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How to Destroy Enemy Armor
By cumb neer meme
Hello. I was inspired to make this my the sheer amount of people that take the engineer role but dont use it to its full advantages. Most of them do not use their AT grenades or satchels, which can change the course of the battle if used against Armor.

Note: I mostly play germany and/or bot matches but I feel that these wont affect the premise of this guide
Knowing your enemy

To get results like this, you must know what you will be facing on the front and thier advantages/ disadvantages

The T-34

Russia's main tank throughout the war and one of the most advanced designs at its debut. The one in Red Orchestra is the 1942 model and is powered by a diesel engine. Its main armament is a average sized 75mm gun. Secondary armaments are in the shape of 2 DT machine guns, which were developed from the DP light machine gun. Nothing about this tank should be underestimated and you should treat it with respect but you should not fear it. Main advantage is the sloped armor, which could make AP rounds bounce right off, doing no damage and making it very hard to kill and very intimidating to novice tankers. The main weakness is that the crew has a very limited view outside of the tank except for the commander/gunner, who has a 360 degree view with the periscope but this has a small field of view and is hard to turn around fully.

The Panzer IV

The main workhorse of Panzer Battalions. The model in this game seems to be a F model with the long 75mm gun and is powered by a regular gas engine. Secondary armaments are 2 MG34s, almost the same as the infantry model, but with a different barrel sleeve. Like the T-34 this is a very deadly war machine and shouldnt be underestimated. Main advantages are the powerful gun which has a high velocity and can go through certain spots of the T-34 and pulverize soldiers before they knew what hit them, and the overall better view around the tank from the inside. the main weaknesses are the flat armor which the T-34 has no trouble peircing and the very obvious crewman spots

Now that you know what kind of tanks there are and what they can do, now we need to look at the gear provided to Engineers/AT soldiers made to defeat these iron beasts

The equipment
Engineers are given 2 different anti tank devices, AT grenades and Satchels while AT soldiers are given a whole gun and AT grenades.

Note: DO NOT throw regular grenades at a tank, they do nothing to the tank and have the potential to kill the engineer trying to place a satchel or throw an AT grenade

AT grenades
AT grenades are small but affective Anti tank explosives that can be thrown rapidly, kill tanks quickly and have little to no spash damage, so if there are team mates around it use this. They are given in pairs to Engineers and AT soldiers. Disadvantages are that it takes 2 to kill one tank if not thrown at the right place (aim for the turret), and if you arent quick enough the tank can retaliate or drive away.

Satchel Charges
These are metal cans packed with 3kg of something tanks dont like. They are given to engineers by default and unlocked winth AT soldiers. Handle this thing like if you screw up you will kill everyone in a 4m radius around you, and they will if you aren't smart with them. They are the best at killing tanks, tanks go down in only 1 charge. But their main problem is that they have a fuze, so while you are waiting for the explosion of a lifetime (not really), Ivan/Fritz is still gunning your friends down. The fuze is about 9-10 seconds long, giving you ample time to run, watch your kill's final moments, or scream at the top of your lungs at the friendly rifleman running around it to get the hell out of dodge

AT rifle
Both the German and Russian AT soldier get the huge, clunky PTRS. It was invented by the Russians but the Germans captured a ton of them so they put them into service. It holds 5 14.5mm rounds in an en-bloc clip and is semi automatic. It is affective against tanks100m and under. Many will try to snipe the tank from afar but the round doesnt have enough power to peirce critical areas at this range. The rifle is not reccomended for using against infantry but its satisfying as all hell when you see that red cloud where your target was.
The tactics
Now that you got your supplies its time to go kill some tanks!

Of course you need tactics to search/identify/destroy.

This one is easy. Think, if you were a tanker where would you want to be? If you hear the sounds of an engine, try to pinpoint where it is by its volume. You probably know how to do that so I wont go into too much detail. Most tanks like to hang around the frontline, smart tankers are usually outside in the enemy's kill barrier. Some tanks like to snipe from practically their spawn (such as on Bridges of Druzhina).

You can use the pictures in the first chapter to identify with your eyes. But what if Ivan/Fritz took your eyes, or if you hear the rumbling n the tumbling of something nasty around the corner how do you tell if its friendly?
Panzer IVs
  • Have low pitch engines
  • Have high pitched, fast machine guns (hard to tell from the infantry variant)
  • Have very angry sounding men around them
  • Have high(er) pitched engines
  • Have very low pitched and slow machine guns
  • Have a bunch of screaming men around them

The hardest part about tank busting is the actual busting. Whether it be the enemy infantry around the tank, friendly grenades, enemy grenades, the kill barrier, or even the tank itself, it feels like everything in the world is going to murder you during that agonizing sprint.

Remember, your main job isnt to survive, its to kill that tank and anyone damned enough to be inside it when you unleash your fury on it.

Tip: Tanks are usually looking forward, strike them in the rear

FIrst tactic isnt really much of a tactic as it is a suicide charge. When you have determined that enemy infantry arent looking at you (or cant hit you), run as fast as your little legs can right up to the tank, plop the charge/throw the grenades, and (try) to run to safety.

This tactic has a few advantages
  • Fast
  • Can be done alone
  • Only puts you in danger
  • Can be used to kill tank outside of kill barrier (you will die though)
And Disadvantages
  • High chance of dying before you get to the tank
  • Not safe at all
  • Shouldnt be done if you have low reinforcements
The second tactic involves coordination with a squad leader of some guy who found a smoke grenade. Basically have you/or your friend throw the smoke directly or in front of the tank. This blinds anyone inside from firing at you or teammates. Run through the smoke directly for the tank, even if you are running to the front of it, it should be discombobulated from the smoke. Do what needs to be done and run away. You might make it out alive and with enough fingers to open a beer bottle

  • Disables affective offensive capability of the tank
  • Keeps you safe
  • Encourages teamwork and shows other the magic of friendship and high explosives <3

Disadvantages (*if working with another person/friend) (**If alone)
  • Takes 2 or more people*
  • Puts others in danger*
  • Can be hard to aquire smoke grenade**

In urban scenarios like on the back half Bridges map, it is best to run around back alleys using the engine noise to tell where the tank is and spring in from behind or the side. Tankers that go into these situations might not be the smartest but do not underestimate them. Also watch out for enemy infantry going down the main road that might see you.

AT rifles should be used under 100 meters and aim at vital area's like vision slits and tracks. You can destroy a tank but its challenging and requires a lot of rounds in the right area's

And this is where to aim on the tanks:

Tip: I usually use AT grenades so I will give my squad leader buddy the Satchel charges, so if I die we arent left without AT or if there is more than one tank the engineer isnt overwhelmed.
Tank hunting is one of the hardest, deadliest, and one of the most helpful things you can do in Red Orchestra 2. It requires sweat, determination, a lot more sweat than that, and respect

Hopefully though with practice and skill you can become proficient in tank hunting and maybe even make your own tactics! and maybe see this a whole lot more

In all reality though , these tactics might not work for every scenario, and its best to use these as a springboard for your own ideas. Its better to let your creativity flow than follow this guide like the law

Im hopeful someone out there has read and found this guide to be useful.
If you have further tactics put them in the comments for all to see
I might update this when they add the new tanks if this gets popular enough
(or put critisims down there)

See you on the Eastern front Tovarich/Kameraden and good hunting,

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OnboardBasil Feb 8, 2018 @ 3:55pm 
3 kg of something tanks don't like.
IAmNotMatthew Mar 3, 2016 @ 11:47pm 
Loud noises mean you have penetrated the tank, quiet *clink* noises mean the projectile that hit the tank bounced.You can hear the difference over 200 metres.
RogueWarrior_187 Jan 21, 2016 @ 3:25pm 
those wak spots for the ptrs are a load og bullshit, loaded 4 mags at 75m at 90 degree angle side of panzer 4 cant even pen it...
[TPPL] King Leonidas Feb 13, 2015 @ 1:22am 
need New info
|Ss_KAISER| Sep 29, 2014 @ 5:19am 
U dont need many rounds, if you did things as you must do, you can blow a tank in 1-2 shots like in RO.Ost.

Talk a veteran ATman from Arad =)
ice cube #FTW Sep 28, 2014 @ 2:07pm 
thanks alot
PzL-Sergei(fr) Sep 27, 2014 @ 11:44pm 
As you can see german device is a magnétique one not a throwing grenade...in the game is a bite different
Straight Outta Compton! Sep 27, 2014 @ 12:21pm 
Onehitted a T34 with the AT-rifle, boom. I guess it hit the ammo rack on the side. :pandastunned:
Unexpected-Hope Sep 12, 2014 @ 11:58pm 
cumb neer meme  [author] Aug 7, 2014 @ 7:09pm 
I plan on doing one about light tanks, APCs are squishy overall so they might not need one