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NuperGaming[PvE] - Causal Server
Mod Collection for NuperGaming[PvE] - Casual Server.
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Bedford Falls
Created by ringod123
Welcome to Bedford Falls. This adds the fictional town of Bedford Falls to the vanilla game world.
Now V41.6+ compatible!
Works with new in-game map system.
Includes lootable map of Bedford Falls that updates the main map when read!

Mod has...
Created by Monkey
Added In Game Map support thanks to Alree!

I will keep maintaining this map until the original mapper does.

There is no natural connection between Raven Creek, Eerie and Slocan Lake. I just removed some of Slocan Lak...
Created by alree_unjammer
InGame Maps
Add in-game maps for several older mods.
Expect errors, sometimes lack of precision as the maps are computer generated.
At least, now you have maps without external mods.

This mod will be updated with new additions and new maps....
Dylan's Tile Pack
Created by Dylan
Adds custom tiles to map mods.
To server owners, feel free to add our mods to your modpacks. We grant permission to all.

For players: You only need this if you've downloaded a custom map that requires this mod.

For Modders: Ed...
Daddy Dirkie dirks tiles
Created by Daddy Dirkie Dirk
A collection of tiles, this mod as a standalone will not have any effect on the game. This mod simply does the behinds the scenes magic to make all the tiles function as intended.

Now, if you are not making maps/mods and are simply using this mod as it is...
throttlekitty's tiles
Created by throttlekitty
This is a collection of world tile sprites I've made to be used as a resource in creating custom maps. Some sprites may have additional functionality, I'll be including lua for those in this mod as needed. I don't plan on making anything here craftable, ho...
Fort Knox linked to Eerie Country [Build 41.78]
Created by Woldren
Update 04/01/2023: In-game map added

Hi Survivors!
I've created this new version of Fort Knox to allow players to use
this map alongside Eerie County since they were in the same spot,
south of Muldraugh.

Following the road southwest of Fort Knox, you'll ...
Road between Fort Knox and Bedford Falls [41.78]
Created by Woldren
Hi Survivors!
This is a submod of the main map "Fort Knox linked to Eerie Country"

It's a road that connects Fort Knox to Bedford Falls.
It overwrites 6 cells, south of Bedford Falls ...
Authentic Z
Created by Authentic Peach
Want a FUN and REALISTIC zombie outfit distribution mod? This mod is for you!

This mod adds a variety of zones into the game which gives zombies outfits to match their surroundings.
It also adds over 150 custom outfits which are approp...
Created by Dylan
Pitstop is a map mod located between Rosewood and Muldraugh.
To server owners, feel free to add our mods to your modpacks. We grant permission to all.

??What was the motivation behind the map?
We wanted to create a vanilla-frien...
Created by Dylan
Blackwood is a map mod located North of Rosewood.
To server owners, feel free to add our mods to your modpacks. We grant permission to all.

🗺️What was the motivation behind the map?
We wanted to make a town that looked like abso...
Created by Dylan
Grapeseed is a map mod located North West of Rosewood.
To server owners, feel free to add our mods to your modpacks. We grant permission to all.

🗺️What was the motivation behind the map?
This map was made as a learning project t...
Fort Waterfront
Created by shadowqsz2
There is a road near the intersection between Muldruagh and Rosewood that leads you to this medium-sized player base.

Make sure you install 'Mod Template', 'Dylan's Tile Pack', 'Daddy Dirkire dirts tiles', and 'throttlekitty's tiles' before ...
Skizot's Tiles
Created by Skizot
Needed Files for Skizot's Tilesets to work ingame.

Dylan helped me get all this crap working.
Commander gave me some GREAT ideas.

Check out my other mods!

Chinatown, KY 2.0
Created by 欧金金

-After the Knox event, the police and military closed the road from Muldraugh to Louisville's evacuation point in Chinatown, but Kentucky's Chinatown soon lost contact.

-This map adds Chinatown in coordinate 37,29. Also ...
Oujinjin's Tile Pack
Created by 欧金金
A tile pack made by me, contains a bunch of customized tiles.

A pre-mod for my map mods.

For Players: You need to activate this mod as a pre-mod for my maps.

For Modders: You can find all the tilesheets in that resource folder. And feel free to us...
ExtraNoise's Newburbs Tiles
Created by ExtraNoise
Standardized suburban development exploded in popularity in the 1980s and 1990s and continues to this day. The kind of communities where all the houses look a little too similar, where the sprawl stretches for miles in all directions. This is a collection ...
Melos Tiles for Miles Tilepack
Created by melos_tiles
Always check the update log for recent new tiles I add to the pack!

This is a custom tilepack I made for my own maps and for other mappers.
As a player you will need this mod only for Maps that require this tilepack.
(Screenshots may contain ...
Created by Pertominus
This tile pack has been made available for map makers to use. the tile sheets are within the mod folder itself.

This mod dosent add any functionality on its own, a map utilising these tiles is required.

Ugly 70's wallpaper (just like my Gr...
TryHonesty's Liberty City Tiles
Created by Try Honesty
This mod is a collection of sprites for mappers.

For Players:
  • You only need this if you've downloaded a custom map that uses these tiles.

For Mappers:
  • You can find the tilesheets in
Dead in Hong Kong
Created by Kingston
Welcome to Hong Kong!

The map is based on of "Yau Ma Tei" in Hong Kong.

- Twenty-five different types of shops in the map

- Public buildings: Hospitals, Police Stations, Fire Stations

- Support in-game-map

- The map has a spawn point

- Map Coordinate...
Over the River
Created by Woldren
Hi survivors!
I am Woldren and this is my map: Over the River

The bridge has a town above it, as in Fallout 3.
Warning: place the generator on the roof, check the pictures above to see where it is.
The bridge is a giant building, so if you place it on the...
Over the River - Secondary Road
Created by Woldren
As you've probably noticed, I've updated my map, "Over the River",
changing the bridge and replacing the old ship with a new one, much more complete.

Since the ...
Trimble County Power Station & La Grange
Created by Asierus24
This is my first map for zomboid please rate and report any issues you may find.


Adds Trimble County Power Station and extends the area following east highway of Louisville up to La Grange.

Fantasiado's More Street Details
Created by Fantasiado

This is my first Tileset, it started as a personal thing for a map i have been working on but since some people were interested over on discord, i decided to post these for public use!

Feel free to use the tileset on your maps! just credit me ...

Located in the river crossing city in the east of the river, the total area is about three fi...
Coryerdon Over the River road
Created by RandomDude
This map connects Coryerdon and Over the River, as best as possible. There's a spawn point, and the map can sustain itself, but I recommend you have one of these other map mods so you can access the rest of the vanilla areas.

Elysium Island
Created by Gabester
As featured on PC Gamer-

"In the dark times, should the stars also go out?"

🗺️Elysium Island is a map mod located west of Westpoint.

This map requ...
Trelai_4x4 Riverside Expansion
Created by Biggsymallone
A New 4x4 Town Riverside Expansion.

-- Expands the South of Riverside into a new hustling bustling town called Trelai. -- (Tree-Lie)
-- Close Quarters. 900+ Buildings, Custom and Community Built, Unique Places of Interest. --

Created by Dylan
Ekron is a map mod located South of Riverside.
To server owners, feel free to add our mods to your modpacks. We grant permission to all.

🗺️What was the motivation behind the map?
The map was made as an almost direct copy of the ...
Lincoln Regional Airport
Created by ralphiemac
Welcome to the Lincoln Regional Airport, the one and only place with flight out of Knox County!*
*Note: There are no planes. There is no escape. These are the end times.

Located on the vanilla map at cell 13x30.

Entry into the Valhalla Community "Bu...
Winchester, KY
Created by Endless Wire
Welcome to Winchester, KY.

Winchester, KY, located at the far west side of the map, is a big 49 cell addition to Kentucky. South west of Riverside and north west of Rosewood, Winchester is a zombie heavy town filled with a wide varie...
Klin - Russian City
Created by UKG
Welome To

Klin - The city is besieged in the Moscowkay Oblast, 80 km from Moscow
Maps were made on the basis of satellite and panoramic images from Yandex and Google maps
Small town divided into several occupied territories
This c...
Eerie Country
Created by AtoxWarrior
Beta V0.34
Explore the unknown and rebuild civilization, this map is in development if you like my work you can support me in the following links:

[img] [/img]

[img] https...
West Point Expansion
Created by ww2commander
NOTE: West Point Expansion is now included as a community map online at the PZ Map Project. You can explore the map in greater detail here:

Tired of vanilla West Point, want more ...
West Point Expansion Road Fix
Created by Nez
The main point of this map, is to fix the broken road leading out of the northbound highway, when using the West Point Expansion map, I've tried to recreate everything else to the best of my ability, while taking a few creative liberties.

Multiplayer te...
Fort Benning
Created by Boris
This mod adds the military object "Fort Benning".
To make this mod works correctly you need to start new game
Game version is build 41.

What's in this zone?
You will find military hospital, barracks, 2 medical stations, military apartments,...
Valhalla Community Safe Zone
Created by KodeMan
This map was specifically made for the Valhalla Community.

Located just north of Muldraugh.

Workshop ID: 2778862629
Mod ID: Valhalla Community Safe Zone
Map Folder: Valh...
Monmouth County
Created by BigZombieMonkey
Monmouth County, more than just a map!

Welcome to Monmouth County, located East of Dixie crossroads..

Monmouth County is inspired by the locations of the View Askewniverse (Kevin Smiths movie based universe) but also includes numerous ot...
BigZombieMonkeys Tile Pack
Created by BigZombieMonkey
My tilepack was originally designed to add tiles for my map mod Monmouth County, however, I am now started to add tiles for other map modders.
As of today I have added:

01/07/21: 1 Set of Bedroom furniture in 10 different colours

You can find the tileshe...
Server Points
Created by Browser8
Server Points provides servers with a personalised shop where they can offer players rewards for their play time.

Points are earned at a customised rate (Disabled, Every Ten Minutes, Every Hour or Every Day) awarding online players a specified amount of...
Mod Options (Build 41)
Created by star
ModOptions WIP (paused)!

Allows other mods to be customized.
Any mod author can add custom options to their mod.

Tsar's Common Library 2.0
Created by iBrRus

Common library for Tsar's Companies.

Additional equipment for vehicles: refrigerator, st...
RV Interior
Created by Maxwelt44

Simulate interiors of some vehicles from Filibuster Rhymes' Used Cars!, [url=
Filibuster Rhymes' Used Cars!
Created by Filibuster Rhymes
Comments disabled and links hidden?
Hey dudes, a few folks have taken issue with the preview picture and are reporting the mod for... something, haha. This doesn't do much besides remove any links in the description and hide the comments, though,...
Autotsar Trailers
Created by iBrRus
Autotsar Trailers Inc. - the best trailers in Kentucky!

Do you work on a construction site and you...
Rabbit Hash, KY
Created by Haragon
About the Map:
A generally quiet river town, Rabbit Hash is known for its iconic General Store. Here, you will find all manner of goodies to help you out on your journey along the rural route to Louisville.

Rabbit Hash is a real-world locati...
Created by TinouRenard
Utopia, a charming little town made up of 1327 souls ready to welcome you.
Come and visit our mini-mall, share an evening with friends (or maybe more) in our bar. Meet firefighters and police officers ready to defend your freedom. Don't forget to also tak...
Brita's Weapon Pack
Created by BRITA

(Click Link Above for info on the Update)

Arsenal[26] GunFighter Mod [2.0]
Created by Arsenal[26]
Welcome to Arsenal[26] GunFighter Mod [2.0]


- Do NOT run Old or Multiple Versions of GunFighter Mod
- You MUST Update...
True Actions. Act 1 & 2 - Sitting & Lying [for MP disable anti-cheat type 12]
Created by iBrRus

#To make the mod work in multiplayer in the server config disable anti-cheat prot
Better Sorting
Created by ChobitsCrazy
What's Included:
Complete overhaul to item categories and various name tweaks. Compatible with B41, B40, and Multiplayer(B40+B41)!

This mod can be safely added or removed from any Saved game.

WTF is "Item"? Sounds too vagu...
Weapon Condition Indicator [41.60+]
Created by NoctisFalco
The mod shows condition (durability) of a weapon attached to the hotbar (back, belt, holster, etc.) or equipped in the primary hand. And many other useful features.

- Two types of weapon condition indicators: icon (star or bubble) and...
Brita's Armor Pack
Created by BRITA
NEW UPDATE (2023-03-12)

- New clothes and gear (please check the new screenshots)
- Replacing clothes that could only be worn by women with new models that could be worn by men as well
- Adjusting the weight and insulation of clothing
- Adju...
True Actions. Act 3 - Dancing
Created by iBrRus
Almost all important events in the life of a primitive man were marked by dancing: birth, death, war, the elec...
'82 Oshkosh M911 + Military Semi-Trailers
Created by KI5
So you want to move your whole base to another location, or you want to hoard all the gas in Knox County, maybe you just want to steal all the fridges and get them to your super secret base, you do you, I'm just here to help.

M911 was the workhorse of U...
Expanded Helicopter Events
Created by shark
This mod replaces the vanilla helicopter event with a more dynamic suite of events which are both challenging and fair.
Furthermore, the mod is designed as a framework and can be easily expandable and modifiable in itself.*

Easy Config Chucked
Created by Chuckleberry Finn
Easy to use custom mod menu used with mods I make.

If you're having an issue or encountering errors:
First, resubscribe to this mod, and any related mod.
(This will force a download of the latest version.)
If the problem persis...
More Builds
Created by ProjectSky
More Builds
  • added more furniture, decoration, container, etc.....

performance issues
Skill Recovery Journal
Created by Chuckleberry Finn
Lore-friendly(ish) solution to the loss of a character.

Do I need to start a new game? No, you just need to craft a journal to get started.

Can't find recipe? [url=
More Description for Traits
Created by Champygnakx
13/02/2023 Update :
- Updated Simplified Chinese translation

18/01/2023 Update :
- Multiplayer should work now
- rewritten all translations
- updated the description of the Lucky trait.
- Fixed typo ...
Created by KONIJIMA
- Sandbox Settings.
- Can store fuel into barrels.
- Large Gas Can, can also store water into it.
- Barrel can spawn with random amount of fuel.

Latest Update
The mod has been updated for 41.72.
Great news, this game patch have ...
Gun Suicide (Work in SP/MP 41.71+)
Created by Aiteron
Now you can suicide with gun :D

- Fix bugs
- Now work in MP and SP
- Added DE, CH and CN translate

[img] [/img]
[img] [/img]

Combat Text (B40+B41)
Created by Rezistor
Show health bar above zombie heads and damage dealt

Health bar features:
  • shown when player hit zombie for first time and health bar is not visible (100% = current zombie health)
  • health loss is animated (orange part of
Created by Nebula
The mod completely changes the mechanics of cigarettes - the cigarettes will be inside the pack.

Smoker mod - can work both independently and with other mods that change cigarettes, in the second case it can use items and capabilities of other mo...
GunFighter Radial Menu
Created by Deceptive Pastry
IMPORTANT: Arsenal[26] GunFighter/Brita's Weapon Pack mods just released a huge update as of 3/12/23. I put out a quick fix to at least make the mod *mostly* functional, but some functions have changed and the new ones have yet to be added. I'll try to
Braven's Utilities
Created by BitBraven
A modder's tools
This simple "mod" adds basic functionality I tend to use in my actual mods.
It is absolutely necessary for the mods below, otherwise they won't work properly.
Common Sense
Created by BitBraven
Common Sense
It's something so simple, but PZ lacks it sometimes.
This mod solves this issue by adding many Quality of Life improvements to the game.
I plan to continuously update this mod, adding more and more common sense to the game over tim...
Better Batteries
Created by pwrcosmic
Better Batteries is a mod that overhauls the built-in battery management system in Project Zomboid.

  • Ability to remove dead batteries out of compatible electrical tools.
  • Electrical equipment will maintain the
Immersive Solar Arrays - GitHub
Created by Poltergeist
Latest version of the mod id is: ISA_41

It's not 100% compatible with the previous version, but that allows to remove unnecessary code and improve performance.

By providing clear and well formatted bug reports you help to identify and fix them.
Generator Time Remaining
Created by Undefined
A simple mod that displays the days and hours left before a generator runs out of fuel.

NOTE: To configure the options, Mod Config Menu is required (link)...
Tripping Zombies
Created by Monkey

Answers for FAQs
  • Mod is tested only in Singleplayer. It probably also works in Multiplayer.
  • This mod works as intended as of 41.73.
  • Mod
Monkey's Library
Created by Monkey
Answers for FAQs
  • This mod is REQUIRED by some of my other mods
  • Mod is tested only in Singleplayer and Dedicated Server. COOP compatibility is not guaranteed.
  • This mod works as intended as of 41.73.
  • Mod is sti
Proximity Inventory
Created by Mx
Proximity Inventory

Are you tired of having to manually loot a pile of 300 zombies to find some damn cigarettes?
Are you tired of getting lost in the 30th box of this damn warehouse to find a sledgehammer?
Are you forgetting where you pu...
SSR: Core
Created by Oneline
This mod ensures compatibility between other modules of SSR modpack

Tested on Build 41.78


Join my discord server for updates and support:
SSR: Newsboard
Created by Oneline
This mod implements newsboard with real-time updates

Tested on Build 41.78

Client-side installation:
1) Subscribe
2) Enjoy

Server-side installation:
Step 1: Java mod (optional)
Fuel Side Indicator
Created by photobuffalo
Build 41.68 Patch
- Fixed error with Agrotsar Tractor*
- Fixed compatibility with two-wheeled vehicles**

**For some bikes, the mod makers made it so that you could refuel on both sides, in this case I have disabled the indicator.
*You may ...
Rewarding Night Combat
Created by Nihilist Penguin
Are you one of those who wants to venture out into the night but just give up due to lack of motivation? This mod is for you! You may now earn much more XP for combat skills during the night for the price of danger.

By default, bonus XP will ap...
Horde Night
Created by WindFly
2022/2/1 UPDATE:
  • Fixing an issue where the horde night may not start if the horde night hour is set to 0.
  • Greatly turned down the horde night warning sound volume.
  • Stopped zombies spawning on multiplayer safe house
Created by Slooth
Adds battery and gas powered lanterns.

Use by attaching to belt, or holding in hands. Pressing F while attached or holding toggles the lantern. Place on ground and you can toggle on/off.

Compatible with Multiplay...
Pantry Packing
Created by darkmoriarti
Horder? Like displaying all your looted gains? Want to box up those goods?

Simple Mod to box up Multiple goods into a box & has a 3D object for displaying your goods on a shelf or two.

Current Boxes:
  • Non-perishables
  • Skill Books & lite
Night Vision Chucked
Created by Chuckleberry Finn
A patch/API to eris' Night Vision mod.


Created by eris

Item artwork by Lith @ TheGoodOldDayz server.

Adds working night vision goggles. B41 IWBUMS compatible.

Midnight and midday screenshots shown above.
Screenshots were taken with maximum nvg brightness setting (10...
Reduce lag of Crafting menu
Created by 哔哔
1. Greatly reduce the Lag of Crafting menu. It is very suitable for use with Hydrocraft mod.
2. When the search text is empty, Filter All will no longer work.
3. Press "0" to refresh the Crafting menu.

1. The Favorited and n...
Udderly Safe Login
Created by UdderlyEvelyn
This mod was made for the UdderlyRP server, find us on Discord at

Gives you a grace period on login. This is to help avoid dying to hordes that happen to be where you log in for one reason or another while the game...
Eliaz Better Bags & Backpacks B41
Created by Eliaz
Built for version 41.53, updated for 41.65, working in MP
This mod doesn't add any new item, it just change the vanilla bags and backpacks

=> Bigger capacity and weight reduction for many bags and backpacks
=> Ba
Server Messages
What is the purpose of this mod?
Sends a message in chat when a player connects to the server and when a player disconnects from the server.

Message in chat will be sent from the player that is connecting/disconnecting.

Adds Sandbox vars to...
Created by jest

This makes it so elevators around the map actually "function".
Basically, if the building has power (need generator if electricity is out) you can right click on an elevator and itll give you an option to go up or down only if there is an el...
Become Desensitized
Created by Monkey
Disclaimer and FAQs
  • Mod is still in active development, so expect updates.
  • Mod is tested in Singleplayer, Coop and Dedicated Server environments with multiple people. It works.
  • Updates will be deployed on Mondays so it
Noir's Rifle Slings
Created by Noir
I asked Akyet if I can upload my own version of his Rifle Slings, he said yes so here's is

  • Adds a Sling slot to equip 2h guns/melee weapons
  • Sling can be wear in four positions
  • Slings doesn't worn out
  • Slings keep
Valhalla Community [maintained but feature frozen]
Created by bikinihorst
Feel free to use this pack on your servers, but do not copy, modify or otherwise redistribute files or code contained within.

The individual modules in the "Aegis" submod can be toggled and customized via sandbox options.
Improvised Glass
Created by Orc
You've survived the apocalypse. You've memorized the Wood Time TV Jingle. You've stolen countless cars, survived endless nights and you've scavenged your little heart out and yet, that elusive windshield or home window eludes you. Not anymore! Introducing ...
Water and power controls
Created by bikinihorst
What is this?

A simple mod that allows turning water and power on and off again via chat commands or via context menu. This does not save the original values so if this is important to you, the obvious usage would be for after the water / power...
Autotsar Motorclub
Created by iBrRus
This day has come! Autotsar Inc. together with KI5-Production, are pleased to present the new vehicles:

______________ 1984...
Noir's Attachments
Created by Noir
  • Choose between 11 attachment slots to customize your backpack
    -Short Weapon
    -Utility Left
    -Utility Right
    -Left Side
    -Right Side
    -Small Container Left
    -Small Cont
Sleep With Friends v1.2.1
Created by 76561197994426821
Sleep With Friends v1.2.1 - Sleeping Solution for Build 41 Multiplayer.

Get a full nights rest in multiplayer in a fraction of the time! No more 20+ minute sleep times! No more fatigue-less games! No more organizing a server bedtime!

Better Belts
Created by MayRum
++Hooked bottles added.

++Belt options, you can choose how many slots the belt gives through a simple recipe. In addition, a holster recipe was added, and the option to change the holster side does not replace the previous one, so you can have for example...
I Don't Need A Lighter
Created by Fingbel
What is this mod ?
So you're telling me that people can't light a cigarette while sitting in front of a campfire or while driving around in a 90's car ? Well this is over with this mod. You now have access to a car-lighter within ever...
Player Death Message
Created by KONIJIMA
Show a death message in game chat.

Sandbox Settings:
- Disable death message
- Show player username
- Show character name
- Show player stats (time survived, kills)
- Show favorite weapon

If you do not show player username and character name it will say ...
Visible Generators and Corpses
Created by planetalgol
With this mod Generators and Corpses will be visible in-hand when picked up.

The corpse model, as demonstrated in the pictures above, is an abstracted/simplified version of a corpse compared to the amazing variety of corpses that the game can produce. ...
[Reworked] Madax Weapon Pack
Created by EzeePeez
Updates in Change log. I'm not actively playing the game but will try to keep up with any fixes needed.

Credit to Madax for his original mod as the foundation of this pack.

Workshop ID: 2732407704
Mod ID: MWPWeapons...
Craft Helper Continued
Created by Lanceris
Craft Helper for build 41.65+

This is an updated version of Craft Helper (41.x) by b1n0m with additional features and improved UI.

This mod will add a "Craft Helper" co...
Gas Barrels - Fuel API Version
Created by Kraz
A much better version of my Gas Barrels mod.

With this version you can craft specific fuel barrels for FuelAPI instead of using just the basic barrels found in the world.

Fridges Off!
Created by 10^9+7
This mod allows you turn off/unplug your fridges and freezers!

Workshop ID: 2853974107
Mod ID: fridgesoff...
Sleeping Bags!
Created by PaperWyvern
Adds working sleeping bags to Project Zomboid!

Search places you might find a tent for them. Like Self storage and hunting stores!

Rollup sleeping bags to store them as 3d models in your base!

Unroll sleeping bags to sleep on them.... I mean You k...
W900 Semi-Truck
Created by Lexx
Adds a new non-military Semi-Truck and compatible Semi-Trailer in multiple variants to the game.

  • New semi-truck in 3 variants (Lite, Sleeper, Box)
  • New semi-trailer (Van, Fuel Tanker)
  • Animated vehicle parts.
  • Multipl
Created by Wipe
Used by:

Requires PZ v41.65+
Autotsar Tuning Atelier - Petyarbuilt 379
Created by iBrRus

Petyarbilt 379, also called Petya, is the dream of many American truckers.

The long hood, i...
Random Zombies - Day and Night
Created by Crius
Add distribution of different type of zombies with two separate distribution sets, one for the day and one for the night. Also a special schedule is available in which you can choose how the zombies act when there is rain, snow or fog.
Works on both single...
More Traits
Created by HypnoToadTrance
IMPORTANT: Build 41.68 and Higher
Due to false-flags for anti-cheat, it is recommended to disable anti-cheat when hosting a server with this mod. You can try enabling some anti-cheats, but your mileage may vary.

A Personal Appeal To Dec
Created by Tchernobill
Makes it easy to add moodles for modders.

How to create a new moodle
If you wanna create a Moodle * then follow the next steps, replacing * by your moodle name.

1/ Moodle Texture
Add Moodle *.png under media\ui.
Should be 30 by...
Created by Tchernobill
Adds to the genuine character panel the number of Z that died of other things than player weapon.
Details kills by weapon category and by weapon in a new dedicated tab of character window.

Technical details
  • Counts the car & fire ki
Boredom Tweaks
Created by Jon
Something I found when playing Zomboid was that the Boredom moodle was always a bit frustrating to manage. The way it functions in vanilla, any time you are indoors you are slowly gaining boredom, and it is slightly slower while reading. If you are in mult...
Pocket Kittens
Created by Orc
Wake up, scavage for food, kill your neighbors, go to bed, cry. Wake up, scavage for food, kill your family, go to bed, cry. Wake up... day after day after day. It's mundane, it's depressing and it's every so lonely until one day.... a little furball show...
Manage Containers
Created by Jeff
Works with existing saves for singleplayer and multiplayer.


What's the purpose?
You've just finished a big haul, you're back at your base and now you have to unload everything. Wouldn't you want to be ...
Dive Through Windows
Created by Myself
You've jumped through windows, but now you can dive through windows like a badass!
Uses the sprinting fence-hop animations instead of the window climb animation.

Unofficial successor to the Jump Through Windows mod

Find more propane tanks [B41+]
Created by Aragon
In the current version B 41 MP the loot table seems to have gotten a little ... out of hand.
You can still find propane torches, but propane tanks are almost impossible to find.
So what should you use to refill the many empty propane torches that have be...
An Exhilaratingly Organized Literature Mod
Created by Oh God Spiders No
For a truly superlative book sorting experience
Some features only available in English for now, looking for translators to help.

Don't like pictu
Aza's Posters
adds 128 posters, which you can craft with 4 sheets of paper and a pencil

NOTE: some don't show up when you right click, and will throw an error for some reason -- check the crafting menu

Update: reduced the extra nonsense in the texture pack that didn...
Blind Trait Mod [b41+]
Created by Onkeen
Game restart required after first mod loading.

The game features 5.1 sound, Vo-Ip, and a lot of ambient sounds like zombies footsteps, etc. So I decided to create a trait to play as a blind character! I also worked on a shader ...
Improvised Cabinetry
Created by Orc
Congratulations, you've survived the end of the world and you're stable and safe in your base. There is only one problem, your cabinets don't match your wallpaper and that's really embarrassing. You can go out and try to find the right type of cabinet but ...
Improvised Flooring
Created by Orc
Tired of spending all day, every day running around collecting just the right color of tile for your spiffy new base? Introducing Improvised Flooring! Put away your shoes, grab a hammer and lets get crafting.

Why spend all day searching wh...
Material weight reduction 20%
Created by YGfish


Reduce the weight of high weight materials like metal and wood in the game to about 20%
The changes are as follows:

MetalDrum 2 → 0.4
MetalBar 1.5 → 0.3
MetalPipe 1.5 → 0.3
More Loot Settings v1.3.4 [41.78]
Created by Champygnakx
v1.3.4 (Nov 15th 2022) :
fixed bug introduced in 41.78 that made duplicate options appear in the vanilla loot rarity settings.

Please check the mod's description before asking questions.

This mod adds cus...
Created by Mackus103
Getting Started with Homebrewing Beer in PZ
I have been diligently putting this together to share one of my personal hobbies with the PZ community. I did my best to capture the process of brewing beer from start to finish.

WINE ME UP! - 3.01
Created by alree_unjammer
380+ Movies from 70's, 80's and 90's (before 1994)
All with real quotes from movies.

- 3 Women
- 1941
- D ick Tracy
- A Bridge Too Far
- A Chorus Line
- A Clockwork Orange
- A Fish Called Wanda
- A Midsummer Night's Sex Comedy
- A Room...
Myopia & Hyperopia traits with Functioning Glasses [b41+]
Created by Onkeen

Having already created a mod to play as a blind character, I thought it would be fun to play characters with less extreme sight impairment. Last update brought us two types of glasses on character creation so I decided it was time for ...
Refined Hotwiring
Created by ShadowSWilliam
Ever regretted hotwiring that sweet sportscar? Ever got your hotwired car stolen by your friend and who then (somehow) managed to flip it? Or do you just want to become a local car key salesman, perhaps a famed car keysmith?

Then you're in the right pla...
Item Tweaker API - Still works in Build 41.78
Created by DarkSlayerEX
Workshop ID: 566115016
ModID: ItemTweakerAPI

--EDIT 2--
For those of you who are -still- getting missing file errors, Unsubscribe from the other item tweaker here.

Having both versions...
Schizophrenia Trait Mod
Created by Mistor Love
Adds a new negative +7 points perk named Schizophrenia which offers a completely different experience for new and old players alike, Project Zomboid is key for its sound effects and sound ques to tell you if something is right or w...
Created by Dislaik
Are you looking for an alternative means of transportation that does not require gasoline? Well, you're in the right place! try right now the skateboard, a light, noisy, and fabulous vehicle that every teenager in 1993 must have had!

The clothes shown i...
Tidy Up Meister
Created by PePePePePeil
Overview :
Automatically returns to the original equipment when the operation is completed.
Confirmed to work with Build 41.71.

Features :
  • When an action that switches equipment when performed, such as disma
中国冷兵器V1.0更新/ColdArmsOfChina v1.10
CN_中国冷兵器v1.10 BY:漫长的旅程2022/11/10

EN:Video Introduction

Log Extender
Created by outdead
Adds more logs to the Logs directory the Project Zomboid game.

The Log Extender mod designed for Project Zomboid servers and adds log entries that helps administering the server. The mod allows you to save information about the levels...
41.78+ Propane Torch Fix
Created by Drazion
This mod is meant to readjust the usedelta of the propane torch in the 41.78 from usedelta of .1 back to the .01 value.

The use number does not appear to change (e.g. it'll tell you 99/10 to salvage a wreck), but the capacity of the torch itself refle...
Sapph's Cooking [41.78+]
Created by sapph
This mod was made and will be updated on my free time.
Occasionaly there will be bugs and missing models, but they probably won't break your game.
If you found a bug, be sure to let me know [url=
Wooden Dowels [b41+]
Created by Onkeen

Handmade wooden dowels give you access to realistic alternatives to nails and screws!
Craft Wooden Dowels with Knife and Saw.
Build using Wooden Dowels with Screwdriver and Hammer.

Dowels ...
Has Been Read
Created by PePePePePeil
Overview :
Add the unread mark on the book's icon that has not been read or has been read only halfway.
Confirmed to work with Build 41.77 and also work on MP.

Features :
  • Books that have not been read will d
Udderly Vehicle Respawn
Created by UdderlyEvelyn
This mod was made for the UdderlyRP server, find us on Discord at

  • Vehicles are removed if not seen for a configurable period of time (0 to disable), and a new random vehicle is spawned in
Reorder The Hotbar
Created by Notloc
Reorder The Hotbar is a mod that allows you to customize the order of the items in your hotbar.

Simply drag and drop the hotbar slots to rearrange them to your liking.
This mod also adds the ability to click on the hotbar slots as an alternative...
Fancy Handwork
Created by dhert
Supports B41+. Works in Multiplayer
A new save is not required

A Suite of Animations to make your player more alive!

  • Att
The Engineer
Created by spoon
Hire Team Orbit for Custom Mod Commission

Let's you craft generators, car battery chargers, blow torches, speakers, remotes and much more. Also lets you disassem...
My home is your home!
The modification allows the player to join more than one Safehouse

Unlike analogues, it works 100%!

- Not a conflicts if the mod doesn't change the vanilla Safehouse system
- You can add to your Safehouse a player who already owns his Safehouse
Created by Tchernobill
So you are here ?
Ah.. you wanna play with cars but you lack experience.
You've come to the right place.

How to ?
  • Get a Screwdriver, a Wrench, a Lug Wrench and a Jack.
  • Ensure you've read the book associated with your car.
  • Find a c
Show Weapon Stats Plus
Created by Undefined
An enhanced version of Show Weapon Stats. Displays useful info about weapons.

It probably clashes with the original mod, so please be sure to disable it before using this mod.

New features:
  • Display a firearm's "Noise Radius/Volume"
Smoking Sounds Overhaul
Created by Frits191
The normal smoking sound effect for cigarettes is kinda underwhelming. This mod adds 6 new smoking sound effects for both genders which includes: a zippo lighter opening/closing, matchbox opening/closing, match strikes, crackling sounds and inhaling/exhali...
Rideable Truckbed
Created by Cooki
Ride in the back of Truck Beds!

Now compatible with 'Filibuster Rhymes' Used Cars'!
Compatibility was a rushed feature, but it should work alright, there may be a ...
Admin More Tiles
Created by RAlfa
Provável próximo update: 27/02/2022

Adm pode spawnar mais Tiles móveis vanilla

Vá em e procure pelo nome. Então coloque em "Name"

Caso tenha algum Tile que não está na Wiki e seja possível pegar, deixe nos comentários...
Can Repair Doors
Created by AuD
Originally posted by AuD:
info: the double doors have changed on the vanilla side, now it is no longer / not necessary to repair the central walls of the double doors, the PZ dev's have made sure that the central walls auto-repair themselves by opening and closing th
'92 NISSAN Skyline GT-R (R32)
Created by KI5
Godzilla is here! Find it and tune it with a huge number of parts, mix and match them to get your unique look. Many spoilers, bumpers, rear bumpers, sideskirt sets, exhausts and so on...

Main features:
  • 1 chassis that can receive all t
'88 Chevrolet S10
Created by KI5
Chevy S10, one of the most popular pickups of the 80s, this variants comes with many features to expand it, some will require you to choose, some will be available at the same time. It's part of my 80s Pickups set that has compatible tires, armor, seats, r...
'89 LAND ROVER Defender 110
Created by KI5
The king of off-road, now in project ZOMBOID! Go on the longest trip ever, you have the machine for it. It can carry all your gear, it's powerful, reliable and looks good. If you like it big, Defender 110 is the machine for you. It now comes with a spare t...
Driving Skill
Created by Afterworlds

Thanks to HypnoToadTrance for adapting More traits to work with this mod! Very cool!

Driving Skill
Adds a new Passive Skill call...
NuperGaming - Server package
Created by PointWolf
NuperGaming - Tweakes Package for our current servers

Workshop ID: 2908988633
Mod ID: AutomaticEconomyTrader
Mod ID: CW
Mod ID: NuperRecipeYL
Mod ID: NuperLoadingMod
Mod ID: NoMoreZoneChecksFix
Mod ID: NuperShopPlugin
Mod ID: Teleporter
Mod I...
Simple Convert Vanilla to Brita 41.78
In brief, this is a simple mod to fix an annoying problem. Occasionally, whether through mods, custom vehicles or some weird happenstance, vanilla firearms will occasionally spawn while using Brita's Weapon Pack. While normally not detrimental to gameplay,...
Valhalla Aegis: Container Protection Whitelist Addon
Created by UdderlyEvelyn
This mod was made for the UdderlyRP server, find us on Discord at

An addon for Valhalla Aegis that lets you..
  • Configure a whitelist of containers by type that are permitted to be picked up by non-admin
Udderly Treadmills
Created by UdderlyEvelyn
This mod was made for the UdderlyRP server, find us on Discord at

Working treadmills revisited with more thought to IRL time and a multiplayer ecosystem, less suffering. Based on F_C4RICA's version here:
Time Decreases Car Condition
Created by Champygnakx
Update (Nov 17th 2022) :
- Added 5 sandbox checkbox options to disable removing parts, daamging parts, breaking locks, deflating tires, and decreasing battery charges.
- Tweaked chance multipliers for each type of vehicle ...
Created by Chuckleberry Finn
Strictly for debugging purposes, creates in-game popups to make error reporting clear and easy.

Workshop ID: 2896041179
Mod ID: errorMagnifier...
Real Metalworking
Created by spoon
This mod addresses the need of vanilla friendly realistic primitive metalworking. It has tons of recipes but it wont let you craft EVERY metal object there is in the game. It is meant to be a profession suitable for a self learned apocalypse survivor or a ...
Essential Crafting
Created by spoon
This mod addresses the need for vanilla friendly crafting additions - such as refilling lighters, improvised can opening/rock crushing/fire making, weapon fixing, making raw tailoring materials, carving, tailoring and many others quality of life methods to...
Improvised Paint
Created by Orc
Over 50 recipes to Craft, Dye, Mix and Tint paint to suit your every need including making your own improvised paint and hair dye.

Take any bucket of white paint, add colored hair dye to it and voila, colored paint. Simple as that and available for everyo...
Albion's Literacy Mod - Learn to Read, Read Faster
Created by albion
Learn to Read!
With this mod, your reading speed is affected by your literacy level, which you can increase by reading books. Even illiterate characters can learn to read by finding the rare 'Learn to Read!' magazine, but their reading speed will...
Profession Framework
Created by Dr_Cox1911
Profession Framework Mod for Project Zomboid

by Fenris_Wolf

Adds a framework to simply adding additional professions and traits to project zomboid,
and editing the default professions. As well as simplifying the modding process and letting
Clear description for Moodles
Created by Unamelable
Updated language description for everyone! (Hello World!)

Considering that "More Description for Traits" exists, I was surprised nobody made a mod for moodles. I figured it would be quite handy to have this mod alongside it. So I made this litt...
Vehicle Spawn Zones Expanded
Created by fhqwhgads
This mod adds new vehicle spawn zones and spawn lists around KY. These new spawn zones range from adding some vehicle spawns to areas that did not have any, to adding new themed spawn areas that provide a more specific set of vehicles. In total, there are ...
[SOMEWHAT BROKEN] Improved Generator Longevity
Created by GenChadT
NOTE: Unfortunately this mod doesn't allow you to repair generators to anything higher than 100%, so while you can set the condition to 200 you can't repair it until it hits 99, and even then only back to 100 condition. I'm exploring ways of getting aro...
Authentic Z - Stutter Fix
Created by Authentic Peach
This mod removes the 1 second stutter caused by hovering over the rip sheets/ craft sheet rope context menu option.
It will be incompatible with some mods at this point of time, fair warning.

[img] [/img]
I hope you enj...
Soul Filcher's Building Time
Created by soulfilcher
Compatible with 41.78

This is my mod for extra options to build your base. I have more things planned for future updates.

UPDATE 03/07/2023:
-Increased the number of uses for Bucket with Concrete from 4 to 10.
-Increased the number of Bag...
Jigga's GreenFire The Herd Version
Created by Acey
Small tweak to the drying time for cannabis and tobacco and various fixes to maintain compatibility with the current update of Project Zomboid for my private server. For guaranteed compatibility with other mods I suggest checking out my collection 'The He...
True Actions. Act 4 - Talking
Created by iBrRus

Mod adds an animations when the player typing in the chat. Only for multiplayer.

Mod commissioned by Y...
buffy's infinite generators
Created by buffy
You do not need to start a new save to use this mod
This mod works in Singleplayer and Multiplayer.

Lets admins right click and make a generator have an egregiously high amount of fuel and condition.

AutoSmoke + smoking improvements
Created by NoctisFalco
Your character will smoke cigarettes automatically and more.

  • Put cigarettes, opened or closed packs, cartons and lighter or matches anywhere in your inventory and forget about mouse clicking to smoke. Your character will auto
view coordinate
Created by ProjectSky
view coordinate

about this mod
  • The MOD can display the player's coordinates in the player panel.
  • Press the "J" key in the game to open the user panel view coordinates, Coordinate with
Created by 千年纹
A pre-mod for a mod I made.

Workshop ID: 2845810596
Mod ID: QNW_QNWLibrary...
Real Ladder
Created by 千年纹
1. Ladders on the map can now be climbed, and players can also build ladders.

2. Remember to turn off anti cheating when online

3. Press E up and down

4. The ladder can only be a floor

5.We can only sacrifice part of the animation effect so tha...
bikinitools [41.xx + MP] - independent vehicle spawner, skin changer and automations!
Created by bikinihorst
What's this? FAQ HERE
This is a collection of things I find useful and / or lacking while playing or to help with some annoying things, mostly w...
Soul Filcher's Farming Time
Created by soulfilcher
Compatible with 41.78

UPDATE 03/13/2023:
-Added Tea Leaves and Seeds to foraging.
-Fixed an error caused by reading a cooking magazine.

New crop types:
Beet, Cauliflower, Corn, Lemongrass, Lettuce, Tea Plant, Wheat.

Here are some ideas...
Created by KI5
This time something for base builders out there! ISO Containers!

Containers are perfect for storing heavy things, vehicles parts, unused furniture etc... Gas tanks have all the functions of a gas tanker trailer. Perfect for large backups of gas in your ...
Agrotsar Farming Company
Created by iBrRus

Are you running out of provisions in your settlement? Are the nearby stores empty of shelves? No time to far...
Simple Playable Pianos
Created by PseudonymousEd
Play the Western Piano! Gain levels in the new Piano skill! (Builds 41.50 or 41.53+)

The Knox Country Conservatory of Music (KCCM) was founded in Muldraugh in June 1993. It is the premier institution for piano instruction in the greater Muldraugh are...
Udderly Up To Date
Created by UdderlyEvelyn
[h4]This mod was made for the UdderlyRP server, find us on Discord at[/h4]

  • Quits the server when a workshop update is detected (pair it with an auto-restart script, cron job, or service to turn it
Cedar Hill
Created by Try Honesty
Adds a new town to the vanilla map that I have originally created for "The Christmas Miracle" challenge mod.

Replaces cell 16x19.

I recommend to play with "Randomized House Chance" set to never in sandbox settings to prevent bur...
ClothesBox Redux
Created by Authentic Peach
Clothes for you and the zombies. - Over 100 items!

Note: This was originally made by modder Mauser_NATO.

I later restructured and organized the mod well after Mauser finished his work. However I can not update the original mod anymore
More Medical
Created by iBrRus

Suffering from the flu, but work is not waiting? Can't heal from a burn you got a long time ago? Scared to g...
zRe Vaccine ReMod by kERHUS
Created by kERHUS
PZ 41.78+ (Multiplayer compatible)

[Google Translate]
Three mods in one, but with a few changes!
[no subscription required to work]
1) Main Mod: Zombie Virus Vaccine, [url=...
Craftable Dumbbell and Barbell
Created by Bot_Elliot
Motivation for the mod creation:

Your character can craft basic weapon's, construct a house with Metalwork, but don't know how to make a basic weight object?! It's just a bar and weight. Makes no sense you need to search a entire city just to found a dumb...
Created by albion
THE GLASSES STAY ON allows you to wear glasses underneath gas masks, welding masks, helmets and other items.

If you try to equip/unequip glasses while wearing a mask, you'll automatically unequip the mask first and re-equip it after. I don't know why yo...
Shared Faction/Coop Map Symbols
Created by Mx
This mod gives you a new standalone map layer that your faction members can update from anywhere on the map, and the changes to it will appear on everyone else's faction layers IN REAL TIME!.

Authentic Animations
Created by Ravenim
Edits Emote Radial Menu to Do Animations - Hold "Q" to start!
No further installation required. hit subscribe, enable, and play!
This mod was made by AuthenticPeach, AuthenticRavenim, & Authentic...
Evolving Traits World (ETW)
Created by MusicManiac
Welcome to the world of Evolving Traits
This mod allows you to get really ripped in PZ and see an actual character progression besides getting your skills from lvl 0 to lvl10. You'll be able to purge the majority of negative traits and earn a lot...
Westwood [REMAKE]
Created by Ktorr2
Welcome to the NEW WESTWOOD!!!

The place got better after a lot of months. This is gonna be a great place to visit in summer, is it?

This map is placed in west side of Rosewood, and blocking 24_38 and 25_38 cells.

In comparison between old westwoo...
Special Emergency Vehicles & FBI for Filibuster Rhymes' Used Cars!
Created by Asierus24
This adds (Not replace):
-86 Bounder Hazardous Materials Unit (Hazmat Fire Dept Livery)
-86 Econoliner Mobile Command Center (Louisville PD & FBI liveries)
-Ford Crown Vic (Marked & Unmarked FBI with windshield light bars)
-Jeep Cherokee (Unma...
RV interiors for Special Emergency Vehicles & FBI
Created by Asierus24

This patch adds compatibility for RV interiors and Special Emergency Vehicles & FBI for Filibuster Rhymes' Used Cars!
and provides unique interiors for those vehicles.

Road to Bedford
Created by K_BOMBA
Finishes second road to Bedford

This affects world cells 38x26y; 39x26y; 40x26y; 41x26y; 41x27y; 42x27y; 43x27y; 44x27y.

Workshop ID: 2735894249
Mod ID: BedfordRoad
Map Folder: Bedford road...
Aza's Flags
Adds a bunch of new flags

to craft a flag, you need two sheets and a needle.

If you have a problem with pride flags then this mod ain't for you. If you use the comments to spread hate I will report your ass.
Workshop ID: 2400370190
Mod ID: AzasF...
Simple UI library
Created by MrBounty
Simple UI Library
Want to make a simple menu for your mod to :
- Ask the player to choose between two things?
- Ask the player a nickname, age, height, weight, etc ?
- Display a map ?
- Display player-related information from your mod suc...
Ashen MP Ranking
Created by Ashen
Ashen MP Ranking adds a centralized ranking system for multiplayer servers.

The server will periodically collect data from connected players and create ladders based on the following statistics:
  • Summary (first place of every leaderboa
Named Literature
Created by Chuckleberry Finn

More flavor text and functionality for literature items found in game.

This mod does not use item scripts. Everything is lua based.
Applied to: Books, Magazines, HottieZs, TVMagazines, C...
Craft Engine Parts
Created by Titoxic
Craft Spare Engine Parts yourself!

You will first need to find a copy of the magazine "The Machinist" and read it, it adds three different recipes for making spare engine parts.
  1. Needs metal working level 3 and more me
Udderly Skillbook XP
Created by UdderlyEvelyn
Gain XP from reading, configurable restriction to different skills and other settings - based on (though very very diffrent now) Sarah & Karim's Multiplayer Addons mod with permission (friends of mine actually <3) with added features!

  • Configurab
Load All Magazines
Created by Foteq
Adds an option to the right click context menu to load/unload all magazines of the selected type. Does not effect radial menu reloading.

Modifies ISInventoryPaneContextMenu.doMagazineMenu, so will be incompatible with any other mods that change this funct...
Autotsar Tuning Atelier - Bus [TUNING 2.0]
Created by iBrRus

To access the tuning menu, use the "V" key while standing beside the car and select "Modifications" (the
Pumps Have Propane
Created by UncleGriz
This mod allows propane trucks, tanks and torches to be filled at any working gas pump. if you can 'Take fuel' you should be able to 'Take propane'

Filling tanks and torches: simply have a not full tank near a working pump and right click on the pump.

Just Throw Them Out The Window
Created by co`
What is this about?
This mod is meant to address a single problem. You all know too well that awkward moment when the upper levels of your base get invaded by zombies. If you're lucky enough to survive this, you end up with piles of corpses all ar...
More Builds Plus
Created by NeonScreams
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻snlԀ━splᴉnq━ǝɹoW┻

┬More─Builds─Plus┬ノ( º _ ºノ) oO(dude, why?)

<Original Desc:>

This is a tweaked (& reuploaded) version of the popular More Builds mod by ProjectSky.

There are...
Crops Never Rot
It sucks when you log in to a server and find all your farming efforts were in vain because too much time passed and everything is rotten. This mod aims to solve that problem by disabling that final stage, leaving all the crops in their "seed-bearing" stag...