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Arkitect Structures (Atlas)
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Arkitect Structures (Atlas)

In 1 collection by Gimilkhad
Arkitect Builder Collection
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June 6, 2022

1. Are there pre-made structures? No, and pre-made structures are not planned.
2. Will you add X, Y, Z structure parts? Visit the Core mod page and scroll down to see the list of planned parts.
3. Does the mod support the StructureMemOpts ini? Yes.

We want to see people's awesome builds! You can post 'em in my Discord's Show and Tell channel. Your builds will keep us motivated, and help inspire us and other builders!

Mod Summary:
Arkitect Structures is a collection of structure mods, each with its own theme.
- Currently there are 2 mods, AS:Core and AS:Atlas.
- They are designed to fit with CKF parts, and use similar snaps.
- Almost every structure model has been adjusted, and several materials modified to make every structure look as good as possible.
- Both mods contain new parts and building shapes not found in vanilla Ark, or Atlas.

Arkitect Structures: Core
- This is the primary mod, and is required to use any other Arkitect Structure mods. It contains all the core files, as well as a full set of CKFR-sized, vanilla-themed structure parts. 7 Tiers total including Thatch, Wood, Stone, Adobe, Metal, Tek, and Greenhouse.

Arkitect Structures: Atlas
- An optional addon mod that contains the 3 structure tiers from the game Atlas (Thatch, Wood, Stone), which have been rebuilt from scratch. The parts are resized to fit properly with Ark structures, and also made to match CKFR wall/roof height. The Atlas meshes have been tweaked to give more structure variant options.

New Parts
Corner and Valley parts
- Atlas already had Corner/Valley roofs. We've added Corner and Valley stone-tier stairs.
- Ark had no Corner/Valley parts, so every tier now has Corner/Valley roofs.

Taller ladders
- These ladders fit the taller walls. They have the Locking and Quick-Climb features like S+ ladders.

- Different from stairs (which are basically a square roof). Staircases are skinnier and have turns.
- AS:Atlas includes the U-Turn and L-Turn staircases from Atlas, and will in the future include a new straight variant which is basically half-wide stairs.

Many more parts are planned
- More parts to fill in gaps in the existing structure tiers.
- New structure variants for existing parts.

- There are only a few Engrams, and all the structure items are crafted in the crafting bench of each mod, to cut down on player engram bloat.
- There is an Engram for each tier. For example, learning the Atlas Stone Tier engram will teach you all the Stone Tier parts, which will then be available in the Atlas Crafting table.

Snap Compatibility
- AS:Core and AS:Atlas have 100% snap compatibility between each other.
- Arkitect Structures has been designed for as much snap compatibility with ExileAcid's CKF mods as possible, particularly CKFR. It should be easy to mix and match parts with CKFR, CKF:SF, and CKF:Legacy.

Thanks to EddyChomps to porting all the Atlas materials, and creating some customs models.
And of course a big thanks to Grapeshot for making these awesome structures to begin with.

Check out my other mods

Arkitect Structures: Core
The main mod that is required to be installed in order for Arkitect Structures: Atlas to function. It adds most of the structures from Ark, reworked to fit the sizing of CKF:Remastered.

A mod to improve the crafting, spawning, and building experience.

Useful Tools
Contains many tools that are great for builders.
- A paint gun that includes a Dye Menu and a mode that can paint multiple pieces at once
- Paint removal tools like the Pressure Washer
- A Structure Gun that has Pickup/Demo/Delete modes and a mode that cycles and copies structure appearances

Snap Fixer Plus
A mod that adds snap compatibility between mods like S+ and CKF. It can also resize CKF Legacy to fit with other structure mods. Long term plan is to fix old abandoned structure mods and add S+ snaps to them as well.

Feel free to join my discord to discuss the mod, make suggestions, report bugs, etc.

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Gimilkhad  [author] Aug 8 @ 10:26am 
Interesting. Thought I had fixed that
Kriogenic Aug 8 @ 2:18am 
@Gimilkhad There seems to be an issue with the Atlas ladders, especially on Fjordur if EnableQuickClimb=true.

If you are in one of the realms like Vanaheim or Asgard and you use a ladder to "climb up" with that setting most of the time you will teleport up through the world and end up back in midgard.
Cheese Aug 3 @ 5:15pm 
Ah, well, glad to help with a bug fix lol! Thank you for the fast reply, I love your mods and I love that they're CKFR compatible at that. Keep up the great work!
Gimilkhad  [author] Aug 3 @ 11:44am 
@Cheese turns out there was a bug preventing the atlas wood gate from snapping to the palisade gate. I've fixed it so it'll work in the next update.
Gimilkhad  [author] Aug 3 @ 10:27am 
The Atlas wood gate should snap to both the atlas wood gate frame and the palisade frame. There are currently no other palisade parts, I just needed to give that model a different name
Cheese Aug 2 @ 7:09pm 
I apologize because I'm not in the discord so I have to ask here, but, the wood Palisade gate frame... does any gate snap into it? I crafted both the Atlas wood gate and tested even the core wood gate but neither will snap into the gate frame. There's nothing named 'Palisade gate' either so I figure either the part isn't added yet or just doesn't exist at all. If that's the case, that's fine. I just want to know if I need to do an FTP in case I messed anything up and the part does exist. Thanks!
Gimilkhad  [author] Jul 31 @ 11:01pm 
Just a heads up that in the coming update, two pickup ini options are being removed due to being redundant. Wildcard's Homestead update added some official pickup options years ago.


This will have the bonus effect that AS structures will obey servers that do not have infinite pick up time allowed. In other words, they will respect pickup grace period if one has been set.

For those unaware, the official versions of the ini options being removed (and their default values) are:

These will NOT go under the [ArkitectStructures] header, they are official options so they go in the usual spot for official settings (Google it if you don't know. I don't remember offhand.)
Jeffrey C Drywater Jul 29 @ 7:59pm 
I continue to be impressed by the quality of your modding work. This really fantastic. Well done, sir. Well done.
Gimilkhad  [author] Jul 28 @ 10:44am 
76561198022823418 Jul 27 @ 5:42pm 
Do the .ini options for the Core Mod work with this one? (Atlas)