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(DX11)Big Gate
Type: Mod
Mod category: Block
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Aug 1, 2014 @ 3:56pm
Oct 1, 2015 @ 9:16pm
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(DX11)Big Gate

Description: 1x2x3 large gate, designed for cargo bays and main entrances to stations or capital ships.

Check my thread[]

Please, stop asking for different doors. I will NOT do same block twice, and I CAN'T please everyone.

Current Function: Door

Planned Function: Door

Available on: Large ships and stations

Adapted for Survival: YES

Polygons: 1570
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Clunas =VX9= Feb 16 @ 2:47pm 
All: Darth retired from modding SE a long time ago. While updates would be awesome, you have a higher chance of it being added in officially (some of Darth's work actually did get adopted)
Zmvboi Feb 15 @ 5:24pm 
Ok you get insta-killed when you fly through this thing
SpacedNConfuzed Feb 12 @ 3:00am 
Hi, Is it possible I could do server specific versions packed together with new recipes for the blocks using extended components that are specific for one server ? ... will give you full credit, link , thumbnail and also a statue/link/thumbnails in the Modder hall of fame in game :)
Xenolith166 Feb 7 @ 8:26pm 
When it's closed, yeah.
Buttered_turtle Feb 7 @ 9:49am 
Is it air tight?
Xenolith166 Feb 6 @ 11:18pm 
Only if your ship looks like a needle. The opening in the hitbox is 1x2 large blocks, vertical.
Bio-Hazard Feb 6 @ 8:49am 
Is it usable as a hanger door
Xenolith166 Jan 27 @ 4:32pm 
Only through the center block, though. The side blocks are obstructed.
Skallabjorn Jan 27 @ 2:45pm 
characters seem to pass thru fine tho
Xenolith166 Jan 27 @ 1:54pm 
Well in that case there's not much point in using it. Shame, it looks so good. Maybe I ought to figure out this whole modding thing and see what I can do with it.