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Shadowrun Returns

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Completed Campaigns & Open Worlds
As I try out Campaigns, Acts, and Open Worlds I will add ones that work and I have had no problems with or only minor ones.
As well as what I think of them in the notes. Some notes may be about mods not on steam, but acquired from nexus.

If you find ones that I don't have listed that you would like to recommend, feel free to comment.

Thank you and Happy Running
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A Lost Lamb [Current]
Created by Dyslexicoedr
A strange woman from the corporate enclave needs your help finding her lost sister....
A Stitch in Time
Created by Stymie Jackson
A Stitch in Time: A Shadowrun Returns UGC

Life in the Seattle Barrens is typically brutal and short. It's a foul, decaying mess of poverty and despair in the best of times but lately it's gotten even worse. The Barrens could use a savior, but it will s...
Created by cirion
Note: If you have Dragonfall: Director's Cut, you'll probably want Antumbra Saga instead of Antumbra. The third part of the series requires the DLC version of Dra...
Antumbra 2 - Eclipse
Created by cirion
Megacorps battle for supremacy in San Francisco, but broader tensions simmering in the city threaten to boil over into total war. You’ll contend with megacorp security invasions, Colonel Saito’s thuggish Imperial Marines, ghettoized metahumans, and more ex...
Antumbra 3 - Corona
Created by cirion
Have Dragonfall: Director's Cut? You'll probably want Antumbra Saga.

War looms over CalFree as the mighty armies of Tir Tairngire poise to invade. The dysf...
Assault on Cesh Coran Labs
Created by King Scrub
This is a full campaign for Shadowrun returns! The Assault on Cesh Coran Labs takes you on a journey from humble (and foul smelling) beginnings, across the city of Seattle and into other planes of existance to find the man who hired some very ineffective g...
Back to Seattle
Created by Lord Kharsis
After a couple of years running in the shadows of Hong-Kong, you realise you've made more enemies than friends. You take a flight back to your hometown: Seattle, in hope of meeting your old Mr. Johnson, who operated in a bar named Underground 93. That guy...
Corvallis // Part: I
Created by Socks
The Sarpan Corporation sends a team of elite security agents on an operation which turns into something more than a simple retrieval.

(Pt 1 of 3)

Author: Socks
Art: El Sharko []

Darkness Falls part 1 of 3
Created by molefixer
A job to extract a scientist from Ares sounds like an easy check, but when Ares takes the assault on them personally you find your team captured and Ares breathing down your neck. Now you have to find a way to save your team and get Ares off your back. [(...
Darkness Falls Part 2 of 3
Created by molefixer
(You play as Ray in this chapter!) Rays team was captured by Ares and his wife handed over to the Spikes. She was infected by a dangerous parasite and he made a deal with a spirit to dispose of the parasite. Now his entire world is turned upside down and h...
Darkness Falls Part 3 of 3
Created by molefixer
You return from being stranded in the nether worlds to find that the Fallen has not only corrupted your friend Ray, but has been busy building a cult of followers to help it in completing its nefarious goals. Now you must save FireStorm and Ray from its ev...
Fraggin' Marvellous!
Created by MrWiggler2u
You are thrust into a high stakes run against Skullduggery, the headquarters for Yakuza BTL manufacture and distribution in Downtown Seattle. You will have to outsmart or out-gun the Yakuza, their security guards, tweakers and security systems. But it's al...
From The Shadows, Run.
Created by Ashram
'From The Shadows, Run'
Act I: Ascent

- A campaign for new characters. This is where it all began.

- Built and tested for 'Hard' difficulty. Crank it up a notch past normal for the optimal experience. 'Very Hard' if you need more of a challenge.

- E...
From The Shadows, Run - Act II, Part 1
Created by Ashram
Act II: The Culling of Saint Celestine

- The first half of Act II.
- The mystery of Project Omen unfolds into a terrifying new chapter.
- Again playtested at Hard difficulty. Set your sights to the challenge.

If you downloaded the Act II Fan...
From The Shadows, Run - Act II, Part 2
Created by Ashram
Act II: The Culling of Saint Celestine, Part 2

- The last half of Act II
- The mystery of Project Omen unfolds into a terrifying new chapter.
- Again playtested at Hard difficulty. Set your sights to the challenge.

If you downloaded the Act ...
From The Shadows, Run - Act III: Kith and Kin
Created by Ashram
*Requires Dragonfall DLC*
- The Vessels return in the next Act of 'From The Shadows, Run.'
- Picks up immedietly following the events of Act 2.
- Play-tested on Hard difficulty.
- Supports all classes and builds.

Thanks for waiting, chummers. If you enjo...
Gangs of Seattle
Created by [BwB] Kozak
Version 1.4
A collection of Shadowruns set in an open sandbox style. Disclaimer: Mature Themes and Language.

Right now there are only 4 shadowruns and an assortment of small encounters. Working on adding runs and populating the area.

Feel free to provide...
Gimoire (part 1: Adept): Dragonfall
Created by Utna
This is a remake of Dragonfall, but with the first part of the The Grimoire (Physical Adept chapter).

About The Grimoire (part 1: Physical Adepts):

This is a data only UGC made as a total conversion of the Physical Adept's gameplay. All the ex...
KillCity Detroit v1.1
Created by The Defenestrator
^^^^you must download the collection above to get this to work^^^^

In Old Detrot it's sink or swim. Cash in -- or get cashed out!

Shit is going down tonight. And you're the dude causing the shit.

This is an expansive addition to Shadowrun Returns with...
Manic Monday
Created by OnkelMakkus
You get up on the wrong side of the bed and your day develops like old junk in the noonday heat.

A story like only the Barrens could tell, filled with bashing, bad behaviour and bananas with 30% real banana inside.

You can choose the language i...
Never Trust an Elf Part 1: Family
Created by potatocubed
You've lived your whole life with the Barrens Tigers, a small-time gang in the Seattle Barrens who have become your adoptive family. But somewhere far away, a man has made a decision which is going to turn your world upside-down...

This is the first cha...
Nightmare Harvest
Created by Lockjaw Nightvision
The Shambles is a slum with a secret. A secret the local Yakuza and Comanche Mafia are willing to go to war for. A secret that a lone Shadowrunner who's just trying to lay low and nurse a hangover will unwittingly uncover.

Prime Runners: To Hell and Back
Created by dante_ph
Steam Info

You've got the call! You're headed to the Big Time. Your meet is in Hell, the lowest level of the famous Dante's Inferno Night Club. You pull this off and you'll be considered one of the best: a Prime Runner.

All you need to do is survive the...
Razor's Edge - Chapters 1 - 3 - Fixed - see notes - Requires subscription to Razor's Edge Launcher UGC
Created by Obsidian_Razor
!! I have uploaded a new launcher for this UGC to the workshop that seems to be allowing me to fix the bugs that were introduced by the transition to SRR ver 1.1. Please SUBSCRIBE TO BOTH THIS UGC AND THE "RAZOR'S EDGE LAUNCHER" UGC. Launch the UGC from ...
SNES Reboot Alpha Version - OLD VERSION
Created by ledeir

We require Dragonfall and as such are transitioning to the Directors cut worksho...
Shadowrun Identity - Life on a Limb
Created by Opifer
Seattle Metroplex: January, 2050 (ver. 0.5275)
Suggested Karma Level: 150 Karma
It's not even a nice place to visit. Built from a thousand kilometers of flesh and steel, it writhes in the passions of those who live in it. Everyone...
Streets of London
This is a short, open-ended campaign, mostly structured around a series of isolated, single-map runs. It was originally intended for a starting character, but was a little overtuned, so I now recommend starting with a character with around 50 Karma. Of cou...
Stuffer Shack
Created by Augmented
A quick run for stuffers leads to an all gunfight!

Characters imported from after the main campaign will have an easy time of this, no matter the difficulty set - but then you're a world saving hero, aren't you?

This mini-adventure is based on an...
The Deep One
Created by gevrik
One year after the Dead Man's Switch run has ended you are back in the gutter. Your bank account has seen better days and it is about time to get another job... You are not aware yet that your journey might drag you deeper into the abyss than you ever coul...
The Price of Conviction: Coyotes Crusade
Created by Avenzi
*** Use this UGC at your own risk. It is no longer supported and there have been reports of locking load screens by some users. I'm unfortunatly not in a position currently to return to bug hunting this mod and I'm truly sorry if that disapoints anyone who...
The Shadows of the Salish Shidhe
Created by Omensign
The lands of the Salish Shidhe are as dark as the shadows in the Seattle plex itself. This original story adventure for new characters explores some of the lore and locales of the Salish Shidhe.

I hope you enjoy my work and this is very much a labor of...
Trivia Night, Chapter 1
Created by tangmcgame
*Update: An incomplete version of Chapter 2 is now available.*

One fateful Thursday night, when all you wanted was to enjoy a relaxing evening of trivia antics, heavy drinking, and perhaps some illicit, pricey fornication, it all goes wrong. So very wr...
Truth Lies in the Shadows 8/9/13
Created by Allarion
Discover the truth, discover the lies, discover the Shadows.

This is an Alpha Demo, including only the Prelude and Prologue.

This story follows the life of Tarak Solarion.

This is a mature, dark story. The prelude and beginning of the prologue a...
Underground Fight Club 1.0
Created by gevrik
Participate in this illegal underground Fight Club to earn fame and fortune. This works for new and imported characters and each match will be different....
Yakuza Legacy
Created by Opifer
In a ruthless battle for power, several yakuza clans vie for the favor of their head family in the Japanese underworld. The rival bosses seek to rise through the ranks by scheming and making allegiances sworn over sake. Long-time yakuza Otomo has seen his ...
A continuation of the Meet Me in St Louis campaign
Created by swceltic
Space Cowboys is a continuation of the Meet Me in St. Louis Campaign. St. Louis has gotten a little hot since Ghost War, with the Ares Corporation on the warpath, life has gotten hot for all involved. You make your escape with Stumphy and the Wellston bl...
The Abandoned Slum
Created by Zeronomus
Once a heavily populated district on the outskirts of Seattle, this slum fell into disrepair and was walled off and foreclosed. Now it serves as home for all manner of criminal activity and shaady dealings....
ADVANCED-Contracts Part 2
Created by zega x
You have been out of the contract buisness for awhile now and recently partnered up with a fellow runner that goes by the name striker-jane.....everythings about to go horribly wrong and the contract agency is about to pull you back in!

Conflict: Shadow Play 2
Created by [H2SO4]Marauder
Augmented Technologies Inc. was a large AA corporation on the rise in the late 2040s and early 2050s specializing in both cyberware and bioware augmentations in a wide scope of products. “From personal entertainment to military grade hardware and everythin...
Echo - Chapter 1
Created by Vapors
You were down and out, isn't that how things usually start? This time you’re so down your face might as well be in the gutter. You came to Seattle looking to make a name for yourself. Instead you found yourself here on B Street. You've got both feet in the...
Escape From Prison
Created by jayman760
You wake up in a desolate prison - you must find a way to escape!...
Food Fight!
Created by L0g41n
It's the great equalizer. It'll stop a troll the size of a car as easily as the smallest dwarf or thinnest elf. It ain't a weapon, spell, or even a dragon- it's hunger. When it's time to eat, you just gotta get the stuffers into your stomach before you go ...
Fargo, 2054 Chapter 1
Created by speedro1281
Good lord, what did I do? I remember gas, and riot cops; did I die and wake up in a quiet nightmare of urban sprawl built on skyscrapers carved from human misery?

This story is about waking up, eating egg bake, walking through a frozen city, and experi...
Created by molefixer
You wake up to find yourself in a strange place surrounded by strange people. (very short run, designed as a fun house not really a horror story)

No longer supported...
Created by Taloswind
Davis Reeds is a man down on his luck. Now unemployed and with a hit out on his head he looks to his only friend Jacko to get him into the Shadow Running business.

Help Davis on a journey from mere beginnings to the top of a blood soaked profession.
Meet Me in St. Louis
Created by swceltic
A campaign set in the city of St. Louis

15 runs 4 optional runs

long load times on matrix map

Check later in game personnal secretary Shadowlands Mirror...
Moonlight Prophecy
Created by sumguy
After a rude awakening, you wake up one early morning to find three men waiting for you. Their message is cryptic, their gaze is emotionless, and their intent is unclear, but it is certain they want you. With no other option, you decide to get to the botto...
Old Habits Die Hard - Episode 1: Escape
Created by icemann
Old Habits Die Hard. A decker only campaign aimed at karma 52+ characters. It can be done with lower characters, but the expectation is that you have done atleast 1-2 of the quick easy missions released so far (Milk Run, Stuffer Shack etc).

For now this ...
Rumble in the Sprawl
Created by Tanto Edge
The Halloweeners are aiming to blow up down town Seattle.

You have been contracted to deal with the problem.

Assemble your team and get ready for a rumble in the sprawl....
Silver Angel, Seattle 2050
Created by Nao
You've been hired to infiltrate Mitsuhama's Cavilard research center in Bellevue to steal Silver Angel. Your employer Eve Donovan was rather unclear what Silver Angel was apart from the fact that it was a file stored on a secure computer system inside the ...
Spetsnaz 2045
Created by Shina
2045, Russia.
Spetsnaz corporal, Erina Vasilieva, Aka Pixy earned her nickname as much for being smart and mischievous, as for her small stature, she uses to squeeze past tightest spaces.
If she is talented with riffles and guns she is deadly with a knif...
Strike Hard, Run Fast
Created by SnowDragon
When hired to snatch and grab a man by the name of Doctor Tuss, the run goes sour from the get go. Higher than advised security, heavy firepower and corrupt bought off police. Though managing to obtain the scientist, the team's escape is cut short by a bru...
Survival Run
Created by Ninjababe
Interstice Corporation has an interesting offer for you. One you really can't refuse. Oh, you want to? Sorry... Seems you've been signed up anyway. Try to survive!

Please note: This mod is currently for physical fighters. There is no access to chi power...
The Copycat Killer
Created by Impius
A father lost his daughter, a serial killer who was killed two years ago makes a return and the start of the tensions in Seattle's Ork Underground....
The Corporation And Tales of Safe Haven[NEW]
Created by Lohingren
After getting a bum job from an "Old Friend" you find yourself wrapped up in a corporate conspiracy.

Safe Haven they say?

Currently in Alpha (nowhere near finished)

Current Version is just the City Areas that you will be able to traverse and ex...
The daily life of a shadowrunner
Created by jijutsu
When an easy job turns to a catastroph, the runner starts an invistigation to find out why with the help of a surprising ally...

200+ Karma adventure, duration 2 hours+
langage: crappy english :) translation frenchglish to english in progress with the hel...
The fight for fame.
Created by Zethien
A fully functional Arena Mod that is playable as a new or import character but will be meant as an addition to other campaigns. This is a good "filler" side quest progression for your full length runs!

Opened for tier 1.1-1.3. More to come this is just ...
The Wageslave
Created by metabaronX4
Being a wageslave wasn't for you. The world has gone all to drek and you'd rather be free than controlled. Working for Fuchi was crushing your soul. The megacorps suck the life out of people. Becoming a shadowrunner was your only way out. Freddie, you...
Underpants and a Parley
Created by Pumpkinification
"Bringing talking underpants to a parley. There's no way this can't succeed."

~A love letter to Larian Studios, Divinity: Original Sin... and underpants. :3

War has already broken out! In a distant province there remains an isolated chance for peace....
A dark and stormy night v 1.4
Created by Wesqout
I'm happy to announce version 1.4. It adresses alot of the things you guys commented. Thanks alot for the help.

Suggested karma: 100-200
This one is pretty old school - go in, snatch stuff, be fast, get out. The longer you linger around, the greater t...
Alpha Gameplay Reverse - Play as Lonestar!
Created by McDougal
Give Lonestar Mage RC a chance to win against the mischievous Lady Z and co.!...
Burning Bridges
Desperation can lead a man to extremes.The kind of extremes where blowing up bridges - injuring or killing others – makes perfect sense. Mr.Johnson knows this desperation and it’s led him to a fateful decision.

- 6:30 PM, who’d a thunk it? This must be th...
Buzz in the Matrix
Created by fredingue
DEPENDENCIES: please subscribe to run this module properly.
- SSC V2 by Tracker
- New Props by Divinity_one
- More Stairs & doors by Ferragus

This is a non linear story with plenty of places to visit...
Costly Mistake
Created by AwForFoxSake
You Awake At the End of the Line. You must Survive Untl the Next Bus Comes.

Very Basic Survival Map to Test out some of the Trigger Fucntions and Such. Still Buggy in Spots and Very Hard to last Long.

Safe Zone Is in the Shop Area (No Combat Zone) - Ente...
Darkness Falls Part 1 (No Dragonfall content)
Created by molefixer
A job to extract a scientist from Ares sounds like an easy check, but when Ares takes the assault on them personally you find your team captured and Ares breathing down your neck. Now you have to find a way to save your team and get Ares off your back. [(...
Darkness Falls Part 2 (No Dragonfall content)
Created by molefixer
(You play as Ray in this chapter!) Rays team was captured by Ares and his wife handed over to the Spikes. She was infected by a dangerous parasite and he made a deal with a spirit to dispose of the parasite. Now his entire world is turned upside down and h...
Darkness Falls Pt 3 (No dragonfall content)
Created by molefixer
You return from being stranded in the nether worlds to find that the Fallen has not only corrupted your friend Ray, but has been busy building a cult of followers to help it in completing its nefarious goals. Now you must save FireStorm and Ray from its ev...
EPIK Episode I - The Conversion v0.70
Created by GrungePunk
[It's late at night. You wake to the sound of a terrified woman's screams coming from the apartment next door. You hop out of bed and prepare to investigate the disturbance. You don't know quite what to expect when you find the source of the screams, but y...
Everything Has a Price.
Created by WetWire
Welcome SR fans and new players.

This mod brings to the table an open world that players can enjoy. It is far from compleete, but I decided to go ahead and publish what I have now so others can enjoy what is currently done. This was in light of GTA cons...
Created by Bubb
This is a very short story, mainly for my own testing purposes.

I had originally planned for a more interesting & longer story with larger areas but workload being what it is and i'd rather get to work on dragonfall.

I hope you enjoy even if it's a s...
Lazarus Seattle sandbox game
Created by zanebound
Sandox style world built after real world Seattle with Shadowrun lore. Homage to Genesis game without the storyline. Due to re"publishing" problems, this description will not change and updates will be detailed in the comments section. Thanks to all con...
Little Town, Episode 1: The Avenue (Beta)
Created by frumpycontusion
Part 1 of Little Town, an episodic Shadowrun Returns adventure based in New York.

(This is a stable beta release. Please report bugs!)

PLEASE NOTE: The latest version is 0.94. If you are starting a new game, PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ARE ST...
Orcs Against the Machine (Cal Free Eps 1)
Created by Firesmith
This is the first Episode of the California Free State Campaign. It's a campaign for new characters. I hope you have as much fun playing it as I've had making it. Please let me know what bugs and issues you find as I'm sure there are plenty. Very sorry abo...
Razor's Edge Launcher - Post Patch 1.1
Created by Obsidian_Razor
Note: This content pack helps address the bugs introduced into the UGC by the SRR patch to version 1.1.

You MUST have the UGC Razor's Edge Chapters 1 - 3 installed for this to function.

This adventure pulls you into the world of the fixer Obsidi...
Seattle Blues
Created by Gojira1000
Hope may spring eternal, but so does its opposite. You're a lone wolf 'runner, robbed and left for dead. You have to find out why, and who, and make them pay.

A solo noir run in 11 scenes, any class allowed, but optimized for Street Samurai...
Seattle nights
Created by Shina
Taloswind lets play of this:
Renraku top floor map

This is as much a humble attempt at increasing exploration, tweaking and ...
Served Cold.
Created by vagabondelf
Ultimately this will be a branching storyline narrative, where the game ultimately ends up in one of a small number of places but where player choices make a difference to what happens along the way.

This is only chapter one, and an incomplete chapter one...
[1.2] A Day on 27th Block
Created by Colourful

You thought you had the hardest part behind you when you entered that cab this morning.

You had just finished a run for United Oil - some ugly wetwork stuff - and were supposed to go to their arcology to pick up the other half of your pay....
The Contracts Part 1
Created by zega x
A advanced and complete full story version transfering over multiple scenes to fulfill hit contracts! will you be able to serve the death warrants and become a valuable asset to the Contract Agency or become another runner who falls to the rogue bosses of ...
Endless Zombies
Created by Allarion
This content pack is simple. I wanted to create something for bored people to spend infinite time doing. This is Endless Zombies. You can kill zombies in 6 different levels of difficulty, and eventually in endless mode.

You can import characters, or creat...
The Kraken Myth
Created by Daniel
Work In Progress.

This is a little mystery adventure about an abducted sea monster. For now, mostly contains combat, but also some dialogue to provide a mystery to solve.

It's inspired by a story by China Miéville....
The Mystery of the Communicators (DISCONTINUED)
Created by Ludovin
UPDATE: No longer working on this. Sorry.

This a reupload of The Mystery of the Communicators. The other one is invalid now. Sorry for the stupidity on my part. First time doing any of this. Thanks!

Some people seem to be having issues with Mystery o...
The Next Run
Created by tenbluff
After saving the world you effectively spend some time enjoying the fruits of your labor. After weeks of emptiness you find yourself back at the Seamtress Union looking for your next run. The air is filled with cigarette smoke and the familiar smell of h...
The Usual Suspects.
Created by Rah
Suggested Kama level of 200.


Of all the dumb slotting luck. You and your Runners have been brought to the local branch of LoneStar for questioning. Seems someone geeked the wrong person and LoneStar is looking for blood. Never mind the fact that ...
Trivia Night, Chapter 2 (INCOMPLETE)
Created by tangmcgame
The Trivia Night saga continues. In this dark middle chapter you must figure out a way to escape Zed's Bar, navigate your way to safety, uncover the secret origins of not just the zombies, but other, far more sinister threats to the world, and take on the...
Wolf Runners Inc.
Created by Sept Wolfke
IMPORTANT: You must be subscribed to my first UGC pack 'Wolf Runners Inc. (Demo)' and you will also need to own Shadowrun Returns and Dragonfall: Director's Cut for Wolf Runners Inc. to work.

Welcome to the Shadows, chummer! This UGC offers a repeatabl...
The Clean Fire
Created by Slam
The Clean Fire is a module that follow an employee working at Cross Applied Technology. His daily routine is tossed aside when a shadowrunner break into the facility where he is working.

What it contains right now :

- Act 1 and 2 finished.
- A hub
- 3...
Shadows of Spokane
Created by Scratch
(Standalone story for new characters only)

You've got it all: a hot wife, a nice apartment, and a coveted job as an accountant for the Spokane regional office of pharmaceutical corp Kyuusei Medical. Sure, you may be a boring corporate wageslave, but it be...
Zombie Nightmare!
Created by Scratch

Hoi chummer, you look like you wanna blast off... Slot up this BTL and enjoy some ghoul-slaying fun!

For the low, low price of ¥500, you can have this rare gem, created by the legendary BTL coder: Scratch...
Be Careful What You Wish For - Act I
Created by dante_ph
All your life you've dreamt of being a real shadowrunner. Growing up SINless in the middle of the Barrens it's really the only option besides joining a gang or selling yourself on the street.

But when your first real run goes south, and one of your chumm...
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wadsonbr Apr 9, 2016 @ 10:04am 
nice good awesome ^^
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just added the new mods, but haven't played them yet.
Johnson Jul 26, 2014 @ 9:50am 
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"Corvalis" - short but good mod and story. looking forward to part 2.
Joelnh  [author] Jul 17, 2014 @ 6:48pm 
"Operation Complex Prophet" - good all around story and mod. looking forward to the next part.
Joelnh  [author] Jul 17, 2014 @ 4:11am 
"Better Dayz" - interesting humor but feels like I am just following the plot of a movie... any wrong choice and your dead. no way to get out of any conversations and come back to them. definately needs to be less rigid. only good thing I have to say about this mod is that there aren't any bugs.
Joelnh  [author] Jul 14, 2014 @ 11:55am 
"A Lost Lamb" - not bad, it's Short and needs some polishing.
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"SNES Reboot Alpha Version" - good so far, looking forward to seeing this grow.
Joelnh  [author] Jul 14, 2014 @ 5:21am 
"Gangs of Seattle" - not bad, but needs 'polishing' and it's short.
Joelnh  [author] Jul 13, 2014 @ 7:32am 
"The Contracts - Part 1" - doesn't fully work. it needs alot of polishing and fixing but has potential. if the author could access it or re-upload.