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The Mortuary Assistant

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The Mortuary Assistant Official Guide
By Lazarus and 1 collaborators
A mechanical guide for The Mortuary Assistant. It will cover topics such as Identifying Marks, Embalming, Demonic Mechanics, as well as the Endings.
You'll be identifying any distinguishable marks on the bodies prior to embalming them. You can investigate the head, arms, legs, shoulders, and back of the body, even turning certain parts around to get a better look.

Identifiable Parts:
  • HEAD
Potential Markings:
  • RASH
  • MOLE
You'll know you're finished in the main game when Rebecca voices a line. There's also a counter for the number of marks on the top-right of your clipboard (Marks you've discovered/Marks total). After you're done identifying marks, you'll go to the computer near the body and open the RECORD SYSTEM. From there, you'll match the name, age, and discovered marks with the corresponding sections on the computer. Once you're finished inputting them all, just click submit and grab the printed record on the printer to your side!
The in-game tutorial does a great job of explaining the mechanics in a straightforward manner, so this section will focus on any deviations to the process you'll encounter during the main section of the game.
  • Retrieve body from cold storage
    Grab one of the three bodies in cold storage. (Do note that the position can be prone to change from shift to shift).

  • Inspect Body for identifying marks
    Same process as the tutorial. The only difference is changing the entry on the top for every subsequent body you investigate.

  • Wire jaw shut with [NEEDLE INJECTOR] and [SETTINGS NEEDLES]
    Items you'll need are in the cabinet next to the desk, instead of being laid out.

  • Insert [EYE CAPS] to keep eyes shut
    Same cabinet as the previous step.

  • Mix embalming fluid in pump (Glutaraldehyde, Methanol, Humectant, Formaldehyde, Reagent)
    These will be spread out in the closets and shelves around the embalming room. The Baleful Reagent in particular will be in the old cabinet that uses the old key to open.

  • Make an incision in the carotid artery and jugular vein with [SCALPEL]
    Item needed will be in the same cabinet as the eye caps.

  • Use [FORCEPS] to clamp [TUBING] to both veins and connect to embalming pump
    The forceps will be in the same cabinet as the eye caps, and the tubing will be in the closet underneath the moisturizing wipes.

  • Engage pump and let the body drain
    Same as the tutorial.

  • Turn off pump, remove tubes, and close incision
    Same as the tutorial.

  • Fill an [EMPTY IV RESERVOIR BAG] with [CAVITY FLUID] then insert [TROCAR] into the abdominal cavity
    The empty IV reservoir bag will be in the same cabinet as the glutaraldehyde, and the cavity fluid is in the same place as the tutorial. The trocar is in the same cabinet as the eye caps.

  • Mix cleaners in bathroom closet to create [TANK CLEANER], then pour into the embalming pump
    Same as the tutorial.

  • Apply [MOISTURIZER] to facial features
    They're on the same counter as the humectant.

  • Return body to cold storage
    Same as the tutorial.
  • The Night Shift Database: Your one-stop shop for all information demonic-related. It's a great source of demon-related information, including the things mentioned here. If you haven't read through the database yet and you're looking through here, I definitely recommend giving it a looksie.

  • Lettering Strips: Used to identify sigils around the mortuary. Take them out using your sub-menu or their respective hotkey and walk around the facility. If it starts smoldering/burning, you're getting close to the sigil. When the parchment fully burns out, the sigil will be uncovered and close to where you're currently standing.

  • Sigils: The symbols you'll be using to identify which demon is currently inhabiting one of the bodies you're working on. There'll be four total, each once uncovered using a lettering strip.

  • Possessed Body Tells: The bodies you're working on may do certain things that'll tip you off on which one the demon is currently possessing. It can range from new markings on the body to subtle facial movements. Be careful though, the demon can and will use these tells to throw you off the correct body from time to time.

  • The Mark: When you've discovered all the sigils and figured out which demon you're tangling with, you'll place the symbols onto the mark, then place the mark on the body.

  • Baleful Reagent: A special concoction that you'll add to the pump mixture.

  • Possession: If you take too long to complete your tasks or prematurely burn a body without a mark attached, you'll fall under demonic possession. This is essentially a game over!

  • Paper and Notes: You can collect these at the front desk of the mortuary after getting eased into the main game, narratively. You'll use them in your inventory menu to track your current possession level, with the markings getting more and more erratic as the counter goes up.

  • Match & Ashes: If you're walked around River Fields mortuary, you may have noticed a box of matches and bags for collecting ashes in the retort. Using these objects on one of the three bodies may help you narrow down which body is possessed...
  • CORRECT BODY ENDING:Burn the correct body and use the correct sigils on the mark.

  • INCORRECT BODY ENDING:After completing two bodies, burn the wrong body, forget to add reagent, or have the incorrect sigils on the mark.

  • STANDARD ENDING:Complete a subsequent shift correctly after your first one.

  • BASEMENT ENDING:Collect the key in the bottom belonging drawer in the embalming room. During a certain scene, find what you need to get the key to the basement. Open the door in the basement and finish out your shift.

  • CLOSURE ENDING:Collect the sobriety coins from Rebecca's apartment, then again in the set of cabinets where the ID cards are. When you're presented with a Rebecca hanging from a noose, place the coins on her open palms. After that, go along with the game and burn the correct body with the correct sigils on the mark.

  • GAME OVER "ENDING":Allow your possession to fill completely or prematurely burn a body. You can continue this shift when you're brought to the main-menu, as it acts as a 'Game Over' for the player.

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SoundOfDarkness 13 hours ago 
Some endings aren't listed in the same order as in-game. Number 2 and 3 are switched.
beechie8 Aug 17 @ 6:40pm 
I am having a hard time getting the body cart to move left and right to get the body into the cooler and back out again. Can someone explain how to smoothly move the cart and body around smoothly? Thanks
Boya Aug 15 @ 3:34am 
i have finished all ending and even the secret, but i didnt get the achievement, i did them 2 times but doesnt work
Infrane Aug 8 @ 5:42pm 
The ash and match is a sure fire way to know which body is correct. I usually do this at the end -- the sigil has to match the house where the demon belongs to.

I've been fooled once when a body had gotten cut marks, but when I burned the ashes, the sigil was of the wrong house. I burned the body anyway and got possessed in the end.
sqshq Aug 8 @ 3:17pm 
I am always having the wrong body too...
Matakomi Aug 7 @ 3:31pm 
I'm sure I chose the right rune stones and body, with symbols wtritten on his belly. But I always get the same bad ending. After so many frustrationsm I decided to refund the game.
Raptvre Aug 7 @ 2:52pm 
@Coronavirus_chan I'm pretty sure any body will show a sigil, the key is making sure it matches your demons name. I got a sigil on a body and burned a different one and got the good ending.
Tricksters boyfriend Aug 7 @ 2:36pm 
I'm confused - I've got all five endings in the main menu, and I also got the "game over" ending. But I'm not getting the "The Mortician" achievement for some reason... Is it some kind of bug?
Also, I'm seriously loving this game. It's even better than what I'd expected from the demo!
Coronavirus-chan Aug 7 @ 1:29pm 
I literally cannot get the correct body bros.....the last one twitched, had events happening, scratches on the body AND burning ashes showed a sigil and it was STILL the wrong
Infrane Aug 7 @ 7:50am 
The event where a body gets possessed then the demon pulls you to a place where you find Rebecca's dad on the gurney, you have the choice of smashing his head in with a rock or placing his necklace on him, the latter giving you the Closure ending.