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Waterline: Roadmap Update – Spring 2022 | World of Warships
"You can look forward to new ships, game activities, and events, as well as new improvements and changes!
In early February, we announced our plans for 2022. Over the months since our previous publication, many of our ideas have been implemented. More information about future changes to World of Warships is now available and some details have changed. It's high time we shared our development plans for the second half of 2022!
00:00 – Teaser Waterline Roadmap
02:00 – What's Already Done: Pan-Asian cruisers are now available to everyone, and Early Access to Italian destroyers will also end soon. A new nation has been added to the game—Spain. The first representative of the new branch is Canarias. Grosser Kurfürst and Khabarovsk were replaced in the Tech Tree with Preussen and Delny. Also, the testing of superships Condé, Annapolis, Zorkiy, Yamagiri, United States, Eagle, Satsuma, and Hannover was finished, and they were added to the branches of their respective nations.
02:38 – Visual improvements
What's coming?
03:00 – French Cruisers
03:23 – British Battleships
06:00 – Submarines testing
06:20 – Sea Battle
07:38 – New Iteration of Convoy
08:30 – Independence Day: Update of U.S. Destroyer Models
09:05 – Return of Puerto Rico
10:35 – Return of Operations
11:20 – Personal Challenges
11:45 – New Map: The Faroe Islands
12:05 – Changes to the Containers Tab
13:00 – Training Missions for New Players
13:35 – Separation of Exterior Elements and Economic Bonuses
14:10 – Changes to the Battle Camera
15:25 – Japanese Light Cruisers
16:20 – Anniversary and Improvements of Battle Performance Bonuses
17:00 – Halloween: Back themed Operation—Terror of the Deep—featuring submarines!
17:25 – New Map

🔊 Let's dive into the details of these and other changes!

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