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Dynamic Trade Routes
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Dynamic Trade Routes

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Dynamic Trade Routes
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Dynamic Trade Routes (DTR) adds a medieval trade system to CK3, offering a more immersive experience with three main aims:
  1. Historicity over Balance: medieval resources need to be accurately placed, not fairly distributed.
  2. Medieval Lords, not Traders: role-playing over economic strategy.
  3. Realism: economy and development should be quickly and radically affected by war.

Detailed guides on how DTR works are available at CK3mod[].

For discussions, join the DTR Discord Server[].


At its core, DTR features an original Coinage System of Character Traits with 2 coin types (Large, Small), 3 metals (Gold, Silver, Copper), 10 Designs with different requirements and effects. Also, Bracteates.

Mints as special holding building: their coin issuance extends to the whole duchy and precious metal availability determines coin survival.

New Court positions Master of the Mint and Warden of the Mint who increase coin survival and also allow for Renovatio Monetae & Debasement.

Added all known medieval Mines of gold, silver, and copper, as well as all other essential or important ore sources (iron, tin, alum, marble, etc.).

Ore Extraction dependent on the mine's historical starting year and known or estimated yield.

Added all known relevant medieval resources with their local production, (inter)regional Production or Extraction baronies, as well as Trading Hubs/Ports.

Actual Production/Year for each resource is based on specific buildings, building levels, and terrain/location, as well as on Culture (innovation, tradition) and Activity:

Trade (Imports, Exports) are heavily dependent on Region and Religion.

Activity—i.e. production and trade—is affected by development, war, raids, and related modifiers.

Usage of resources checked yearly for each ruler's (Sub)Realm, including:
  • Men-at-Arms types,
  • Foodstuff for estimated population (deficit causes Famine and Disease),
  • Building Construction costs dependent on available materials (e.g. timber, stone),
  • etc.

Added Warhorses as artifacts in a new Inventory slot, with quality, breed, etc. based on culture and training. Camels and Elephants.

Royal Studs are special holding building of Castles, with its horse artifact trading system and taxed sales. New Court Position Head Groom.

Wargames (Tourneys, Chowgan games)as activities with duel-like competitions, divided according to faith and location

Royal Shipyards available for Trade Ports. Allows build fleet and hire fleet decisions, and unlocks Admiral court position (usually available only for Kings or higher with coastal realms)

Slave Markets are a special holding building for Cities, with slave trading system and taxed sales.

Domestic slaves (includes Eunuchs) and Mamluks (slave soldiers) can be bought and integrated as court positions.

Slave Concubine system for Polygamous faiths, secret concubines for non-concubinists.

Caravans or Fairs (depending on faith and region) are a special holding building for Temples, with artifact trading system and taxed sales.

New artifacts Falcons (diplomacy, hunt), low quality Imitations, and Edibles (stress relief).

Raiding allowed for independent rulers based on faith hostility (always) or traditionally raiding cultures (Britannia, India, Africa), including enslave events when commander is the ruler.

Non-raidable counties are amenable to trade (Trade Deal vs. Trading Post), depending on diplomacy (Republics excel).

Wars will be joined by vassals depending on their opinion of their liege—and almost certainly if they will lose land.

Holy wars are more likely to be joined by same-faith neighbors.

Sieges reduce fort level, and trigger Pillaging events.

  • New Art and Images for Modifiers, Events, Backgrounds.
  • Historically accurate on-start setting of Mints, Coins, Royal Studs, Slave Markets, Caravans/Fairs and Royal Shipyards for 867 and 1066.
  • New Disease events, including Smallpox outbreaks, historical Great Famine and Black Death.
  • Dynamic Historicity: starting wars, title changes, claims, special troops...

Load essential mods in their appropriate order by subscribing to the DTR Collection.Compatches:

As a general rule, load DTR and sub-mods always after all other mods.
  • Mods that change the barony distribution will need a compatch.
  • Mods that change GUI files (windows for character, holding) are likely to conflict with DTR.

These are not maintained by me and are always in need of help, so please contact their authors for updates / corrections:
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Problems with Coinage?
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Amayaedu 12 hours ago 
is compatible with city of wonders 3?
JJ 15 hours ago 
Does this work with Ibn Buttata's Legacy mod?
Kapl0k  [author] 15 hours ago 
@BlackRacham986: Not really sure how custom rulers would affect holding interactions... AFAIK only the holder's government is relevant: if the direct holder of the barony has not a Republic government, slave markets won't update.
Also, IIRC if there is lack of control (sacked, sieged, or the like) markets might not be updated until the situation is resolved.
I have to take a look at CoW3, though; without a patch, anything can be happening when it is loaded.
BlackRacham986 Nov 27 @ 4:59pm 
So far only noticing it on custom rulers
BlackRacham986 Nov 27 @ 4:22pm 
Im so happy to have this mod back in the line up. One problem im having though is my slave markets are empty. I have no slaver or slaves. I can still buy and trade though just not in my realm. Is this new or a conflict with another mod? I am playing with COW.
Coach Nov 27 @ 10:53am 
StopGenndy, I heard WeightofCrown mod makes the game lag/very slow as time goes on, is this true?

Thanks a lot for updating the mod KaplOk, this is a MUST have mod 10/10
StopGenndy Nov 27 @ 6:10am 
Hey @Kapl0k, does this mod have a compatch with Weight of Crown
Jet Nov 26 @ 10:53am 
congratulations! I will now use this with the fallen eagle mod
Kapl0k  [author] Nov 26 @ 10:19am 
@ALL: The mod has been updated to version 1.11.1. This includes a fix to the previous random crash.
As always, you can take a look at
Change Notes or follow changes in the DTR Discord Server [].
KhakiTurtle Nov 22 @ 1:06pm 
I hope there's an update to this because I can't live without it