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RPG Tycoon
Platforms: PC, Mac
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Jul 2, 2014 @ 2:45pm
Feb 12, 2016 @ 1:52am

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Update #6 - New Video!
Release date: Early 2015
RPG Tycoon is a simulation game that puts you in control of a newly established Kingdom. The previous leader of the Kingdom left its followers in despair and it's up to you to grow your Capital and reclaim the title of the most honoured Kingdom in the land!

In RPG Tycoon you hire Heroes to work for you. The Heroes you hire will undertake Quests for you, doing good deeds for the Kingdom, spreading word of your power and they may even pick up a few things to help you out on the way.

It's your job to manage the Kindom and let the Heroes do all the hard work for you.

Key Features
  • Hire Heroes to work for you and send them on Quests.
  • Buy and Upgrade Buildings to help your Heroes and your Capital
  • Manage the Heroes during their quests and decide their strategy to affect the outcome
  • Maintain the Happiness of your Heroes and your Kingdom
  • Compete against the other Kingdoms in the Land to be the most famous Kingdom!
  • Events that unfold and quests unlock as time progresses.
  • Micro-mange buildings in the Capital as Adventurers visit and bring profit to your Kindom!

The Quest System
  • When you want to start a new Quest you will be presented with a list of all of the possible quests currently available, some you may need to unlock.
  • Each quest has a set of requirements and will require different classes of Heroes to perform them successfully.
  • Once you've chosen a quest you'll be presented with the Approach Screen. Here you'll assign Ability Points into specific areas such as Food, Weapons, Stealth, Awareness etc... that will alter how your Heroes attempt each quest and ultimitely affect the outcome of each Quest.
  • As the Quest progresses Heroes will earn Loot Points, Influence Points and Damage Points. Each of these will factor into your rewards at the end of each quest. During the stages of the quest you'll be tasked to select the Hero you wish to act in command and the strategy they'll take during each stage.
  • The overall outcome of each quest will depend on the quest requirements and your selected strategies. Sometimes offering huge rewards and special items.

These are just a few of the features currently in place at the moment. There's an entire roadmap of features as the game continues development such as different classes of heroes, a world map with world events, bigger kingdoms and more!

RPG Tycoon is inspired by games like Theme Hospital, Theme Park, Roller Coaster Tycoon and Game Dev Tycoon to name a few. I wanted to take some of my favourite things about games like this and apply it to some of my favourite things about RPG's (Levelling Up, Resource Management, Stats etc.) to create a game that people will enjoy.

If you're interested feel free to follow progress on Twitter for live updates.

Thanks for the Support!
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