Slaycation Paradise

Slaycation Paradise

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All Sightseeing Locations (Achievements)
By Arion
WIP - Planning to put up screenshots with the map showing the locations of each sightseeing location. I'm still missing quite a few, so please bear with me!
MetaGate E36 (11/11)
Roulette Wheel
Mumsy didn't raise no gambler! Besides, gambling is worse for a games rating than violence...

Notes Left on Bed
There's two handwritten notes left on the bed. The first reads: "Hey honey! You're taking a while with Orientation, so letting you know I'll be starting a Tour shortly. Look after the kids for me!"

The second one reads: "Dear Daddy, we're bored. Doing some Tours. Love Sally and Billy"


Hotel suites
I'm certain there's hundreds more hotel suites through this door. I'm also sure that none of them are cheaper than my 'Cozy Family Cuddler' room.

Hey, at least mine is closest to the bar!

Bear Arms
The main supplier of weaponry and defensive devices that Slaycation Paradise Tourists enjoy.

Pharma Co.
A multinational corporation specialising in pharmaceutical and chemical product development. They proudly display a 'Best Company' award that's 18 years old.

Medical waiting area
I guess this is where people wait for others to get revivified. Since it's an insurance service, I guess it's not supposed to be overly comfy?

Suspicious suitcase
This suitcase has a tag on it that reads simply, "Property of Me."

You wonder how long it's been going around this carousel for...

Lost Phone?
Someone's left their phone in the waiting area. Hmm... looks like they were playing Derpy Fish. Good taste.

Revivification Pod
Capable of rapidly rebuilding a human body and rebinding a consciousness to it. The technology is rumored to come from AE0, Eden class world.

MetaGate E36 Portal
They say this is the oldest operating Portal. Decades of accumulated maintenance and patch jobs are evident.

Bear Arms Display
An Impressive array of components. Most are Slaycation branded 'personal safety devices', such as flamethrower fuel canisters, turret servos, and Portaling Sickness bags...

Metro Mexicano (7/7)
Map with all sightseeing locations


Luchador Advertisement
It's an advertisement for a Luchador wrestling match that ended long ago.

It seems to be revered, almost like a relic?

Subway Advertisement
An advertisement with a bride and groom, but they app[ear to be wearing wrestling masks. It's obvious that the people of this world had an unhealthy obsession with wrestling.

Wrestling Ring
It's a literal underground wrestling ring. The candles and blood give it a wonderful altar of sacrifice ambience.

It's tax time, mister
A business-minded Luchador is seen toiling away on an abacus, presumably doing his taxes.

Passage to the surface
From here you can glimpse the surface world -- a vast land bathed in a brutal sunlight, and filled with Luchadores participating in their blood sports. The FPS is amazing, and the graphics are truly AAA.

Cursed Altar
This altar is giving off some very, "cursed abyssal cult" vibes, however there's just an old-timey train whistle atop it?

Ritual Vats
This vat is filled with blood, human hearts, and an unidentified chemical catalyst. It seems that once defeated, the strongest are sacrificedinto one of these vats, and the weak partake of it, becoming stronger in turn.

New Amsterdam (6/7)
For the map location, please note the mini-map at the top left corner of the screen. Will create a fresh map with all the locations marked soon!

Greasy Gary's
This establishment seems to be advertising dubious quality fried foods, and even more questionable strip shows.

Military Weapons
These weapon crates are filled with long barbed projectil;es, specially designed to fight against the "plastic menace" of this world.

xDoll launch event
The global launch of the xDoll didn't quite go to plan. After the product unveiling, the enthusiastic round of applause was cut short when it promptly leapt at the CEO and started devouring them. Stocks fell by 18%.

Checking the menu, this appears to be a regular burger joint, however, it is suspicious that they put quotation marks around "Special Sauce".

An odd flag
Strangely patriotic... obsessed with sex... consumer driven society. Yup, this is definitely an American that was founded by the Dutch.

Terra Feralis
WIP probably one of the more challenging maps for sightseeing

For the map location, please note the mini-map at the top left corner of the screen. Will create a fresh map with all the locations marked soon!

Corpse of the Serpent God
A colossal skeleton of what appears to be half snake, half man. You can only imagine what the beast must have looked like in the flesh.

Beach gear
It looks like you're not the first Tourist to enjoy the beach!

Diesel Henge
A strange array of vehicles and a large bonfire. Certainly this is proof of proto-religious worship? Nope, it's just an absurd art project.

Deified corpse
Another monstrously sized, snake-like corpse. This one seems different, and appears to be worshipped...

Beach sign

Hicksville (7/7)
Map with all sightseeing locations marked


Redneck parlour
An ice chest full of drinks, a grill, two chairs and a selection of semi automatic weaponry...

It may not have lasted, but these yokels sure knew how to weather an Alien invasion in style.

It appears the Aliens are celebrating their victory over the Bovines. Just why they felt this 'monument' was necessary is anyones guess.

Old Windpump
Why do Aliens seem to delight in torturing cows?

I'll avenge you, Bessie!

Grain Bins
These grain bins are filled with corn that will one day be turned into high-fructose corn syrup, and eventually contribute to the national obesity and diabetes quota.

The Crater
This crater is all that remains of Kentucky's largest trailer park. The nation has lost a significant percentile of mullets and monster truck driving aspirants.

Moonshiners still
An entrepreneurial local has set up a makeshift distillery.

On the side, they have written: "The libation station", which is a surprising level of literacy for the area.

Dead stallion...
Wait, what are you doing?

No... stop it - Don't take THAT!

Note that you'll also get the Not Chuchuk achievement.
For the map location, please note the mini-map at the top left corner of the screen. Will create a fresh map with all the locations marked soon!
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von Boomslang Sep 26 @ 12:35pm 
Hi, the last location in New Amsterdam is in the middle of the containers (the penetrator parts like to spawn there)
Arion  [author] Sep 10 @ 8:23am 
Yes, I plan to revisit the place once I have much better gear. Should be easier to scout the area to find the sightseeing spots then
Oldwargoat Sep 3 @ 10:56pm 
I found the 7th location in Terra Feralis and you wouldn't belive how easy it was to find it...