Trolley Problem, Inc.

Trolley Problem, Inc.

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Achievement Guide
By DeathlyLivings
I thoroughly recommend playing the game without the guide for your first few attempts . It is an interesting play through and I can't wait for any further additions as they come up. Spoilers! Don't say I didn't warn you!

Constructive criticism is welcome! Please like, rate or favourite if I've helped you out at all, it all adds up, cheers!

*UPDATE - All achievements do work!* Collector pinged for me sometime after another attempt!*

During 1.1.01 You need to kill the one by pulling the lever.


During 1.1.01 You need to kill the five by doing nothing.

Bad Parent

During 1.1.02 You need to kill the child by pulling the lever.

You can also kill the tresspassers during 1.1.05 .


During 1.1.04 You need to save the dog by pressing the cross in the top right corner before you go to the option page.

Enter the Matrix

During 4.1.01 You need to go against Keanu Reeves and take the blue pill to "wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe.".

Entry-level Philosopher

Finish the game.


During the narrative introduction before the option page, you need to press the continue button before the narrator finishes.


During the option page press A to speed up the time ever so slightly.


On the main menu press 'Reading List' .


You've heard of Twitch? Right? The game is able to be linked to Twitch in order for your viewers to play along as well. This can be found in the options menu under 'More Options . You need a Twitch vote to get this achievement.

You can also get the achievement with an alt account or from a friend. Set up integration and put either option into chat and it should work (courtesy of @palex00 and @lordjuhca)
Collector Achievement

During certain levels you will need to choose precise options in order to collect all 8 items in the game. If it does not unlock first time, try a couple more times, or just the last one. It pinged for me at some point so it is working. They are as follows:

Problem Code Item. Option

1.2.02 A Used Syringe. Euthanise

1.2.03 Organs. Harvest Organs

2.1.04 Vegan Cook Book. Kill Child

2.2.01 Credit Card. Subscription Plan

2.2.03 Rosmary Beads. Blame Evil AI

2.3.04 Floppy Disc. Hack

3.3.02 Car Battery. Torture

4.1.01 Red Pill. Red Pill

This may require you to complete the last level multiple times and/or relaunch the game (courtesy of @lordjuhca)
100% Games Achievement

I believe that both @palex00 and @lordjuhca have both achieved this after completing the game and finishing all other achievements.

In every level you are given the statistics of your choice with the percentage of people who chose the same option, and the percentage of choices you made that aligned with the choices by ReadGraves. In order to get 100% alignment in one play through, the choices are:

Problem Code Option

1.1.01 Pull Lever
1.1.02 Do Nothing
1.1.03 Push Tyrone
1.1.04 Either Option (This doesn't count)
1.1.05 Kill Trespassers
1.2.01 Elderly Man
1.2.02 Euthanise
1.2.03 Leave the Tourist
1.2.04 Vaccinate
1.2.05 Start Research

2.1.01 Kill Passengers
2.1.02 Save Most
2.1.03 Invade Privacy
2.1.04 Save Child
2.1.05 Stand with Tommy
2.2.01 No Additional Protection
2.2.02 Fire Francis
2.2.03 Blame Evil AI
2.2.04 Keep Selling Cars
2.2.05 Workers
2.3.01 Lie
2.3.02 Continue Develop
2.3.03 Don't Recall
2.3.04 Don't Hack
2.3.05 Push

3.1.01 Shoot
3.1.02 Fail to solve the problem
3.1.03 Dachshund
3.1.04 Feed Owner
3.1.05 Blow Torch
3.2.01 Don't Shoot
3.2.02 Stay Silent
3.2.03 Force them to Leave
3.2.04 Kill Henchmen
3.2.05 Smuggle Migrants
3.3.01 Respect Public Privacy
3.3.02 Torture
3.3.03 Either Choice (This doesn't count)
3.3.04 Destroy Merriwyn
3.3.05 Call

4.1.01 Red Pill
4.1.02 Cook Tyrone
4.1.03 Be Happy (The Red / Right Option)
4.1.04 No choice to be made (Continue Playing)
4.1.05 No
4.2.01 Leave
4.2.02 Ask to Leave
4.2.03 Remove Child
4.2.04 Remove Seed
4.2.05 Take Control
4.3.01 Run Away
4.3.02 Sacrifice the World
4.3.03 Guilty
4.3.04 Kill (The Orange / Left Option)
4.3.05 Either Choice (This doesn't count)
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JoshDuMan Jun 2 @ 12:22pm 
I also had to get all achievements to get the 100% achievement. Collector didn't trigger for me until I reloaded the game, as juhca suggested. When I got collector, it triggered the 100% not long after.
DeathlyLivings  [author] May 13 @ 12:46pm 
Hi lordjuhca, avie deluxe and palex00

Thanks for the updates! I've updated and credited you in the guide!
lordjuhca May 13 @ 12:34pm 
For "100% Games Achievement" I just completed the game and collected all achievements.

For the "Collector Achievement" I did have some issues. I played at the last collectible level multiple time and what finally fixed it, was exiting the games and launching it again and completing the level again (for the last time). Since it was my last achievement it also gave me the "100% Games Achievement".

For "Streamer" I enabled the option and as palex00 mentioned you only need a comment. I don't use twitch often, but where I place where I put my comment was in the dashboard.
"Profile>Account Settings>Channel and videos>Stream manager" and play the game, while choosing an option check the twitch chat section and type whichever option you want :)
the url for the dashboard is .
avie deluxe May 8 @ 5:36pm 
Just popping in to mention that the Twitch integration doesn't even check if you're online, just the chat itself. If you have an alt account or a friend, just set up integration, go to a problem then slap !a into the chat of your channel and it should pop up for you.
palex00 May 4 @ 12:19pm 
I did not have to pick every single same choice as ReadGraves. I think one of two things occured:
a) I got all the other achievements and it's just that this unlocks that

b) I clicked on problem select and solved one problem with the same answer as him, prompting me to have 100% agreed with him (in a sample size of 1).
Kutar'k Apr 23 @ 1:32am 
of course, I tried both twitch option enabled.
DeathlyLivings  [author] Apr 23 @ 1:15am 
Hi Kutar'k

Did you set it up through the options menu?
Kutar'k Apr 22 @ 8:52pm 
How can I get "Streamer"? I install OBS, run twitch streaming, and get a couple of votes from viewers. But still don't get it.
DeathlyLivings  [author] Apr 22 @ 4:17pm 
Thanks CrazyCatnip!
CrazyCatnip Apr 22 @ 4:06pm 
Really helpful and in depth!