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ShootMania Storm

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Just using this to ensure my fellow Giraffe Knights have the same workshop items.
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Boba Fett
Created by BananaBOI
Finished a quick model (took me less than a week) of a well known character that I'm sure a lot of people will like to play as, Boba Fett!
He has the usual jetpack and cape on his back as well as a small Fletchette pistol in his right hand, modified to su...
Created by BananaBOI
My second 3d model for Shootmania, this one fully rigged (except for jaw) using the original animation set from the StormMan. :D

This model was originally requested by b-racer, who later found the model that I used for this character. Thanks to him for...
Created by Dewy
Created by Frezap
MasterChief with team depending colors.

Imported 3DModel : TF3DM[]

Model rigged and edited to fit ShootMania, the lowpoly model is created by me. Textures adapted, too.

Check o...
Samus Aran Varia Suit
Created by kratos714
Original at

** Update 21/09/2013 00h04 **
Added team mask (don't worry if the model looks green in the model selection)
Fixed rigging issue on canon
Original changelog :
Royal - Bunker
Created by Harfang
8 Players...
Royal - My generation
Created by Harfang
8 Players...
Royal - Treffle
Created by Harfang
8 Players...