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A3 Thermal Improvement
Created by hateandcaffeine
Discord Link

This mod overhauls thermal vision modes allowing them to be used in all conditions.
It is designed to work with any targeting pod or CROWS. The mod does NOT currently work with Night Vision Goggles. That will com...
ACSTG AI Cannot See Through Grass
Created by claudiopolez
With this mod the AI will lose sight of the player if its line of sight (LOS) is obstructed by grass. Unlike with Real Engine and Dynamic Camo mods, this means you can be hidden while on tarmac, bare ground, with wrong camouflage, you can be prone, crouchi...
BHC Map Contour
Created by SN Mods
Easier to read terrain elevation / height on map

*Mod is updated to work with the Tanks DLC update.
*New key for servers added.

This Arma 3 mod is intended to increase the visibility of the contour lines and roa...
Blastcore Edited (standalone version)
Created by Paladin
*The original author of the Blastcore mod is Opticalsnare. He didn't update Blastcore more than a year. I could not find information about Blastcore license, I tried and could not contact Opticalsnare via Bohemia Interactive forum to ask for permission to ...
Created by Xorberax
"The most badass mod you've ever used."

Adds various elements of gore to ArmA3 such as blood splatters, blood sprays, blood pooling, bleeding, gibbing, and other misc details.

For Multiplayer: Servers and clients must run the addon.

Created by CBATeam
CBA: Community Based Addons for Arma 3

What does the name Community Base Addons mean? It is a system that:
  • Offers a range of features for addon-makers and mission designers.
  • Aims to have community wide acceptance and to b
Death and Hit reactions
Created by WebKnight
Had this idea for a while. Wanted to make game just a little bit cinematic.

Mod must be installed on both client and server

This mod is also serving another purpose: to more or less syncronize ragdoll in MP environment just a little bit when...
Dynamic Camo System
Created by ThomasAngel
Dynamic Camo System
A lightweight mod that makes your uniform choice actually matter. If your uniforms colours match the ground, you will be less visible to AI. The mod does this by comparing the uniforms average colour to the ground textures ave...
Enhanced Arma 3 Inventory
Created by [VB]AWOL
Enhanced Arma 3 Inventory v1.2
by Aaron Clark -
for Arma 3 1.66+


- Dynamic Inventory (Double-Click) SubMenu.
Extendable from mission config 'CfgItemInteractions'
Enhanced Movement
Created by AppleCalypsoNow

Enhanced Movement - BETA


Enhanced Visuals
Created by AppleCalypsoNow

Enhanced Visuals - BETA


Fawks' Enhanced NVGs
Created by Fawks
Custom NVG effects I made for my unit and decided to make public.

See license file for info on that stuff
The gist of it is do whatever you want

CBA Settings
Created by LordJarhead
JSRS Studios presents:


A sound mod for ArmA3 . My personal creation of a new audiovisual direction. With more than a few thousand new sound effects JSRS SOUNDMOD provide...
Light Blue Water Colour Mod
Created by ANZACSAS Steven
Light Blue Water Colour Mod by ANZACSAS Steve.
- Changes the water colour to Light Blue.
- Works for Altis,Malden,Stratis,Tanoa and CAWorld (Bis Base class Terrain).
- Thanks to bis and the community.
- Can be run client side only.
- E...
Pylon Manager
Created by GENIX

This is a mod I created for players to customize their pylons on Planes, Helicopter and UAV's. Pylon Manger is dynamic so it should work with any plane or helicopter mod as well.

Reduced Haze Mod v3.1
Created by ANZACSAS Steven
Reduced Haze Mod v3.1 For Arma 3 by ANZACSAS Steve .
- Reduces Haze for better visibility especially when flying.
- Works in Sp and Mp!!
- Note the low lying fog in between the ridgelines.
- Works for CAWorld (Bis Base class Terrain) Al...
WMO - Walkable Moving Objects
Created by Bloodwyn
This Addons makes you be able to walk on driving vehicles without sliding off.

I highly recommend BadBensons Enhanced Movement to be able to climb ontop of the vehicles. But it i...
Zeus Enhanced
Created by mharis001
Zeus Enhanced
Zeus Enhanced, also known as ZEN, is an Arma 3 mod aimed at improving and expanding the functionality of the Zeus real-time editor.

Zeus Enhanced is built with communities who use Zeus as their primary missio...