Midnight Ghost Hunt

Midnight Ghost Hunt

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Recommended Hunter Loadouts
By Legendary
New to the game & want some good Hunter loadouts to get you started? Look here.

Last updated: 26.05.2022 Toy Factory update.

This guide is here to help you make a few solid loadout choices for both solo and team gameplay. Note this guide will not go over what each weapon does, nor discuss its stats since those are all explained in the in-game tutorial. So if you're looking for weapon or gadget specific data then use the tutorial. This guide will help you pick a few combination of loadouts to get you whacking ghosts.

Obvious disclaimer is obvious: Feel free to use your own combination of perks to suit your playstyle, this is not definitive list of loadouts, just some solid recommendations if you're feeling overwhelmed with all the options.

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Before we get started there is one important feature you need to know about...

How to save a loadout
You can save your current selected loudout on the right hand side of the weapon select screen

When you load into your game, you can quickly select the loadout by just clicking on it. To change a loadout simply reselect the equipment you want, hover over the loadout name and then click on the refresh button.

I highly recommend you make a loadout for each weapon combo or phase of the game. I usually have a Search, Fight, and Running away loadout.

With that out the way let's get right into the loadouts...
Search Loadouts
These loadouts are useful for looking for the ghosts before midnight. If you do not destroy all the ghosts before Midnight you MUST swap into a fighting loadout near the ~00:30 left mark. Since these loadouts are not optimal in a straight up fire fight.

Flamethrower + Radar + Healing Aura

The standard BURN EVERYTHING in a room loadout.

Very useful on maps with narrow corridors or rooms where you can simply unleash your fire on everything. The flamethrower is good for finding ghosts who like to camp and combos well with the Radar since it detects ghosts near you, not in front; so simply walk the Radar out, when you hear a blip then go flame crazy. As for the perk: the flamethrower is unique in the fact it does not really need faster reload or larger clip, so picking the healing aura will help you recover from Corruption props.

  • Vacuum - Clear up shards as soon the ghosts die, make sure your team only has one vacuum.
  • Juggernaut - If the ghosts are very aggressive and you need to tank early Poltergeist/Corrupter traps for your team

Spectral Cannon + Pathfinder + Extended Mags

An all-rounder loadout that allows you to search for ghosts in a direction. This is my go to loadout when hunting for runner ghosts using Spirit or Shatterproof since you can track their movements easily and then swap to Spectral Cannon for continuous fire.

Extended mags is also a great choice for the Spectral Canon since the two additional rounds it gives allows you to destroy any large prop with one clip. Additionally it allows you to destroy doors in one clip too since a full hp door needs 6 rounds to break. This makes the loadout a very good counter useful against Telekinesis door-kill ghost players.

  • Any gadget your team needs: Radar / Vacuum / C4 / Trap / Grenades, all worthwhile choices for this loadout.
  • Quick Reload - a fine alternative instead of extended mags but comes down to personal preference. Turns the Spectral Canon into a mini aoe Project X at the cost of burst damage.

Video demonstration:
  • I was running C4 because we already had a vacuum / radar / pathfinder on the team.

Frostbite + Trap + Extra Gear

The frostbite is a good supplementary weapon to the rest of your team; what it lacks in damage it makes up for in utility in its ability to slow down running props and remove Poltergeist and/or Corrupter traps from a safe distance.

Since the Frostbite does zero damage to props until they are fully frozen it needs to be combo'd with other weapons or gadgets. One such combo is the Trap since it can be used to extract hiding ghosts from their prop, giving you a free kill with the Frostbite. Combo-ing it with Extra Gear allows you to set up a trap by the door to catch flee-ing ghosts and then having on trap for yourself to pick up and drop near props.

  • Radar / Patfinder / Spectrophone - if you prefer detection, remember to change perk
  • Vacuum - if team needs one, remember to change perk
  • Extended Mags - more bullet spam is needed on open area maps with less chokes for traps

Reaper + Vacuum + Quick Reload

A solid choice on most maps but especially good on open maps like Ghost Ship, Graveyard and Theater. The quick reload is a must have on the Reaper since it triggers on both the bolt action reload between each shot and then clip reload after 5 rounds. The vacuum is there for utility, feel to exchange to anything your team needs.

  • Pathfinder - good search alternative and for chasing runner ghosts
  • Trap - very useful against Ghosts abusing Shatterproof on vertical maps

Sledge Hammer + Pathfinder + Lightweight

The Bonk Brotherhood calls.

With the new Sledgehammer buff as of Update 1 it moved from completely useless to actually pretty decent. You are now able to charge and hold your Sledgehammer attack to deliver a real ass whooping to any ghost hiding in prop. Use a Pathfinder to pinpoint exactly where a ghost is camping, switch to your sledge, charge up, and then give them a surprise bonk to the face.

Remember you can sprint while charged, so Lightweight comes in extra handy. If you bonk a prop to death then the ghost will be on 10 hp, so either do another charged bonk or swing like mad at anything remotely spooky.

  • Healing Aura - If the ghosts are being extra spooky
  • Vacuum / Defib / Medkit - This loadout works great as a clean up class too since the sledge isnt very good at defending dead bodies or shards, so make use of that lightweight and run necessary supplies to the team when needed.
Fighter Loadouts
So you couldn't kill the ghosts eh? And now it's Midnight Ghost Fight? Not to worry, quickly swap to one these and shoot anything glowing red.

Salt Shotgun + Grenades + Extended Mags

A powerful close range option where you can triple tap a ghost in any medium/small prop from 100-0 with three rounds of salty goodness. This is my preferred loadout in chaotic situations since the knockback can eliminate most ghost abilities with proper movement and timing. The grenades also provide a little bonus long distance damage before the ghosts jump closer for melee attacks. One good trick is to do is lob both grenades, then quickly open & close the generator for a fresh reload.

  • Trap - alternative to grenades if you're fighting is a cramped space
  • Juggernaut - always a good choice for Midnight fight, but you can no longer instakill small-medium props

Spectral Cannon + Trap + Quick Reload

A variation of the Searching loadout, but with a trap to help snare a ghost for some free damage. The Spectral cannon + Quick reload combo is very good with proper kiting, especially if the ghosts clump together. This loadout is pretty easy to get good with: point at ghost, hold down LMB, jump a few times.

  • Grenade / C4 - additional explosives to break large props
  • Extended Mags - decent alternative to quickload
  • Juggernaut - always a good choice for Midnight fight

Project X + C4 + Juggernaut

The Project X has very good damage but the need for a spin up time puts you at a large risk to being rushed. This is where C4 really shine: one trick with the Project X is you will usually bait ghosts towards you due to your slow movement, making them easy prey for a C4 trap. Place both C4 charges near you and then shoot the ghost at long distance. If they get too close switch to your detonator and explode.

One additional trick you can do is actually go into overheat, this will make the ghosts think you're defenseless. Unlike other weapons that need to reload, Project X is NOT animation locked while overheated, so you can still swap to your detonator and explode your C4.

  • Grenade - good alternative to c4 if you need to cover teammates who rush closer or are getting swarmed
  • Medkit - on the odd chance your team might need it, since you can throw the medkit on the ground and then swap to Project X.
  • Trap - older meta pick, but always good against ghosts without Untrappable

Video demonstration:

Frostbite x 4

A team tactic where everyone, and I do mean EVERY SINGLE PERSON, picks the Frostbite so that you can stack the slows onto the nasty ghosties after midnight. The works really well as an ace up your sleeve, but beware of using this method on several games in a row, since it can easily be countered with Untrappable and Heavyweight. That being said, if the ghosts don't realize your team switched to this strategy it basically is a free win.

Recommended gadgets and perks:
  • Trap + Extra Gear - Even more safety, watch out for Untrappable ghosts (counters slow and traps)
  • Grenades / C4 - one person can run up and plant bombs on frozen ghosts for easy kills
  • Juggernaut - always a good choice for Midnight fight
  • Extended Mags - longer duration bullet storm

Runner Loadouts
So you're the last person alive and there's 4 minutes left on the clock? Welp, time to put on your running shoes!

Frostbite + Grappling Hook + Lightweight

This the current meta runner loadout, use the Frostbite to slow approaching ghosts and reduce charge timers, then run like hell when they get within jump distance. The frostbite is also the only reliable weapon to quickly remove Poltergeist traps which is the number #1 counter to Runner loadouts. The grappling hook is a must have on vertical maps like Theater, Ghost Ship and Asylum where you can quickly jump to the higher areas.

  • Medkit - if you're not on a vertical map and you can put enough distance between you and the ghost for a heal.

Riot Shield + Medic Kit + Coldblooded

The "Ninja" build that allows you to hide from ghosts without Perception. Keep in mind this build ONLY works if your team plays the hapless guinea pigs and 3 vs 4 the ghosts. You cannot switch to the build halfway through and run since the ghosts will see your footprints after midnight. But most of the times I've used this strategy it wins games, so it is possible.. albeit a bit boring.

Simple to use: switch to this loadout before midnight, usually at around the ~00:20 Second mark, change to your medkit so that ghosts don't see your obvious Riot shield, run to a hiding spot, switch off your flash light with T, pull out the shield, hold RMB and then DON'T MOVE, unless you get attacked and you have to move.

  • Grappling Hook - Can sometimes save your skin on Theater, I've had some success hiding in the bathroom and then harpooning up.
Video demonstration: (it is sped up)

You should now be equipped with wide array of weapon loadouts to achieve Hunter victory. These loadouts are of course my own personal opinion, so feel free to change them to your own playstyle. This guide is subject to change as the game develops or new/better strategies emerge.

One final note to absolute beginners...
If want to know a priority sequence of equipment to unlock with your initial crystals, I recommend:
  1. Juggernaut - makes your first Midnight fight somewhat easier. Can be used in most Search loadouts too since it will make survive experience Poltergeist players.
  2. Quick Reload - Get maximum value from your Spectral Cannon
  3. Trap - Sheer versatility and easy to use
  4. Shotgun / Reaper / Frostbite - Try them out in practice and see which one resonates with you
Guide Changelog
  • 18.4.2022 - First release
  • 08.5.2022 - Updated with newer meta
  • 26.5.2022 - Bonk brotherhood recommended

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D35tr0y3r Oct 30 @ 2:40am 
if you use double gadget perk and use a radar with a c4 its really useful for hunting ghosts
altpandamonium May 3 @ 4:08pm 
Derpy Apr 19 @ 4:22pm 
Believe in the Bonk Brotherhood brudda
Legendary  [author] Apr 19 @ 3:54pm 
When it actually doesnt suck in solo play xD Bonk Brotherhood needs full commitment. :Hire: :Hire: :Hire: :Hire:
Derpy Apr 19 @ 1:10pm 
Sledgehammer addition when? ;)