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Jul 29, 2014 @ 3:01pm
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Chocolate +

Mod should work with DLC and standard game, also with Smarter Crock Pot mod.

Tired of taffy and honey, ice cream if you are lucky? Ladies and gentlemen - here it comes! I give you.. The Chocolate + !

This mod adds Chocolate to the game as well as cacao trees, raw/roasted cacao fruits, hocolate milk, chocolate icecream and choco cookies!

If you need sweet dessert, you need to find cacao trees. They grow on the surface as a setpiece. It's a ring of 7 cacao trees. You can harvest a cacao fruit from it. Cacao tree needs 8 days to spawn next cacao fruit (two times longer than banana). Cacao tree has a minimap icon so you can track them. Also they cannot be replanted. Each time the world is generated you have a chance that the setpiece will show up. If you are not lucky, don't worry cause this is no lobger the only way to get cacao!

The best way to have more cacao is to make farms. Now you can get cacao fruit by planting seeds. Of course you can feed bird in a cage to get cacao seeds. No longer you will lost a chance to make chocolate by burning all trees in the island!

Both raw cand cooked are edible, but the best way to use cacao is to put it in cook pot with other ingredients. Roasted version is better that raw. It gives default: 4 sanity and 8 hunger and -3 ponts to health.

What about the chocolate? Put 4 Roasted cacao into the pot and you will get your tasty chocolate! Deafult Chocolate gives 50 hunger, 20 sanity and -3.. yes, it's the teeth penalty.

Last but not least, Chocolate milk! Put roasted cacao and goat milk (different variations) into the pot, and enjoy sweet liquid! Deafult Chocolate milk gives 40 hunger, 40 sanity and -3 points heath. Also it will raise your temperature (similar to chili).
You can use not only goatmilk from DLC, but 3 new ingredient from other mods! With this solution, player can make chocolate milk without having DLC :) You can use:

+ Mosquito milk from Tiny Alchemy Powers Synthesis mod
+ Raw milk and Fresh milkfrom Beefalo Milk and Cheese mod

To make chocolate icecream, you need ice, goat milk and at least two cooked cacao. They give 25 hunger, 50 sanity and default 0 health. You can change it in configure mod options to -3 or +10. Choco Icecraam drops temperature by default -20 (You have also option "-40") This recipe works only for DLC users beacuse of ice ingredient needed. And again, as a replacer you can also use Mosquito milk from Tiny Alchemy Powers Synthesis mod and Raw milk and Fresh milk from Beefalo Milk and Cheese mod

They quite easy to make. You need pumpkin, honey and at least two cooked cacao. Cookies bonuses are: 50 hunger, 15 sanity, and default 0 health (you can change it to -3 or +10 as well).

Also this mod includes strings (to cacao, roasted cacao, cacao tree, chocolate, chocolate milk, chocolate icecream and choco cookies) for all original Don't Starve characters. I put some facts and myths about chocolate so it should be funny and interesting :)

There was a lot of comments, what bonuses and penalties I should put in this chocolate mod. I want to inform, that I want to stick with Klei concept, that candys give sanity and drops health. This options are named 'Default' in configuration page. If you have different vision about health bonus/penalty of food, use 'Configure Mod' options in mods menu to change it.

I made Chocolate mod, because... I was tired of waiting for sweet food mods and I like chocolate.. a lot ;) Of couse, if there are any problems with the mod, I will balance the stats, but I hope it isn't necessary.

This mod and cacao rings are part of the world generator, so if you want to see this mod in your game, you have 2 options:
1. Start a new game.
2. Go to the portal and to new island if you want to keep your character items and continue your game.

Did you encountered a bug, crash or glitch? If you want to make sure that I can fix it, please report it in comments with your log file (C:/users/documents/Klei/DoNotStarve/log) attached (pastebin for example).

Special thanks to Kuloslav. He helped me to pass the dead end in my mod. Don't forget to visit his mods. I dediced to add him as a second mod creator, beacuse he helped me a few times :)
Thank you for your time. I hope you like it, please leave comment and rate if you enjoy this mod :)
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I find same problem:HAM compatible, cannot put cooked cacao fruit in the crock pot.I used the display module. Cocoa is not fruit,it has no attribute
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I really do miss this mod..
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I wanna some sweets but my weight does not allow me to do so. So glad that I found a chocolate mod here. Thank you so much!
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It's possible that it's this mod. Code isn't up to date with rescent changes in game
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Uh so im facing a problem similar to a lot of other peoples issues. any form of cacao wont go into the crockpot at all. is this a bug or am i doing something wrong? the only food related mod i have is craftpot