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Rebels HEX Inventory Sorter
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Rebels HEX Inventory Sorter

A simple TAG-based inventory sorter script which brings order to your mess.
it unfolds its full strength on Rebels-Games HEX, but also works on vanilla servers.

How to use:
Just put one or more [TAG] in the name of your container and the script will sort it.

Available Tags are:

The script is using yielding, means it is artificially slowed down to sort only one
item type per second. You can follow the progress on the Programable Block LCD.

Description of Tags:
[ORE] -> Vanilla Ore
[COMP] -> Vanilla Components
[ING] -> Vanilla Ingots
[ICE] -> Frozen Water
[BOTTLE] -> Hydrogen/Oxygen Bottles
[TOOLS] -> Grinder, Welder, Drills
[GUNS] -> Items you can shoot with
[AMMO] -> Vanilla Ammunition
[MOD_ORE] -> Modded Ore
[MOD_COMP] -> Modded Components
[MOD_ING] -> Modded Ingots
[FOOD] -> Eat, Drink, Medicals, Alcohol etc...
[MOD_AMMO] -> Modded Ammunition
[PAD] -> Datapads
[$$] -> Valuable things like Credits, Keys etc..

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