Dota 2
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Dota 2 but Item Effects are stronger at the cost of Half Item Stats
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Dota 2 but Item Effects are stronger at the cost of Half Item Stats

It was a normal day at the battlefield of the ancients, Radiant and Dire duking it out as usual.
But suddenly, a rift opened in the sky high above Roshan's pit.
No one knows what happened but nothing of note seems to be happening?
Roshan seems to just be minding his own business as usual.
However, the local researcher Dr. Klinker better known as Tinker has made a discovery:
This rift seems to be bringing a wave of influence from another universe, what could this possibly mean?
While pondering, our heroes realized that this wave has altered their usual equipments, they seem to grow stronger, yet also weaker
Is this the extend of change this rift will bring? or is there more coming? only time will tell.

Some values aren't affected as severly as others at it only enhances values flagged as "Active" or "Passive" in the tooltip
Certain items have certain stats increased that best represent the item's effect as they do not have one otherwise
Aghanim's Scepter resisted the rift's influence

Quick Disclaimesr: Trident displays as needing 2 recipes but 1 is enough, this is done because otherwise the item can be built without needing the recipe for some reason.
Warning: NEVER sell Trident, it is flagged as not sellable in the KV but it will still be sellable for a short while after buying it, DONT, as selling the trident wont return the recipe and as a result your team wont be able to get a Trident anymore for the rest of the game

Thank you to DrTeaSpoon for the thumbnail
Good Luck, Have Fun, and Hope you enjoyed this