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Garry's Mod

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Singularity Gaming 2.0 Collection
Content used for the server coming up, message me if you would like to know more.
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Gives you the ability to personalize your player model's look by placing objects and effects on yourself. You can go from putting just a hat on your head to creating an entire new player model. PAC can also work on vehicles or props.
Extended Spawnmenu
Created by Rubat
A small script that extends abilities of your spawnmenu:
* Allows you to browse through Garry's Mod 12 / Legacy addon models
* Allows you to browse through Game, Addon, Legacy Addon materials and sounds
* Gives you detailed information on installed Work...
Created by .Ż. Dathus [BR]
Version: 2.8.23

PlayX is an advanced media player that can be used to play video/music from 13 media providers.


Software Compability
Windows: [url=htt...
VJ Base
Created by DrVrej
VJ Base, short for Vrej Base, is an addon that is used to create many different types of addons. It's especially used for creating SNPCs, as it comes with one of the most advanced artificial intelligence that exists in Garry's Mod. C...
[VJ] Mass Effect 2 SNPCs
Created by Cpt. Hazama
Please, take a moment to view this as YOU WILL BE EFFECTED VERY SOON FOR A VERY LONG TIME

Announcement: I am currently working on Mass Effect 3 SNPC
ME3 Husk Playermodel
Created by [ЯB] Reidmaster
Mass Effect 3 Husk Playermodel

Credits: TalosAT for converting S-Low's model into playermodel....
Kasumi Goto [player/npc]
Created by MARK2580

Kasumi Goto from game Mass Effect 2 and 3.

* Player model
* c_arms
* 3 skin
* 4k textures
* Ragdoll
* ...
Atmos - Day / Night and Weather Modification
Created by looter

Update Notes / Changelog
Patch Notes


Garrysmod Day / Night and Weather modi...
Advanced Particle Controller
A tool that lets you spawn and control particle effects.

  • Particles are used for all sorts of different special effects, from explosions and fire to weather effects, electricity, bullet tracers, smoke, beams and more
Pianotugboat's Crappy Servercontent
Created by Pianotugboat
I do not take credit for any of the copyrighted materials within this package

-Bioware For the models, animations, etc.

-Myself for reskins and importing the animations

-Various porters for misc content we use on server...
Krogan Playermodels & NPCs
Created by Humpy
A mass of models, reskinned and modified to work as playermodels and NPCs.

Comes with twelve shades of krogan, Wrex included, for roleplay, hostile enemies or other ideas you may come up with!

Credits to the original source creators, being;

The Citadel and Mass Relay
Created by Bombabee
Freighter (5 sizes)
Mass Relay (3 Sizes, three models with three different animations. STILL, IDLE ROTATION, FAST ROTATION (charging))
The Citadel (with bodygrouped arms, open/closed. 4 sizes.)

All credits to Haxxer

NPC Tools
Created by Silverlan
I'm done with gmod and I don't take requests, so please stop spamming the comment section. There won't be any updates or new packs.
If you want to check out my new projects (Not gmod-related), you can go to:
Corpse B Gone
Created by TurtleP
Removes corpses without the need to get rid of everything! Credits to Reiko (2)...
Customisable Thirdperson
A customisable thirdperson camera tool.

It can be found in the spawnmenu under the option tab. Visuals > ctp options....
Mass Effect: Turian Defences
Created by Kali

This is a pack of assorted defences, cliffs, and rocks from the Turian moon base level in Mass Effect 3. Some of the props such as the gates are ragdolled, and some have bodygroups and skingroups.

12 Wall Pieces
8 Bunker...
Mass Effect: Batarian PAC Parts
Created by Elec
This pack includes batarian models rigged to the valve bones system.
They are split into body and head and were ment to be used with PAC3.
You should get my Human PAC Parts for additional bodys (including armor):
Mass Effect Destiny Ascension
Created by Bombabee
The pretty Asari Ship

Thanks to S-LoW

I did it for a friend!!!!
Have Fun...
Mass Effect Normandy
Created by SilverSpiritUK
The Normandy and Mako from Mass Effect. Ported by me....
Model Manipulator
Created by Prey
Allows you to change any props and NPC model to any other. You can also change your own model.

Tool is in 'Construction' category.


Right-Click to get model from NPC/ragdoll/prop
Left-Click to set model to NPC/ragdoll/prop
Reload to set y...
Mass Effect 3 - Vehicles, Spaceships and Reapers
Created by Bombabee
Alliance/Cerberus APC - Two versions with Alliance/cerberus skins, one with a crew compartment, one with a flatbed.
Hovercars - Bodygrouped doors, several skin groups for tail lights on/off and multiple colors. Grey skin can be colored using the color too...
J-7500's Mass Effect N7 Kodiak
Created by
I haтe Mass Effecт, really don'т know why i make тhis shiт(maybe because here a loт of N7 fаgs).

Do not posт any requesтs, do noт add me, and don'т spam....
Mass Effect: Quarian ME3 Playermodels
Created by Elec
This pack contains quarian playermodels out of mass effect 3.
They use NPC animations and not the new player animations.

Me - Rigging the models
Various Porters - For porting them out of Mass Effect
Bioware - Creating Mass Effect...
Mass Effect 3 - Alliance Soldiers
Created by Bombabee
This pack contains:
3 types of Alliance trooper - each with HL2 male and female heads, and all with skins and bodygroups
Regular (Grey with white stripes)
N7 Engineer (Grey with N7 logo on chestplate)
Armored Cavalry (Blue with white insignias on s...
Mass Effect Props - Part Three
Created by Archer [B:F]
Mass Effect Props - Part Three Description Coming Soon..

Update [12/10/17] - If you feel like adding me by any means to ask me anything about these props, please don't. I pretty much have no part or interest in discussing it with you since I simply d...
Mass Effect Props - Part One
Created by Archer [B:F]
[Mass Effect Props - Part One Description Coming Soon]

Update [12/10/17] - If you feel like adding me by any means to ask me anything about these props, please don't. I pretty much have no part or interest in discussing it with you since I simply d...
Mass Effect Props - Part Two
Created by Archer [B:F]
Mass Effect Props - Part 2 [Description Coming Soon]

Update [12/10/17] - If you feel like adding me by any means to ask me anything about these props, please don't. I pretty much have no part or interest in discussing it with you since I barely even...
Mass Effect Props - Part Four
Created by Archer [B:F]
Mass Effect Props - Part Four description coming soon

Update [12/10/17] - If you feel like adding me by any means to ask me anything about these props, please don't. I pretty much have no part or interest in discussing it with you since I simply don'...
Mass Effect: Human PAC Parts
Created by Elec
This pack includes human models rigged to the valve bones system.
They are split into body and head and were ment to be used with PAC3.

Me - Rigging the models
Various Porters - For porting them out of Mass Effect
Bioware - Creating Mass Ef...
Mass Effect: Turian PAC Parts
Created by Elec
This pack includes turian models rigged to the valve bones system.
They are split into body and head and were ment to be used with PAC3.

Me - Rigging the models
Various Porters - For porting them out of Mass Effect
Bioware - Creating Mass E...
Mass Effect: Asari PAC Parts
Created by Elec
This pack includes asari models rigged to the valve bones system.
They are split into body and head and were ment to be used with PAC3.
You should get my Human PAC Parts for additional bodys (including armor):
Mass Effect: Cerberus Extras
Created by Kali

This pack is a collection of all of the Cerberus characters from Mass Effect 3 that have been missed out from other packs or added to the game since they were released. Contains the Centurion, Dragoon, and Rampart Mech as ...
Smart Weld
Created by Phat Adam 68
Makes the stock Weld tool obsolete!

---How do I use it?---
  • Select every prop you want then you have a few options. Weld all of the selected props to each other, weld them to the world, weld them all to one prop.
  • Hold E and Left
Mass Effect: Weapons PROPS
Created by Kali
THIS IS A PROP PACK, as suggested by the tags. No, i'm not going to make them sweps, so don't ask.

Decided to finally upload my Mass Effect stuff to the workshop, starting with this. In addition to just re-uploading it, i decided to re-do the textures a...
Blacklight Heavy
Blacklight Heavy Soldiers BLR...
Mass Effect Civilian Props
Created by CosmicCommander
All credit for this work should go to cires992.

This pack includes a few dozen props, many with bodygroups, all of which are from the Mass Effect series of video games. These props have an emphasis on civilian applications. There are no ragdolls or weap...
Mass Effect Door Holo
Created by HankJohnson
Door panels from Mass Effect 2 / 3. Extracted and ported by me.
Contains two versions of size and three skins. Feel free to use wherever you want!...
Created by Filtershakes

Similar to the previous ship map I uploaded, only with a different interior, more luxury space yacht than cold warship. For any of you Mass Effect fans out there, my backstory for it is it formerly belonged to Blasto's actor befo...
CoD MW2 Playermodels
Created by 7beat
Hello in this mod you can find player models from Call of duty MW2. Here you have:
-US army
-US dark army
-RU army
-TF 141
have fun!

To Do:
-Add hands (maybe)
-all NPCs


Geth Playermodels
Created by N7Legion

Geth Prime small
Geth Pyro
Geth Rockettrooper (2 skins)
Geth Trooper

Viewmodels included.
It's a very old addon from me, so expect issues.

SquiddyTreat! - [url=
Commander John Shepard
Created by nikout13
Commander Shepard from Mass Effect series, male.
WARNING! This content still in development in order to add more variation appearences, fixes and much more.
NPC and Playermodel.
BioWare for the actual models and most of the textures.
Created by Filtershakes
A Mass Effect themed space ship map.

If you want to use this in SFM, yes the map has HDR enabled.

Mapping - Filtershakes, XsynthZ
Models - cire992, haxxer, afromana, FloaterTWO, HankJohnson
Textures - TopHATTwaffle, damoose1, HighdefGE
Easy Bodygroup Tool
Created by Rubat
An improved bodygroup tool, also supporting skins! And it works on effects too!

Right/Left click on an entity to select it.
Reload to select yourself

If the entity is highlighted with halo effect, then open context menu and ma...
Cat6 Mercenaries
Created by XuPanda
By Kali

Mass Effect 3, Citadel DLC: Cat6 Mercenaries
The Cat6 Guys from the last ME3 DLC. Lots of bodygroups for the pouches and pads and suc...
rp_venator [v1]
Created by D∃ltɑ
A large Venator Class Stardestroyer designed for roleplay servers. Complete with rooms, and hangars. Supports up to any amount, though it is reccomended that you have above 20 people so they may find eachother.

Matrix_'s SFX ToolKit
Created by Matrix_
Create Fire, Smoke, Steam, Sparks, Glows, Teslas, and more! Wherever and whenever you want, Matrix's toolkit allows you to place customizable SFX elements as you please!

This is a collection of tools that I have gathered, debugged, polished, and merged ...
Sci-Fi Citizens v4
Created by Lt_Commander
I present to you version 4.0 of the Sci-Fi Citizens.


Playermodels - Workshop Link

Included in this download are 27 mo...
Sci-Fi Citizens Playermodels
Created by Lt_Commander
PLAYERMODEL FILES ONLY. Does not include the textures, downloading just this file will mean pink and black checkerboarded playermodels. FOR ALL TEXTURES, DOWNLOAD:

I decided to separate ...
Darken217's SciFi Weapons
Created by Darken217

Introducing my latest creation: Darken217's SciFi Weapons.

This is my first gmod addon. Please keep that in mind...
It's a collection of multiple kinds of weapons with individual de...
Created by Filtershakes
Made back around 2013-2014, I figured I should finally upload this here.

Located in Bachrjet ward, Blue Wind Avenue once held the glory that the more modern SilverSun Strip holds when it came to catering to the higher class residents of the station, as ...
Jack ME3
Created by Ark_32
Jack From ME3 Model - Not Made By Me....
ME 3 Omega DLC
Created by Broker
A couple of charecters from that add on and so on
credit to there creators
if needed to be taken down im fine with it...
Mass Effect Jane Shepard PlayerModel
Created by ProstoLyric
Functional playermodel of default female Shepard from Mass Effect.

Beta version. There are still many tweaks and fixes to make (fingers are horrible, I know), but at least, one can play as FemShep now. Will be improved someday.

For now, there are fou...
Mass Effect 2 samara
Created by Gazhelmet
“By the code I will serve you, Shepard. Your choices are my choices. Your morals are my morals. Your wishes are my code.”

The asari justicar we find in the Dossier: The Justicar to follow Shepard in Mass Effect 2, the model has a Skingroup for ...
Mass Effect 3 earth DLC
Created by Broker
credit goes to its facepunch maker and if that person uploads the charecters themself ill gladly take mine down...
Created by Wolly
These are basic turrets/emplacements. They actually work as entities. Use them at your own discretion. Have fun.
No longer requires GBombs.

The 4 turrets are

7.62x39mm Turret
- Fast rate of fire, good for crowd control.
- Not very effective at ...
Blacklight Retribution NPCs and Playermodels Minipack
Created by Professor Heavy
Credits: Zombie Studios, Vad36, natko and Professor Heavy.

Suits and Robbers
Created by Taggart
This is an update for the Suit Pack 2012, Now on the Workshop!

What is the SUIT PACK 2012, you might ask? Well, my friend, it is this:

> 9 males!
> 7 models per male! (closed jacket, closed jacket with trenchcoat (and optional gloves) open jacket, o...
Mass Effect 3 FemShep
Created by Bombabee
Female Shepard from Mass Effect 3

All credits to
ME2 Players and NPCs
Created by SilverSpiritUK
New and updated version of my Mass Effect 2 NPC and Players pack.

Models can also be used as ragdolls and will require bodygroup/skin tool ( ) to use the alternate skins and bodygroups.

Sci-fi Props Megapack
Created by Lt_Commander
Over 70 Unique Sci-Fi Themed Props!

Included in this release is the bulk of two years’ work on a specific visual theme. When combined with my other similar releases, this is little short of the cores assets needed to make a total conversion source mod....
Created by V92
Somewhere in Space & Time...

This is a map created by Doc Nuriel a long time ago that originally had a different and more offensive name, but I got in contact with him and he came up with the current name for it, so that's the nam...
Created by
I tried to create map in "old" Fallout style, more in Fallout 1 and 2 , than in 3. Originaly created for serious roleplay (Clockwork) and only for this, so this map maybe not such good for video making. Right now this is first version of the map, second wi...
Created by
This is a texture bug-fix for map RP_OldWorld....
Mass Effect 3 Ash and Kaidan
Created by Bombabee
Ashley and Kaidan from Mass Effect 3 with DLC Armors!! WOW!!!
To celebrate the 2000!!!

All credits to GoOR


Have Fun!!!...
Gm Lunar Base
Created by Doomologist
Gm Lunar Base is a scenic build map featuring a rugged lunar surface and a base with a functional underground hangar.


Technical Stuff-

The texture set mainly featured in the map is the pk02 set created by Philip Klevestav.
GM_Uldum 2
Created by Jaxx Foxx
Gm_uldum 2 is the sequel to gm_uldum that features, you guessed it; More sand!

Other then new visuals for the sequel there is also an indoor area for the pyramid and a little secret that can be triggered, Have fun!

+r_hunkalloclightmaps 0
Created by Filtershakes
More Mass Effect maps for your looking enjoyment. Oh, flavour text! :D

"After a lengthy research on the human homeworld, the Armax Arena development staff are excited to show off the latest in combat sport arenas! Loosely based on the earth continent kn...
Created by Sgt. Valerian

I only fixed it to work with the latest GMod.

The original author is Athos, all credit goes to him.

Original thread:


2017-01-14 UPDATE:

Quarian Custom Player Models/Ragdolls
Created by The Devils Own
These models belong to Ninja Nub. And I have his full rights to upload these to Workshop. I am soley uploading them for the people to enjoy these nice models. All the credit goes to Ninja Nub.

These are a collection of Ragdolls and Player Mode...
Halo 5 shield/health bar
Created by Speedy Von Gofast
The sounds effects shown in my video are not included in this addon
Those sounds are a modification made inside Simple Energy Shield and will not be uploaded to the workshop.

This is a reproduction of the Halo 5: Guardians shield and ...
Simple Energy Shield V2
Created by Seris
A simple serverside script that gives players slowly regenerating health and faster regenerating armor. This addon has very nice effects when you are hit along with clientside sounds to increase immersion and let the user know the status of their shield in...
Created by naruto6400
I am happy to say that gm_Underground_IV has been rereleased on Garry's mod, with several big improvements!
The map requires Half Life 2: Episode 2 and Half Life 2: Episode 1 to work properly, if you don't have them installed and mounted, you will have to...
ME3: Space Hamster
Created by TitaniumSpyBorgBear
Yup, somebody ported the space hamster DLC from mass effect 3, and I re-uploaded it with a bonus model, huzzah!, also here's a link to the map I used ; this is not compatible with the ragdoll ...
RP Ineu Valley 2 Winter
Created by Statua
VMF Now available for all to use at
Dont add me for questions regarding it. I'm out of the mapping business now. Pce

Requires: CS:S + EP2

This is my second modification of my Ineu Valley 2 map. It has b...
Time Vortex Pack
This pack contains 4 models of the time vortex from Doctor Who (1963, 1996, 2013 and 2014) with animated textures.