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Video Recording via the Replay Feature
By Reddeyfish
This guide gives instructions on how to use Firefall's Replay Feature to create videos.
The Console
Firefall has a “replay” feature that allows you to record game data to review and record later. Since it records the game data, you can move the camera to any angle when replaying. While the average player won’t find much use for this system, it is extremely useful for creating fan videos.

To activate the replay feature, we’ll need to use the console. While inside the game, use ALT+F1 to open and close the console. You should see a screen that looks like this:
Replay Recording
Type in the command replay_record_begin to start your recording:

Then use ALT+F1 again to close the console.

This starts the replay, and you will now be recording game data. When you have finished recording what you want, open up the console again (ALT+F1) and type in the command replay_record_end:

This ends the replay and saves the file. The default file location is MyDocuments/Video/Firefall, and the file looks like this:

double-click to open it, and it will start up Firefall in replay mode.
The Replay Function
While in replay mode, you can use a screen-recorder program to record into a video format.

Use the WASD keys to move the free-camera, right-click and drag to point the camera, use the Spacebar to move the camera up, and use CRTL to move the camera down.

You’ll notice you have a time control UI at the top:

While this is nice to get to the point in the replay you want to access, you don’t want it in the actual video. To get rid of it, open up the console (yes, it works within the replay), and type in the command ui_alpha 0:

This sets the transparency of the UI to zero, removing the time control and all other UI elements. (You can use the command ui_alpha 1 to restore the UI)

That’s all you need to know to use the replay feature to record video. However, there are a few other tips and tricks.
There are hotkeys for time control within the replay. B starts/stops the replay, the “<” key goes back 10 seconds, and the “>” key goes forward 10 seconds.
N toggles slow-motion, and M toggles fast-motion.
If you’re using the replay feature a lot, it is convenient to keybind the start and stop commands to keyboard keys. I personally use keys on the keypad, since those aren’t used for anything else, but you can bind them to whatever keys you want.

To bind it to the keypad, open the game, open the console, and type in the commands bind kp_7 replay_record_start and bind kp_8 replay_record_end. This binds the start and end commands to the 7 and 8 keys on the keypad, respectively. If you want to bind the commands to a different key, replace kp_7 and kp_8 with whatever keys you wish.
Camera Movement
Holding shift allows you to double the move-speed of the free-fly camera, but If you want a precise speed use the command speccam.freefly.baseSpeed <speed>. (The default speed is 15). The change in camera speed only takes effect after you reset the camera back to a player.
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Hocisern Jul 31, 2014 @ 2:26pm 
Question: do you know if there's a way to rebind any of the controls? Hitting B and V while trying to navigate camera angle is a pain in the neck.
Hocisern Jul 30, 2014 @ 11:09am 
wow what a cool feature!
Bacterial Jul 21, 2014 @ 8:25am 
if there are another players you can switch camera to them by pressing Q and E (this works in 100m bubble around the player)
DARKB1KE Jul 19, 2014 @ 3:44pm 
"replay_record_begin filename" lets you give it a custom name, for finding the file later on.
mouk3y Jul 16, 2014 @ 12:16am 
I didn't even know that feature existed! Thanks for this!