Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Halo: The Master Chief Collection

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Engine: Halo3
Game Content: Multiplayer
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Dec 7, 2022 @ 10:56pm
Dec 19, 2022 @ 7:08pm
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Conflux is a custom Halo 3 PvP map built for 4v4 Capture the Flag and Slayer, with an emphasis on competitive play.
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ZackXevious Jan 5 @ 8:40pm 
This map is great! Love how it plays, lots of fun strategy!
Uehara-Bun Dec 23, 2022 @ 10:02pm 
I would suggest to do some AI variant akin to Infinite for your maps since:

- It will be a while till 343 adds "modded" content support for CGB, so one has to do the whole find a group of player whilling to join in.
- it's laggy if someone not from the US and with P2P is straight unplayable

plus one could still enjoy your maps in the case scenario of not having connection/unstable connetion.
funy Dec 15, 2022 @ 8:39am 
Are you sure the water fix worked? because it looks the same to me
ShmeeGrim  [author] Dec 14, 2022 @ 8:34pm 
It turns out that the water shader was missing the cubemap texture for reflections. Fixing that now.
EldarSquirl Dec 14, 2022 @ 8:04pm 
why is the water at the bottom of the valley so bright
Heronimon Dec 8, 2022 @ 7:57pm 
In my opinion, the best mod map so far and good enough that it should be officially implemented into MCC. I also think a devolved version would work in CE - and probably H2 also.

1. The foliage on the cliffs look really rough. I actually think remove the foliage entirely and replace with sand and red/blue gemstones - since this seems to be some kind of power source facility anyway.

2. The body of water down below looks so rough as if there's no water at all just the colour blue.

3. Make all lights on one side reds and on the other side all blues. The central gravity lifts and the beam shooting over to that facility in the distance all purple.
ShmeeGrim  [author] Dec 8, 2022 @ 11:20am 
@Slatchum It would probably work fine in CE with some adjustments, however I don't have much interest in modding CE currently. I wouldn't be against letting someone else port it though.
Slatchum Dec 8, 2022 @ 10:27am 
Would this be a good CE map?
IratePirate Dec 8, 2022 @ 3:43am 
Such an excellent map.