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Oct 17, 2022 @ 11:49am
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Welcome to Sehreno, our nostalgia (and Caffeine) fuelled re-imagining of the classic Sahrani.

Born from the 10+ years of good memories on Sahrani, we decided to make Sehreno, re-living all those memories as we built each point on the map.

With all of the existing locations re-imagined and new ones added, utilising the new assets and technology that has been added to the game since the release of the original and the port by the CUP team. We hope that we managed to capture the essence that gave us all those memories.


Fun Facts:
This project took 108 days to finish or roughly 3 and a half months.
We consumed more cups coffee than there are days in a year during the making of this map.
We only had a few mental breakdowns.
Rupert now has a hand injury from having to right click so many times. Yay.
Map making is so much fun, 10/10 wouldn't recommend :)

This terrain uses Licensed Data Packages[] from Bohemia Interactive

Project Released Under APL-SA License.

Special Thanks to:
HorribleGoat & Ice: For putting up with our dum dum moments
Snakeman & Jakerod & Blud: For their excellent guides on Terrain Making
Adanteh: For Plopper
Pennyworth: For MaskColorChecker[]

Released 02.02.2023

Join and check out our discord. Here we will post images and upcoming works.
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diveyez May 28 @ 7:03am 
Keep making smaller maps for Arma3, I will index for ALiVE and we can all profit from automatically placed AI and other features.I like your map design style. Stick with it.
Mystery Men May 21 @ 1:42pm 
Idea of remaking Sahrani is great but i think Eastern European vegetation and assets inappropriate for Sahrani, i think making at least southern part with Altis/Malden assets would look better.
Rupert  [author] May 18 @ 6:07am 
@Iceman , We have not heard of anyone else having this issue so far as we know. Since it sounds like this occured with a variety of mods enabled, I would guess that perhaps something in that may have done it(Using mods that alter game aspects, like explosions, etc, etc), or it may have been just random. If we get news that more people have this issue we will take a look, but for now we have no idea what could have caused it for you and will put this issue aside for now.
Iceman May 17 @ 11:00am 
@Rupert Yeah its on the northern Island, It seems when a building is destroyed it only shows it to 50% of the people. Its building of all different types, we only ran into the issue on this map which mad us thing it was a map issue, if not all good. Just wanted to bring it to your attention incase it was a map issue.
Rupert  [author] May 17 @ 10:48am 
@Iceman , Uh, not sure what you are trying to get across there, bud. But we have not made the buildings and i am not sure what buildings you are refering to. If it is JBAD buildings(Those in the south of the map) that might be JBAD issue and if it is the other buildings, then those are standard arma structures. Not sure what we can do to help there with this little information and also the buildings are not ours, which means we do not dictate how they behave sadly.
juan 65 May 16 @ 2:34pm 
I love the monument to bushlucker, rest in peace brother
Iceman May 16 @ 5:22am 
We noticed an issue with two separate mod packs that there is an issue with building showing if they are destroyed or not, on half of the members screens the building to totally gone and destroyed and on the other half its in perfect condition.
DogOne May 4 @ 3:52pm 
Always liked this map !! you have done a great job well done.
Would love to see a tropical- Pacific version of this island with huts and no modern asset, would be good fun for WWII scenario's, otherwise great job.
Moloti Apr 17 @ 5:36pm 
"The Boat is now added"..?
Butcher Apr 4 @ 11:36pm 
Bridges from jbad bugged and vehicles fall a little through it, it can provide much problems when players will drive through bridge on high speed.