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SkunkWorks Hardcore 4.0
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Industrial Overhaul - v1.61
Created by Clockwork168
Clockwork Industries presents our most ambitious project yet:
the Industrial Overhaul!

Production, industry, and progression in vanilla Space Engineers has always seemed incredibly shallow and uninteresting; once you have a refinery and...
No More Free Energy!
Created by keyspace
Rebalances the O2/H2 generator and the hydrogen engine so that the laws of thermodynamics are not violated.

This assumes the hydrogen engine produces power by means of internal combustion; if you've always thought of it as a fusion reactor, this mod is ...
Modular Encounters Systems
Created by Meridius_IX / Lucas
What is Modular Encounters Systems?

This mod was designed to be a flexible framework that will handle nearly all spawning of NPC grids in your game world. It also includes a behavior system that NPCs can use to engage with players and the envir...
SkunkWorks Server Mods
Created by Asy93
A custom modpack for SkunkWorks Servers.

Holds Scripts, Tools, and fixes for SkunkWorks.

Re-upload allowed with credit....
Survival Less Likely (SkunkWorks)
Created by Asy93
An update to the Survival Less Likely mod.

Changes made specifically for SkunkWorks Server's Hardcore Survival.

SkunkWorks Hardcore:


- All refining reduced to 60% of base, ...
Splitsie HUD for Survival Impossible - 1.197 Ready
Created by NorcaSystems
- Adds a small power warning symbol at 25% power and a larger power warning symbol at 10% power with countdown

- Adds a O2 warning at 75% if you have no bottles and are using suit O2 only

- Adds a H2 warning at 15% if you have no bottles and are usin...
Eat. Drink. Sleep. Repeat!
Created by Bačiulis

Three new stat mechanics are added to the game: Water, Food and Sleep.

To restore food and water stats you have to use consumable items, like Clang Kola and Cosmic Coffee.
5 new consumable items are added: Emergency Ration, Water, Bee...
Plant and Cook
Created by Bačiulis

Planter and Kitchen blocks are made functional and allows to grow and cook food respectively.
Bar counter blocks are made functional as containers for consumables and food products.
Wheat, Soya, Vegetables, Apple, Mushroom and Herb far...
HUD Compass
Created by Zelious
It’s a compass! On your HUD! Now featuring a clock!

It works on any planet, of any size, with any FoV setting, at any resolution and with any other HUD mod!

Why Do I Need A Compass?
Not long ago a compass was a not really all that useful, b...
Builder Suit
Created by Cheetah
This suit is slower. It has less hydrogen capacity. It is massive. It's jetpack is weaker. But it has 1600L backpack in x1 inventory mode.

The default astronaut suit is a good all-around suit, but it is poor at building. When you're near your bas...
Relative Top Speed
Created by Gauge
- User defined speed limits
- Control the speed of individual ships based on mass and acceleration
- Change configuration on the fly (no need to restart)
- Multiplayer ready

Imagine you are in a fighter chasi...
Screen Gunk Be Gone!
Created by Whiplash141
Check out my mod to clean the armor scratches!

Build Vision 3.0
Created by Dark Helmet
This is a quick access context menu, based on the original Build Vision by Jimmacle, designed to supplement the game's terminal. Most of the time, the terminal works just fine for ...
BuildInfo (extra block+terminal info, air leak finder)
Created by Digi
Displays more information about the block you're holding or aiming at, along with other features listed below.

Highlight features
  • Config/ModMenu - Player customizable and toggleable features
    Most of this mods' featu
Sneaky Sounds - Quieter Tools
Created by Splitsie
This is for those people who like hearing battle sounds loud while not being deafened by their grinder, welder and most of all drill.

This mod reduces the volume of hand tools, ship tools, weather, doors, placement sounds and a few others that often fee...
Elite Dangerous: FSD Supercruise
Created by Specter
The must-have of every space engineer!

The Frame Shift Drive (FSD) is a revolutionary ship hyperdrive system manufactured by Sirius Corporation. It was introduced to the market in 3297 after decades of secretive development, and promptly ren...
Pressurize Your Room!
Created by Bačiulis
These blocks now require pressurized environment to be functional:

Vanilla blocks:
  • Medical Room
  • Bed
  • Toilet (all variants)

Plant and Cook[/...
Survival Kit Only Heals
Created by Bačiulis
Restoring of Energy, Oxygen and Hydrogen are disabled in Survival Kit and Medical Room.
Other functions of the blocks are not affected.


Survival aspect of vanilla game is quite lacking once you have Survival Kit attached to O2 generato...
Created by Thraxus
This mod will turn any blocks that hit a grinder into scrap instead of the other base components.

No more inflation of components floating around in your game / server clogging up the need to go out mining / trading with others.

AwwScrap will ret...
Advanced Welding - detaching and reattaching blocks!
Created by Digi
This mod adds 3 things:
  • Weld Pad block (for smallship and largeship/station)
    Ultra-slim and cheap merge blocks that are only usable once because they get destroyed in the merge process.
    Also unlike mergers they don't have a magnetic ab
[CRD] Scaffolding Repack
Created by TheMorf
Reuploaded Vens mod with groups.

The Original Mod:

Everything was created by Ven.

If you are a hardcore player, try out:
No Transaction or Listing Fees
Created by lizelive
This is very simple mod that removes fees from economy and allows player trading. It does nothing else.
Please don't reupload without changing the title + icon. Contact me on the keen discord as Liz....
Moisture Vaporator
Created by SlowpokeFarm
A perfect moisture vaporator for use at dry dusty planets like this one here.

Moisture Vaporator on Wookiepedia[]

Bullet Trail [Updated 2022]
Created by Spartan

Simple visual mod
Make your battles more epic !
Supports all DLC (Currently latest is Warfare 2)

Bullet Trail Colors:
  • Pistols - Ligh Y
High-power Spotlight
Created by Andriel Chaoti
For when regular spotlights just aren't enough, bring in the blindingly bright High-power Spotlights instead.

These lights are a seperate block from the vanilla spotlights, require computers to build, and consume 4x the power in exchange for a po...
AQD - Conveyor Expansion
Created by enenra
Current version: 2.1a
Please refer to the changelog for patch notes.

This mod adds several ne
Tethers - Power Poles | The Log spam Patch (Progress Temporarily Stalled)
Created by FaolonPlays
I am back! Working on it again!

Power Cables is a mod that allows you to create essentially power lines, as well as charging stations and charge vehicles, and other grids in general, its a way to get power from point A to point B. or point a, to b, to c...
Interface Block
Created by AViegarien
Have you ever spent hours or days building your ideal interior space meticulously welding and painting only to find all your efforts overshadowed by the blinding yellow glow of an exposed conveyor port? You want to cover it up, but doing so could limit yo...
Created by Math0424
Static drills is a mod that will add 3 new blocks to the game

Each of these blocks have the ability to mine whatever ore type is below them

This is great for servers because it will increase server performance, decrease the amount of voxel edits...
First Aid Station (No Respawn)
Created by Kham
This is an alternate version to my original First Aid Station mod. This version only has the no respawn versions of the First Aid Stations. This version was requested.

Industrial Engineers
Created by Spacebar
This is a collaboration mod between Yuna, The Default Trash Bag and myself. We were heavily """""inspired"""""" by the latest update and DLC that we decided to do our own take on the content. These are all new models that we've been working on over the pas...
[QoL] Production Quota
Created by DraygoKorvan
Quality of Life: Adds a quota list to the assemblers in game (basic and up). Assemblers will automatically add components to production if the grid contains less than the desired item count.

If something goes terribly wrong use the Reset button.

[QoL] Mechanical Keybinds
Created by DraygoKorvan
A Quality of Life mod to bring more engineering in Space Engineers.

Control your pistons, rotors, and hinges with movement keypresses!

Bind mechanical blocks to control keybinds
You can bind a mechanical block to the following controls (D...
Easy Block Renaming
Created by Meridius_IX / Lucas
This mod adds controls to nearly all block types that allows you to easily rename multiple blocks at once.

- Multiple Block Renaming: Simply select all the blocks you want to rename, enter the new name...
Paint Gun - realistic painting for survival + special creative features
Created by Digi
This mod adds a Paint Gun tool which uses 'ammo' to slowly paint blocks (like welders).

What this is really useful for is painting blocks that are behind/between other blocks, like blocks behind landing gears, cramped large ship interiors, etc. without ...
WeaponCore - 2.2(20)-Final
Created by DarkStar
Version: CoreSystems - 2.2(20)-Final

Weapon Core is a complete rewrite of Space Engineers combat system. The way combat works in this system is very different from Vanilla and many conventions that you are familiar with will be different.

WeaponCore - Replace Vanilla Weapons
Created by nukeguard
This mod replaces all keen weapons so they function with Weapon Core by DarkStar. You must have WeaponCore in your world as this mod depends on WeaponCore

A big thanks to Ash Like Snow for the work on the new warfare 2 additions!

Earthlike animals
Created by Chipstix213

This mod Spawns Medieval Engineers deer, horse, sheep & cow NPC's

requires spiders & wolves to be enabled.

for MES Creature Spawner use this mod inst
Suppress Vanilla Encounters
Created by Meridius_IX / Lucas

This mod will attempt to suppress the appearance of Vanilla Exploration Encounters (Neutral and Pirate). It sets their spawning frequency to 0.001 (the default values are usually between 1-5), so it's possible that they may still ap...
Suppress Vanilla Cargo Ships
Created by Meridius_IX / Lucas

This mod will attempt to suppress the appearance of Vanilla Cargo Ship Encounters. It sets their spawning frequency to 0.001 (the default values are usually between 1-5), so it's possible that they may still appear, but it should be...
NPC Programming Extender
Created by Meridius_IX / Lucas

This mod adds several new custom methods that NPC owned drones can use to expand their functionality. This includes the ability to assign itself to a custom faction, get all nearby grid data, and much more!

How it Works - U
Perpetually Perturbed Pirates
Created by Meridius_IX / Lucas

This mod will force all players reputation with the Space Pirate Faction (SPRT) to always be hostile. If at any time a player's reputation with the pirates is higher than -600, it will be kicked back down to -600 after 5 seconds. Th...