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Phantom Epoch
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Sep 1, 2022 @ 12:28pm
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Phantom Epoch

This is a 10-mission demo version of the Phantom Epoch board game by Doteira Games.

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Download the Rulebook PDF here:

If you have any questions or would like to chat with us, come join us on Discord:

Phantom Epoch is a fully cooperative 1–4 player tactical combat roleplaying board game with a persistent, choice-driven campaign that blends sci-fi and fantasy themes.

In a galaxy where the secrets of interstellar travel have been lost to time and primitive species war over ancient technology, players are thrust into missions to stop an encroaching threat. As they play through missions on numerous planets with a wide variety of biomes, they will discover the true nature of their enemy, and will have the opportunity to unearth the rich story of the world of Phantom Epoch.


For details on how to use the scripts in this mod, see the "Script Instructions" note in the Notebook after loading the mod.


Note that some components differ from the physical board game:
- Mission Books: The Mission Books are replaced by the 'Start Mission' interface and tiles. See 'Script Instructions' for selecting a mission.

- HP Tracking base: This TTS mod uses health bars above the characters and standees instead of the tracking base.

- Adversary standees: The color of the adversary standees is important. You'll find in the adversary 'bags' that the standees already come in the different colors.

- Phantom Epoch Upgrade Board: To upgrade a room in the Phantom Epoch Upgrade Board, unlock editing with the pencil at the top left. Then click the checkboxes matching the requirements for each room that have been met. Vanished technology is automatically deducted from the Campaign Sheet. Any related components will be found in the room itself, which is treated as a Bag in TTS.

- Sheets: Character, Campaign, and other sheets are editable by clicking the pencil icon at the top left of the sheet.

- Attack, Guard & Range values: The values that appear above adversary standees are their base attributes, as found on the Adversary Description Card. These do not (yet) update automatically according to current action cards and conditions.

- Adversary cards: Clicking the "^" icon below and to the left of the HP Bar of an adversary standee will cause an overlay to appear with the adversary's active action cards in it. When clicking on any object to grab it, the overlay is closed.

- Character cards: During the "Prepare Round" phase the active hand that floats at the bottom of TTS will show all cards that may be selected for the round. After clicking "Start Round" the active hand changes to show only the cards that are selected for the round. This makes it so that players don't need to move back and forth between the mission map and their play area to see what cards they have.
Hint: Using the TTS built-in 'Picture-in-Picture' feature to create a window always showing the character's play area helps with this as well. Just right click anywhere in the play area, click 'Picture-in-Picture', line up the camera, and click the lock icon to lock the view in.

Credit to for the projection of the adversary cards, which use the mod found here:
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Caprica55 Jan 20 @ 3:17pm 
Nice job on the mod! Will have to check out the Kickstarter :)
RAGINGPhoenix98 Jan 15 @ 11:59am 
Absolutely love this game. So much to do, so much to learn, hours of fun. Highly recommend!