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The Darkest Corner of the Workshop
Letting anyone submit something to a public workshop sounds like a great idea, right? Letting the community take control of the games they play, so they can feel like they help it grow into a beautiful flower.
For the most part, that's correct. It is a great idea.

However, with every success comes some dark secrets that most people choose to ignore, like some kid in the corner that everyone chooses not to acknowledge.
Well, in this collection, I choose to acknowledge that kid, so you can see the strangest, craziest, and scariest items on the workshop.

Everyone, welcome to The Darkest Corner of the Workshop.
Items (214)
Marked Incompatible ]  Madcap
Created by CRIMEA totarin
for you endeavour not to pass an enough frightening kind under wires on which pigeons sit because they can easily lower your reputation,,,...
Trolololo Mask
Created by gostautas
The famous TrollFace!

I hope you like it!...
Heavy replaced with Stay Puft
Created by Stay Puft
This replaces the Heavy weapons guy with Stay Puft from Ghost Busters....
The Polka Hat
Created by Eli Ayase
Party hat for your likings....
Spray Can Hat
Created by ZHolmes
This is a hat that looks like the top of a Spray Paint Can...
Marked Incompatible ]  Odd Bug Hat
This is the first of my playing around with 3d modeling and this is what i came up with....
Austin Powers Mask
Created by piorun
"I won't bite...hard." - Austin Danger Powers...
Marked Incompatible ]  Classic Demoman Cap
Created by SmartEnough
Here is Classic Cap for Demoman
i can add Red for Red Team
Hope you enjoy
Please rate up & thanks :)...
Professors Professional Proofreaders
Created by lillbrorsan
Straight from the Professor in Futurama!...
Mask Illusion
Created by FiB. NeroFN
Mascara para Scout, foi meu primeiro projeto, como uma base de teste, achei que ficou legal então resolvi postar na workshop, espero que gostem ;) Espero fazer projetos melhores ^^. Enjoy
Bom jogo a todos!...
Heads Up
Created by Talka
Never kill soldiers. Why? They might blow you up just by using their hat.

Please Thumbsup if you like, and if you don't like it just please tell me what I can fix in it and don't just swear.

Created by Charlie Violet
ZZ-Hat for Billy Gibbons's great fans!...
The Tradition
Created by XYK
For all your traditional needs.

3 LoD
Has a stem
Creepy Face...
Cute Giana Wig
Created by Black Forest Games
We found those littered all over the landscape. Getting them out of the spikes was the tricky part.

Themed after Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams and Rise o...
The Cowboy's Card Hat
Created by BOT Ivan

just remember to take the cards out
while playing poker, even the best poker face wont keep your cards hidden with this hat...
pda controller
Created by Paradox 32
that is a fine looking PDA isn't it? well not the destroyer only for secondary and pda slot, secondary does the controlling! Pda slot does the building what a fine looking PDA wow!!! look_up_a_newer_pda_at_
Interrupted Experiment.
Created by Douchebag
Nobody likes to be disturbed....
Deep-sea Adventure.
Created by Douchebag
Adventurer's hat. Only red....
Grown Knowledge
Created by Strnadik
You learn lot of things while Time Traveling... and one day, you'll have this Timey Wimey Awesome Hair!
But you don't have that much time,do you.. BUY IT!...
Mr Cluckers
Created by TzKet-Death
Punk Giana Wig
Created by Black Forest Games
Nothing says “rebel” like bright red and purple hair – especially if it comes from someone else’s head! Uh, we mean to say that this was manufactured. With machines. Yeah.

Themed after Giana Sisters: Twiste...
The salvador
Created by Samchan
Scare your foes with the amazing orignal salvador mustace!...
The japanese watermelon
Created by Persian Yank
Pyro had a thing for watermelons, but he can't decide which one he can take. That's why you're here! you decide which one gets in the game (probably) and which one rots. Round or square. Which side do you pick?
2 lods
De-active mess
Created by Samchan
La Polvora
Created by lucarioaaron
Los enemigos deben saber de la tenacidad de los soldados que defienden sus hogares

The enemies must know the fierce of the soldiers that defend their homes...
forefather of the Victorian era
Created by CRIMEA totarin
Don't let society call you fool or obsessed with drunkenness dolt because you observe the Chief social code-djentelman and his five legitimate values: sobriety, punctuality, industriousness, economy and domesticity although many members of the aristocracy ...
Marked Incompatible ]  Algerian mentality
Created by CRIMEA totarin
you are the French legionnaire for you so sullen and frightful kind that you are frighten the not obedient Algerian children in short you attained though what that success in this country and became subzero authority in fairy-tales for the night...
Marked Incompatible ]  Persona non grata
Created by CRIMEA totarin
if your friends of aggressors are a long ago kept out in a country and you appeared a lucky person which passed facekontrol' can photograph that for them excellent home video and to buy antiqueing souvenirs...
Marked Incompatible ]  a flatterer covering tracks
Created by CRIMEA totarin
this blinding extremity of fox fine combines with your clothes and covers tracks if they are not intended for other eyes...
The Creepy Batoyle
Created by The_Boghog
This Bat/Gargoyle mask will make you fearsome for every maniac killing enemy, even your own.
*Warning! Its a chance that you will be craving for blood by wearing this..
(This is just a "beta", the real deal will be up in a couple of days)...
McLeach's Legacy
The poacher's pride, with his hunt....
The Painapple
Created by Kxte
A Pineapple of pain that can get strands lodged in your teeth and your body "Fruitaly" bashed
Playah Hat
Created by Thezero
Walking down the street with your fresh new hat on. PLAYAAAAAH!!!...
The pool boy
Created by Hell
The missing link between man and shark...
Running BEATS
Created by edtasticamvs
Ever felt bored after all that running/killing action? Well this solution is just for You! Equip our brand new Running Beats and take down enemies in fashion!

NOTE: Does not come with a charger or replacable batteries, because we're out of stock...foreve...
The Ram Boxer
Created by Skorms
With the strength of a legendary golden ram spoken of among Greek Lore and his past boxing experience, Vodka Drukenski pummels and rams any willing foe that is brave enough to challenge him....
The Old hat
Created by I-ninj[A]
It was wet when he found it

resize for the other classes coming soon...
The Cat's Meow
Created by Devieus
You think you so tough? My grandma could beat you up....
Sweet Texan Treat
Created by slug
Grown in Texas, shipped from Texas, approved by Texas, and you better hope it's not dribbling over your dead body.

This is the 5,500th submission to the Steam Workshop!...
The Cold Hunter
Created by Toxie
Winter or Summer, does it matter? This headwear always keeps your head warm and your ears shut, so you can shoot without care....
Paper Assassin
Created by Kopfjäger
It looks like a paper box...
Hair Marker Up
Created by [RMF]RIKUSYO
Did you paint it with a marker?

No! It's real hair!

Ushanka of Madness
Created by Vitalisk
Hat of the forest maniac. Cry harder...
Sorceror's Hat for Medic
Created by Balenar
A simple sorceror's hat for the medic....
The Feeling of Sight
Created by Ruskeydoo
If you use a Novint Falcon to play the game then why not wear one in the game?... And if you don't have one why not wear it anyway as IT LOOKS LIKE THE FUTURE IS ERUPTING FROM YOUR CHEST!
The Thought That Counts
Created by XYK
It's not like you're going to eat it......
magic hat
Created by robtob
it's a magic hat!...
Victor Wig
Created by Mori JAH!
Dominate your enemies the old fashioned way. And don't let them eat your cakes!

This is my first ever TF2 hat, let me know if you like it!

The Assertive Mann
Created by Icosahedron
"Cats should stick with other cats, it's only natural." or "What about... eyebrows?"

In case you don't know, this is a FLCL reference. I got bored while working on my next item and thought this would be fun to do.

Be sure to check out my other stuff!...
The Puffy Scott's Top
Created by Spicy Boy
'What makes 'is 'at so ruddy puffy?'
'I dunno, but i don't flippin wanna find out!'

So this is my first hat so i have some problems to state:
- Something is probably going to go wrong, because i'm a noob to the workshop
- I don't know how to create backpa...
Smocza Kula
Created by Killer
Wzdłuż czerwono czarnej tuby przechodzi srebrna rura której początkiem jest uchwyt z dwoma kłami na dole. Tuba ma na sobie trzy żółte paski z góry i po bokach. Wokół całej broni od uchwytu po koniec rury owijać się będzie żółty smok. Smok ma czerwone oczy ...
The Misfortunate Surgery
Created by Talka
"Dear Demomen, have ye ever had this will to go to the medic fer a metallic surgery? Here's yer chance and fer this surgery which make ye mer powerful, ye just lose two ef yer eyes and you have to live with a metal passing through yer mouth into the back e...
Snow goggles
Created by smallGiB
because he is easily distracted by shiny objects...
Heavy Hay Mether
Created by Pants
Misc Item slot or Secondary.

Advance Hay shield protector

Attached to Bip_spine_2

The world's fattest man just went mad! -Sniper

+25 HP added...
Fish in a blanket
Created by [HTDG]Funky Monk
We all know the scout loves tacos, we all know he loves hitting people with fish, and we know
he is crazy for pancakes. Now you can show off his love of all three....
Created by Douchebag
The Tanner's Trifocals
Created by Turd Ferguson
It's often said that eyewear serves no other function than improving the eyesight of lame kids and decrepit, elderly people. This stylish pair of tanning goggles says otherwise; it spits in the face of this notion. Indeed, the days of forgetting your tan...
Tex's Badge
Created by }SoC{Scorch
Because somones gotta wrangle in them pesky outlaws....
Ice Cream Mishap
Created by Mallikeet
Initially started working on this early this year. Only now decided to pick it back up and "complete" it.

The counterpart style to:

That's what you get for standing beneath someone eati...
Sandbox Tsar
Created by dwarf bravery
Hi! This is my first TF2 item, a bucket hat for Heavy!
"Heavy has" edited the bucket to fit his head (holes and stuff)

Other name ideas:
Cheap Cover
Frugal Fence
Berserker's Bucket
Dummy Defence
Economical Effort...
Created by calvin
Heavy need wear goggles to protect from blood of tiny baby men.


If you like it, remember to rate it up and leave a comment!
~will add more images later...
Handsome Poor Worker
Created by Pride
Very very poor you!!!!...
Created by BoneyardWolf
A TeaCup with matching Saucer. Proper Tea-time headwear...if ya know what i mean?...
Dumb Rock!
Created by XYK
This piece of coal from your stocking, is great for bashing in heads.

This is to be implemented as a secondary weapon....
Crazy Box Guy/ el chico loco de la caja
Created by Lycantrup
el chico loco de la caja biene con todo a repartir unos cuantos golpes lo que lo distingue es su caja que pare se que la a creado un niño de 3 años ///

the crazy boy of the box comes with everything to distribute a few blows what distinguishes it is i...
Burger Boss
Created by Dr. Van Nostrand
All beef patty no special sauce, no cheese, lettuce, tomato on a sesame seed bun....
Heavys Wizard Brows
Created by JerkySlap
At last! Heavy has a pair of eyebrows that match his size! He can now pursue his Wizardy Warlocky Dreams with these new lush brows.


Please rate and leave feedback :D...
The Safety Procedure
Created by Omega
Pshh... who needs safety when you have a flamethrower?...
The Crowender
Created by 211darthrevan443
I'm not finished with this until people correct the mistakes i've made when creating this, so it will give a realistic experience when playing. Also, if you think i've chosen the wrong class for this hood/Mask please tell me what you think this would best ...
CK. M1
Created by DevilsCry
More Clucks for your Bucks! Out of grenades? Need something to shoot? Blast em with these chicks. They wont know what hit 'em!...
Strikeforce Shades
Created by calvin
Only a true warrior would charge into battle wearing these sweet shades and battle helmet! I'M TALKING TO YOU, MAGGOT!


Remember to like and comment if you think it's cool!

Idk what happened to the pictures...
Sparkly Unicorn Horn!
Created by P|ntast|c'
Ever wanted to be FABULOUS?! Now's your chance. Grab the unicorn horn and be what you always wanted to be!...
Skater Boy
Created by Wreck-It
Who's got the hippest haircut on the block? Can I make any more obvious? Come on ya Trendy Punk, if you wear this you're sure to get all the girls!
First Finished Workshop Item! It's supposed to come in 2 two styles (well 4, if you include wearing th...
paintable eyes
Created by aceman11100

ever wanted to be able to put toxic lead based paint on your eyes? well now you can!...
The "Shako"
Created by ArakanI
The famous green cap....
Internal Difficulties
Created by [Kreis] leonmuellez
Maybe I should wear that helme..OH GOD NOT AGAIN!...
Internal Difficulties v.2
Created by [Kreis] leonmuellez
The Boglodite look
Created by [Kreis] leonmuellez
HEY! Heavy Weapons Guy!!!

GRRR!!! It's just Heavy...
There is an update! - Red nose 4 pyro
Created by the Hated
My first idea was to make a Rudolph nose for pyro, but i guess that it looks more like clown nose :D

Check out the last update:
Created by Sofia
The Cheap Protection
Created by Denikson
"For years our Soldiers wanted a hat, which is both cheap and protective. Now we have good and bad news. The good news are that this kind of hat has been created! Unfotunately this hat looks cheap. Very cheap."...
Heavy heart!
Created by Anarxist
Heavy's heart is a full of love for everyone :)...
The balloon of flames!
Created by Ye Qiu
Now with 100% less flames! Show you're love with this nice balloon on you're back, to show you're pyro's inner child....
Rat Boy
Created by läcker sås
A "Nezumi Kozo" mask for that extra disguise!...
Pinocchio's Nose
Created by warlock
Created by Tinky.ty
Shōnen Swagger
Created by /FSnC\ Forte ∅
The long awaited accessory accompaniment to "The Big Star", "The Shōnen Swagger" makes its fantastic debut!

Set a platinum record and become the star of your team in this fabulous misc!

2 LODs!


Not Paintable at all!...
Brain-freeze Bucket
Created by [HTDG]Funky Monk
This is a special helm only worn on special occasions. Otherwise you might get fat....
Marked Incompatible ]  Fatherly Mother
Created by Sparkwire
It's daddy's time to shine.

I got Style baby..
Created by Devil-Loud n Clear
I got Style baby.....
Wrap Da Cat
Created by Ski Mask
no more messes just for killin...
The Bullseyes
Created by Gangstahwezel
for the snipers who need help aiming.

*note, does not actually help you aim.

- Paintable...
Created by BlazingGear
This little buddy will keep your head warm and wet. Don't worry ever again about feeling lonely because this will comfort in the raging war. Once you put it on you won't be able to take it off, even if you tried....
The Hardworker's headache (V.2)
Created by Joost
"Because, sometimes it's not the safety that is first. But the work to do properly."

What's new about the V.2?
-It's alot smaller.
-it has a way better thumbnail.
-it has a more rusty texture....
The Kitchen Killer
Created by Rexomann
+30 cloak on sucessful backstab
Invisible on sucessful backstab

Edit: These are just my ideas of weapons positives, if Valve adds this weapon to the game(probably not) they can add whatever they want, positives and negatives....
Marked Incompatible ]  Puberty
Created by filtre
Finaly there after 5 years of worries.

PS. the image is just a preview of what it should look like (i know it sucks!)....
Tavish's Teashades
Created by XYK
I made these back in June of 2010. I made them before any other glasses were in the game, so I think there possibly the first. I just thought everyone might want to see them....
Marked Incompatible ]  Scottish Intelligence (It's A Giant Pencil) (Item Look Has Changed Read Notes)
EDIT: CHANGED THE LOOK OF THE ITEM AND ALSO TEXTURED IT (It no longer look like a crayon!)
This is how the ancient demoman used to catch his fish in the old times.

This is my first item so please don't be too harsh to me.
This would be a melee demoman...
Skullgirls: Ms. Fortune Ears, Hair and Tail
Created by Ravidrath
Lab Zero needs your help!

Valve has given us the opportunity to release Skullgirls Team Fortress 2 items... but only if you show your support and vote for them!

So vote well and spread the word - the more votes we get, the more likely you and your f...
The Barber's Boater
Created by Europan man
After a while of killing tiny cowards, you have to settle down and get a more effortless job - styling the hair of another man so that they have the right to fight like one.

Made of REAL STRAW, for REAL, WAR-HARDENED MEN. And in case you weren't man eno...
Created by CynicallyCubed
Hand Crafted hat to attract in coming reindeer from Saxtons sleigh with it's bright red nose!
- 3 Lod...
Created by Charlie Violet
Now your medic can sleep at work!

- Medic!
- Zzz
- Zzz ... Zzz ... Zzz
- Nooooooo...
Flaming Eyeballs of the Pyromaniac
Created by Can you Diglett
This is my first workshop submission. As you can see, it makes Pyro's eyes look like they're reflecting the element that he chooses to use as his weapon, fire....
The Sore Loser
Created by AltitudeCow
This is a remodel of the Tribalman's Shiv.

Description: When Australians lose, cricket games can get messy....
Crown From The Kitchen
Created by Speedwagon

Just started with idea of cauldron on pyro. Should it be bigger to cover his head or it's good like that? Test model and this and textures will be updated soon. Or maybe it will be more fitting for a soldier? Or heavy? Let me know what are you thi...
Sneaky Camera
Created by Habofro
Look at that Sneaky ass camera, I bet you didn't even saw it! It's so awesome, even Valve can't handle it!...
Heavy is fish. Not big surprise.
Created by Twitch-A-Twitch!
"I am Fishy Weapons Guy. And THIS. Is my weapon."

This is relevant to my interests....
The Mighty Kraken
Created by Jeffrey
The terror from the depths, The Mighty Kraken has been captured by an elite assassin!

Vote and capture yours!...
Gentleneer Pack - Misc
Created by SpawN
This Misc item goes together with Gentleneer Hat.

Gentleneer Hat:
Majestic Machine Maker
Created by Cyxopyk
Hat based on Twisted Fates's hat from LoL. (Maybe similar to Justice hat from Afrosamurai)
850 poliys.
Engy has googly gazer equiped, it does not included in this model.
Used GUIStudioMDL compilator but structure of zip file is saved as in itemtest tool....
Hula Proof
Created by The 90s Machine
If Your Going in The War And Feel Lonely. Bring Your New best Friend Hula Proof And Burn The Other Team With Ur Friend And Run Into The Fire Without Your Friend Getting Burned!...
The Shocking Hive Mind
Created by Wreck-It
As science can tell you, electricity can be a bad thing. Whether it be re-animating corpses, powering death-rays, or messing up your hair before Prom Night....
Old Nick's Helper [ Pyro Version ]
Created by Insaneicide
the pyro version of this all class hat...
DemoKnight Tower
Created by Digital Ninja
What is a King without his Castle? Take your Castle wherever you go, so you're always King and everyone knows it.

Ginger Bread Man Badge
Created by Jigglenomicon
Remeber to remove pin before eating!...
The Steam Boy
Created by Birdman!
For when magic, space anomalies or magnets can't explain it. Steam science is always there...
Faceshield of the motivator
Created by =(e)=justinanddaeng
Protect your face and dome from frag and motivate your buddies at the same time.

Paintable, all class...
The Head Gear
Created by Railbot
What better place is there to store those spare parts, than on your cranium!...
paintable eyes V2
Created by aceman11100
Whats that? Its not a good idea to have radiation-causing goggles on your head? Too bad we're doing it anyways.

This item is a remake of this ugly thing:

yes i know the image...
Small World
Created by Habboi
"It's a small world, huh?"
"It is, it really, really is."

Bonus points if you can guess where this is from.

Better Picture:
Strange eyes
Created by hechu205
What happened with eyes of spy?...
Galactic Revolution.
Created by Elephant
HI! This is my second hat for TF2. Hope you like it!!! It is a mohican for soldier and was created in around 2hours. Pls give feedback as it helps me alot

-updated :D now the mohawk has shaper edges and its less round, thinner as resquested by TropiKo.

The Hot Mistress
Suprisingly flame-retardant for 18th century lace.

14/10/11: Added LOD models, updated texture...
Created by aceman11100
These badass goggles from the future will strike fear into your enemies' eyes while they die quietly without trouble....
The Freshman Guardian
Created by lucarioaaron
Winter comes with the young spirit, happiness gets and clearness white hopes to spread...
Cat Hat
Created by DaNetNavern0
I can hear you better with my new mecha-ears....
The Elite Ops
Created by ŕﻉd Viקèŕ گ
A combat helmet with horns...


*made the horns look more beefy...
Duck floater
Created by Pumpkin King ♛
"I love this duck!" - heavy...
Created by JaTiMatic
With this you will not burn your fingers when flipping burgers!...
Created by BlackMaska [PL]
"Many birds bravely fought for this egg."

[Here to accept the item.]

DoDo hat 2v


-Improved texture.
-Fixed a normal texture....
Pyro's Easter Hat
Created by SpawN
Created for Easter :)...
Sir's Fertile Stache
Created by Johnny Johnson
This surrealistic mustache brings more joy into your life!...
The Psychopaths Half-Stache
Created by Juba Kraus
From Paris to Moscow this piece of lip hair has seen it all, from crimes against humanity to an underground bunker far below Berlin.

"What he lacks in compassion for the sick, respect for human dignity, and any sort of verifiable formal training in medi...
The Perfect Camouflage
Created by Sewpar
While eating fast food, Heavy looked for more in his bag, which stuck on his head in the progress. Since that day, Heavy hates burgers, but got a new hat that perfectly hides his face....
Created by Chad
Part machine, part human. which one you'll stand with? you can Check "the Scottish Vision" item also in the WorkShop. here is the link.
Roboworld Elite
Created by -wF* UTF
All hail Funky Boy....
New Era hat: NY
Created by Jeroenwzelf
Do your friends think you're not cool enough? Show them who's the real gangster out there with this New Era baseball cap!

-It's just the demoman, because I can't quite figure out how I'm supposed to make it an all-class hat.
-Look on my profile for more!...
Cranium Monstrificum
Created by Lucas
Ever wanted to be a dinosaur? Well, you still can't! This is not a dinosaur skull, it's not even from this planet. Heck, some people say it's from another galaxy. All you need to know about this item is that even though the jaw jiggles up and down when you...
The Secret Server
Created by Digital Ninja
The Secret Server is always observing, always following...

...Always Serving. He isn't the only one spying on you.

Has 2 LOD's as well as Team Colours and is even paintable!!

This little bugger took far too long to complete, I didn't really keep t...
Dat creepers
Created by Pum
This misc is basically a substitution of the regular bombs from the demo over his chest for two creepers , one normal and another Not-so-creepy.

This misc has some problems , the biggest 2 are :

Copyrighted creepers

Extremely bad quality models (...
Scout the Red Nose Reindeer
Created by ezzybake
Just like the heavy, the scout is a Reindeer to !...
Medical Retrofit Helmet
Created by Marinesharp
Medical helmet that not only protects, but also has a hud that displays health, ammo, and some other useful data (does not include a new hud design)...
Iron Helmet
Created by marcusjensen01
A simple iron helmet
It's my first hat so tell me if I have done anything wrong!...
Marked Incompatible ]  I'm Watching You
Created by marcusjensen01
A smily helmet mostly fore sniper!...
Marked Incompatible ]  The I'm a Pro
Created by marcusjensen01
It's made by the tf2 gods to the pros!...
Marked Incompatible ]  This Party is Crazy
Created by marcusjensen01
A hat made for heavy inpired by "Heavys Birthday"...
Grandma's Reindeer Runway
Created by lucarioaaron
Walking home from our house Christmas Eve.
You can say there's no such thing as Santa,
But as for me and Grandpa, we believe...
The Bonaparte -- JOKE--
Created by Bombzopple
Fight as the short french man you are with this revolutionary hat!


-Guys this was a test item please stop exclaiming h...
Created by LOGAN
Show off you're the smartest dude on the map!...
Le potator
Created by Connard WC
C'est une arme que j'ai créer uniquement pour le fun avec blender et je tiens a vous dire que je me contrefiche de vos remarques puisque je le répéte "ARME CREER POUR LE FUN".

Grace a sa poignée, cette mitraillette ne subis aucun recul, ses balles perfo...
The Die-per
Created by Ducksink
Rejoice the item you've all been waiting for.

halloween item...
Marked Incompatible ]  Mann Company Watch
Created by }SoC{Scorch
This Mann Company Watch costs $10,000 to make, because all the parts, including the leather, are milled out of one piece of steel....
Square watermelon
Created by Persian Yank
only the pyro would do this
comes in 614 tris only and is paintable

update: just fixing the textures for 2.0 the model will be different from the one you see here in the new pictures. I just need to make the new lods...
Ghost captin hat
Created by Samchan
You've got a debt to pay

[More picturing coming soon]...
Marked Incompatible ]  Banana King
Created by ZHolmes
This is a Crown (or Hat) for the Banana King (or Monkey King), With this crown you can claim the Throne.

3D Model (With Texture Update)
Gestank Remover
Created by Eli Ayase
These are high quality cork pluggz....
The Dead Pixel
Created by DrSlowking
I bet you thought that pixels and skulls were already pretty scary alone, so we combined them to create a new, twisted form of unseen horror. Oh also, YOUR COMPUTER SCREEN IS MADE OF PIXELS! MUHAHAHA! STAY SCARED!

It's a block-built skull thats also prett...
Tripple Tarragon
Collect them all!

EDIT: Thanks for all the support guys. This is inspired by my 3-year old son who suggested I use "real assets" from Tomb Raider. Have fun and please enjoy your life to the fullest....
The Melon Warrior
Created by ludek
Soldiers like us don't need helmets. Why? Because we have Melons.

I have no idea why this item isnt gold starred. I used the new import tool but its not gold starred.
If anyone has any idea why this is the case please write in the comments

70% wool
30% cotton
If you wear this too much, you'll feel itchy!...
Nose on Forehead
Created by she doesnt grow
Based on a true story.

Also if you don't get it (national geographic article):

The Head Lamp
Created by Lowly
Matthew 25: 1 - 13
1 “Then the kingdom of heaven shall be likened to ten virgins who took their lamps and went out to meet the bridegroom.

2 Now five of them were wise, and five were foolish.

3 Those who were foolish took their lamps and took no oil wi...
Burner's Bauble
Created by alternate xerox
A giant bauble stolen from a giant christmas tree, which was later burned down.

Christmas-themed item. As you can see, it's paintable and team-colored. Now go burn down some spies while pretending to be a christmas tree ornament!...
scout hair, now with paint!
Created by aceman11100
sessy hair for the sessy ladies.

o yea this was made into a skin so....
The Invigorating Wave
Created by a penguin
Pyro Taunt

EDIT: Yay.

Everyone hates it.

Created by Váyñé
Say it with flames.

*Please rate other things I've made, too.
Marked Incompatible ]  Saiyan scooter
Created by Tearz
It's over 9000 !!!!

Hat for heavy class including eye scanner and hairs...
Created by [RMF]RIKUSYO
Part of "Tardy Boy Set"...
Bakin' Bacon
Created by Ellie
Ain't nothin' like the smell of bacon in the morning...
Madman's shako
Created by zjadacz chleba
Only for Pyro.
Red and Blue tex. Paintable.
LOD_0 = 1154 tris
LOD_1 = 534 tris...
The Helma
Created by sdk
Even Heavy`s Grandmother showed up to help her famous Grandson. Show her some support. This is a family affair.
Please provide some feedback to make Helma sexier....
Banana on the brain
Put a banana in your ear they said...
it would make me happy they said...

3 Lods!
Paintable!(it looks weird)

being a banana shoved so far into your head you start seeing things
Pyro vision!...
Marked Incompatible ]  Penis gun
Created by Son Of Wok

20000% damage increase
70% more total ammo
20% user speed increased
300% fire resistance
911% damage resistance

Marked Incompatible ]  The Head
Created by I SEE YOU |:|
It will own your head and it your shits...
Created by Piper
A subtle way of showing people what a badass (with lung cancer) you are.

A cigarette item for all classes but Pyro and Spy. It uses the same smoke effect as Spy's cig, but not the same model.
It was pretty much based on Spy's cigarette, though....
The Plague Doctor's Mask
Created by Lejean
The plague doctor's mask, cone nose shaped like a beak to hold scented substances and straw.

Part of the plague doctor's set
(I know a similar version exists, but consider at a reimagining then)

2 Lods
AO map
Both team colored eyes....
Marked Incompatible ]  THIS IS A GMAN LOL HEY
Created by spole
Marked Incompatible ]  combat rifel
Created by Snx
has more fire speed dose 10% less damge has grende lounher cant rocket jamp (NO AIMINMG)...
Marked Incompatible ]  Arena Map
Created by Kami..
This is ideally for the Saxton hale mod but could also work for normal mode...
Marked Incompatible ]  nnn
Created by zaldaf
elle peu mertre 9 mitraille et peu mertre auisi les tribeu et teleporteur...
Marked Incompatible ]  The Zoidberg
Created by Sam Plower
It's useful and having a wonderful time. For every class except the black ones....
Marked Incompatible ]  haha
Created by coolman4241
Marshmallow Mann
Created by AstroBear
Fight hunger with this mutated delight of madness....
The Noob Tube
Created by PocketWizard
The Noob Tube is the last word in impracticality, it's light weight, does little damage, but it's good for speed and stunning enemies.

+20% running speed
+20% weapon switch speed
-10% damage
50% stun chance

Convenient Cone
Now he can't bite you...
Created by Ruskeydoo
Originally completed in late 2011 (well before the Balloonicorn was released) at the request of Vanilla TF2. What it was going to be used for never happened, so it has been sat on my computer for well over a year. With the new import tool frenzy, I figured...
Super googles
very rare
alows the user to move faster while aiming, the user can also see twice as far as he could before while aiming and the user can see ammo and health packs from across the map.

please remember that this item is absolutly perfect, no work is nee...
The Tallest Top Hat
Created by bacon
The Tallest Top hat is the tallest top hat you will ever find! It is a hat for the soldier and is almost as tall as him.

This hat may be oversized, but it is too awesome not to include.

The images were taken using the itemtest feature.

This is an epic h...
Carrot Hat
Created by GX1101
This hat WILL improve your eyesight....
brick head
why is this halloween IDK why not
The Grin-ch
Created by lucarioaaron
On top of the high mountain sky
there was a lonely grumpeous spy
that the lack of spirit of the season
made him want to commit some treason...
Hat - "The power of books"
Created by ARESS
Hat - "The power of books"
«Books not only teach, but also protect. If you are an educated medical professional, these books you will need!»...
Created by Yikes
Created by BlueFuze
"Uncharted Territory" <- in game desc

Wanted to make something simple to, test out the paintable item stuff, as with my last item it was terrible. So i took the safe bet. If i was better at modelling i would prefer to add frilly lace too the leg holes, ...
Magic Banana Power
Created by Sparkwire
does what it says on the peel

all class probably i dont even know...
Created by playeroner
Yellow Person
Created by burgonyasalata
These are my gramma's favorite kid's meal toys....
Created by Hi
What would you do with a spare chicken?...
Mumen Runner
Created by burgonyasalata
It doesn't matter if I stand a chance or not! I have to fight you here and now!...
The High School Hairdo
Created by Big Bob
Be cooler than ever with this stylish coiffure, or use the included glasses and be INTELLIGENTER than ever!

2 styles:

Cool guy
Killing Machine
Created by Tora
Now you can kill with big smile :D...
Lab Rat
Created by OutStrider
- Gee, Lab Rat, what do you want to do tonight?
- The same thing we do every night, Doctor - try to take over the Badlands!

Feel Free to suggest different name or description....
Meat the Medic
Created by Constructor
To the Medic, this halloween costume was a great idea until he met a pack of dogs. Luckily, these dogs were vegetarians. Not so luckily, the dogs were radical vegetarians and beat him up.

Paintable sauce!
Noticable clipping in very few animations

The Heavy's curse
Created by ♛OperaBay♛
Heavy belives the mask is cursed because he can't get it off but the real reason is that his head is just too big and it stuck to the mask.

-team colour!
-3 LOD
-(NEW) Paintable

Next update:

-shiny mask...
The Bonus Duckmann
Also known as the Curse of the Wereduck.

-3 LoDs
-Pyro Mask
-Might have a second style. Working on it.

For the mod:
Dr's Dapper Topper
Created by [FJ] hobofett
The Doctor must fulfill his oath or allegiance or duty.... or he really just wants more money, that means he needs more patients. The Topper is available to ALL classes made by the original creator!...
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