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NOVA Destroyer Expansion Pack
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Jun 11 @ 6:09am
Jul 18 @ 12:33am
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NOVA Destroyer Expansion Pack

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Lets keep building BIG

This modpack is an expansion for NOVA Frigate Starter Pack , with 11 new block modules focused on heavy weaponry for our line of destroyers and heavy destroyers, including:

NOVA Trooper (Orbital Strike) [HE, Weapon section]
A Trooper calling in orbital strike from the fleet in orbit. Each Trooper can request a strike every 30 seconds, and every orbital strike package consists of 10 L.O.K.I projectiles

Low Orbit Kinetic Impactor (L.O.K.I) System [HE, Weapon section]
An orbital delivery system for heat-resistant rods made from titanic-ignite alloy capable of withstanding atmospheric entry. When dropped from the low orbit of any celestial body, a L.O.K.I projectile will accumulate kinetic energy as it free falls to the surface.
With only gravity doing all the work, this system is very cheap to mass-produce and maintain, making it the perfect choice for siege and blockade missions, or supporting ground troops from orbit. The lack of guidance system means that hostiles can avoid the projectiles with relative ease, which makes this system ideal to destroy stationary targets

DMS C-X1Z Heavy Railgun [HE, Weapon section]
A heavy railgun armed with zero-point warhead, capable of bypassing shields but ineffective against armor

DMS C-X2 Photon Cannon Array [HE, Weapon section]
An array of extremely powerful emitter capable of discharging highly energetic photon beam. Each individual emitter is equipped with a wave-particle focusing lense, that can move independently from each other, creating a deadly killzone inside it's cone of fire

DMS Small Torpedo Bay (Nuclear/Plasma Warheads) [HE, Weapon section]
A single tube torpedo bay capable of deploying space torpedoes. However it needs several seconds to adjust flight path and trajectory, therefore vulnerable to CIWS(s) and point defenses.
The single tube design is far more compact compared to the standard 4 tube torpedo bay, but it takes longer to reload the next torpedo

DMS Large Torpedo Bay (Nuclear/Plasma Warheads) [HE, Weapon section]
A large torpedo bay with 6 launcher tubes capable of deploying space torpedoes. However it needs several seconds to adjust flight path and trajectory, therefore vulnerable to CIWS(s) and point defenses.
The 6 tube design allows for rapid deployment of torpedoes but the support structure takes up more space compared to the standard 4 tube torpedo bay

DMS HP-150 SOWS [HE, Weapon section]
A Stand-Off Weapon System designed to fire at hostiles from stand-off distance. If a CIWS is responsible for threats that are closing in, a SOWS is responsible for threats that are keeping their distance, or moving away from the fleet. Which is why this weapon system is vital for Destroyers with Anti-Ship roles, especially during blockade and escort missions

DMS AG Module [HE, Flight section]
After several years wasted on the effort to reverse-engineer Better Future's Anti-Gravity technology, DMS has finally achieved a breakthrough in replicating the technology. By using Volithium, an exotic particle found in unstable neutron stars, this AG Module is capable of un-bending the fabric of space and time to be almost completely flat. And since gravity is essentially just dips and curls in the space-time continuum, any object in the vicinity of this module will not be affected by gravity

Clairmont-Osgood Drive [HE, Flight section]
Courtesy of Prof. Renée de Clairmont and Dr. Steven Osgood from NOVA Academy of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, this engine is a miniaturized version of the Epstein Drive.
Despite being 80% smaller, the C-O Drive is capable of producing up to 20% of the original Epstein Drive's thrust output. The compact nature of this engine also means that it can fit in a smaller ship, or install several in a cluster.
This model is also designated ProxMod2, which means it is equipped with Proxima Dark to achieve FTL travel, and uses a unique fuel pellet independent from the tech's fuel reserves, allowing ships to operate without any conventional fuel tanks
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Darvenstein  [author] Aug 6 @ 8:16pm 
Still? Send your crash log
R軍曹 Aug 6 @ 7:00am 
i crashes if i want to use the orbital strike
Catish Jul 24 @ 10:53am 
Well, I cannot wait until Payload realise that the (extremely space inefficient) 4m cubed cab has a swimming pool in it.
Darvenstein  [author] Jul 23 @ 10:13pm 
yes, in the official modding guide the devs stated that 1x1x1 block is 1m cubed
Catish Jul 23 @ 4:04pm 
Does it say that in the base game?
Darvenstein  [author] Jul 22 @ 10:27pm 
1 block equals to 1m cubed, therefore NOVA guys are 2m tall in average
Catish Jul 22 @ 11:49am 
Why is the NOVA trooper weapon a humanoid the size of a GSO cab? If it is a quarter the size of the basic Geocorp cab (which is large enough to contain a penthouse according to it's description), then why is a humanoid that size?
Darvenstein  [author] Jul 18 @ 12:33am 
Update 18.07.2022

->Re-adjustment of all block modules' grade & rarity
->Torpedoes has an arm delay of 5 seconds to prevent them from exploding in your face. If a torp hits you before being armed, it will fall off to the ground, and will explode in 20 sec
Darvenstein  [author] Jun 17 @ 7:06am 
i pushed a fix for it an hour ago, try to un-subscribe, restart steam, then subscribe again
Lackjey Jun 17 @ 6:22am 
i crashes if i want to use the orbital strike or the L.O.K.I weapons