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Continuum BattleField - Terminate Test
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Continuum BattleField - Terminate Test

————Game Introduction————
Legend has it that in the darkest Lost Lands there is a mysterious realm of Emancipation.
Countless lone warriors and heroic adventure groups went to explore the secret realm one after another, looking for the complete secret treasure of Yanmo.
The brave people have acquired the inheritance of heroes, and armed themselves with fragments, skills, and equipment. Beasts, ghosts, Queen of Pain, the depths of the secret realm, and what kind of existence awaits the arrival of the challenger.
Brave, unite your partners, strive to become stronger, and face the ultimate terror.

————Introduction to how to play————
1. This game supports 1-4 people to play the game, and a single person can also experience the complete game content
2. Select the hero to use and the difficulty of the challenge, select the pet and equipment page, and enter the game
3. Enter the game to pass the first level, choose shards, skills, equipment to strengthen yourself, and then choose different levels according to your needs
4. The levels are divided into three categories: shards, skills, and equipment. Each branch has different monsters and different rewards
5. When selecting a level, there is a probability that a cursed level will appear. The difficulty of the cursed level has been greatly increased, and additional rewards can be obtained.
6. Each player has two chances to revive at the beginning, and you can get additional revival times by killing bosses, etc.
7. There are 4 chapters and 20 levels in a single game. Every 5 levels is a chapter. The last level of each chapter is the boss level. Kill the boss to get the loot and equipment flops.
8. Kill 20 level guard bosses to win the game

————Map Options————
YMMJ1X1: Single player mode
YMMJ1X4: Multiplayer Mode

————Friendly Reminder————
1. It is not recommended to forcibly challenge high difficulties. You can stop at some difficulties and obtain equipment to improve combat effectiveness.
2. You can improve your combat effectiveness by acquiring emblems, crafting equipment, upgrading heroes, etc.
3. There is a huge improvement in hero rising stars
4. The attributes of heroes and pets can be superimposed
5. You can view the four bosses that appear in this game on the top, bottom, left and right sides of the map
6. When a high-quality rare attribute appears on your low-quality equipment, it can be transferred to high-quality equipment through synthesis
7. In the game, when you are not satisfied with random shards, skills, and equipment, you can choose to give up getting gold coins. Gold coins can be spent at wandering merchants.
8. The value of the equipment selected in the game is related to the progress of the level
9. It is best to set a password when creating a multiplayer room, which can effectively avoid being banned due to inconsistency with other players' versions
10. Do not use any script to hang up or exploit loopholes for profit. Officials find such violations must be severely punished

————Game Exchange————
1.QQ group: 695828350
2. Discord: <a href="">Click here to join Discord</a>
3. Email:

————Search Keyword————
Search keywords: ymmj, Continuum BattleField, atom, yanmomijing, pve
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