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Amigo mustache
Master's spices....
Comfy Sweater
Created by Sparkwire
Stay warm!

Concept and Texture: Texman
Model: Rain and Sparkwire
Rigging: Jpras
SFM: MaGGoT4th...
The Heavy Knocker
Created by Merczy
Heavy is one who knocks on door.

-3 LODs!
-Facial Flexes!

Model and Texture by Merczy
With Additonal help from Original Name

Mr. Juice
100% less thoughts
100% more juice

comic trip on WLF ...
The Wicked Whiskers
Created by Rozzy
Mt. Big Rock, Cactus Valley's highest peak. And roaming in it's shadow, that king of beasts, the Heavy! Known to local miners as... ack, ook, ich, ach, bluah!

Also for Engi cause gotta catch that meddling Scout. Sniper version has large front teeth and ...
Survivalist's Beard
Created by GetGrenade
Only the strong survive.

Paintable, Flexed....
The Runner's Record
Created by Jal
Secondary replacement for scout. Something like the cleaver.
512 texture
1LOD 448-124...
The Pony Expression
Created by Sleeper
Why the long face?

512^2 diffuse and bumpmap, 2 LODs that fit within the fancy in-game workshop importer's criteria for all of the classes. Not paintable.

Alternate names - (Thank you to whoever suggested some of these):
Horsie Headie
Horsie Hotlin...
The Sleazy Esquire
Created by Ducksink
you sleazeball you
2 lods, paintable...
The Southern Charm
Created by Ducksink
keeping your enemies close and your hair closer.

1 lod, paintable...
The Space Diver
Created by Sparkwire
Part of the "From the Earth to the Moon and Back Again" Set...
The Toasty Trenchcoat
Created by CoreVixen
The frontline of military fashion.

Thanks to Lev for the name.
Download on the collection page....
Lollichop Licker
Created by Jukebox
"Mr. Pyro, how many licks does it take to get to the lollichop center of a lollichop pop?"

"Mm, mmn.." *fwoosh*

The world may never know.


Head replacement for Pyro


Jukebox: Model and Texture
CDJO: SFM sho...
St. Nick's Boom Mushroom
Created by Rain↯
Ye'd bey surprised at hoo much eeg nog Ah can hide in mey baird!

- Paintable
- Flexed

Serious_Greg: Concept
Spark: Normals/Assets
Rain* Model/Texture
Neodement: Flexing/Assets...
Heatstroked Healer
Created by Sparkwire
So sexy it hurts.

The Farmer's Collective
Created by Sparkwire
There's many men forget their proper station

And still are meddling with the administration

*Added Styles*...
The Peaceful Pacifist
Created by Gadget
The Peaceful Pacifist

o Medic coat
o Paintable
o 3 LODs

The Cavedigger
Created by Zoey
Did you know; the leading cause of casualities within mining facilities is caused by bloodthirsty canaries? And did you also know that these very canaries are also in league with the Duck Mafia?

Protect your noggin from their murderous claws with this pr...
The Crazed Conflagration
Created by FissionMetroid101
Ever wonder what's behind the Pyro's mask? No, it isn't another mask or a pocket of air, it is a sentient fire!

Remove the mask and flaunt your true glowing glory by spreading it all over your line of sight to make little fiery Pyrolings engulf your en...
Combustible Lemon Launcher V1.2
Created by Sparkwire
Resubmitted to add some critical fixes

Best idea ever: (it should work the same except be a secondary, not a primary as noted in the comment.)

Fish R Friends 4 hours ago
Would it be possible to have a primary that goes with this that shoots propul...
The Butterflies Catcher
for Mayann Update
"The preservation of nature is a beautiful thing, but in the end, all beautiful things will be caught and used as a backpack."

"Becoming a butterfly monarch has never been easier."

"Pyro retrieved these butterflies as cacoons thinking t...