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OS | [LFS] TX-427 Experimental Class Fighter Tank
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OS | [LFS] TX-427 Experimental Class Fighter Tank


We could have kept this server side, But we didn't. Why? Well it's simple so many servers will get 'custom' content made and keep it on the server while at the same time use countless addons created by members of the SWRP community for free. It is only fair to contribute back too the community when possible.

The TX-427 Tank is not a lore tank, It was created due to the lack of non-walker tanks on the workshop.

The TX-427 Experimental Class Fighter Tank, also known as the Republic Experimental Fighter Tank, was a light, quick-strike repulsor tank manufactured by Rothana Heavy Engineering and used by the Galactic Republic during the Clone Wars and later the Galactic Empire and Alliance to Restore the Republic during the Imperial Era. It was equipped with two side heavy laser cannons, two side rocket pods, and a heavy plasma turret located on the top.

- Republic & Imperial Variant
- Driver
- CO-Driver
- 4 Passenger Seats
- 2 Rocket PODS with 16 rockets in each (Controlled by Driver).
- 2 Side mounted turrets (Controlled by Driver).
- 2 Front reflectors/headlights (Controlled by Driver).
- 1 Main cannon (Controlled by Co-Driver).
- 1 Main cannon mounted turret (Controlled by Co-Driver).
- 1 Main cannon mounted reflector/headlight (Controlled by Co-Driver).

- Enter/Exit: Default is E (Your Use Key).
- Start/Stop Engine: Default is R (Your Reload Key).
- Rocket PODS: Default is RMB (Your Second Attack Key).
- Side mounted turrets: Default is LMB (Your Primary Attack Key).
- Front Reflectors/Headlights: Default is Space (Your Jump Key).
- Cannon: Default is LMB (Your Primary Attack Key).
- Cannon turret: Default is RMB (Your Second Attack Key).
- Cannon reflector/headlight: Default is Space (Your Jump Key).

Future Plans:
- Interior.
- Improved Sounds.
- Bug Fixes (Report any in the comments).

Lucasfilms / Disney for Star Wars.
For commissioning this pack HerpBrownstainz (Me), Bronson & Kassius
For creating, texturing & rigging the model Some_stranger
For turning the model into a LFS Vehicle niksacokica
For assisting in making the model more LFS capable Deno
For fixing pose parameter issues Luna
For the concept art used to create the tank RoadWarriorZ44[]
For the epic renders Hopeless

Nothing in these files or/and code may be reproduced, copied, adapted, merged or modified without direct consent from HerpBrownstainz, and doing so would be violating Valves Terms and Conditions and the Steam Workshop Rules []
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Brono  [author] 2 hours ago 
Epilife, message me on discord please - Brono#4573
Brono  [author] 2 hours ago 
I am the Captain now.
Cute Furry Girl 22  [author] 6 hours ago 
Contact Brono if you are after something too be done or fixed etc. He is in charge now.
『104』 Epilife 18 hours ago 
sorry for my english ^^*
『104』 Epilife 18 hours ago 
Hello guys, Can I make skin of your addon for my server please ? ^^
Brono  [author] Jul 4 @ 11:19pm 
Make sure you have subscribed to all required items - Hopefully, some updates will be coming for this addon soon.
InfiniteFailure Jun 27 @ 7:02pm 
Its an error
Cute Furry Girl 22  [author] Jun 23 @ 2:17am 
Hello People. I haven't been able too really play anything due to IRL stuff so I doubt this will ever be updated by me. Any of my fellow contributors are more then welcome too update it on my behalf though.

That being said anyone is able to modify this addon to their liking as long as you credit the original addon. This is a fair deal.
htvgamer1000 Jun 4 @ 12:57pm 
Can you guys make an imperial TX-130 not as a package like the other mods since you are good at making stuff?
25waverlydrive May 26 @ 5:17am 
10/10 master piece