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This mod adds a new virus to the game that the player can only contract from zombies.

Getting hit by zombies has a chance to slowly infect the player with this virus agent, and once the player is infected past a certain point they are then stuck with the virus until they cure it (like wound infection and other vanilla diseases).

Once the player is sick with the zombie virus they will gradually become affected by various symptoms that start off benign and mostly just an inconvenience, but over time become life-threatening and eventually fatal.

At first they will exhibit signs of sickness like coughing and blurry vision. They will also start to hear audible hallucinations such as whispers, footsteps, trees falling down etc - generally annoying symptoms that put the player on edge.

But if they do not cure the virus in time eventually they will begin to vomit blood, develop wounds, fall unconscious and slowly lose health until they either find a cure - or die.

If the player is fast to identify the symptoms then they can take tetracycline AND vitamins to cure the virus. This only works if both vitamins and tetracycline are in the player's system and their infection stage is below 20%. Consuming vitamins will reduce the amount of virus agents you are infected with by 50% while your immunity is boosted.

This information is according to default mod settings - all of these parameters can be adjusted by server admins so use this as a rough guide and consult your server admins if you want to know which parameters are used on the server you play on.

The code for this mod is based on the project VIRUS by Munghard & Tom, so most credit goes to them

Support for all languages is included (although translations are almost certainly going to be bad - feel free to repack this mod with edits if you know what you're doing).


Here is a list of stages and their symptoms:

Stage 0: No symptoms.
Stage 1 (10% infected):
- Audible hallucinations.
- Very rare vomiting of blood or making a zombie scream that other players can hear.
Stage 2 (25% infected):
- Screen begins to turn red (this red colorization tint gets worse the more infected you become).
- Can no longer be cured by tetra & vitamins.
- May develop fever symptoms (shivering, sweating).
- May cough up blood sometimes.
Stage 3 (50% infected):
- Player will cough up blood more often.
- Blurry vision and light pains can be felt.
- Chance of making a zombie scream increases.
Stage 4 (75% infected):
- Player will begin to vomit blood randomly.
- Hands will begin to shake when aiming (kuru symptoms).
- Chance of making a zombie scream increases significantly.
Stage 5 (90% infected):
- Player will begin falling unconscious randomly.
- Player will develop random bleeding wounds.
Stage 6 (99% infected):
- Player will begin to laugh randomly (kuru symptoms).
- Player will scream like a zombie frequently (can be heard by other players).
- Player begins to lose health randomly, as well as vomit blood more frequently.
- Certain death awaits any player who doesn't have an endless supply of blood bags and bandages.


Once the virus infection spreads through more than 20% of the player's system, then the only chance of survival is manufacturing a virus cure injector.

The default server setting gives the player at least 5 hours before the infection spreads through their entire body which is plenty of time to find all of the items needed to make a cure.

This infection time can be adjusted by server owners however, so depending on the style of the server you're playing on it might be more or less forgiving, and the cure items might be common or much rarer.

To manufacture a cure the player needs the following items:
- A microscope (with a 9v battery)
- A petridish
- A full blood bag
- An empty syringe
- An infected brain (from skinning dead zombies)

The default settings have most of these items spawning in medical loot spawns, but this can be changed in the server types.xml files if desired. The infected brain can only be retrieved by skinning dead zombies.

Once the player has all of these items they need to place them into the microscope and use the "Analyze Virus" action on the Microscope.

After a few seconds the microscope will generate two vials - one with antibodies, one with virus agents. Using an empty syringe on these vials will give the player an injection syringe to either cure themselves - or intentionally infect others with the virus if they get close enough to them to use the syringe.


- When the player becomes 80% infected they will get a boost to stamina (consumes stamina slower, recovers stamina faster).
- When the player becomes 100% infected zombies will ignore the player entirely (unless the player attacks the zombie).
- While these three features seem OP, keep in mind by this stage the player will be vomiting blood and bleeding all over the place regularly and is almost certainly going to die soon.
- If the player dies to zombie infection, a zombie can spawn on their corpse with some of their gear (disabled by default - experimental feature).
- If the player eats human meat while infected it might reduce their infection without giving them kuru unless they over-indulge, based on the config options in the CONFIG_INFECTION server settings. HumanMeatVirusAdd= -5 is the default setting and means eating human meat will reduce virus infection by -5 for each bite. HumanMeatDisableKuru=1 means the player will NOT contract kuru when eating human flesh AND infected with the virus - once the virus infection is cured this exemption no longer applies.
- Check the 'extras' folder for an extra mod which adds the ability to poison crossbow bolts with the virus pathogen vial or injection syringe.


There are a ton of config options to adjust this mod to your preference. By default the mod will also send the player random tips on how to manufacture a cure as there are so many parts to it that it might be difficult for them to figure out the cure without help (but this can be disabled in the config settings for servers where you have a discord or website with information on how your mods work). The tips are included in the config file so they can also be translated to other languages if needed.

You can find a complete list of the config settings, types.xml and other info in the mod folder.


Install this mod like any other mod - copy it into your server folder and add it to your mods list. Make sure to copy the .bikey into your server keys and merge the types.xml entries with your server types.xml.

When you run the mod for the first time after installation the default config .json file will be created in your server profile folder under "Zenarchist/ZenVirusConfig.json".

- Zen_Virus_Cure_Injector
- Zen_Virus_AntiBodiesVial
- Zen_Virus_Cure_Petridish
- Zen_Virus_Cure_Microscope
- Syringe
- Zen_Virus_Injector
- Zen_Virus_Injector_Empty
- Zen_Virus_Cure_Injector_Empty
- Zen_Virus_Brain
- Zen_Virus_PathogenVial


You can repack this mod if you like, and do anything else you want with it for that matter. Keep in mind that repacking will stop my updates & bug fixes being automatically applied. The source code is available on my GitHub at

PS. Check Out My Servers:

If you want to see all of my mods in action check out HardcoreDayZꓸcom!
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AmberTurd 22 hours ago 
@RetroMaja did you get cure working too? any help would very much appreciated
RetroMaja Mar 27 @ 4:21am 
I made it work for now. Just to let you know that there is an error in the brain.rvmat:

texture="ZenVirus\data\models\brain_tex.paa has to be

RetroMaja Mar 26 @ 4:28pm 
Hey @Zen, could you please add the "+" to your inventoryslot entries?

class BloodBagFull: Inventory_Base
inventorySlot[] +=


It keeps overriding other slots made with BloodBagFull & BloodBagIV classes. I tried to add it myself but it still overrides.

Thank you!
RetroMaja Mar 26 @ 4:23pm 
@Stano I tested it, it works. Maybe a mod conflict on your end.
Stano Mar 25 @ 12:13pm 
SalineBagIV doesn't work :(
AmberTurd Mar 23 @ 11:03am 
i as well am having issues with my player only disappearing and not turning into a zombie
Ghosttown.TTV Mar 19 @ 12:13pm 
Anyone else having issues with the microscope disappearing on restarts?
Robocop Mar 18 @ 4:52pm 
@Zenarchist Another question, is the player's option to become a zombie working normally? When I activate my character disappears, but the zombie does not appear.
Put the following variables
"TurnDeadInfectedPlayersToZombies": 1,
"PlayerInfectedPercentageToZombify": 1.0,
Robocop Mar 18 @ 3:12pm 
@Zenarchist Hello, the variable "StageNoCure": 0.0, does it mean that the player will not be able to heal as soon as he gets infected or that he will only be able to heal when the marker is at 0.0?
Ownkruid Mar 18 @ 11:40am 
Does this work with sVisual?