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Fallout 76

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Fallout 76 Help & Information
By AWFordJr
I had a nice guide on here before which sadly got deleted by someone I trusted to use my computer who defiantly was not worthy! So I will work on remaking it here again but will be a little slower being I have been busy this month. So be patient & I will getter done! This guide will cover many things to hopefully help as many people as possible but more so the new players most likely.
Character Leveling & Perks
Character Building

When I first started the game it was quite confusing what was going on even though I was not new to the Fallout series. To be honest I avoided this game like the plague many years because of the negative things friends & other people told me about it. Some was true but a lot was not. Fortunately someone was nice enough to turn me onto a website a little bit before the game was added to steam which saved me so much time & headaches.

Nukes & Dragons Character Builder,

I love that not only does it help with picking the right perk cards from the start but it also helps with finding the best armor & weapons to work towards as well. For me its all about the secret service armor which generally you have to farm after having completed the vault break in but I have also found on some of my alts I can skip all that & save up my treasury notes to use at the special note caravans you can sometimes find in game otherwise which are much cheaper. Until I am able to get the secret service set I go with a simple Light Leather set & do my best to get it all to Vanguard / Deep Pocked so that I get a good amount of carry weight & some good stats the higher my health is as I hate playing bloodied builds though they offer a lot of damage.

Currently My Main Melee Build,

The above build is what I work towards the most with all my Melee Characters which is currently all I play on the two accounts I play for Fallout 76. I use to play on Xbox also but I only play on computer now.
Scoreboard & Leveling
Solo Leveling

I make this section because I spend more time alone then not. My favorite place to farm XP, Drops, Score is West Tec which is loaded with Super Mutants. Its a great source for ammo, plastic, steel, and other resources because of the weapons you can scrap from the dead mutants when you kill them & it you time it right going down the elevator to kill them coming back up they will reset to kill again & again. Its a great way to work towards unlocking more of your current seasons scoreboard also because of the "Repeatable XP" challenge. I am already a little more then half way threw season 12 now from a combo of atoms & the "Repeatable XP" challenge.


It is a must to do your dailies & weeklies for a good boost on your scoreboards also & sometimes they reward other things. Now we even have the ability to reroll challenges we do not like or just to get a better one.

West Tec

I have included an image of the location of West Tec for those who do not know where it is. I can not remember but you may need to be at least level 40+ for them not sure but you can always get another player to run you threw there till 40+ too because now days you get XP in party & loot if your close when things are killed. Its not awesome XP but its worth it if you can find someone nice enough to do it. I do it once in a while for lower levels.

Useful Links & Information
Price Guides

So even though I have played this game for many years I am really bad with prices of armors, weapons, etc which is why there are links to sites like some I will share here below to help you get a better idea of how things should price wither you are buying or selling so you get the best prices & don't get ripped off.

Armors & Weapons,

Plans / Recipes / Outfits / Etc,

A few plans/recipes & prices,

+ Plasma Grenade Caps 2400-2600 - This one use to be so rare back in the day that it was really high 30K in some instances.
+ Vintage Water Cooler Caps 4000-6000 - Though I have seen it for much more & I paid about 10-15K each for all 5 characters on both main & alt account.

Event Plans/Recipes can go for 500+ caps depending what they are also. Like the Rad shower even though its an older plan it still can easily sell for 2000+ caps each.

Also if you can get the Vintage Water Cooler I would say its a must have because of the fact each makes 2 purified water & takes no power. Its also pretty small so you can make many & not use up much space. They also stack on each other.
Ammo Crafting & Farming
Crafting Ammo

Perk Card: Ammo Smith
Special: Agility
Level 1: 40% More Ammo
Level 2: 80% More Ammo

Perk Card: Super Duper
Special: Luck
Level 1: 10% More Results on Everything Crafted
Level 2: 20% More Results on Everything Crafted
Level 3: 30% More Results on Everything Crafted

Perk Card: Scrounger
Special: Luck
Level 1: 40% Chance to Find More Ammo in Ammo Containers
Level 2: 60% Chance to Find More Ammo in Ammo Containers
Level 3: 80% Chance to Find More Ammo in Ammo Containers

Legendary Perk Card: Ammo Factory
Level 1: 50% More Ammo
Level 2: 75% More Ammo
Level 3: 100% More Ammo
Level 4: 150% More Ammo

Be careful though because I recently made over 800 mini nuke rounds & it maxed my carry weight & refused to let me put them in my unlimited ammo stash or use anything in my inventory. I had to drop/destroy them instead which wasted tons of resources & the ammo of course. I was not a happy camper...

Farming Led

For a lot of ammo you will need LED which can easily be farmed from killing & looting robots, scrapping some cans & weights. You can also sometimes get led scrap from a scrap bot station if you have this unlocked from the atom shop which is 500 atoms. Look around the world for a led node to place an extractor too for more & some PVP Workshops have them also.

Ammo Drops

Easily get ammo from Daily-Ops which will drop what ever ammo you are using for your weapon except nukes & cores. If you play melee like me you will get mixed ammo drops. Ops are also a great source for getting a lot of stimpacks.

Ammo pretty much drops like garbage now so its not that hard to obtain. You can also get a lot of different ammo types from killing & looting different bad guys in the game that have weapons that use ammo. Super Mutants are a great source of ammo too. Farming West Tec is also a good way for both scrap from the weapons dropped from Mutants & the ammo as well.