Tabletop Simulator

Tabletop Simulator

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Type: Game
Complexity: Low Complexity
Number of Players: 4
Play Time: 30 minutes
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May 25, 2022 @ 8:08am
Oct 4, 2022 @ 7:35pm
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Speculation is a new type of strategic card game where players must use process of
elimination and deductive reasoning to come out on top!

20 Secret Number cards
42 Information cards

Players 2-4
Duration 20-30 minutes
Ages 10+

Objective: Figure out what your opponent's Secret Number is before they determine yours!

Setup: Determine a dealer, each player is dealt one Secret Number card face down. Place the deck of Information cards and the deck of Secret Number cards in the middle of the table. Flip over three Information cards and three Secret Number cards and place them next to their respective decks.

Taking Your Turn

Playing an Information Card
On a player's turn they must give away some information about their Secret Number. To do this, a player can choose one of two options. They can choose to take one of the three Information cards that truthfully describes their number and place it in front of them. Or they can take one of the three Information cards that does not truthfully describe their number and place it in the discard pile. For example, if a player's Secret Number was "8", they could discard an Information card that says "Is Odd" because that is false. They then flip over the next card off of the top of the Information card deck to replace the card played. Players are not allowed to lie

Some Information Cards have abilities that will help you gain extra information. Abilities are displayed in a magnifying glass on lower half of a card. You may not benefit from a card's ability if you discard it. If you do play a card with an ability on it however, you immediately carry out that action as soon as it gets played. There are many Information cards that say "Reveal A Secret Number". Whenever one of these cards appears, immediately discard it and flip over a Secret Number card for everyone to see. You then continue to take your turn. These cards make players aware that nobody is holding onto that number.

Guessing a Player's Secret Number
At the start of a player's turn, they have the option to guess another player's Secret Number. If a player incorrectly guesses another players number, that player must take a second turn as a penalty. On their second turn they do not benefit from any card's abilities and are not allowed to guess on that turn. If they guess another player's Secret Number correctly, the Secret Number card gets revealed and the player who guessed correctly keeps that card face up next to them as it will apply to scoring. The player who guessed correctly also immediately ends their turn as a bonus. The player who's Secret Number was correctly guessed places the rest of their Information cards into their discard pile. They then immediately draw a new Secret Number card and keep playing.

If the deck of Information Cards runs out, reshuffle the discard pile to be used as the new deck of Information cards. Note: Do not reshuffle the "Reveal A Secret Number" cards back into the deck!

The first player who collects the designated amount of Secret Number cards wins!

Amount of Secret Number cards required to win:
2 Players: Collect 3 Secret Numbers to win. Include 7 "Reveal A Secret Number" cards into the Information deck
3 Players: Collect 2 Secret Numbers to win. Include 7 "Reveal A Secret Number" cards into the Information deck
4 Players: Collect 2 Secret Numbers to win. Include 5 "Reveal A Secret Number" cards into the Information deck

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