, so others kindly did so for me, and that also meant a lot to me.

Now the mod is apparently broken and no longer available on Steam, so here I am attempting to bring the project back to life, but with some additions. What I would like to do is represent in this pack any trailers that I have pulled in real life.

NOTE: This pack is for OWNED TRAILERS ONLY!!! No freight market. Also, all trailers are single configuration. I MAY do Doubles/Triples in the future, but for now I want to focus on the base trailers first.

I am going to update this mod in stages to include multiple trailers, in detail, down to the last decal and warning label.

To start this off, I shall get the Utility 3000R up and running.

This is a WORK IN PROGRESS! Please bear that in mind. This is my roadmap for mod progress as I find time between runs out on the road:

Pack 1: (This mod)
  • Utility 3000R-----------------DONE
  • Utility 4000D-X--------------DONE
  • Great Dane Everest-------DONE
  • Great Dane Champion---IN PROGRESS
  • Hyundai Composite®-----DONE
  • Hyundai Thermotech®---DONE

Pack 2: (Will be another mod in addition to this one)
  • Vanguard Reefer-----------------------------------------NOT STARTED
  • Vanguard VIP 4000/MaxCube/VXP-----------------NOT STARTED
  • Stoughton PureBlue-------------------------------------NOT STARTED
  • Stoughton Tough Plate/Z Plate/Extra Wide/AV---NOT STARTED
  • Wabash Acutherm---------------------------------------NOT STARTED
  • Wabash DuraPlate®-------------------------------------NOT STARTED

There are more trailers on my down-the-road wish-list to do (see the list below), however there is no ETA nor even a guarantee that these will make it into the pack. The factors are many, but the largest factors are reference photos and access to 3D models. If anyone has access to these trailers and can help with references for visuals, I am definitely welcoming such assistance.

Anyone wishing to contribute such photo references, bear in mind I do not mean just a couple of photos of the trailer in general. I can get those easily enough of the net with a simple Google image search. What I want is one particular trailer, and MANY photos, especially of decals/labels, placards, placement positions of decals/lights/etc., rivet layouts, etc. That said, the list I am seeking references for is as follows:
  • Great Dane Champion®
  • Hyundai ThermoTech®
  • Vanguard Reefer
  • Vanguard Dry Van
  • Wabash Articlite® Reefer
  • Wabash Dry Van

Guys, PLEASE bear with me. I do not make mods for a living. I am a full time OTR Driver who is only home every 2 weeks, and I tend to want to make the most of my home time with family time, as well as my cats. I'm also in college at Devry University, so my home time also consist of getting my homework done and uploaded. When I return to the road, I consider myself fortunate to do even a few hours of work each week. If you can have patience for that, and still enjoy my mod, I will be grateful.

  1. All physical parts are from the default SCS trailers or 3D models I purchased myself from CGTrader, Turbosquid, and other 3D model asset sites. Yes, I am dumping a LOT of money into this mod for you guys.
  2. Custom decals were all made by me from photos I took of the trailers I worked with in real life.

Also, one last note. If any of you ask questions here, and you get responses from Twinshadow, ScottAnime, or Chief86, consider them legit. They are on Discord with me all the time and they do know where I stand on my projects. Please respect their replies the same as my own. :)

WANT TO SEE ONE OF THESE TRAILERS IN ACTION IN REAL LIFE? Join the Discord server and you are always welcome to interact with myself and others, as well as pop into "On The Road (Trucking) voice channel to talk with us as we drive in real life.

Thank you, all, and stay safe out there.

Faelandaea Dravin
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Sophie Aug 21 @ 12:00pm 
I am a Canadian driver so i am used to the 41' from Manitoba.

But yea, just something a bit more in the mid!
21hd883 Aug 19 @ 11:01am 
10 4
Faelandaea  [author] Aug 19 @ 2:52am 
Yeah that’s what threw me off was the odd 41 foot request. I drive the lower 48 and haven’t come across that yet. Thanks for the compliments, 21hd883. :)
21hd883 Aug 19 @ 2:13am 
Trailer's look good
21hd883 Aug 19 @ 2:10am 
CA is 40' not 41' i'm a driver of 34 year's & i live in CA :)
TwinShadow  [author] Aug 18 @ 5:12am 
I don't "think" he plans to do any skin packs for these trailers. He may just leave that up to some other people to do perhaps. Not sure though. He mostly just includes Xtra Lease and Premiere Leasing since some owner-ops may lease trailers out in real life instead of buying. (then there's that one exception of a Denney skin he decided to put in for the 3000R)
3lmegas Aug 17 @ 7:54pm 
Some skin pack for this mod?
Faelandaea  [author] Aug 17 @ 5:02pm 
Hello, Sophie. By 41' Tandem Chassis Variant, are you talking tandems slid to California Specs? Pretty much on any trailer I haul in real life the shippers know the California specs and end up loading the cargo nose-heavy, so I end up sliding the tandems all the way forward when going into California.
Sophie Aug 17 @ 4:47pm 
Can we get a 41' tandem chassis variant?
Faelandaea  [author] Aug 17 @ 9:40am 
... Okay ... ? Is this in reference to the weights or something?