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Redhawk Mercs 1.1
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Jul 16, 2014 @ 6:28pm
May 6, 2015 @ 10:04am
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Redhawk Mercs 1.1

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DOW: 'Rabid Dogs'
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Your shady-contractor-next-door is ready for deployment! If a classic mercenary group with a touch of 90's hollywood is what you want, than Redhawk Security Inc. is what you should get. These folks are the right choice for your Lo-Tec missions in Takistan, Lingor or whereever else there is another dictator to protect.
The addon itself works out-of-the-box, provided you have Massi's amazing NATO/Spetznaz weapon pack installed.
While this addons core is a simple retexturing/configuration job, I also included randomized gear which makes the 'hawks look like proper irregular mercenary scum (see screenshots).
Since they don't like to walk, the Redhawks brought their own retextured Hunter MRAPs and CH 49 Helicopters.
More vehicles might be added in the future.

This addon is essential for running the upcoming "Dogs Of War" campaign and is part of the ZiR-MOD.

Feel free to report any bugs you might stumble upon. I will fix them ASAP.
This is also my very first addon - i hope you understand.

Toadie's small arms and animations

Zeealex' F3MALE soldiers:

RH's Handguns


By ZiR-------------

0.1 ----------------------------------------------------------------------
*2 Groups in editor
*Faction Icon
*Custom beret for elite mercs

0.2 ----------------------------------------------------------------------
*Medic had no medkit
*Mercs had no radios

*New Class (Spotter)
*New group (Sniper Team)
*Map Marker
*Changed Purple Benelli to Benelli by MAS

0.3 ----------------------------------------------------------------------
*Redhawk CH-49 (Mohawk retexture)

0.4 ----------------------------------------------------------------------
*Oshkosh L-ATV (hunter retexture)

0.5 ----------------------------------------------------------------------
*Rebalanced Magazine amount

0.6 ----------------------------------------------------------------------
*Beret rvmat
*Oshkosh L-ATV GMG (hunter retexture)
*Oshkosh L-ATV HMG (hunter retexture)

0.7 ----------------------------------------------------------------------
*Randomized gear

0.8 ----------------------------------------------------------------------
*More clothes variations
*2 New vest retextures

0.9 ------------------------STEAM RELEASE--------------------------
*Script that was generating wrong glasses
*Texture error with Redhawk light vest
*Texture error with mounted Oshkosh weapons

0.91 ----------------------------------------------------------------------
*Engineer Icon
*Another Texture error with Oshkosh weapons
*Numerous config errors (thanks to NorX Aengell)
*vest icons

0.92 ----------------------------------------------------------------------
*Vest icons (at last!)
*More errors in config
*Uniform names

0.93 ----------------------------------------------------------------------
*Icon error for berets and caps
*SCAR-L for randimizi8ng routine (Elite mercs only)

1.00 ---------------------ADDON IS NOW SIGNED--------------------
*Faulty ammo distribution for units with backpacks

*Redhawks now use Toadie's weapon packs
*Changes in randomization
*F3MALE-redhawk (model/anims by Zeealex)



Toadie/HLC..............................................................................Best weapon pack out there
Zeealex..............................................................................................Female soldier model
Pettka & Ante..............................................................................................Random Scripts
NorX Aengell ...........................................................Beta Testing and constructive criticism
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The mod is really good and I have used it in one of my campaigns, so keep up the great work! :)
Zi☭  [author] Aug 3 @ 4:41am 
Hi Evil!
If I ever get my ass up and continue working on the addon, I will add OpFor and Ind versions too.
The Prime Evil Aug 1 @ 5:34pm 
Is there any chance you can add Opfor and Indep versions of this, like how the FIA has?
Zi☭  [author] Apr 2 @ 8:29am 
Yeah, I screwed up the offroad paragraph. I actually seen that one. It's on my list.
[Black_Hawk_BG]_->_<-_X-Ray Mar 31 @ 12:21am

This is a screenshot of mod's error. I hope that'd help you figure it out. Good luck with fixing the error! :)
[Black_Hawk_BG]_->_<-_X-Ray Mar 30 @ 10:51pm 
Thank you very much for the good words, ZIR! :) I appreciate when someone is really responsible for his work! :) That's the way to make people like us pleaced and satisfied. I understand it's not easy to spend much time working on the mod, but I'd love to see these errors fixed. :) I am working on a long campaign in which Redhawk mercs pop up in Mission 3. :D Mission 1 and 2 are something like a long intro and Redhawk's presence is like an unexpected external interference on the 'good guys' side. They help Miller, which is the main character in my scenario, but enough details for now. That'd be a good surprise for subscribers. Keep up the great work and have a nice day! :)
Zi☭  [author] Mar 30 @ 11:32am 
Hey Hawk, thank you very much for your comment. I am actually aweare of the majority of the bugs. Most of them appeared when BI introduced some patch or the other. I am planninng to fix them all, but I'm working something between 40 and 80h a week, and it's really difficult to get my a$$ up and actually fix the files. I promise that eventually I will take care of it.
I am really happy about your constructive criticism and very glad that you like my work. I would love to see what you made out of it.
Best regards and stay splendid!
[Black_Hawk_BG]_->_<-_X-Ray Mar 29 @ 9:25am 
There are some bugs and errors that need to be fixed, if possible. 1. The female merc's model is missing; 2. Some of the mercs are spawned without a weapon, and some don't have a magazine inside the rifle itself; 3. One error shows up on the screen about line 4 from a scripted sqf file and it's about some door error, I think. In my opinion - that is somehow connected to helicopter's presence, when I've put it in game. So I had to fix load up and gear sets for some of the mercs. And I will upload a screenshot of the error that pops up every time the mission is loaded. BUT, apart from that, your mod is GREAT, I just LOVE it, it's something new, something cool and different to use. I am working on a new scenario right now. It's a whole campaign actually, which includes one of the main characters of Arma 3 - Miller, on the side of the Redhawk mercs vs. FIA. For more details, visit my workshop when I upload the missions. Keep up the good work, dude! :)
one masky boi Feb 14 @ 9:30pm 
v nice nutshell
Zi☭  [author] May 18, 2017 @ 4:07am 
In a nutshell:
1. Check the tutorials from . You also have samples there. Perhaps that's the best way to get started.
2. Install your ARMA3 tools via steam. You will need them to convert and to compile stuff.
3. For re-texturing you'll need Photoshop or GIMP.
4. Tutorials for PS and GIMP are available at youtube
5. If you want to create your own modelled assets (like gear), you'll need a tool like Blender, but I don't know shit about that unfortunately.