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          Merc's… I wish I could take back what I said earlier.

          At least it will be painless…

⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀      Welcome to:


Cytology Lab
Created by Sean Sindahl
A semi-destructible medium-sized map taking place in one of Horzine's scandinavian bio labs. Traverse a high-tech facility and combat the zed in a variety of different locations, many of which will suffer cosmetic damage from your stray bullets and concuss...
Created by Sean Sindahl
Dish out the pain on a rustic farm with a highly destructible environment! In this spiritual successor to Farmhouse, nearly everything in your path can be broken; walls, ceilings, floors, furniture and much more.

Homestead is an experimental project bui...
Created by Serious
Hours after a devastating explosion

A fully destroyed city near to a chemical plant.
One of horzines worst failures is now a graveyard. Dont' expand it at all cost.


Map Features:

• Lo...
Created by Techuser
Features full dynamic lighting with random weather and time of day set at level load. Chances are 1/3 each for overcast, sunny or night to sunrise, I tried to keep the night real so it's dark (and full of terrors) without flares scattered around, but it sh...
Created by RockMax
Is it really that time again?

Credits: Crowbar Collective...
Created by Hughlikepoo
Rev up those fryers!

Zeds have taken over the city beneath Bikini Atoll and only you and your underwater fish friends can stop them!

Created by Jawso
Here is the external link for the map files for those that want to download the map without using workshop:

Version: 1.0

Features: Higher quality lights than the original map, some places aren't as safe as they once were...
Created by Dr. Dog MD
KF-DeathSentence Is a prison based map that also includes some street and metro invironments.

It came 4th place in the grindhouse mapping contest, and Is the first map I ever created.

Please give it a rating! =]

Note - The official version uploade...
Created by ZOD
Large hold out level, plays in order for survival and random for endless. You travel by train on this one instead of the usual drop downs or doors. This level is currently in a beta state. I have precomputed vis laid out but not build, may be fps issues fo...
Created by Felix
This map is suitable for hardcore players to challenge:
1.Faster zed spawn rate.
2.Higher level intensity.
3.More heavy zeds.

I fixed the crashed problem, have a good game!

Source Map:
Created by RockMax
Update 17.12.2017

Added collectibles
Added objective mode
Added christmas music from Krampus Lair

Ho ho ho!
Merry xmas to all our fans, have a great holiday season and a good 2018 year when it comes.
Also thanks TWI for the year it has been a fkin improv...
Created by Chaz
A pretty big map based in slums

Version B3:

-Added customization lobby
-Added some more details
-New enemy spawner
-Changed water
-Fixed some collision issues
Created by RockMax
Merry Christmas everyone!

Ice Cave is here, a long awaited kf 1 port in a new jacket

Map now offers Stand your ground mod
Collectibles 16x
Updated textures and shaders
New lightning
Dynamic enviroment lights
New collisions
And more!...
Created by Lorfbors
5th place Grindhouse wave 1. A junkyard on the edge of downtown Paris and the industrial zone was overrun after a breakout of the nearby Horzine facility. Horzine has used the junkyard as a rallying point to attempt to break though to the evacuation point....
Created by Frostbite*

random player starts,
REMOVED intro,
reduced mb file size.
fixed collision were boss was reported to get stuck,
fixed physics materails on shaders,
new AI pathing,
new and improved spawns.
more larger zeds spawns
Created by RockMax
Bedlam finally made its comeback!

Fix 20.5.2022
Fixed the option to jump through window in trader area

QuickFix 5.5.2022
Fixed ammo box respawn from 5 seconds to 360
Fixed few disappearing meshes
Added blocking volume on Courtyard stairs
Opened before cl...
Created by RockMax
Another classic map from Killing Floor 1 is back!

Map now offerrs
Updated textures and shaders
New lightning and bloodsplatters
Dynamic enviroment lights
Reworked collisions
Stand your ground
Killing Floor 1 ammo boxes
Collectibles 30x
And more!

Special ...
Created by Frostbite*
added endless support by request
fixed kismet to work with endless mode
fixed lights @bilemeters not turning off@the end of boss wave
fixed collisons
fixed traders doors at dockyard
new matinee
reduced bile tank activation time from ...
Created by RockMax
Update 16.02.2022

Fixed some doors
Added physics volume to the acid pool
Added a few particle effects

HillBilly horror the classic Killing Floor 1 map is back!

Map now offerrs
Stand your ground
Killing Floor 1 ammo boxes
Collectibles 30x but 20 is need...
Created by Frostbite*
another KF1 classic has made it´s way into kf2,
with HD textures and quality shaders.

special thanks to ferenos for managing
to get the original terrain coordinates from the kf1 version
Thanks to the testers that helped testing map.

map offering
Stand yo...
Created by RockMax
QuickFix 23.12.2021
-Added Dosh Hold areas
-Fixed trader doors not opening, kismet issue
-Moved player spawns to the center of the map
in order to reduce distance to the traders.
-Various path node issues

QuickFix 22.12.2021

Fixed shooting through the fe...
Created by Spychopat
I'm proud to present my remake version of the map KF-Wyre from the first Killing Floor !
Most assets have been taken from the original map....
Created by Dragontear
'As the days pass, those fortunate enough to escape the main concentrations of these horrible things often find themselves scattered elsewhere.
As the sun lowers, those poor souls seek shelter, and fortify.
As the night falls, we hear them, baying.'
KF-LakeSide (Revive)
This map ever appeared at workshop.
But it disappear for many years.

A Host request me to revive it, so I revive it.

What I did to this 'deleted' map:
1. This map no longer need upk file.
2. Block a lot of camping exploit (I am not sure it ...
Created by Motormouth
Survivors tried to make their last stand in this decrepid old hospital, site of some of the worst carnage of the outbreak. Now it's your squad's turn to see if this place will become your safehouse, or your tomb...

Miasma is a progression-based map, in wh...
Created by Techuser
Simple outdoor layout based on a real location of a house having the atlantic forest as surrounding settings.

Changelog v3b
- Fixed textures broken on the content update
- Fixed broken blocking volumes I could find, flex now doesn't crash it
- Added a...
Created by ZOD
Built upon the outstanding work of Kevin 'DrGuppy' Butt (original) and EndlessNights (Edit).
Reworked to be more like the original official KF1 version.


[IpDrv.TcpNetDriver] DownloadManagers=OnlineSubsystemStea
Created by Fever
*UPDATE May 3rd 2016* - Versus Survival support added! Light brightness increased slightly.

A bloody night at the museum created by former Tripwire level designer Fever. Created in my spare time in about 4 weeks, with the goal being to create a small ma...
Created by RockMax
Update 15.10.2018

-Updated kismet, now you can buy weapons from walls by pressing E

-You can unlock new areas by pressing E

-Armor now spawns

-Edited path nodes

-Edited blocking volumes

-More optimization

---- First room

-Added medic pistol for 350...
Created by MixMakMax
OFFICES is back again but this time it's SICKER, SLEEKER AND BETTER! A TRUE remake version!!

KF-Offices is inspired by the original Tripwire 2009 KF-Offices map. This new/last version was built from the ground up for a SICKER, SLEEKER an...
Created by RockMax
Update 17.10.2018

-Edited pathnodes

-Edited blocking volumes

-New kismet for traps


-Added grafitti from HL2

Ravenholm is a former mining town and later,
a Resistance stronghold located in the Wasteland.
It was previously inhabited by ...
Created by RockMax
Port and also a remaster of a Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 map
Created by RockMax
Update 12.5.2018
Reduced mesh count

Remake of Shipment map from COD 4...
Created by RockMax
Update 20.5.2021

Optimized shaders & particles
Reduced map size
Blocked some camp positions

Winter came a little bit early.

Wanted to release this on my birthday...
Created by Techuser
What happens when Horzine's experiments with telepods go wrong?
Welcome to the dimension of the the doomed.

Remake from Quake E1M1, features most of the secrets from the original with only minor changes to layout, I added a few small connection rooms ...
KF-The Ocean
Created by Serious
Deep Dive into the Unkown


This is a progression Map where you have to go into the abyssal depth of the Ocean.

Map Features:

• 5 different Areas (Starting above and going far below the s...
KF1 Farm
Created by Kill Master

Small PSA:
Currently the directory used to store downloaded workshop maps Does Not properly support the use of streaming levels (which is what this ...
Kino Der Toten
Created by Sasuke_Louis
kino der toten now in the Killing floor 2 with all the features from cod

this map will get some updates later on as well as new easter eggs
its my first map, so might have some bugs
im planning to make more cod maps so leave a comment of which map you...
Created by LiquidArrow
Atmospheric vertical map with dynamic indoor and outdoor fog. A chance to be consumed by darkness. Find all the little ones to call the old one. Use the homemade traps to fling zeds for a time.

- New trap that send...
Quarantine Breach
Created by Rewire
Welcome to Quarantine Breach!

Inspired of Killing Floor's "Hospital Horrors" and born of original design, this map aims at bringing you into a new and fresh environment (as much as possible). Dark, atmospheric and without pulling any punches, Quarantine...
Steamland Remake
Created by Yazza
A Remake of Steamland from KF1.

Please report any bugs

Credit to Frostbite, Rockmax and Pokerman for thier help.

Credit to Frostite for the Dancing Robot.

Update 1:
Fixed pathing issues (Trader arrows now work properly)
Optimised the map.

Update 2:
Created by Josh
Deep within the Marianas Trench, one of Horzine's deep sea ocean labs has unexpectedly fallen silent.
Thought to have been closed off from the greater Zed outbreak, something stirs deep below the surface, something that has managed to trip the alarm and cu...
Tainted Grove
Created by Lunacinda
A Horzine research team was sent to a remote location deep inside the [UNDISCLOSED] jungle. High priority.
Three days later, a priority-class emergency signal was received, asking for immediate extraction due to [UNDISCLOSED] reasons.
You and your team wer...
Zed's Diner
Created by Delta♂
A 50/60's themed diner and drive-in theater map.

It is a large open map and rather forgiving, that's not to say that it's easy. Zed spawns are faster than official maps and if you were looking to mess around this is an alright map for it. The map has only...
Created by Thothdj
Map name is kf-crystalcaverns.kfm
New version here

Reuploaded as a finalised version, to prevent server rename scenarios.
I recommend to turn on bloom so the crystals have their halo.
Advent Bunker Down
Welcome to the Advent Bunker


One of the last remaining operating Horzine advent havens still active since the outbreak. Despite the strategic location, it is now compromised by an opposing force ...