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AK-12 (Unsilenced)
Created by Zkeierea's Storage
Replaces AK-47, has Sounds.

Posted with permission from Lt.Rocky

Such a beauty, yet such a beast. Maibastu and Kimono's AK-12 Assault Rifle, with 4Echo's shaders; Replaces the AK-47 on Hypermetal's animations.

Features custom sounds from Zkeierea and Ni...
ALL melee weapons in ALL official campaigns
Created by StixsmasterHD
Get access to ALL melee weapons you want in ALL official campaigns. This mod supports all 11 official melee weapons and several weapon pack mods.

Host a local game and if anyone's to join and does not have this mod installed themselves it shall not matter...
Auto Shotgun Reborn
Created by Doktor haus
The default "auto shotgun"/Benelli M4 Super 90 gets a new model, textures, sounds and arby's edited autoshotgun reanimations. Compiled on Kruku's Benelli M4 model equipped with Rafael De Jongh's awesome shells. No particles.

arby26 - animations
Battlefield 3 Assault for Coach
Created by Twilight Sparkle
After working with the other player models i bring you guys the Assault guy, it will replace Coach as it comes with the custom VGUI and the Viewmodel arms as well, the Arms model were made by MaxTheUniqueGamer and thanks to him for give me the permission f...
Battlefield 3 Engineer for Nick
Created by Twilight Sparkle
Well, hello everyone again, today i bring you the Engineer From BF3, he will take Nick's place as it comes custom VGUI and custom First person arms as well, the View Model Arms were made by MaxTheUniqueGamer and thanks to him i could done this, well this o...
Battlefield 3 Support for Ellis
Created by Twilight Sparkle
Finally for the first time, a model from Battlefield 3, and guess what!... its a Player Model!, so, today i bring you guys the support guy from Battlefield 3, it will replace Ellis as it comes with custom VGUI and First Person Arms as well, the Arms Model ...
Benelli M3
Created by Doktor haus
Replaces the chrome shotgun with a Benelli M3, using arby26's shotgun reanimation.

arby26 - animations
K1CHWA - material edits
Doktor haus - compiling
Twinke Masta - shell model
Geno - shell textures
Kimono - M3 model, textures, normals, s
Beretta 92FS
Created by Doktor haus
Replaces the pistols with Berettas, using arby26's CZ85 animations.

arby26 - animations, LAM model/textures
Doktor haus - compiling
Antman311 - phong
Kimono - models, textures, normals
Nightmare Mutant - sounds
Music: Skream - "Snarled"[/q
Beta-Styled Spitter Goo v1
Created by trouser boys
remember back in the good ol days when we got our first glimpse of a spitter and got wowed by it's awesome color changing goo? And then we finally got a copy and cried like babies because it was just boring old green? Well cry no more!
This mod makes the s...
Blood Sucker V2
Created by Splinks
Blood Sucker 1 was loosing it's touch you say, Well here's Blood Sucker number 2 with a tongue ready to put a pack of dogs in a peanut butter factory to shame. So Once again grab the guns and carry a pack of mints. Good luck ladies....
Battlefield 3 Recon for Rochelle
Created by Twilight Sparkle
Well, today i bring you people the Recon or Sniper from BF3 and he will replace Rochelle as it comes with custom VGUI and custom arms as well, the View model arms were made by MaxTheUniqueGamer and thanks to him for the help to finish this, well if you peo...
Cinematic Lighting Effects
Created by Red Schism
Changes most light sprites and some particle effects into a more "Hollywood stylized" effect.

Adds horizontal flare to pathway lights, changes 3rd person flashlight glow to a smaller more realistic glow, new sun glare, and changes various other glowing li...
Created by Splinks
Same old mudmen action, but now with Extra teeth!!!...
CrazyRabbit's Tactical Flashlight
Created by CrazyRabbit
An improved looking flashlight using a combination of the original L4D2 and Half Life 2 flashlight textures together and applying a blue LED tint. Makes the flashlight seem brighter in dark areas. View comparison.

Join my Steam Group - [url=http://steam...
CS:GO Scar-20
Created by Twilight Sparkle
Hello everyone, today i bring you the Scar-20, oh yeah, this weapon will replace the Hunting Rifle and it uses its original animations as well, the weapon also comes with its custom sounds too so yeah, so i hope you guys like it or not and see you on the n...
Created by Xenecrite
CSS AUG For remplacement For L4D2 SG552
Models and textures:Valve
Failed FEV Subject
Created by Splinks
Epic Fail!!!....for you at least....
First Aid Kit - multicam
Created by TOG | K1CHWA
made to go along with muticam tactical line of skin
please dont redistribute my custom textures/normals....be original and make something on your own
HK SL8 HUD icon
Created by Krycek
Replaces HUD icon when you picking up a hunting rifle.
If you get the message "Server is enforcing consistency for weapon_hunting_rifle.txt", turn this mod off, and connect again.
HK SL8...
Improved Blood Textures
Created by BakaKemono
Adds higher resolution textures for splatters and wounds. Splatter textures cover a wider area while splats/blobs of blood are cover less which helps to diversify the way blood appears.

Note: Blood not layering on top of each other is a bug with the Sou...
Informal Skyboxes
Created by Descarado
This pack (not all textures) and script of skyboxes made by me for personal use and friends. A distinctive feature of this assembly is that the skyboxes are working at low graphics settings. Full change of sky's on all L4D2 campaigns + ''No Mercy'', ''Cras...
Jockey - feral
Created by TOG | K1CHWA
feral jockey....was made on a whim. (i must have watched 28 days later around that time) made texture and normal to try and add a little depth to its hair.
please dont redistribute my custom textures/normals....be original and make something on you
Killhouse v1.51 - Call of Duty 4 Remake
Created by CrazyRabbit
Killhouse, a Call of Duty 4 remake. The survivors are sent to Survival Boot Camp and learn how to survive the apocalypse in a custom built KILLHOUSE. (Survival Map)

Join my Steam Group - CrazyRabbi...
Lepotitsa - Resident Evil 6
Created by Chet
Lepotitsa a creature from Resident Evil 6 and is a replacement skin for the Boomer.

Visit http://www.l4d.com/blog/ for more info....
Magnum - s&w 29 revolver (chrome)
Created by TOG | K1CHWA
S&W 29 revolver in chrome (replaces magnum/deagle)
the real deal from the real authors...accept no substitutes.
works best on higher shader settings
a list of ALL that made this possible -
arby26 - Model/UV/Rigging/Animation/Compiling/Fire Sound1...
Mass Effect Banshee Scream for Mega-mob sound.
Created by iN008
Changes the Mega-mob sound with the Banshee's scream from Mass Effect.

I will update this addon if somebody finds a louder version of the Banshee's Scream...
MP7 Silenced
Created by LATTEH
A MP7 Replacement for the Mac 10

Update: 3/1/2013
-Added new animations.

-Added new Textures.

-Made the Unsilenced version have a different material name for multiple skins. Thanks Raf!

Like the gun? you can get all C...
MP7 Unsilenced
Created by LATTEH
A MP7 Replacement for the UZI

Update: 3/1/2013
-Added new animations.

-Added new Textures.

-Made the Unsilenced version have a different material name for multiple skins. Thanls Raf!

Like the gun? you can get all Camo...
Nacht der Untoten remake V2
Created by XSOUND
To download, press the subscibe button
You can also download map here http://www.l4dmaps.com/details.php?file=9504

Map type: [SURVIVAL]
A fan remake of World at War's zombie map that started it all.

Includes exclusive nazi zombies common infected m...
Created by Dr. Cibe
Very fair remake of Nuketown from Black ops 1!
Fans Favorite Map, Now you can enjoy it on Left 4 Dead 2 too!


Panic in Pallet Town
Created by Porkchop
A survival map taking place in Pallet Town, from the Pokemon franchise. Features lots of custom models, custom textures and some custom music.

Video above is of an old, unfinished version of the map. The release version here is finished as you can see fro...
Professional Scope
Created by Red Schism
Replaces the Sniper Scope sights with a highly detailed alternative featuring an Optical "V Dot" sight for easier targeting in the dark.


:::Tutorials for removing cros
Singularity's SNV-E99
Created by Splinks
Yet another gun mod to give a bit of beef to the game.

If you would like more of my mods not hosted on workshop
please feel free to visit the following link.

Sog Fasthawk (Machete)
Created by Prophet
A SOG Fasthawk hatchet/tomahawk.

This mod Replaces the Machete from L4D2. It adds models and textures. No new sounds or scripts. No hud because it would conflict with other mods.

3D realtime preview available here[p3d.in]...
The Glowing One
Created by Splinks
Black as night, bright as day...
The Real Dark Carnival
Created by Medusa
A color correction mod that changes the ambient for another more scary
The Real Dead Center
Created by Silver
This Addon replace the Dead Center atmosphere by a new one, with alternative color scheme (a bit darker and also a different shadow gradient).

Inspired by Princess Luna's '[url=http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=132250...
The Real Death Toll
Created by Silver
Shutdown all lights in your computer room, grab food and supplies, and.. guns. Get ready to not end eaten alive in a dark corner!

This Addon replace the Death Toll atmosphere by a new, alternative one (darker and also a different tint). ...
The Real Parish
Created by Medusa
Just another of y color correction mods, I hope you enjoy this...
Vacant v1.8 - Call of Duty 4 Remake
Created by CrazyRabbit

Vacant is a medium survival map that is set in an abandoned Ukrainian office building. The main building contains various pieces of office equipment, cubicles, and random debris lying around. Attached to the main building is a...
AK47 - synthetic stock
Created by TOG | K1CHWA
i reedited stock to be synthetic

HyperMetal - original animations
arby26 - animation re-rigging, additional animations, flashlight
Doktor haus - compiling
Twinke Masta - model
Millenia - textures
FxDarkLoki - model tweaks, smoothing
Powerskull - "...
Zombieland Menu Backgrounds
Created by DarkRebel
This addon change your menu backgrounds on scenes from Zombieland movie.
Have fun!

For correct addon work you need download this archive: Download Link and replac...
We Don't Go To Ravenholm
Created by Chuffy [s^3]
This is a port of the Ravenholm maps from Half Life 2.

This is NOT original work, all I did was modify some areas to be suitable for Left 4 Dead 2, all credit goes to Valve for the maps.

If you encounter a problem with the campaign, please check the ...
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