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Team Convoy Ultimate Bundle
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Aug 21, 2022 @ 4:10pm
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Team Convoy Ultimate Bundle

**VR Compatible patch available in teamconvoy DISCORD**

Team Convoy Ultimate Bundle - By Excoracer
--Additional Support and testing by TruckinCowboy and JacobKazias--
**A big thank you to the community for your continued support, encouragement and excitement.**

2.9 September 22nd 2023 - Forget You

-Worked out some of the physics around the Porsche and the Ford Raptor
-Compression file format for faster convoy Processing times
-Updated this description file
-Bugged Jacob about testing this stuff with me
-Laughed at TruckinCowboy while he did Donuts with the Porsche

2.8.3 August 2023 - I Get Up

-Back to large file size. Audio issues related to compression were happenign. Sorry!
-W900 Fixes to locations on many TeamConvoy items
-Haterbilt, added the TeamConvoy glowing exhaust
-1 Year anniversary Box Trailer skin (48 and 53ft only)
-New Loading Screens
-Fixed some TC Lube stuff
-New JacobKazias sign
-Removed clutter files
-Fixed some billboards

2.7 July 2023

-Added 2 Cars. Porsche 911 and Ford Raptor for future Pilot Car Program
-Support for Mack R from Steam Workshop (TC engines and Transmissions)
-Added TC mudflaps to Haterbilt
-Added custom files for future "pilot car program"
-Map HOTFIX for C2C
-TeamConvoy and Excoracer Chrome Hub Covers
-TeamConvoy and Excoracer Steering Wheels (Wood or Chrome Versions)
-W900 TeamConvoy Mudflaps (10 Colors on Chrome)
-W900 Chrome Chains Mudflap
-W900 Dual Tip Exhaust with Light Up Colors (10 Colors)
-Exco's Steering Wheel in Chrome (Most Trucks Compatible)
-Fixed W900 Visor with Lights
-Fixed Other Texture issues
-Even More Optimizations
-Kenworth W900 Light up Logos (10 Colors - Black doesn't light up at night)
-UI Fixes
-1.48 Compatibility Fixes (Still Compatible with 1.47)
-More file optimizations

2.7 June 30th 2023 - Hold Me

-Kenworth W900 Light up Logos (10 Colors - Black doesn't light up at night)
-UI Fixes
-1.48 Compatibility Fixes (Still Compatible with 1.47)
-More file optimizations
-W900: 3 New Exhausts, 2 New Wings (no aero), Rising Tides Paint Job, Chrome Door Handles.
-TruckinCowboy Tanker (48 and 53Feet)
-Jacob Kazias Tankers
-Fixed "White Windows"
-Fixed W900 Crashing game when selecting random chassis
-Added W900 Items: Rear Fenders, Grills, Deflectors, Purple interior for DayCab
-Added "Prius Wrecker" Bumper for K100e

**Some items added may need some fine tuning, but i got excited**

V2.5.6 May 31st 2023 - I Second That Emotion

-Major Optimization (~9.3Gb brought down to ~4Gb)
-Tweaked Loading and Unloading Icons

V2.5.5 May 31st 2023 - Pain and Misery

-TeamConvoy Classic Skin added for K100e and Box Trailers
-Opened up access to "Clown Car 3000" Extended Chassis for K100e
-Tweaked Purple Cabin Lights slightly.

V2.5.4 May 26th 2023 - Carry On My Wayward Son

-Added TeamConvoy Transmissions and Engines to new Volvo VNL 2018
-Fixed Fuel tanks on W900 to 420 Gallons (All models)

V2.5.3 May 18th 2023 - Dragostea Din Tei

-Engines and transmissions for all trucks in game including K100e, and Haterbilt
-New loading screen
-Adjusted colors of in Game Icons (Gas, Services, etc)

V2.5.2 May 17th 2023 - Walls

-Purple Service/Gas/Purchase Icons
-New color scheme for loading and unloading
-420 Gallon Tanks for K100e and W900
-Lowboy Marker Lights Custom

V2.5.1 May 14th 2023 - Fire Away

-Fixed RGB issue with the TC Tanker Trailers

V2.5.0 May 6th 2023 - Down with the Sickness

-SCS Kenworth W900 upgrades
-JacobKazias K100 Drom and fixes.
-Other bug fixes

V2.4.1 April 2023 - Gimme Shelter

-Added TeamConvoy grill decor to Haterbilt (regular and phantom grills)
-Added TeamConvoy Dashboard to Haterbilt
-Added JacobKazias Dashboard to Haterbilt and K100e
-Added Light nodes for LED to W900 (Bumper, and Sideflare; 1 of each so far)
-Added Rear light nodes to 53 Ft Fuel Tanker (Suggesting reverse lights, others to come)
-Fixed 2 Skins for W900 from the Kenworth 100th Anniversary rebuild
-Hanging items for K100, W900 and Haterbilt
(Andorian, B_Rizzyy, Dirty_Playah, Excoracer, JacobKazias, Kev_playin, Lee0754, TeamConvoy, XrayLion)
-New Models for TC Lube Signs, and TC Lube Gas Stations.
-New Secret Area ;)
-New TeamConvoy Models for various changes to map
-New addons to 100th Anniversary W900
-Billboards added to more locations

V2.3 March 2023 - What's My Age Again?

-Patch for Skin incompatibility
-JacobKazias Construction Company (replaces Bitumen/Kiewett)
-TC Lubricants updated to TC Lube
-New Billboards
-Adjusted text on JacobKazias billboard
-Included JC's Amateur Engine Pack (no longer developped on workshop)
-Added a new Bumper with Flares on the SCS Kenworth W900 (supports LED megapack and maybe others)
-Added support for custom lighting on SCS Kenworth W900 on sideflares
-Added custom Lighting to SCS Box Trailers and SCS Fuel Tankers (Light effects not visible other players in Multiplayer)
-Custom Bumper with Light nodes for Kenworth W900
-St-Patrick's Day Box Trailer Paint Jobs
-New TruckinCowboy Haterbilt and Box Trailer Paint Jobs
-Added support for "My Skin" paint job program)
-Fixed Purple paint on McDonalds and Other businesses (returned to red)
-Removed errors from Haterbilt and from K100e
-Added a new Cargo for Fuel Tankers from TC Lube (because I can lol)
-New Loading Screens (1st and 2nd and 3rd prizes)
-Minor Tweaks to B_Rizzyy PaintJob

V2.1 February 2023 - Greased Lightning

-Fixed missing fenders in K100e
-Added Drom to K100e
-Added Excoracer Skin to K100e
-Few other small bug fixes.
-B_Rizzy Skin for SCS 389 (Rezbilt and Haterbilt coming)
-Valentine's Day Box Trailer Skins
-"My Own Paint" Skin Placement Holder (Personal Skins will be able to show up here as time progresses. Made to work as optional Mods)

What Does this mod feature so far?

---2022 Releases---
-"Days of Thunder" Paint Jobs #46 and #51
-TruckinCowboy Skin (Haterbilt 72inch Only)
****Thank you Truckin for everything you do for the community****
-JacobKazias Skins
-Rising Tides Paint Jobs (2 Trucks Remaining to add)
-Waves Pain Jobs
-DirtyPlayah RGB Skin for Haterbilt
-Christmas RGB Skins (Certain Vehicles)
-Excoracer Skin (Haterbilt Legacy Sleeper only)
-Lee0754 Skin (Haterbilt All Cabs Compatible)
-Pinktober Skins (Breast Cancer Awareness/Pinktober)
-TC Smoke Skins
-Dumper and Dropdeck paintjobs Skins
TEAM CONVOY Specialty Items
-Air Fresheners
-Steering Wheel Centers
-Purple Steering Knob
-Other Accessories (Always more being added)
-"TeamConvoy Lubricants" (Replaces certain gas stations)
-Custom Garage Look (TeamConvoy Themed)
-TeamConvoy Navigation Mods
-TeamConvoy Custom UI
-Purple OBC for K100e
-Custom Dash Panels in the K100e
-Support for Reforma Map
-Custom Engine Torque Curve for 1420Hp M11 Cummins
-Custom Eaton Fuller Transmission (TeamConvoy Race Miles)
-Changes to Route Advisor
-Support for Featherlite Trailers by Alex P
-Custom Billboards
-Diesel Pick up from Gas Station glitch removed by JacobKazias
-Brightened Low and High beams on K100e by Mr Overfloater
-GPS Fixes
-Rear of box trailer decal "Vehicle makes wide turns" now in black and white instead of caution yellow

***TeamConvoy Logo originally created by D3vilsNightM4r3***
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Excoracer  [author] Oct 23 @ 1:28pm 
As this is mostly a passion project, i can confirm that anything from Freightliner is last on my list. Kenworth, then Peterbilt, then Mack. If i go further than that, I'd be surprised. Just letting you know, so that you don't think I ignore any requests.
𝑀𝑒𝑛𝑡𝑎𝑙. Oct 20 @ 6:01pm 
Please add more accessories to Freightliner Classic XL and the Kenworth W900.
Plainolalex Oct 17 @ 11:45pm 
How about some Mck anthem grills and bumper? fI love the mod
Excoracer  [author] Oct 12 @ 2:58pm 
@no thots, bed empty Right now, only the W900 and the Haterbilt (add on mod you have to download from hatreyu's page)
➳♥ Oct 7 @ 10:55am 
What trucks have light up logos at night?
Excoracer  [author] Sep 19 @ 12:53am 
@keegabpriestap16 We've tried to reproduce this issue. You must have another Kenworth or something causing it. We would need more information. I'd like to help prevent this from happening. However, as far as we can tell, with our mod order, there are no issues.
keeganpriestap16 Sep 18 @ 4:36am 
everytime i go into kenworth and scroll over to another page of trucks, y game crashes
Excoracer  [author] Sep 2 @ 4:17pm 
@lilnietos2 I'm not fully understanding what you are saying abiut the lights. This mod supports the Haterbilt 379/389, the KW K100e and the ScS w900. Lighting effects are done by a separate mod. I do not include lights in my mod. Only support to add them. Which light mod are you using? Id like to know more about your experience so i can address it.
lilnietos2 Aug 31 @ 8:20pm 
the lights dont work i put lots of purple lights on my peterbilt 389 but it just shows a random very bright purple light and when i look at the lights themselves they look like theyre completely off so idk where the actual light is coming from but its so bright its better to drive with them off at nigh
Excoracer  [author] Aug 6 @ 7:46am 
Reminder: If you're looking for a VTC that's open minded and fun. Join us over at Teamconvoy. Run any type of miles, Race or Real, in any game style you want. Full sim, Solo, TMP, Convoy mode. We have an active community, and multiple servers. Our official servers are hosted by G-Portal thanks the our Founder TruckinCowboy. We also have servers that support no map mods so even if you don't have all DLC's you can still run with other TeamConvoy Members. Our in home team of modders take care of the details like, which mods go where, what combos to use and even fixing broken mods so you can just enjoy the game. Hop on over to also get access to our TeamConvoy HQ (Texas DLC required). It's getting a cool overhaul soon. Like, a few days from now it'll release. Visit to get started!