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TROAv4 Planet Pack
This pack is required for our server
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Created by Gaz
Planet used on the Outer Realms EU PVP/PVE server


Corum is a small moon that emits a distinct red hue. This is mainly due...
Dusty Desert Planet
Created by SlowpokeFarm
Planet mod Inspired by Tatooine with unique terrain and ambience. Surface primarily consists of sands and rocks, oppressed by a scorching climate.

The planet has no water or ice, but rich with ores both beneath the surface and in the rocks. Get ice from...
Elysium Version 2.0 - Rebuilt for Water Mod
Created by Doctor Octoganapus
Elysium is a habitable ocean world full of bioluminescent plant life. Covered mostly in water there is one large continent that has a small desert like region in the core of its fattest section. Many very large islands of which some could be considered min...
Helios Terraformed - Water Mod
Created by sam
When a colony of humans stumbled upon Helios Prime many centuries ago in the year 2219, the planet was already half-terraformed by a...
Created by Splitsie
This is the vanilla alien planet with increased gravity and decreased resources.

It's nothing special, just something I wanted to set up for some future plans I have for a series on YouTube :)...
Planet Cascadia
Created by ???
Cascadia is a super-habitable world covered in lush red vegetation. Planetary ring, exotic looking twisted clouds, strange biomes, and some kind of mystery may interest space explorers.

This item includes
  • Planet Cascadia, a ha
Planet Overvent
Created by ???
Overvent, gas giant with enormous rings

Less Gravity version:

This item includes
  • Gas Giant Overvent and few textures of clouds, voxel and rings
  • Grav
Planet Reach: Remastered
Created by Cryptic
"..our fortress among the stars." - Dr. Catherine Halsey

Reach was once humanity's greatest asset- second only to Earth in terms of importance for the species' survival. Loca...
Planet Saprimentas
Created by Elyndis

Saprimentas was discovered in 496 NE by the Orlen Astronomers' Association during an atmospheric spectroscopy survey of nearby exoplanets. Located 6.8 lightyears from Angelus, Saprimentas is a large and hot super-earth with a very...
Planet Typhoon
Created by AryxCami
Typhoon is a massive ocean world located in the Therion System.

The planet sports archipelago chains separated by vast and deep oceans, with areas reaching up to 1400m deep.
It also sports large mountainous islands, a volcano, and an active biosphere w...
Spilskinanke - Canyon Planet
Created by shard

Known for its extremely rough terrain, Spilskinanke was ravaged by an unknown cataclysm that left its crust fractured and core exposed. While at first it may appear to be hostile to all types of life, the...