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ThaDudes Garry's Mod Server Collection
Content für den ThaDudes TTT-Server! Downloaden um lange Ladezeiten & Texturbugs vorzubeugen! Viel Spaß beim spielen!
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Created by DerpliciousDerpy
No credit to me i just uploaded all credit to (=CG=) Finniesp. A Trouble In Terrorist Town MC beta map. If the owner wants it off the workshop he can just leave a comment.
1. Realistic minecraft blocks
2. Nether dimension portal
3. Small m...
Created by Dooglz
A Trouble in Terrorist Town map based in a swimming pool complex.
Small/Medium map (5/10 players)
Treacherous Traps for the Traitor to torment Terrorists with.
The 2 large waterslides are traitor detectors, a light at the top lights either red or green ...
ttt_waterworld Materials
Created by Ekuland
Most servers I've been on don't have the textures on download for the map, so I decided to take this matter into my own hands...have fun :D

Legacy Addon (Zip File)
Created by Vizzys
ttt_fastfood is a medium sized trouble in terrorist map fun for around 10-20 players.

The map takes place around a fast food place that is inexplicably unnamed (yet)

This is version a6.
(May 21st, 2013)

Probably final version

Custom Trails Pack #2 (FOR POINTSHOP)
Created by Niandra!
Downloading this will automatically add it to your Pointshop! Each trail has it's own little name and each cost 500.

In this pack:

1. Suits
2. Snowflakes
3. Minecraft Creeper
4. Portals
5. Mouse Cursor
6. Trainers
7. Shoes
8. Redstars
9. Ask ...
Created by Shitskin
I did not create this map, I am reuploading with modifications I have done myself. The map will be removed at the request of the Valve Corporation or map creator.

ttt_minecraftcity_v4fixed changes:
-Improved textures
-Removed doorways players frequent...
TTT Golden Gun
The Golden Gun is Dedective only. It is pretty simple for TTT, you got one shot and it does one hit if you hit a Traitor with it, but beware if its a Innocent then you're instantly dead.

I hope you enjoy the gun :)...
Created by Asherack
a mid sized rats map based around a teenagers bedroom, multiple routes, close and long range combat areas and good sniper sitelines, best played with around 20 - 30 players

made for ttt server
server ip:

TTT - Defibrillator
Created by Willox
Pretty simple modification that allows traitors to purchase a one-time defibrillator that can bring allies (or enemies) back from the dead.

Installing Workshop addons on servers
TTT - Crossbow ( Updated )
Created by Stᶏch
Silenced crossbow for the gamemode - Trouble in terrortown.

This is a Silenced Crossbow, which deals 100 damage,
in 1 shot. But be carefully, you don't get spotted with it :-)!

If you like it, remember there is a Thumbs up button up ...
Created by Mathearny
This is my first map upload, so please don't be too harsh...
ttt_mc_mineshaft is a minecraft themed map for the Trouble in Terrorist Town gamemode and is completely based underground. It may be pretty small and simple, but it makes for a fun and e...
B4 is out!
Now with rain, downloading this: addon is highly recommended because it's ment to be played with this one.

A Minecraft themed Troub...
Created by Colek

Just uploading another map I like and it's not on Workshop. Here's MW2 Terminal, from Call of Duty MW2.

thegregster101 - original creator of map (
TTT - Cloaking Device
Created by Lykrast
I'd first like to thanks v_hana for helping fixing bugs.

A functionnal cloaking device for our dear traitors in TTT. For 1 credit (like all equipments), you can buy this wonderful piece of technology.

Simply hold it in your hand to be nearly i...
Created by Zaratusa
NOTICE: This Addon only works for the "Trouble in Terrorist Town"-Gamemode. This weapon will not show up in sandbox mode.

This Weapon has a sniper like scope and spawns random on the map.

Type: Rifle
Ammo: Rif...
Created by Zero-PAiN
In honor of Friday the 13th, I made a dark version of the ever-popular minecraft city!

As this was a rushed idea, not many cool things were implemented.

I do plan on adding a bit more bloody traps and spookie stuff hopefully to the map to give it tha...
[TTT] MP5 (CS:S)
Created by Zaratusa
NOTICE: This Addon only works for the "Trouble in Terrorist Town"-Gamemode. This weapon will not show up in sandbox mode.

This Weapon spawns random on the map.

Type: Rifle
Ammo: Rifle-Ammo
Firemode: Au...
[TTT] Galil (CS:S)
Created by Zaratusa
NOTICE: This Addon only works for the "Trouble in Terrorist Town"-Gamemode. This weapon will not show up in sandbox mode.

This Weapon spawns random on the map.

Type: Rifle
Ammo: Rifle-Ammo
Firemode: Au...
MapVote - Fretta-like Map Voting
Created by MiRe
MapVote is a Fretta-like map voting system for Garry's Mod 13, with a few added features. It was originally created by Willox and released in the facepunch thread here.[]

I have received permission...
TTT DeathFaker
Created by jayjayjay1
TTT DeathFaker Addon - The Traitor can buy a death faker in the Traitor shop - but beware! The Detective can easily identify a fake body with the visualizer

Big Update! Scoreboard now updates and configuration of the killed person, weapon used to kill a...
Created by Flebsy
A Trouble in Terrorist Town map based off a real life college campus. Has a library, classrooms, toilets, and many other large and small areas. Includes a traitor trap and a traitor room.

Medium sized map, for around 5 to 15 players, but the map support...
Created by Hamhock
A trouble in terrorist town map made of Lego. No need for Counter Strike textures! Please leave suggestions of what to add or change in the map.

UPDATE: Works for multiplayer dedicated servers, no broken textures.

Models from the 2001 game Lego Islan...
TTT Assault Pack
Created by Lykrast
Requires CS:Source (for the hands).

Includes 3 new weapons for the TTT gamemode, all 3 using SMG ammo. Honey Badger and PP19 spawn along with other weapons if the current map has random weapon spawns, while the Gold Dragon is a traitor weapon buyable fo...
Created by TFlippy
A pretty overgrown TTT map!

Terrorists have gotten tired of all the fighting and bombing, so they took a little break in the Riverside Park. Unfortunately, it didn't help thanks to their violent behavior.

Created by rafuet
Author and credits
Map originally created by digitalstimulus. You can view this map in GameBanana by clicking here[]


This map is designed to work
Created by XaZ Martinet 🌈
Toysoldiers is a Ratz styled map were the terrorists are scaled down to the size of a toy soldier inside of a giant sandbox.

The map is medium sized and has a 3d Skybox
The blue buckets act as teleporters

Original map "[url=
TTT Pistol Pack
Created by Lykrast
Requires CS:Source (for the hands).

Includes 2 new weapons for the TTT gamemode, all 2 using deagle ammo. All spawn along with other weapons if the current map has random weapon spawns.

Fires faster but deals less damage than your traditio...
[TTT] Detective P90 (CS:S)
Created by Zaratusa
NOTICE: This Addon only works for the "Trouble in Terrorist Town"-Gamemode. This weapon will not show up in sandbox mode.

This Weapon comes with a sniper like scope and is buyable once per Detective.

Type: Equip 1
Orbital Bass Cannon + updatet Picture
Created by derIMMIGRANT
I only edited the old Orbital Bass Cannon from the Workshop with a better Picture in the Traitor Shop.

Credits to Burn

But first the best man who made the best TTT weapon in the world :)


Schreibt mich ruhig an wenn ihr ein Problem habt ...
[TTT] M3S90 (CS:S)
Created by Zaratusa
NOTICE: This Addon only works for the "Trouble in Terrorist Town"-Gamemode. This weapon will not show up in sandbox mode.

This Weapon spawns random on the map.

Type: Shotgun
Ammo: Shotgun-Ammo
Created by VIOLATION
The terrorists have infiltrated a Hydro-Electricity facility located in the United Kingdom, however not every member of the organization is as loyal as once believed.


This map has been in the making since March of 2014, and an entire year of off...
Created by Die_Schwabbelhaut
Initial release v1 21/2/15
TTT map based on Pokémon Gold. Also has enterable buildings and an underground cave

v2 25/2/15
Fixed problems with tree sprites appearing in front of signposts.
Added more spawns for weapons, players, ammo.
Fixed teleporte...
Created by BocciardoLight
Create a spawnscript using the following addon: TTT Weapon Placer Tool

You need to add the spawnscript to the following folder of your server:
Created by BeansAcquired
Small, simple map for quick rounds of TTT...
Created by Delta7x
Please Note: This is NOT my map, nor am I the original Author of this map. I am only re-uploading the map for an easier method of download. I agree to remove this submission of the original Author or if Valve decides.

***This map uses CS:S Props and Tex...
TTT Jihad Bomb
Created by Danta96
This Jihad Bomb will work with a Garry's Mod TTT server that uses the Steam Workshop.
Simply add this to your collection and it should work.

This is a bomb that you have to buy from the shop, and can be dropped....
Created by Zaratusa
A medium sized map based around an large passenger aircraft for Trouble in Terrorist Town (TTT).

A large passenger aircraft is seized Mid-Pacific by a highly trained, heavily armed terrorist cell. Unfortunately for them, intense training and large weapo...
Created by Jimonions [JP]
2/18/14 UPDATE: LDR skybox fix, you should be able to see it now

2/17/14 UPDATE: Fixed cubemaps, more exploits, one player spawn starting inside an object, and added more detail to skybox as well as outside areas. Map name is still ttt_glacier.

A sma...
Created by BocciardoLight
Create a spawnscript using the following addon: TTT Weapon Placer Tool

You need to add the spawnscript to the following folder of your server:
Created by BocciardoLight
Isn't the Southpark universe perfect for Trouble in Terrorist Town...

Create a spawnscript using the following addon: TTT Weapon Placer Tool

You need to add the spawnscript to...
TTT Kalashnikov Ak47
Created by Keydose
This is an automatic spawning weapon (doesn't require any work to spawn it in your TTT maps), it is currently not purchasable in the detective or traitor shop, although you could modify the .lua file if you would like. If you would like the .lua file, down...
Created by Mechanical Mind
A gamemode of deception and murder, based off of Murder in the Dark.
One person is a murderer with a knife, who is trying to secretly kill off the other players.
The other players must use their wits to find out who it is and kill them first. Unfortunate...
House With Garden v2
Created by Orfkip
An updated version of My Old House 1992. I decided to upload it as separate file because people seem to like the old version of this map as it is.

Bigger version:

Complete version:
Created by SBDT
This is not made by me, but by Robert Briscoe. A scenic dense forest map perfect for all your woodland needs.

This map requires Counter Strike Source, but nothing else.
I would like to make this perfectly clear, THERE IS NO SLENDERMAN ON THIS MAP. If y...
cs_office (as it would be in 2013)
Created by Tai
I just switched out the computer models, and stood some of the chairs upright, so it's not too exciting, but it is nice to see the people who work in the office using modern computer technology, right? Anyway, for this you need Steventechno's Electronics P...
Created by Fool
This is a modified version of the CSS map Clue.
(originally created by NIPPER, ).

It is intended to be used as a Gmod-friendly map for the gamemode Murder.
This addon includes default spawn and loot data for Mur...
[TTT] Drachenlord Bomb 2.0
Created by Luky
Meddl Loide
Wäre nett wenn ihr mir Links zu anderen Drache Sounds, Austraster, etc. etzala schicken könnt. :D

- Zufällige Wiedergabe der Sounds vor der Explosion

Upcoming Feature(s):
- mehr Drachenschreie

Based on the Cyrus - ...
TTT - Spielerinfo
Created by nerzlakai96
Dieses TTT-Addon zeigt zu Beginn jeder neuen Runde die aktuelle Anzahl an Verrätern, Unschuldigen, Detektiven und Zuschauern sowie die Namen aller Verräter am Ende der Runde.

Zum Beispiel:
In dieser Runde gibt es 3 Verräter, 5 Unschuldige und 2 Detekt...
Created by Pan Sartre
The scenery is a typical tenement with courtyard in a german big city. The map is relatively small but is slightly interlaced.
Its a perfect map for smaller groups of players (less than 12 players).

Recommended workshop objects listed o...
Created by Scarala
My first map for TTT and first mapping after 15 years (made maps for CS 1.6).
Worked on this Map for about 80 hours, including watching and reading various tutorials.

Map is playable for about 16 players.
There are various traitor traps around the map...
Created by derIMMIGRANT
A cool map with many traitor traps for a big server version 9
I only uploaded the map in order that everyone can play the map without much work to do, BUT I am not the owner of this peace of art.

Credits to Jackal Warwick
[TTT] ttt_mc_treehouse
Created by CynCeyd
This is a little map we've created in Minecraft and ported it to Garry's Mod.

Please understand that this map is still in beta and there might occur some issues with it. Feel free to report any bugs or suggest ideas to implement. I'll take a look on it ...
Created by Rumo
version b.01

Much to do for this map but i will work on it. Creating some traitor traps and maybe a little easteregg. Criticism gladly seen.

Thanks to all who makes textures (names will follow)

Ciao rumo...
TTT Dodecagon
Created by DammySumm
TTT Dodecagon is a smallish map made to be played with a smallish group of players.

Set in a top secret military administration center, Dodecagon features a simple layout but that also provides for interesting gameplay.

The map's file name is ttt_do...
TTT Drachenlord - Traitor Weapon
Created by Mr.Dark

mit dieser Traitor Waffe wird der Lord herbeigerufen.

Er schmeißt mit explodierenden Köpfen um sich bis er sich schließlich selbst explodierend auflöst.
Der Spawn Sound ist Random....
TTT Heaven
Created by Comrade Stinger

Weapon Spawns file: the text save it as: .../garrysmod/maps/ttt_heaven_ttt.txt on the server

Originally rp_skyhigh now ttt_heaven!...
Existential - TTT
Created by Danny Judas
A lonely, empty city. No one walks the docks, no one strolls the plaxas, no one rests within the seaside manor. All is quiet, save the sounds of the waves and the passing street crawlers, looking for anyone breaking curfew. You and your friends came here t...
Ratskitchen TTT
Created by Chupacabra
Two years ago I lost the data after ongoing work on the map. After achiving 10K Subscribers which i did really not expect (and the comment of ProAmerican, to be honest ;D) , i spent a week off from University and tried to fix some problems, rewo...
TTT Asylum
Created by [GT]Karnage
Asylum, originally created by netwalker for the popular Half-Life 2 modification Zombie Master, has been ported and remastered as a horror map for the Garry's Mod gamemode Trouble in Terrorist Town!

Asylum combines the paranoia and panic of TTT with the...
Automatic Workshop Download
Created by Lt. Sammy

No need of an old resource.AddWorkshop( "blalba" ) generator, this addon just adds them automatic, so your Users get the content of your collection auto...