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Paddington to Oxford BR(W) V2

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Paddington to Oxford BR(W) V2

This is the finished version of my alterations to the original Great Western Mainlines (Paddington to Oxford) Route as an attempt to simulate the line in the 1960s.

Required DLC: Great Western Mainline, Falmouth Branch, Riviera Line in the 50s,Western Lines of Scotland (Steam Version), Liverpool to Manchester, and Weardale and Teesdale.


The route is now available for Workshop scenarios to be made.

Scenarios I made before this can be found at:

and downloaded for free.



Wooden sleepered track from Port Road used, TPWS removed, OHLE removed and floating track corrected. Several Locomotive sheds and sidings have been added where possible without causing potential problems due to multiple track rules. Locomotive sheds include Southall, Slough, Reading, Didcot and Oxford. Extra sidings have been added at Acton, Reading, Didcot and Oxford + other smaller sidings. These extensions roughly correspond to the actual layouts but were built without reference to track diagrams.


UK Pro colour light signals used from Paddington to Hayes. Semaphore signals are used on the remainder of the route. This was to try and simulate the coming modernisation.


I have re done the majority of the scenery from 200 to 400 metres away from the track. The majority of the buildings have been replaced with more time appropriate buildings and vegetation has been given a major re vamp. Stations have had their modern fittings removed and replaced with 1960s fittings. The modern station names have been removed.

I hope you enjoy this route but it is not a sleeper by sleeper re creation of the line. The freeware High Wycombe Branch fulfils that.
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heardturkey  [author] Oct 13 @ 12:04am 
Hi, Thanks. Glad you're enjoying it.
moonflower Oct 12 @ 11:50am 
Hi heardturkey's, this route is absolute stunnimg, so much work in it. Very well done. The atmosphere is great with all the additions on the line, as building & sheds & turntables. I dit two scenarions and is great fun to drive. Thank you very much for sharing. Cheers Peter
El_Muna Oct 4 @ 3:58pm 
Include quick drive ai ?
heardturkey  [author] Sep 25 @ 12:54pm 
Thanks @ Not.Silent. I'll keep an eye out for them.
tonix Sep 25 @ 7:44am 
aah nice to see you here on this good route @Not.Silent
Not.Silent Sep 24 @ 4:25pm 
Well done heardturkey. I will be publishing my first scenario on your route in the next day or two.
Thanks for all your hard work you have put into this route. It is appreciated. I look forward to creating more 'steam' scenarios on it in the future, near Paddington itself. Cheers.
heardturkey  [author] Sep 22 @ 12:18am 
Glad you're enjoying it.
AllyourKitty Sep 20 @ 5:02pm 
I've just had a run along the line and I'm very impressed with your work. It's great to have a 60's steam and diesel mainline in the simulator.
heardturkey  [author] Sep 4 @ 12:33pm 
Hi. just tried now and no luck. Weird thing is I accidentally went to the Publish route page and nothing was greyed out which suggests i could have updated it again. I even did the nuclear option earlier today of deleting the route and doing a file verification. I've put in a ticket to DTG though not holding my breath.
Cyclone Sep 4 @ 11:47am 
Have you tried recently? They should be letting you upload by now.