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Zytharian Boss Arena
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Aug 20, 2022 @ 8:14pm
Sep 22, 2022 @ 8:44pm
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Zytharian Boss Arena


A large boss arena for fighting bosses.


Admin spawn in only.

Cheat GFI BossArena_Flat 1 0 0
Cheat GFI BossArena_Short 1 0 0
Cheat GFI BossArena_Floating 1 0 0

After you have placed an area in an area that you like hold E on the item and select convert to actor in the multiwheel. This will convert it over an a base class from an ark structure preventing it from being damaged, make it always visible, walked through, and other types of interactions.

However this will also prevent normal destruction methods and you will need to do one of these commands to clear the converts arenas out. Unfortunetly this does remove all of that type on the map and not just a single one yet.
Cheat Destroyall BossArenaActor_Flat_C 1
Cheat Destroyall BossArenaActor_Short_C 1
Cheat Destroyall BossArenaActor_Floating_C 1

Contact and Support

For support on the mod please visit my discord. I don\\\\\\\'t get notications for the comments section on steam and may miss a comment if posted here.

My discord can be found here.
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Mar 29 @ 2:21am
Servers running this mod!
Vocal Tune
< >
TheMentaL Oct 28 @ 8:59am 
On single player after each restart the arena is invisible and i have to destroy and reinstall
Kaean May 20 @ 11:45pm 
@zythara would you consider having an option for different floor models? We are using your arena now on all maps in our cluster, but it's hard to see from the floor glare in bright sunlight. Not sure how hard that would be to implement. Also, another thought would be an option to have it rain inside for reactive tames. That's probably impossible. Thank you for the mod!
Vocal Tune May 12 @ 5:37am 
Before whatever update happened I was actually still able to make it in an entrance in extinction on top of that unused tek structure. I just had to build some walls around it so that I knew how wide it was build a bridge in the middle to help me and players know what paths to go to make the Arena show up, at the moment it's gonna take me time to build around the entire thing to prevent players from getting "caught" into the outside layer like flies into a spider web.

I'll have to consider trying out other maps to put the Arena at to be alternate Tek Biome or and extra boss Arena for players to teleport or get into in the one way I found it (last I checked)
Zythara  [author] May 6 @ 3:53pm 
You have to teleport in and out. This way players cant hide in an entrance and cheese bosses
Cage is made so the bosses cant get out since this was made for my playthrough on ark omega
Making tek is easier for me than a natural looking one
Movement issues that are making you slow are on a per person basis and most people dont run into those issues and I haven't figured out how to fix them yet.
Tiberius May 2 @ 5:03am 
Once placed, there is no way for players to enter or exit. If you can make a cool floating island, why put a tek cage on it? Why not a more natural looking boss arena? When inside the area, movement seems to be slowed as well, making it useless.
mooncat May 1 @ 9:08pm 
Moves very slowly in the arena movement
The floor is so shiny. I can't see the items dropped from the omega boss soul
Zythara  [author] Mar 19 @ 12:46pm 
I would fix it if I knew why it didn't work.
drw24207 Mar 19 @ 9:43am 
is there an attempt to make this work in single-player?
keran-s Feb 18 @ 6:32pm 
Can we make a teleport?
Zythara  [author] Feb 13 @ 5:15pm 
hit tab and type in r.bloomquality 0

also disabling light bloom in settings usually removes any glare you can come across