DARK SOULS™: Prepare To Die Edition

DARK SOULS™: Prepare To Die Edition

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Dark Souls -Walkthrough. SPOILER ALERT!(In Progress. Moving to Remastered Game)
By NerdgamerDave
This is a walkthrough for Dark Souls: Prepare To Die. It doesn't contain specs on items, armor, etc, but tells you where to go and how to fight bosses. It DOES have the location of ALL items, NPCs and goodies. SPOILER!! So if you want to experience Dark Souls fully like I did the first time, don't read it. If you need help in a particular area, read just what you want. If you like it, please give it a thumbs up
A Quick Disclaimer
"That's right B***h!! Fly Home To Mamma! I'm gonna beat you with the end of your own tail later!"

This guide is based on my own experiences with Dark Souls and things gleaned from other players or wiki's. Your experience will vary depending on preferences, style, character build and so on.

I have tried to include a few methods to tackle each situation, but sometimes its vague like "kill the hollows around the corner". And frankly, thats because there are many ways to dispatch an enemy.

My methods may not be yours, some take longer than others. Point is, take what I have here as advice, and use it how you want. I love this game and want to help othes enjoy it -even if I spoil everything with this guide.

So Praise The Sun! And Have Fun!

Look me up, kill me during an invasion, I may or may not indict you. I'm wierd. I also use poor grammar sometimes.
Character Selection Summary
This IS NOT a detailed character build

Pick a character you will have fun playing. If you like magic, take a sorcerer or character with a high intelligence. If you like quick, fast attacks, take the thief or one with high Dexterity. If you want a tank, go for high Strength. If you like a mix of melee and magic take a Cleric or character with high Faith. I don't go for a "perfect" build, play what you want, how you want and with what you want. Just be prepared to work harder if you lack certain stats.

The only real thing of note is ALWAYS take the Master Key as your starting gift. All the other crap is meaningless or you get later. The Master key opens doors that lead to powerful items. So get it. Dont bother with other stuff -Unless you want to look for specific keys during gameplay, which is perfect for the more challenge inclined players

Note: That being said, the THIEF gets the Master Key anyway, so they can pick another gift. My favorite is the Twin Humanities, cause I trade that for a cool ring after I defeat the Undead Asylum Demon. Some of the other gifts are cool too so take whatever suits your fancy. When I'm in the mood to talk to a spider lady I take the Old Witches Ring....

Starting Gifts
Here's a quick description of the gifts to choose from, should you want something other than the Master Key:

Divine Blessing -Single use. It completely heals you and removes negative status such as being toxic or poisoned
Black Firebomb (x10): Toss em' in someone's face for fire damage!
Binoculars: Used to zoom in and survey area's. Found in the graveyard near Firelink
Pendant: Apparently this is a gag gift by the game's creator. The real pendant is a reward for members of the Forest Covenant or after Petrus kills Reah later in the game
Twin Humanities: 2 Humanities in one!
Tiny Being's Ring: Provides a TINY increase in Hit Points. Can be found in Anor Londo at which point it's often pointless to have anyway
Old Witch's Ring: Allows you to speak to the Daughter Of Chaos (spider/firekeeper/covenant leader). Without it, she simply responds to talking with a "?". Can also be found by killing Chaos Bugs in the secret passage to Lost Izalith when you reach rank 2 in the Chaos Servant Covenant

Character Builds
There are plenty of good guides that tell you how to build characters, but here's a tip:

If you pick a build, stay with it. If your basing damage on Dexterity, dont waste too many levels on Strength or you'll just do the same damage throughout the entire game or have to switch to strength based weapons. However, mixing things up is kind of mandatory. If you want a fighter/wizard kind of guy, select the class you are willing to focus on for the first few levels and pay attention to the requirements to wield items. And PAY ATTENTION to requirements. If you don't have Dexterity 13, you can't shoot a short bow. So think before you level up.

As a roleplayer, however, I emphasize the idea of playing what you want, how you want. That's why Dark Souls is cool. You play the same levels and maps and bosses with different characters, different builds and can approach situations a million different ways. So play how you want. Avoid too many rage quits and enjoy this game.
Quickie Combat Guide -Practice Makes You Get Gud!!!!!
When you first play Dark Souls, you WILL die. A LOT. But if you learn, you die less and less and eventually get gud at killing opponents and other players.

So here's some basic tips on combat:

First, never underestimate an opponent. More so if you are in PvP because you never know what a human player has to throw at you until you see it. So observe enemies, watch attack animations and get timing down to kick some butt!

Strength or Dexterity?
There are more weapons (I believe) that scale up with Dexterity than Strength. However, this does not mean Dexterity is the best to rely on. I prefer rapid, multiple strikes with lighter weapons, but that's my style of play.
I've been killed hundreds of times in PvP by strength-based characters wielding massive clubs, so Strength is good too.
In general, if a weapon is a dagger, light sword, spear or halbred, it scales with Dexterity. If it's a axe, club or plain ol' frikkin' HUGE weapon, it scales with Strength.
Many weapons have requirements to use effectively, so a balance of Strength and Dexterity is also needed. So pick your method of combat and go with it

Block Then Swing Method
The most basic attack type, this works against most AI controlled enemies provided you have a stable shield, the endurance and poise to take a hit and the incoming attack isn't a overhead or sideways swing by long reaching weapons.
Basically, just keep your shield up, take a hit, and as the enemy is regaining his/her poise, swing away once or twice. Repeat until the enemy is dead.
Watch out for overhead or big arching side swings. Those bypass shields and bonk you on your head or hit your kidney. Ouch!

Backstabs (Double Damage)
Circling an opponent until they attack or start some other animation is a good way to get behind them. Then perform a light attack to shove your weapon where the sun don't shine for double damage. A lot of PvP backstabs occur, so get used to circling an enemy and how to roll, swing or get behind them quickly or YOU will be the victim of backstabs

Riposte (x4 Damage!)
This inflicts even more damage than a backstab but requires more practice. It is INVALUABLE to learn, however, as the basic block then swing method will turn you into the victim of a Risposte by the players who know how to do it.
First, when an enemies attack animation begins, watch for the weapon strike and time your parry button a fraction of a second before the blow lands. If timed poorly, you get hit with your shield down. If timed correctly, you knock the weapon out of the way and will hear a unique "Parry sound". Immediately hit the light attack button to perform a Riposte that inflicts 4 times damage and knocks the enemy to the floor. A quick lock-on and leap attack as the opponent gets up adds some nifty damage if needed.
Riposte with a high damage weapon and you can one-shot enemies that normally take 4-5 heavy swings to take down. Also note that not all attacks can be parried. In general, the larger the weapon the more unlikely attacks can be parried, but this is not always the case

Two-Weapon Fighting (I love this Feat.....)
This is the most risky fighting technique but has some VERY high pay-offs when mastered. Using two weapons, you can hit an opponent with fire and lightning, or poison and bleeding. Mix it up to find a weakness! When combined with a Parry or Riposte, players who get gud at this totally rock. I have yet to get good at this myself.....
Weapon/Armor Upgrade Tutorial
This is a quick guide to upgrades. There are WAY too many weapons to the stats here. Plus in the spirit of playing how you want, it's mainly to describe what Titanite does and what different weapon types do:

Titanite Types:

Titanite Shards are used to upgrade Normal Weapons up to a maximum of +5 and Armor up to +3. Blacksmiths (or you when you obtain the Blacksmithing box) can perform upgrades. Once an item reaches +5, it can be turned into a different form. Some are useful, but they require special embers to be given to a Blacksmith.

Large Titanite Shards are used to upgrade Normal Weapons up to +10, Raw Weapons up to +5 and Armor up to +6.

Titanite Chunks are used to upgrade Normal Weapons up to +14, Crystal Weapons up to +4, Lightning Weapons up to +4 and Armor up to +9.

Titanite Slabs are used to upgrade Normal Weapons up to +15, Crystal Weapons up to +5, Lightning Weapons up to +5 and Armor up to +10.

Green Titanite Shards are used to upgrade a Divine, Fire or Magic weapon up to +5.

Blue Titanite Chunks are used to upgrade a Magic Weapon up to +9 or Enchanted Weapon to +4.
Blue Titanite Slabs are used to upgrade a Magic Weapon to +10 or Enchanted Weapon to +5.

White Titanite Chunks are used to upgrade a Divine Weapon to +9 or Occult Weapon to +4.
White Titanite Slabs are used to upgrade a Divine Weapon to +10 or Occult Weapon to +5.

Red Titanite Chunks are used to upgrade a Fire Weapon to +9 or Chaos Weapon to +4.
Red Titanite Slabs are used to upgrade a Fire Weapon to +10 or Chaos Weapon to +5.

Twinkling Titatine is used to upgrade Unique Weapons and Armor to +5.

Demon Titanite is used to upgrade Demon Weapons up to +5.

Dragon Scales are used to upgrade a Dragon Weapon up to +5.

Normal Weapons +6 to +15
Give the Large Ember to blacksmith Andre and he can upgrade weapons up to +10 using Large Titanite Shards and Titanite Chunks. Give him the Very Large Ember to go from +10 to +15.

Raw Weapons
Crossbows and Shields cannot become Raw Weapons. A Raw Weapon is essentially just a stronger version of a normal weapon. This makes each +1 bonus you put into it increase its damage and effects more than a normal +1 bonus would.
A weapon must be +5 before it can become a Raw Weapon. Give Andre a Large Ember to ascend a weapon to it's Raw form. You now use Large Titanite Shards to upgrade the weapon from +1 to +5. The weapon is the same as its normal version, able to be enchanted and use things like Gold Pine Resin. It just does more damage.
BUT! the scaling bonus for Strength/Dexterity is lower. Early in the game Raw Weapons are cool, but after a while, you may notice a normal +5 weapon is doing more damage because it has a higher scaling bonus added from your high Attribute.

If a weapon is Ascended into another form, it can no longer be enchanted by spells like Magic Weapon or use things like Gold Pine Resin. Shields, however, can still use the Magic Shield spell.

Magic and Enchanted Weapons
Give the Enchanted Ember to blacksmith Rickert and he can create these weapons for you.
Magic Weapons provide magical damage in addition to the physical damage. Early in the game this is useful, but they scale up poorly and later on lose usefulness. However, they can be turned into Enchanted Weapons.
Enchanted Weapons scale with your Intelligence (perfect for Sorcerer builds). They can only be upgraded by blacksmith Rickert up to +4 using Blue Titanite Chunks. A Blue Titanite Slab can upgrade them to +5. The Large Magic Ember can be used to upgrade up to +10

Divine and Occult Weapons
Give the Divine Ember to blacksmith Andre and he can create these weapons for you. Green Titanite Shards are used to upgrade a Divine Weapon from +1 to +5. White Titanite Chunks can upgrade them to +9, while a White Titanite Slab can upgrade them to +10
Divine weapons have slightly better stats than the Normal version, but also scale badly. The main benefit of a Divine Weapon is they do bonus damage against Skeletons (including boss Nito) and stop skeletons from re-spawning after you kill them which is a MAJOR PLUS in the catacombs and with Nito. They can be turned into Occult Weapons.
Give Andre the Dark Ember and he can change a Divine Weapon into it's Occult form. Occult Weapons scale with faith better than a Divine weapon, but does NOT prevent skeletons from re-spawning. Andre can upgrade them to +4 using White Titanite Chunks. A White Titanite Slab can upgrade them to +5. Give Andre the Large Divine Ember and he can upgrade them up to +10.

Fire Weapons and Chaos Weapons
Give the Fire Ember to blacksmith Vamos and he can create these weapons for you.
Fire weapons deal additional fire damage (go figure) and also scale badly. A +5 Fire Weapon can be turned into Chaos Weapons using the Chaos Flame Ember. The Large Flame Ember is used to upgrade them up to +10.
Chaos Weapons scale with how much Humanity your character has "in his/her bosom", up to a maximum of +10 Humanity for bonuses.

Lightning Weapons
The Giant blacksmith can create these weapons for you, but the weapon must be +10 first.
Lightning weapons deal additional lightning damage (go figure) and also scale badly. However, they are one of the more useful forms of bonus damage in my opinion/experience so they are quite useful. Titanite Slabs are used to upgrade these up to +5.

Crystal Weapons
Give the Crystal Ember to the Giant blacksmith to create these weapons from a normal +10 weapon.
These have very high damage and a good scaling. However, they have 10% the durability of normal weapons, so they don't last long. High-damage and slow hitting, they also cannot be repaired. Using the East Wood Grain Ring will slow the breakage, but once broken, the weapon is useless. They can be reinforced up to +5

Demon Weapons
The Giant blacksmith can create these weapons for you using a demon's soul, creating unique weapons with unique qualities, damage types and scaling

Shields can also be reinforced and ascended like weapons. This raises the Stability (increasing your odds of not getting knocked down by heavy blows) as well as inflicting secondary damage if used during a shield bash (rarely used for attacks btw). Reinforcement also increases the immunity to a certain damage type, so this helps defend against certain attack types (fire/magic/etc.)

Normal Armor can be reinforced up to +15 just like Normal Weapons, improving it's defensive stats as it is reinforced. Unique sets of armor require Twinkling Titatinite to upgrade to a maximum of +5
Covenant Guide -Join One, Join em' all, Why Not?
This is just a quick description of the Covenants. Joining each one is detailed further in the sections that contain the Covenant leaders

Way Of White
The first Covenant joined by almost all players, simply talk to the cleric Petrus at Firelink Shrine to join. Cleric and Knight characters begin the game already in this Covenant.
You are more easily matched in co-op with players belonging to the covenants of Way of White, Princess's Guard and Warriors of Sunlight and chances of invasion are decreased.

Warriors Of Sunlight (popularly known as Sun-bro's)
Joining requires a Faith of 25 (-5 Faith per boss you help defeat in spirit form during co-op) by praying at the broken altar in the Undead Parish.
Your summon sign turns gold as does your spirit during co-op summonings. You are more easily matched with players belonging to the covenants of Way of White, Princess's Guard and Warriors of Sunlight and chances of invasion are decreased.
Recieve the Lightning Spear miracle (Faith 20 to use) upon joining.
You (and every player present with you) earns a Sunlight Medal upon defeating a Boss in co-op.
Rank 2 (offer 10 Sunlight Medals): Recieve Great Lightning Spear
Rank 3 (offer soul of Lord Gwyn in NG+ gameplay): Recieve Sunlight Spear

Princess's Guard (gotta protect that chest.....)
Joined by talking to Gwnevere in Anor Londo. She gives you the Lord Vessel whether you join or not.
You are more easily matched with players belonging to the covenants of Way of White, Princess's Guard and Warriors of Sunlight and chances of invasion are decreased.
Recieve the Sun Princess Ring upon joining.
The Soothing Sunlight and Bountiful Sunlight miracles can now be found within the Duke's Archives

Forest Hunter (Here kitty kitty!)
Joined by talking to the cat, Alvina in Darkroot Woods.
Recieve Cat Covenant Ring upon joining.
When an Invader dies, you receive a portion of their souls (so killing an invader with a LOT of souls nets you a LOT in return). Also receive an item, from Titanite Shards, Chunks, to Rubbish
Rank 2 (1 invader killed): Recieve 1 Divine Blessing
Rank 3 (3 Invaders killed): Recieve Ring Of Fog
Rank 4 (5 Invaders killed): Alvina tells you about the Great Wolf Sif

Chaos Servant
Joined by talking to Daughter of Chaos spider after defeating Queelag.
Recieve Great Chaos Fireball pyromancy spell upon joining.
Rank 1 (offer 10 Humanity): Nothing
Rank 2 (offer 30 Humanity): Recieve Chaos Storm pyromancy spell as well as open the shortcut into Lost Izalith (inside the Demon ruins)
Rank 3 (offer 80 Humanity): Nothing. Bragging rights though

Blade of the Darkmoon
Joined by talking to Gwendolyn in the secret passage behind the Darkmoon Altar in Anor Londo. Must have the Darkmoon Seance Ring to enter (found in the Catacombs).
Receive Darkmoon Blade Covenant Ring and Blue Eye Orb (unlimited use) upon joining.
You can now invade players who have sinned as a Blue Spirit of Vengeance.
Upon killing a sinner, you receive 1 Souvenir of Reprisal
If wearing the Darkmoon Blade Covenant Ring, you will be summoned into Anor Londo to seek vengeance on players who have killed Gwynevere. In this case, they do NOT recieve an invasion warning so they won't see you coming if you are sneaky
Rank 1 (offer 10 Souvenir's): Recieve Darkmoon Talisman and Darkmoon Blade miracle
Rank 2 (offer 30 Souvenir's): Nothing but bragging rights
Rank 3 (offer 80 Souvenir's): Nothing but SERIOUS bragging rights. Dude you rock at PvP!

Path of the Dragon
Joined by praying to the Ancient Stone Dragon in Ash Lake.
You can cut off the dragon's tail for the Dragon Greatsword without losing membeship in this Covenant, though you will be marked as a Sinner doing so.
Recieve Dragon Head Stone and Dragon Eye upon joining.
You can offer Dragon Scales to increase the damage of the Dragon Head Stone's fire breath.
You can use the Dragon Eye to leave behind a summon sign for other players to summon you for PvP. The winner of the battle gains a Dragon Scale as well as souls. The loser does not lose anything (not even humanity)

Joined by talking to Darkstalker Kaathe inside the Abyss after the Four Kings are defeated.
Recieve Dark Hand shield upon joining.
Rank 1 (Steal 10 Humanity): Recieve Red Eye Orb (Unlimited Use)
Rank 2 (Steal 30 Humanity): Recieve Dark Sword and Dark Armor
Rank 3 (Steal 80 Humanity): Ability to steal Humanity with Dark Hand increases

Gravelord Servant
Joined by speaking to Lord Nito in the Catacombs while possessing an Eye of Death
Receive Curved Greatsword (scary toxic weapon!) upon joining.
Receive Gravelord Sword Dance miracle upon joining.
Can use Eye of Death to create a sign in another players world (up to 3 signs) and black phantom versions of enemies in that world will attack the player. Any affected player may invade your world to try and kill you. If you die while the sign is active, you lose half your current souls. If invaders are killed, you receive 1 Eye of Death per kill.
Rank 1 (offer 10 Eyes of Death): Recieve Greatsword Dance miracle
Rank 2 (offer 30 Eyes of Death): Nothing
Rank 3 (offer 80 Eyes of Death): Nothing
The Undead Asylum
Since this isnt the focus of this guide, I assume your taking your time and reading all the glowing orange notes. Get used to reading notes. People leave them behind EVERYWHERE. And for the most part they are trustworthy, unless they say "try jumping".

Assuming you look around and kill a couple undead, you make it to the bonfire. There is a fat green demon waiting to kill you past those big double doors. Technically you CAN kill him now, but that takes patience, previous experience and luck cause the only weapon you have is a broken sword that does about 5 damage max. So when you get through the doors run like a screaming banshee to your left hand side and through the doorway that opens up. If you really want to fight the demon, go ahead. He'll kill you. But its practice I guess. If you do manage to beat him, you get to keep his giant club. Just need more Strength than any starting character begins with to wield it, so it's mostly for bragging rights.

The next point of interest is when you go up a set of stairs and a giant ball rolls over you. SURPRISE!!!! Yep, there are traps in this game too. So pay attention to your surroundings. If you did, you may have jumped, rolled or stepped out of the way. Turn around and go through the hole that ball just created in the wall. Theres a knight inside you need to talk to. Great guy. He gives you the Estus Flask, which is this games version of a healing potion. Your gonna use that more than any item. He also gives you a key to get out of jail, assuming you get past the guard. You can kill this knight, but I would suggest not doing that. You'll fight his hollow form later if you come back and get a decent shield for your trouble. Kill him now and you get squat. Other than a few points of Sinning.

Now head downstairs, open the gate and rest at the bonfire again, just so if you die, you return to this bonfire. Head back up the stairs. No worries -that ball doesn't respawn. Now your gonna learn some combat basics and kill a few hollows, and your first armored hollow. Dont go through the white light yet, kill all the enemies upstairs to get some experience. If you struggle too much, return to the bonfire to restock your Estus Flask and repeat till satisfied. Not the best way to farm souls for leveling up so don't bother grinding just yet.

When your ready to face the boss, note that orange note right before the white fog wall. It tells you how to do a plunging attack for a reason.Right after you Traverse The White Light, that fat demon is below you. You have just a few seconds before he flies up and smacks you down (Dont ask me how his fat butt can fly -he's a demon, they do that). So walk forward and fall. Hold down the Trigger (or key on keyboard) for the plunding attack. If you miss, the battle is harder. Hit and you take away 25-50% of his life total, depending on what you are playing.

The Asylum Demon is your first hint at combat with bosses. They hit VERY hard and will kill you with a few swings. However, they tend to broadcast their attacks. So when you see an attack animation beginning, get ready to dodge by rolling or running away. You need hit and run tactics with this guy, so when he raises the club to strike, dodge away. When he swipes the ground (or pounds it), run in, hit him once or twice and run away again. If your good at circling, you can also just smack his but and feet, rolling out of the way when he begins a swing. Repeat until he dies.

I won't lie. If this is your first time playing, he's gonna kill you. Just take that as learning how to fight in Dark Souls. This is a lesson you need to survive future boss fights. Also, for whatever reason the primary weakness of most bosses is their butt. Yep, get behind them and smack em' on the butt. Makes sense when you consider it's a flanking move -Just think its funny.

Once the demon is killed, you get 1 Humanity. All bosses contain Humanity, so if you kill one yourself or even as a spirit summoned for co-op, you get Humanity. A popular pastime of many players is to leave summon signs near bonfires or bosses. And we aint just helpling you to help you, we are farming Humanity and souls to level up. That stuff is important. More on that elsewhere.

Personally, I suggest NOT using the humanity yet. Your gonna get more. I like to trade it for a ring instead. Which leads me to the final portion of the intro:

As you exit the lovely prison, dont just run forward to the top of the cliff. About halfway up, turn to your left and walk through the uneven ground and rubble. On a rather dodgy piece of cliff face is a dead body containing a soul of a lost undead. Free XP never hurt.
Opposite that side (your right if facing the stairs) you will find a small bird nest with a few eggs in it. This is Snuggly. And he wants something warm, something soft. And he's willing to trade. This is the first opportunity a new player has to get a leg up in the game, so I recommend it.

Stand in the nest, being careful to walk slow so you don't fall to your death. Snuggly has a taste for several items, but currently the only thing he will accept that you have is Humanity. When you return later, you can give him other treats.

Open your inventory and select your single Humanity and drop it. Do NOT drop two or more items, as he only takes the first thing. If you hear him say "No, No", he didnt' accept the trade -meaning you gave him your broken sword or some other junk.

With your item dropped in snuggly's nest, jump off the cliff. Yep you heard me. Kill yourself. This takes you back to the bonfire outside the demons room. Get up and make your way back to snuggly. See that green mist thing? Thats all your XP you drop when you die, so pick it up and your back to normal. See? Death isn't a bad thing all the time. Just dont die a second time before you recover your dropped souls. You may rage quit.

Newly added to the nest is a Ring Of Sacrifice. Snuggly traded this for your 1 Humanity. The Ring breaks when you die (it's single use), but lets you keep all your XP and Humanity you gathered up to that point instead of dropping it as a green ball of mist. This is a useful, but I save it for a new boss I have never encountered or difficult levels. I also never use it if I have 0 humanity or very few souls. Not much point in wearing the ring if you have nothing to protect.

TWIN HUMANITIES: If you took the Twin Humanity as a gift (which I do when I play a thief). You can repeat this process with Snuggly and get a Rare Ring Of Sacrifice. It works exactly the same as the other ring, but also removes a curse. So this ring comes in handy in the Depths.

With your trading with snuggly done. The intro to Dark Souls is over. Walk up the steps to the top of the cliff to be picked up by a giant crow (snugglies mom?) and flown to Firelink Shrine.

Welcome to Dark Souls. Prepare to die.
Firelink Shrine -Home Base (Summoning Mechanices Also Inlcuded)
Firelink Shrine acts like your base of operations. You will return here a lot and NPC's will take up residence. You can talk to them and buy equipment and other goodies. Or you can fight them

NOTE ON KILLING NPC's and Sin Scores:
If you hit an NPC with a weapon, they turn hostile. If you manage to win the fight and kill them you will earn either 1 Humanity or a Twin Humanity. You usually get an item or two as well. Note however, you do NOT get their full inventory, so if you kill a merchant, dont expect to get all the wares he has for sale. Typically you get their weapon and thats it. You also raise your Sin score, (the games top sinners have a Sin score of 60,000. The bottom have 4).

The in-game function of comitting a Sin is that it can bar you from certain aspects of the storyline and you can be viewed in the Book Of Guilty. Get too much Sin, and you can be invaded by a group of players who get to punish you. And they LOVE to do that. I'm not saying you have to play the game all Lawful Good and be nice to everyone, but for the new guys, keep the NPC's alive and talk to them. They tell you the story of the game and provide you with what you need.

Talk to the rude litle miscreant in the chain mail armor across from the bonfire. Talk to him repeatedly until he tells you to bug off. Now you know a bit more about the "chosen one" kind of storyline, and that your first main goal is to ring two bells. If you hear bells ringing while you play btw, thats other players reaching the first bell in their game. Pretty nifty feature if you ask me.

Next, walk over to the body hanging on the well a few feet away. It contains 3 Humanity for you. If your not comfortable with combat mechanics just hold onto the Humanity for now and don't use it until you reach the bonfire in the Undead Burg. If you feel comfortable enough that you can fight wisely (charging into your first battles will get you killed), use all 3. Here's why:


Every Humanity you use is stored in your character. Certain game elements rely on you having Humanity. Before you reach the first Boss battle in the Undead Burg, you will want to have anywhere from 3 to 5 Humanity. Some players luck out and get as many as 8.

You MUST be in human form (by selecting reverse hollowing at a bonfire) in order to summon other players into your game for co-op. Every time you reverse hollowing, it costs 1 Humanity.

Next, Humanity increases your "Item Discovery" Attribute. This governs how often a defeated enemy drops an item for you to pick up. You want that super big, powerful sword and shield set that black knight is carrying? You better have Humanity in your "bosom" or when you kill him you get squat. Item discovery is a randomized percentage based chance an enemy will drop an item. The higher your Humanity, the more the odds tip in your favor. Lets say you kill an armored hollow, there may be a 10% chance he drops his armor. With 5 Humanity, this may increase to 90%. And its the same with Boss battles. I love to get the bell gargoyle helmet, cause I like to play characters that resemble a nordic valkeyrie. I'm wierd. But I need a minimum of 12 to 15 Humanity to ensure I get it when the gargoyle(s) are defeated. And even then, it doesnt always happen. Long story longer, if you want to get powerful stuff, collect Humanity.

Lastly, Humanity heals your character 100% when used. Thats not too dramatic a feature, but if you have a few in your inventory, it saves on using your Estus Flask or Heal spells. During invasions or co-op, your Estus Flask doesn't work, but Humanity does, so you may want to use them for healing during PvP or helping in a boss battle.

Back at Firelink, lets to talk to a Cleric. Near the bonfire are some broken up arches with a few steps of broken stone. The left arch leads to a flooded area and a graveyard, the middle leads to an area with this Cleric and the right leads down a short hallway with an item.

Talk to this Cleric, but when he tells you to bug off, just wait and talk to him again. Turns out he is (named Petrus) on a holy mission of some kind and he gives you a copper coin. Talk to him again and join his covenant. Virtually all new players join this covenant, even veterans. So join. You can also learn a gesture from him -its free. If you keep talking, he may ask you to donate some souls to show your devotion. Go ahead and do this and he will explain what "Kindling" is. Sort of. Kindling a bonfire costs you 1 Humanity. More on that below. Lastly, you can buy Miracles from the guy. If you are playing a cleric or any character with a decent Faith Attribute, this guy is THE MAN YOU NEED, for the first bit of the game. Dont buy the standard talisman though. There is a free one just a few feet away -clerics can be rip off artists too.

Other than the vague explanation from Petrus, Kindling empowers a bonfire. This brings your Estus Flask up to 10 uses rather than 5. That alone is enough reason to offer up a single Humanity to Kindle a bonfire. So Kindle every bonfire you come across. Eventually, the more you kindle, you'll see your Estus Flask jump up to 11, 12, 13 or more doses. Especially if your walking around (or standing aimlessly looking at the terrain) long enough without being damaged.

The doses in your Estus Flask vary from area to area. So when you leave Firelink and enter the Undead Burg, the doses drop to 5. This is because you haven't kindled the Burgs bonfire.

I assume you have joined the WAY OF WHITE covenenant Petrus offered you. If not, your a jerk. But jerks play Dark Souls too, so do whatever you want. Important Note: members of the Way Of White, Warriors Of Sunlight and Princess Guard are allies.

Joining a Covenant accomplishes a few things. The first is that you are matched easier with players in the same Covenant (or an allied Covenant) when you summon them or they try to summon you. Some miracles you cast work on all members of that Covenant as well. This is handy for co-op battles where everyone gets the benefit of a heal spell. A Covenant also cuts down on the odds of being invaded. The technical side is compicated, but the short is: Covenant members get priority and take up "spaces" in the random pool of available players. Every "space" taken up is one less "space" usable by potential invaders. While we are on the subject, lets discuss Summoning.

A lot of new players dont understand summoning. Here's the base rules, which have been modified slightly by Mods such as DSfix and DSCfix. These mods rock, so get em.

First, you can only summon a player into your game while you are Human. In your hollow form, you don't even see Summon Signs. Several thousand players drop their summon signs every day near bonfires or at the start of an area when they are first able to place their sign. After you play a while, you will get accustomed to the popular spots signs show up. You can BE summoned in either Human or Hollow form.
Any summon sign you see means that player is eligible to be summoned by you. The game takes a random selection of players currently in-game to choose from, so you may not always get the same player.

However, that player MUST also within 10% of your own characters level. So if your level 10, you can summon a level 9 or level 11 player. If you and your buddies want to regularly co-op, make sure your within this 10% window or you wont see each others sign.
Free Stuff Before You Move On From Firelink!!!!
Alright. Before we head to the Undead Burg, lets get some free souls and gear:

The archway on the far right near the bon fire (the three archways -one of which leads to the cleric), has a dead body in it. Pillage it for some free firebombs. These are handy fire-based weapons you can toss in an enemies face. Fun times.

Next up, go up the short staircase near the Cleric Petrus. There is a body with a soul of a lost undead on it.

Now go back down those same steps. See the two openenings in the wall? They are actually elevator shafts. Fall down inside it and turn around and walk through the tunnel you see. In this next area you will find 4 chests. The Morning Star is nifty for beginning Strength based builds, and there is a Talisman to cast Miracles with (dont gotta buy it from Petrus). Homeward Bone teleports you back to the last bonfire you rested at, making for a nifty way to avoid walking back through a tough level (a select few boss battles let you use Homeward Bone and only when you are nearly dead, so don't count on it for an escape). The Cracked Eye Orbs let you invade another players game if you want to do some PvP and collect XP and Humanity from other players. The Black Seperation Crystal kicks out a Spirit from your world that you summoned or returns you from their world to your own. The Lloyd's Talisman is an area effect item that prevents anyone from using an Estus Flask in that area. Good for PvP battles to stop your opponent from healing.

After opening the last chest (located in a narrow alcove and only exit from here) and getting the Lloyd's Talismans, you can either use a homeward bone to return to the firelink bonfire or drop down into the graveyard below. If you drop down, RUN! Run as fast as you can up the steps and around the corner and get back to the bonfire. If you linger, the skeletons that reform will chop you up.

Back at the bonfire, go through the far left archway into the room with water and continue to your left. Again, DO NOT go down into the graveyard. You will die. Keep turning left and walk along the edge of a cliff to find another dead body and Soul of a Lost Undead. More free XP. Next, look up at the giant crow. Cute eh? and make your way up the steps. Circle the broken ledge, shaped like a horseshoe above the water to make your way to another Soul of a lost Undead.

Now go back to the bonfire and follow the stairs leading down. You are NOT going to explore the New Londo Ruins, your farming, so trust me it's safe. Make your way further down the narrow ledge without falling off and ride the elevator down. Upon exiting the elevator, follow the stairs. Tucked away in a corner by the first staircase is another soul to pillage. The next open area is full of basic hollows which you can easily dispatch for free souls. A mini farm. The arch way closest to the hollow that seems to be sleeping on a cliff edge leads up to the Valley Of The Drakes. Open the door (using the master key), and immediately you find a Large Soul of a lost undead. Go back. Now. Explore too much and Drakes will eat you for dinner.

Optional: Astora's Straight Sword and Dragon Crest Shield
If you want to esplore the Valley Of The Drakes a bit, you can pick up a really nice sword and shield, but most likely (especially for new players), you get killed right after picking them up. So spend all your souls on gear or leveling up before doing this (or wear a Ring Of Sacrifice so you return to the Firelink Shrine with your loot). These items are great for fighter/faith builds. Just note that the sword requires STR 10, DEX 10 and Faith 14 to wield. The Shield just needs a STR 10. It has 100% physical and 85% Fire protection so it's among the best you'll see for a while.

Cross the wooden bridge and follow the narrow ledge to your left. You'll approach the body of a large undead dragon, with 2 bodies laying on the ground on one side of his head, and a single body on the other. The two bodies contain the sword and shield. The moment you even try to pillage one, the dragon will rise up. So push those buttons fast to pillage both bodies and get both sword and shield. By about this time, he swings at you, killing you outright.
Experienced players can dodge and grab the third item, a large soul of a brave knight, but most likely you just died. This will return you back to firelink and your not going to reach any souls you lost very easily. If I chose this path, I go for the sword and shield before anything else.

Back in New Londo, go down the short staircase where the sleeping hollow was. You'll meet your first Blacksmith. Talk to him and browse his inventory for items he has for sale. If you haven't leveled up by this point, you can buy a sorcerers catalyst and the Soul Arrow or Great Soul Arrow spell. Perfect for fighter/mage builds, with an immediate ranged attack ready. Once your satisfied at what you have purchased, head back up the stair case and dispatch any other basic hollows you see for the free XP.

If you face the water, at the far left of this landing is another archway. Go through it, but mind the steps. Fall off any of the cliff faces here and you die. Kill a couple of more hollows and pillage a dead body for the Estoc Sword. Its a long, narrow sword with a longer reach than other swords. Good for keeping your distance in a fight, but I personally dont like it. Continue down and break open the jar you see. The body contains some free Transcient Curses. Take those and return home. DO NOT CROSS THE BRIDGES. You will die unless you know exactly where to run. Go back to the bonfire. Experienced players know how to find a Firekeepers soul here.

Now with your loot and free souls, you may have enough to buy a miracle or two, or level up some more. Rest at the bonfire and set up your inventory and weapon/item selection how you want so you are ready to head off to the Undead Burg. If you have followed this guide, you should have a total of 5,000 or more souls collected from the Undead Asylum and the various lost souls and basic hollows you have farmed. Some people will level up several slots, but I prefer to get the spells, miracles and gear from the currently available NPC's instead.

Across from the miscreant in chain mail at the bonfire, you will see a mangled tree. Behind it is a craggy staircase going up. This leads to the Undead Burg and the next chapter starts there.

The Undead Burg Part A -Welcome Chosen One!
Since this is the first official Level of the game, most characters here are new ones.

Character Level
If they haven't leveled up by now but spent their souls on gear and goodies (like me), they are at their starting level of 2-5. Once the area is fully explored and completely pillaged of souls, you generally get another 3 to 5 levels. Once the Taurus Demon is killed, take out the mini bosses and do some Humanity/Soul Farming to reach level 12-15 before moving on. While any character of any level can be anywhere, the point is the upper Burg is mainly low level characters. Once you hit Level 15 summoning other players or being summoned by them is pretty rare.

As you head up the craggy stairs from Firelink, walk slow. The hollows up here will just stand around until you get close. If you run, you may activate all of them and the fight is harder. So one at a time, walk forward until they start to move towards you, then back off a bit, raise your shield, and hit back after they strike your shield. Combat Basics right there: Block, then attack. If your in the mood to riposte or kick, you can do that too, but if your not well versed in combat, the basic block then swing method is the way to go.
Above you is a guy tossing down fire bombs. Your shield won't stop this fire from hurting you, but it helps. The best method is to approach slowly, outside his throwing range, then close in after he tosses a bomb. There is an Axe wielding hollow on the same landing, so get to him first. If you kill all 6 of the hollows here you may be lucky and pick up a free firebomb and some hollow warrior armor. Only equip their gear if it has better stats than what you are wearing. Often this is merely a helm.

In addition to the souls of the lost undead here (one behind the armored hollow) and one on the far end of the aquaduct, you will see a glowing white item on the lower level of the aquaduct. This is a Ring Of Sacrifice If you want it. In the same location as the Axe Wielding hollow, walk to the cliff edge so the lower level of the aqua duct is directly below you. It's extremely percarious, but if you step off the cliff, you will land on the lower level of the aquaduct. Make sure your aim is true. This WORKS. If you miss, you fall to your death. Slowly walk along the narrow edges until you reach the body and pillage the ring from it. Walk all the way back, then do a running jump to get back onto the green grass and safer footing. Technically you can jump back and forth here, but I prefer the falling method, since my jumping aim sometimes is off and it sucks to miss a jump and die. If your truly paranoid, use a Homeward Bone to return to the firelink bonfire.

At this point, I think its safe to use all your Humanity and turn human. If you move slow, and fight your enemies one at a time, you will live long enough to reach the next bonfire and may collect some items off the enemies you kill.

Entering the Aquaduct, to your left you will see a poisonous rat eating a dead body. Shield up, kill the rat. If he hits you, your poison meter will increase. Get bit too much and your health drops fast. Luckily, this rat isnt paticularly agressive, so you can kill him easily. Pillage the body for a soul of a lost undead. If your lucky, the rat may even drop 1 Humanity. Remember that. Rats contain Humanity they drop on occassion, so you can be a Rat Farmer.

Explore this portion of the Undead Burg before Traverssing the White Light and moving on to the rest. Kill the hollows (one at a time works best), and roll into the barrels on the main landing. There is a large soul of a lost undead below you so drop down and pick it up. From here, at your left is a hard to see narrow doorway which leads into a small building with another soul to pillage. Work your way around (there is only a single linear way to progress right now). You will find some Rubbish on a body (save it. it is NOT worthless. Snuggy the crow loves Rubbish). Then climb a ladder that leads to a body with 1 Humanity on it to pillage. Drop back down to the beginning of this area (you just looped around on a treasure hunt). Traverse The White Light to enter the primary section of the Burg'

To your immediate left after Traverssing The White Light, you will see a body to pillage under the staircase. More free souls. Continue up the Staircase and you meet the Hellkite, a rather large red dragon, who makes a show of his size and flies off. You'll meet him again, so don't fret for now.
Your next battle is the first with mixed opponents. A few hollows on the ground level and a hollow armed with a crossbow at the top of a tower work together to kill you. Unless your skills are up to snuff, charging in gets you killed fast (it's usually that way in this game), so draw out an enemy and back down the steps a bit so the sniper cant hit you and kill the hollows one at a time.

Next go up the steps and take out the sniper. You'll notice the bonfire is in the immediate area, so go ahead and rest up, Reverse Hollowing and Kindle as desired. Just remember that enemies re-spawn whenever you use a bonfire, so all those guys you just killed are back when you re-enter the burg. One will immediately run up the stairs to kill you, so kill him then the sniper first and go back down the stairs. Dont cross the bridge yet, we're gonna do some more farming and treasure hunting before moving on.

See those 2 Armored Hollows with spears? Don't be intimidated. If you have any Soul Arrows, just shoot em' twice to take them out from a distance. If you don't have magic, go shield up and take one at a time. They tend to circle a lot and take their sweet time to swing at you, so you can convince them to attack by doing a light swing against their shield, or kick their shield out of the way. With any kind of fighting character build, a hit with a heavy swing followed by a light swing should take these guys out.

Down thes steps blocked by crates you will encounter an axe wielding hollow hiding behind some cabinets. Easy enough to dispatch unless your easily surprised. If your easily surprised by this, you ain't gonna last long. It's mainly a reminder to pay attention to your surroundings.

Just outside this room is a merchant with a creepy laugh. If you have saved up souls for shopping, this guy has a lot of items to sell you. Personally, I tend to empty out his entire inventory before moving out of the Burg, but again, that's my play style. The items you are likely to most want are the Orange Soap Stone, Residence Key, Bottomless Box, and the tools. Now is also a good time to compare weapons.

Your Friendly Undead Burg Merchant
Like any NPC, you CAN kill this guy. Just take a swing, then fight him like any other enemy. Personally I rarely do this. Not out of any honor, quite the opposite. The guy is of better use alive. If you DO kill him, you get the Orange Soapstone, Residence Key and his sword (which is poisonous -kinda cool feature for some characters). This saves you only a few thousand souls you would otherwise spend on the items, but bars you from ever buying firebombs from this guy.

Go ahead and browse his weapon inventory. The reinforced club is often a favorite, but I love the scimitar myself. Compare the stats with your characters level and what you intend on leveling up next before you purchase anything. Dont get a sword you cant use for another 2 or 3 levels. My personal highly recommended purchase is the Short Bow, 50+ Standard Arrows and a few Large Arrows. Fighter based characters may also benefit a lot from his full suit of chain mail he offers, but again, compare it to what you already have. I also stock up on Firebombs, cause they come in dang handy with my method of killing the two mini bosses in the Burg.

Naturally, you can't buy everything. Get the bow and some arrows, and if you are patient, you can run around the entire burg, clearing it of enemies 3 or 4 times just to farm souls to purchase more stuff. This not only helps you get the currency you need, you will gain more confidence in combat and learn the in and outs of battle before getting into evern more serious fights.

As far as weapons go, pick one you like. The Scimitar may not be the highest damage, but I like it's speed. Hitting twice for 80 damage a swing in the time it takes another character to swing once for 100 damage makes me happy. I also use this as my Divine weapon with a lot of characters, but more on that later.

The Orange Soapstone is another one to get. It's cheap and you ONLY NEED ONE!. Use this to leave behind messages or rate other players messages. My Steam name is Nerdgamerdave, so if you see a message from that guy, give it a bump! If you see my summon sign, praise the sun and go ahead and summon me.

The Residence Key is a MUST BUY. Get it. If you cant afford it, farm souls and come back to buy it. This opens one door in the upper burg where you are now that gives you 3 doses of gold pine resin for free, plus a door in the lower burg that rescues an NPC sorcerer. Both make the game far easier to survive, so this key is a must.

For characters with a Dexterity of 13 (or soon to be 13) also get the Shortbow and a ton of arrows. Ranged Combat can dominate the battlefield in some areas. A bow and arrows are also key to picking up the Drake Sword, the most powerful sword you can use for the first third or so of the game. If not the bow, then at least get a bunch of daggers.

Firebombs are also an effective fire based weapon with a relatively low cost. A half dozen of these to the face of some mini bosses or tougher hollows will make your day a lot easier, so stock up. Again, if you run out of cash, farm some souls and come back. These babies help take out the Burgs mini bosses with minimal risk to your characters life using my method -the coward who hits you and you can't hit him back no matter how much you try method.

Gold Pine Resin is extremely useful early in the game. It coats the weapon in your right hand with Lightning (doing 100 damage in addition to the strike damage I believe). So my scimitar that does 80 per swing now does 180. And it's PER STRIKE, so if you hit a guy twice, thats 200 extra damage. This is incredibly helpful for defeating the mini bosses and bosses of the Undead Burg and Undead Parish. Just dont waste it. You only get 3 uses. Lightning weapons are unlocked later in the game for permanent mega damage.

Lastly, the Repair Box and Bottomless Box are quite useful. Your total inventory is limited to 1984 (or somewhere around that number) of items. Seems like a lot, but thats WAY too much stuff to sort through. The Bottomless Box lets you manage your inventory at a bonfire and keep the stuff you really want to keep. The Repair Box is more valuable than many new players might think. Every time you are hit, strike a wall, block an attack, etc. pieces of your armor, shield and weapons are damaged. Even using a bow damages it slightly. Damage an item enough and it WILL break. Yes, that means your trusty Scimitar of kicking butt will break and become worthless if it's not taken care of. The Repair Box lets you fix your items at a bonfire for a few souls. The more damaged, the more souls it costs, but for the most part, regular repair costs are minimal. Its the first thing I do at any bonfire I rest at.
The Undead Burg Part B
Now that your done chatting with the Burg Merchant and his lovely "Yulia" -She is kinda hot... Lets move on. Back in the room where that sneaky Axe Hollow was, head out the doorway and down the steps. You'll reach a narrow corridor with basic hollows in a small herd at the other end. As a group they can mess you up, so walk slow and draw them out one at a time. Basic block then swing will win the fight.

Climb the ladder up to a rooftop and pillage a body for 10 daggers. Daggers are useful, but far less damage than other ranged weapons. The trade off is that they can be used by any character class without having to level up your Dexterity.

Before heading back down the ladder, lets find another way off this roof. Facing the building across from you, look over the edge and you will see a wooden ledge you can jump down too. This requires a running jump, so back up, hold down the run button to pick up speed and jump from the edge of the rooftop. Also, make sure your aim is true. If you err to the right of the landing you will fall to your death. Err to the left and you merely land near the start of the Undead Burg and can work your way back here to try again. Inside the building you will come to a narrow balcony that goes around the upper floor. Follow this to a body that contains a Light Crossbow and some bolts. Not as nice as the Short Bow, but it can be used one-handed, which is fun for some ranged combat with the ability to quickly put up your shield when needed.

Drop off the balcony to the starting area of the Burg and work your way back to the bonfire, collecting a few more souls off hollows that respawned since your last trip through.

You are now ready to clear the final section of the upper Burg before heading off to fight the Mini Bosses and Taurus Demon. If you want, rest up at the Bonfire, and kill that pesky sniper and his hollow buddies. The bridge across from the Bonfire is pelted by firebombs tossed by hollows above you. With a shortbow, you can zoom in and shoot them easily (2 arrows to kill each one). Otherwise run across the bridge and into the open doorway at the other end.

Inside you will face 2 axe wielding hollows and an armored hollow. The strategy I use is simply shield up, lock on to the nearest and circle. The first guy to swing at me gets a heavy sword hit right back. One at a time, they go down. If you get hit by 2 or 3 too quickly, your endurance will drop and you may not block their next strike, so roll away or back up as needed.

Continuing outside, go into the small house to your right. Inside are 2 more hollows to dispatch and a chest containing some black firebombs. The game so far is pretty much feeding you the stuff you need to beat everything in this level, so get em.

Heading up the stairs you encounter 3 hollows, one of whom tosses firebombs. Take them on one at a time, or if you have soul arrows, shoot them from the steps. Take careful note of the short red ladder on the building here. You'll use that to punk out a Black Knight. If you didn't kill the firebomb tossing hollows earlier, climb up the ladder and kill them now. There is also a body to pillage a soul of a lost undead from so its worth the trip.

Back down on the landing, there is a closed door, which requires the Residence Key. If you don't have the key, farm souls and buy it. Inside this room is a chest containing 3 doses of Gold Pine Resin. Powerful stuff this early, especially against the Taurus Demon.

Enter the small tower to take out a crossbow wielding sniper. If armed with a bow of your own, you can snipe the armored hollows below for a few shots. For speed, I just go down and stand on the steps and shoot them with soul arrows or firebombs.

The next section has two paths. One goes up to the boss (and Mini Boss Havel) area, the other to a Black Knight. Read the next section on the battles for the Mini Bosses and main Boss.

Be wary as you climb the steps towards the boss. Your first time here, a burning barrel will be rolled down to greet you, so carefully roll or run out of its way. Kill the hollow and enter the open doorway. Going up, you will head towards the main Boss. Opening the closed door here with the Master Key will take you to Mini Boss Havel

On the same level as the white fog you traverse to take on the main boss are some barrels. Breaking them will reveal an almost Pokemon-like lizard with a crystal on his back. Lock onto him and kill him as quickly as you can. He will scurry away and if not killed quickly enough, burrows and escapes. He respawns though, so rest at a bonfire and try again if he gets away. Killing him awards you with 2 Twinkling Titanite and 1 Large Titanite.

This portion of the Undead Burg is now clear. You now have the options to take on the Mini Bosses and the main Boss: The Taurus Demon. Good Luck and Praise The Sun!
The Undead Burg Part C -Mini Bosses Black Knight & Havel
There are Two Mini Bosses in the Undead Burg. A very tall BLACK KNIGHT and HAVEL. Both guard some nifty rings and killing them gets you the rings, along with more souls for leveling up or buying gear. You can take on these bosses however you want, but there are some surefire ways to kill them outright even for new players. Provided you have patience.

Before taking this guy on, decide on your plan of attack. If you go for the easy way, you need ranged weapons. I prefer the short bow, soul arrows and firebombs. If you choose the hard way, use the best shield you can get and plenty of practice with blocking, dodging and backstabbing.

The easy method requires you to clear the areas leading up to the Black Knight of all hollows, so they don't interfere with the battle. Walk slowly up to the Black Knight and if you are quiet enough you can get in a backstab. Then run like crazy. If he hears you or you want to skip the backstab, gets his attention with a firebomb, soul arrow or simple sword swing and run like crazy.

Run all the way back to the landing with the door you opened using the Residence Key and climb up the small red ladder onto the building rooftop. Stand at the top of the ladder. The majority of the time, the Black Knight will stand below you, swinging at nothing. And he NEVER stops, so you can toss firebombs, shoot arrows etc. at him to your hearts content. If he does leave, he walks to the other side of the building under the green covered wooden planks. This sets him up for a nice plunging attack from above, or you can drop down the ladder, get his attention, and climb back up the ladder as fast as you can.

With a few dozen arrows and Fire Bombs, you can kill this guy pretty easily.

Fighting a Black Knight takes practice. They swing relatively quickly and hit hard, wiping out most of your endurance even if you block with a shield. So the stand your ground method requires you to retreat with shield down to recover endurance quickly, rolling out of the way, and knowing how to time blocks, backstabs and so on. New players will die several times fighting the Knight this way simply because he hits them once.

One good thing is that if you step forward and his attack animation begins, roll back or to the side and get behind him for a backstap or a swing or two at his legs. If timed right, you will avoid taking major damage and can beat him. Just be prepared to die. You may inflict a mere 10-30 damage per hit, while he kills you after a single swing (maybe two).

Using the master key on the doorway below the entry to the Taurus Demon battle zone leads you down a very long set of stairs. At the bottem is Havel, a heavily armored guy with a giant club. And be wary. With his shield up, he may only kill you in two swings of that club. When he holds it with both hands, he usually kills you with a single blow. And hes fast (due to his ring).

Taking a few steps down the final staircase will catch Havel's attention and he will chase you. Run ALL the way back up the stairs and head out the entrance. Back to where the burning barrel trap was set. If you stand a few feet back from the entrance, Havel will begin to walk backward down to his spawn point. Step forward a few feet and he will begin to approach you. This is an exploitable glitch that makes it easy to kill him.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You must still remain outside of his attack range, so if he approaches you, back out of the doorway. Occassionally he WILL follow you a few steps down and take a swing at you or pull a fake out by turning around quickly as if retreating, then running at you for a few steps. But he WILL NOT chase you all the way down the steps.

Stay out of his weapon range, toss a firebomb or shoot an arrow, and back up till he begins to retreat. Then step forward till he begins to approach you and hit him again. Going back and forth like this takes time, since you inflict very little damage, but if you have a good 50+ arrows, a few dozen firebombs and soul arrows, you will win in the end. Just make sure that when you launch your ranged attack, he doesn't close the distance between you two during your animation or he will kill you with that club. I prefer to hit him once, wait for him to swing, then hit him again as he recovers from hitting the ground. Then as he heads back down the stairs to his spawn point, I step into the doorway to lure him back and hit him a third time. Repeat till he dies.

Like the Black Knight, you MUST have strong endurance to take even a single hit from Havel along with a good shield. Best case scenario is you can take a single hit to your shield and strike back at him once. Get hit a second time and you die. If he holds his club in both hands, a single hit may kill you even with your shield up.
A lot of players leave a note saying Try Backstab, and this can work well if you are good at dodging and rolling away from attacks. When he takes a swing at you, roll and circle behind him for a swing or two before backing off and repeating the process. This method takes much more skill, as getting struck mid-roll tends to kill you flat out. Good luck with this method

In Co-op, things get a lot easier. If one character distracts the mini boss, the other can go in for either a back stab or an attack that is not blocked by the mini-bosses shield. Use of the Hammer and Anvil tactic (basically flanking an enemy) works well against both the Black Knight and Havel, provided both characters can block, dodge and roll effectively.

The Black Knight is guarding the Blue Tearstone Ring. Early on in the game, this Ring is useful, but it's not the best ring. Go ahead and equip it for now, but don't count on it in the long run. The cool factor of the ring is that when your health drops to about 20%, all of your defenses are boosted. This allows you to potentially block another hit and give you time to retreat far enough to use the Estus Flask and heal. Its saved me more than once. For the new players, equip the ring and wear it until you find a better one in the next level(s).

Havel is guarding Havel's Ring (meaning everyone is a thief if they stole it from him). This increases your carrying capacity by half. Simply weaing the ring will speed up how fast your character runs and walks in armor since the weight no longer hinders you as much. This is the better of the two rings you just found in my opinion, so equip it as well. Now you are more free to wear heavier armor and wield heavier weapons without suffering the slow movement penalties.

In My games, I wear both these Rings pretty much through the entire Undead Parish and Darkroot Garden. After that, I switch out rings depending on my location and upcoming enemies.
Boss -Taurus Demon (Weakness: Fire, Lightning, Plunging Attacks)
The first time you play Dark Souls, without a guide, and meet this guy the battle goes like this: HOLY CRAP HE'S HUGE! SPLAT! YOU DIED.

And that is the nature of Dark Souls. Honestly its not a HARD game, just demanding of your attention and ability to learn from mistakes. Those mistakes kill you, but you come back. As with EVERYTHING in Dark Souls (cept' maybe the final battle), there are several approaches to this Boss. However, the block then swing method you use against hollows rarely works against Bosses, so forget it. Remember what you learned from the Undead Asylum Demon.

Immediately upon exiting from the White Light, turn to your right at the bottem of the short staircase. Climb the red ladder up to two hollows with crossbows and kill them. This is a very convient perch to do a plunging attack from. Climb back down the ladder and cross the bridge. When the Taurus Demon makes his appearance, turn and run like the frightened kitten you are and get up that ladder. You should make it up the ladder without getting hit by the boss (especially wearing Havels Ring so armor doesnt slow you down). As fast as you can get into position and when the Taurus Demon is below you do a plunging attack. This wipes out a large amount of his health depeding on the weapon used. Gold Pine Resin for extra damage helps.
Note to Co-op battles: I personally see this happen a LOT. Two guys stand up and wait for the Taurus Demon to be underneath and drop either together or too closely follow the first guy that ONLY ONE plunging attack actually strikes the boss. If your doing this method, wait your turn. Wait for the first guy's plunging attack animation to finish before you drop down. Otherwise you just land, lose some health from the drop, and are staring at the demons dingleberries for no real reason. With two spirits summoned and everyone waiting their turn, this Boss often dies from 3 plunging attacks -and maybe a few hits to his ankles.

After the plunging attack, you can roll under his legs or around them and run the opposite direction. As he gives chase, turn back around and run back again and back up the ladder to repeat the process. My personal preference however is to stand my ground between his legs and go for his meat and potatos. Rapid strikes at his legs and body can drop him (specially with lightning damage) in seconds. And he (mostly) misses you when he swings that club of his.

If your not comfortable with this position, run away by rollling through his legs (or around them) and equip firebombs or black firebombs (or a soul arrow for magic users). Back away from him and hit him from a distance, rolling backwards as he begins to swing. If he leaps though, he has a far greater attack range, so look out for that

Far across the walkway, a section of wall is missing to your left. When the boss first appears, go stand near that gap and wait for him. As he swings his club, dodge out of the way (NOT through the missing wall) in a semi-circle and hit his legs if you can. When the boss stands up or hops back, he may just hop though that missing section and fall to his death. Not so bad is he?

You can also fight him toe-to-toe on the bridge, relying on a LOT of dodging and rolling to avoid his attack, or forego the plunging attacks and wait for him to jump up onto the tower and face off there. If you like a challenge and are feeling more combative, try these methods.

Remember those summon signs around the Burg' bonfire? If you need help with this guy, summon someone to help do battle. This also helps the other player gain some experience and Humanity for helping you out.
Knight Of The Sun and Really Scary Hellkite
With the Taurus Demon dead you can go back to the bonfire and heal up if you want, then farm a few more souls and level up before returning to this same spot and continuing onward.

In the first new room you enter there is staircase leading down. Roll into the boxes to the left of the staircase for a soul of a lost undead. Continue down the stairs. Take careful note of the long bridge to your left. It may seem like there are only a few armored hollows in the distance, but those scortch marks on the stone? Someone went all TOASTY! here recently.

For now, turn to your right instead and walk down to a nice piece of castle real estate with a gorgeous view. The Knight here with the sun marking is Solaire. Awesome dude, just a little too obsessed with sunlight...... Talk to him and he will give you the White Soapstone. This is the tool used to place your summon sign on the ground and be summoned into other players worlds for co-op play. I also don't suggest attacking Solaire. Not only does he fight hard, the dude has a gold sign that is near 5 boss levels in the game and you can summon him to help you.When your done praising the sun, head back to the bridge. SLOWLY walk toward the scorch mark and the moment you hear a gust of wind, run back. You may get killed -many new characters do. The Hellkite just swooped down from above and tried to roast you. Nice eh?

After this point, the Hellkite will perch on the other side of the bridge over a large arched entry to a bonfire. You have 3 choices: Try to fight him (don't, you wont win), sneak past him (possible), or go below the bridge. I recommend the last choice. It provides several rewards.To get below, walk along the far right side of the bridge. If you don't, the Hellkite will see you sooner. As you approach the first armored hollow, run. Run fast. Just as the Hellkite swoops down you will reach a wooden staircase. Run and/or roll down it to avoid his fiery (and bad smelling) breath.

This small safe zone contains two doorways. The one in front of you leads to the Undead Parish, the one to your left leads to a shortcut back to the Burg bonfire. Take the left. You will be above the bonfire, so kick the ladder when prompted and climb down to rest, level up, etc.

A LOT of players at this point drop their summon sign just outside the bonfire area. Makes sense too. You just got the soapstone and nothing is better for farming than killing a boss. You get a ton of souls and 1 Humanity for doing so. Plus you get to fight the Taurus Demon and all the Burg baddies again, but this time helping out a newer character. So do it to your hearts content until you rack up enough souls to buy all the gear you want and level up as high as you want. I just don't recommend going too far past the 20's at this point or the majority of players you can summon or be summoned by in the Parish drops a bit.

Sharing/Trading Items via Summoning

Lastly, a cool feature of doing the whole co-op thing is that players can drop gear for you to pick up and add to your inventory (or vice versa). My taste for gargoyle weapons and helmets means I am more than happy to trade you humanity or some +5 weapons for a helmet. Or I hand out free stuff like leggings I don't need. Helping each other survive longer is fun -so is invading, but that's in another section of this guide.

Once your all done with that, head back up the red ladder and get under the bridge. Now we deal with that dragon. Lets blow off his tail. Then (Maybe) fight him. And maybe sneak past him.

Head under the bridge. There are two armored hollows down here with you. Take the one in the wide area out first, since you have room to maneuver. The one who seems to love the narrow ledge you can either soul arrow to death or kick off (or fight however you want).

Next, position yourself near the edge (not too near or you risk falling) the far right of this area so you can see the Hellkites tail wagging back and forth. Take aim with your bow (You DID get it right? I remember mentioning it.....). Hit him with an arrow and he'll get angry, land on the bridge, turn around and get back on his perch. Hit his tail again and repeat the process. It's a little tedious, so if your GOOD with a bow, you can hit his tail a second time as he turns around above you, but it doesn't matter if your patient.After 30 or so normal arrows (25 or so heavy arrows), you will get the DRAKE SWORD!!!!! Congrats! You now have one of the best swords available in the game for the next several levels. You may not be able to use it, and if not don't sweat it too much.

This sword requires a Strength of 16 to wield. Even with my favoring of Dex builds, by this point I always get a Strength of 16 just for this sword (and a few other shields and weapons). I usually leave my Strength at 16 and focus on Dex after that.

The sword is powerful and heavy, but with Havel's ring the weight shouldn't be an issue. When swung, it deals 200 damage and can knock enemies shields out of the way. So with a normal swing, you knock their shield away, then a second swing dispatches them. It's nice to kill a LOT of hollows so easily. Secondly, the heavy swing, when held with two hands has a limited ranged attack. Lock onto an enemy and swing double handed. You strike the ground and an energy charge races towards the target and hits them. Pretty cool. Now the downside.

The sword does not scale up well (no pun intended). Adding a dragon scale to it doesn't add much more damage, so it's not worth upgrading. Other weapon will be better later on. So realize that damage is fixed at 200. Also, it cant take much abuse from that nifty two-handed ranged attack option. The 4th or 5th time you use it, you will get the "Weapon At Risk" message, cause you have damaged the sword badly. I always carry repair powder with me to fix weapons, but in general, just use that attack when you really need it. Frankly, you don't need it that often.

Now you can continue on the same path and enter the Parish. Below I will cover sneaking past the Hellkite if you want to now. I usually sneak past him now just to get a gate open and join a Covenant

Sneaking Past The Hellkite
Go through your inventory and equip whatever armor and shield give you the best fire protection. Heal yourself fully and put on Havels ring so you can move as fast as you can. When you go up the stairs, run to the opposite side of the bridge and hide in the corner behind the stone wall. If done right, you just missed getting cooked and all the hollows are deadBack up just a bit at let loose an arrow at the Hellkite. This will♥♥♥♥♥♥him off and he will land next to you. Now run between his legs and/or roll past him. Keep running. Run straight towards the bonfire. If you are near level 15-20 you should have enough Hit Points and decent armor to survive a singe hit from his fire breath (unless Hit Points are low for your level). You can risk taking an Estus Flask hit if needed, but run fast afterwards.

Roll to the side for good measure when you enter the bonfire area to make sure a blast of fire doesnt fry you right at the destination. When you enter this small shrine area, the Hellkite will fly away. He WILL return if you cross the bridge to the other side, but for now, he stays gone. You now also have the opportunity to pick up a lost soul and a Claymore off the bodies that were below the Hellkite. The Claymore is a nice sword if you have the stats to wield it

Pull the switch to open the gate that leads to the Undead Parish, light and kindle the bonfire, and if you want pray at an altar and join a new Covenant.
Solaire and The Warriors Of Sunlight
Remember that sun obsessed Solaire dude? Well he and a few hundred players are members of the Warrior Of Sunlight covenant. Its my favorite. Several other Covenants are awesome, don't get me wrong, I just like this one cause I'm a Sun Bro at heart.

Just to the right of the bonfire under the Hellkite's perch (assuming you snuck past him or even killed him to get here) is a broken statue in a small grassy area. Only characters with high faith or a lot of co-op battles will receive a prompt to "pray at the altar of sunlight" here.

The base faith required is 25. Every time you have been summoned into another players game AND defeated the boss, this value drops by 5. Do it 4 times and it's automatic, since no character has a base Faith below 5. I hang out in the Burg and kill the Taurus Demon several times for this reason as well as to farm souls.

When you pray at the altar you can join the Covenant. As a reward you get the Lightning Spear spell. It requires a Faith of 20 to wield, but is a very powerful ranged attack that Clerics and other faith based character builds will love. Solaire himself uses it. You can also learn the Praise The Sun Gesture, which is a little funny looking, but non verbal communication in game can be fun.

As a Covenant member, you are more easily matched with other players from this Covenant AND the Way Of White, AND Princess's Guard Covenants. This means the random pool of available players to summon will contain a higher percentage of these players. Early in the game, this has a noticeable effect on how fast and easily summoning is.

All members of this Covenant leave behind gold summon signs and when summoned their spirit form is also gold, rather than white. Whenever you fight alongside a Warrior Of Sunlight (or are the Warrior summoned) and defeat a boss, all particiapants in the fight also get a Sunlight Medal.


In addition to earning these through battle with (or as) a Warrior, you get a few from different game locations, the first being after you talk to the gold knight Lautrec back at Firelink Shrine when you rescue him from his cell.

Save at least 1 medal for trade with Snuggly the crow -he'll give you a White Titanite Chunk for it. Otherwise the medals can be sacrificed at the altar where you joined the Covenant to increase your rank within the Covenant. You receive a "Covenant Deepend" message when doing so.

The more coins you sacrifice, the higher rank you get. Offer a total of 10 medals and you get the Great Lightning Spear and the option to later offer up the soul of Gwyn for the Sunlight Spear. This last spell is amaziningly powerful, but since you get the required soul at the end of the game, it's used during your replay sessions.

With 30 and then 80 medals sacrificed, you gain an additional "rank" in the Covenant, but no additional magic. Betray or leave the covenant and you lose access to the Sunlight Spear and half of your medals sacrificed are taken away from your total offerings.

Fighting The Hellkite (Weakness -Glitch)
It IS possible to fight and kill the Hellkite, but the things you need just to survive you likely don't have yet and unless you like tedious boss battles of severe repetitiion that go on for an hour or more, it's near impossible right now. There is a glitch you can exploit in Co-Op mode to make the battle last a mere minute or two with almost no risk of dying.

The Easy Method

CONFIRMED: If the Hellkite is still purchased above the bonfire (if not, run across the bridge and make sure he comes back), you can walk up to the spawn point of the Parish's Black Knight. Make sure you walk up the tower hugging the wall (and you will still hear the Hellkite). Stand at the top of the tower and you will see the back of the Hellkite. Use a bow and shoot him as close to the head as possible. When you hit, he hops down to the bridge and glitches -vanishing from the screen. Head down to the bonfire and he will fly off as he normally does at this point. Since I did this, he has NEVER returned to the bridge. He didn't die, as I didn't get any souls, but no matter how many times I run across the bridge from either direction, he doesn't come back UNTIL I quit the game and reload it.

(Unconfirmed) You can also kill him while under his perch, but rather than shooting at his tail, go to the other side (kill the rats so they don't bother you) and aim arrows at his head, shoulders, etc. If the dragon turns his head to the left to examine his wing, he is healing himself, so rapid fire with the arrows is needed to make sure damage is kept up. It may take a 100 or more arrows, but eventually he dies

(Unconfirmed) In Co-op mode, there is a way to get the Hellkite to sit on the bridge, distracted by one player, while the other walks right up to him and wacks him to death. By far the easiest method of killing him. Have the main player (not the summoned spirit), lure the dragon down from his perch with an arrow shot. They then run down the stairs and stand directly below the Hellkite. The dragon will stay locked onto the charcter, basically just standing on the bridge. Any spirits can then walk up the stairs and hack away at his legs until he dies

The Hard Way

The Hellkite will kill you with 1 or 2 blasts of fire, maybe 3 if you have a LOT of fire resistance. If you prefer, you can stand at the staircase, shoot an arrow or two, then roll down to avoid the fire. This can take several hundred arrows and a VERY long time, so most people don't have the patience for this method. Co-op may speed it up a bit, but when you both bump into each other on the stairs and get toasted to death, you may want to try a better plan.

Hiding behind the stone wall, the hellkite will blast the bridge every few seconds. During this window of safety you can hit him with an arrow or ranged weapon. When he lands next to you, however, he's not as dumb as the Taurus Demon. Hit him a few times with your sword and he will fly straight up, behind you or back at his perch and let loose with his fire again. The only way to survive all this is to be REALLY good and REALLY lucky. Cant dodge the fire very much since it covers every square foot of real estate. Armor and Shields with 90% or more Fire Protection will help you live, but that is usually still not enough. So good luck. Some people prefer to forgo the shield when they have good armor, since falling down stops further damage, and you can actually take LESS damage sometimes from his fire breath by not using a shield. If your not experienced with juggling the stats on items and armor, however, dont bother trying this.

Lastly, with the right character build (like some pyromancers), you can deal a LOT of damage in a single strike, which makes the dodge, roll, block, hit method of combat much easier. In the end, fighting the Hellkite takes experience, knowledge and skill.
Undead Parish Part A -No Bull!
Most people first arrive at the Undead Parish by travelling underneath the Hellkite. There is also an important key and some loot along the way, so I'll cover that path. Reaching here from the bonfire near the altar of sunlight (Praise the Sun!), skips the first bit.

Character Level
Most characters will easily be level 12-15 by the time they come here. After killing the mini bosses and leveling up, many hover around 20. Once you pass the low 20's and reach 25-30, the chances of summoning or being summoned drops dramatically: At 25 I am summoned every few minutes, at 30, maybe once or twice an hour at best.

From the stairs beneath the bridge and the Hellkite, kill the two hollows and head along the narrow ledge. Be wary of 3 poisonous rats inside the small room you are about to enter. With Shield up, block and attack one at a time. Otherwise a bite from 2 or all 3 in rapid succession will fill up your poison meter. If this happens and you have nothing on hand to remove poison, run back to the Undead Burg bonfire as fast as you can and rest -All poison and damage will heal. Also remember that Rats sometimes drop Humanity, so there is a slim opportunity to score a point.

Climb up the red ladder. You are now at the start of the Undead Parish. Behind you is a gate which leads to the bonfire beneath the Hellkite perch. If you snuck past him or killed him, you may have opened this gate as a shortcut. Ahead of you is an area with some armored hollows, a rather large armored bull and two more hollows on high ground armed with crossbows. Near the ladder is a spiral staircase leading up to the top of a lookout tower with a large Black Knight on guard duty. Lets take em both out, first the bull, then the Knight

Bull Fight
Walk forward slowly till you catch the attention of the armored hallow ahead of you, but NOT the bull. There is also a spear wielding hollow to your right by a stair case. Draw them out and back a bit so you can dispatch them. As for the bull, he is easier to fight than you may think, but the crossbow bolts and another hollow behind the bull can make the battle go bad quickly. The bull is vulnerable to both fire and lightning damage, but frankly I wouldnt waste Pine Resin on this guy. Save that for the real bosses of this level.

The bull charges when you get to close and does significant damage. However, he cant fit through narrow spaces like the staircase behind him or the staircase leading up to the balcony above him. Reach those and he wil just glare at you angrily while you pelt him with ranged attacks. He is also vulnerable to fire, and a couple convienently located fires are burning. If you go up to the balcony (facing off with a spear wielding armored hollow and the two hollows with crossbows), you will find a few Alluring Skulls.Alluring Skulls take time to aim properly, but toss those near a fire and the bull will charge then and get toasted. The balcony also provides a nice spot for a plunging attack or ranged attacks to finish off the bull. Striking the bull enough times in the head (and more so if the finishing blow is also a head shot) awards you his head, known as the Fang Boar Helm.

Black Knight
If you walk slowly up the spiral staircase, and wait for the Black Knight to have his back turned to you, you can sneak in a backstab on him. I prefer to run down the stairs at this point and face off in the area where the bull used to be. It gives me more room to maneuver, dodge and strike. This Black Knight is a little tougher than his Burg counterpart, with a few different sword swings, so keep your distance and make sure you can dodge. Backstabs work well if you can circle behind him. Otherwise keep your distance and toss fire or magic at him.I discovered by accident that if you run BACK UP the stairs to his spawn point, and he follows you, you can take a swing, run back down, and sometimes (not always), instead of following you down the stairs, he drops off the tower to fall directly into the Parish area. The falling damage is significant and sometimes he falls in the wrong spot and dies instantly. As with all Black Knights, defeating him gets you a Titanite Chunk, but nothing else unless you have enough Humanity to increase the odds of getting his sword, shield or helmet.
Undead Parish Part B -Chapel Exterior
With the bull dead and hopefully the area clear you can take on the Black Knight nearby if you want to before moving on. Otherwise, head down the steps located behind the bulls original location.

Don't rush after the basic hollow who flees from you. He has two buddies on either side of the doorway waiting to ambush you. Block and attack to kill these guys and clear out the hollows on the upper landing. Opposite the red ladder is a lower landing with another hollow to kill and a body to pillage. This is the Mystery Key (DUM DUM DUM!!!!!!). It opens a door to release a prisoner you may or may not like depending on your play style and alignment.
Heading up the ladder and killing two more hollows, notice the body stuck on the 2x4 beams? Its easy to walk along the beam if you go slow and pick up some more free souls. Head back to the landing and up the next ladder. Traverse The White Light to enter the main Chapel area. Crossing this short overhead bridge, you have a few different directions to go and get to meet the main bad guys populating this level: the Baldur Knights. For whatever reason, I love these guys and farm them until I get a full set of their armor. I like how it looks with the whole Valkeryie theme. I just replace the helmet with the Gargoyle helm. For a few more bosses at least.

To your right is a walkway with a Baldur Knight conviently turning his back on you. Walk slowly so he doesnt hear you and backstab him. The basic block and swing tactics work on these guys if you have a stable shield and decent Endurance, but watch out when they raise their rapier up and point it at you. This is their riposte move, and they are good at it, taking a lot of health when they use it on you. Without a shield, you have to rely on ranged attacks, excellent dodge skills or magic. The area this Baldur Knight was guarding contains a body with a Knight Shield on it. Pillage it, but make sure to compare its stats with what you already have.

Heading back and exploring further, you will encounter an armored hollow in front of some barrels. Easy enough to kill. In the next arched tunnel, however, be wary of an ambush. An armored hollow is at your right and a Baldur Knight at your left. Take on the Baldur Knight first, since the armored hollow likes to take his sweet time to reach you and attack. If you fight effectively, you won't have to worry too much bout either.

Heading straight, note the stone turning into a rickety wooden bridge. Dont take that way yet, we will loop back around again. Instead, turn left and head to another open area. See that closed gate? You killed the Bull on the other side, now you can open it. Head down the steps and kill the armored hollow at the bottom. There is also a body with a Basement Key on it. This opens the locked door on the bridge near Solaire (where you first spotted the burn marks from the Hellkites bad breath). Get the key, pull the lever to open the gate and head back up the steps.

The body to your left contains a Halbred. A long reaching weapon, and while the swing animations are slow, if keeping your distance is what you like, learning to use it well can be an advantage. Fighting someone faster than you may be your downfall -backstabs HURT!

If you get too close to the Chapel entrance, a Baldur Knight will come out. Hopefully you kill him. If you choose to, you can enter the chapel here, but you face 2 additional Baldur Knights, a spellcaster above you on the 2nd floor, and a mini boss at the chapels altar. Do whatever you want, but I backtrack to that wooden bridge instead and enter the chapel from the side door.

Near the side entrance to the chapel are 2 armored hollows and a hollow with a crossbow. Take them out before entering the chapel. At this point, you can turn around, head down that long bridge through the trees you see and rest at a new bonfire and meet a burly chested Blacksmith. I recommend it just to heal up and restore your Estus Flask. You may find a few items worth buying.
Be Wary Of Amazing Chest! -Andre The Blacksmith
Just outside the Chapel in the Undead Parish and the most popular site for Summon Signs to appear at is a long stone walkway leading through the treetops. This leads to a Bonfire and down a few staircases from that a Big Burly Hunk of a Blacksmith named Andre. If anyone has seen a Wiki detail how many Amazing Chest jokes have been left in game left me know. Probably millions.
Anyway, this dude is awesome. He can upgrade your weapons and armor like any other blacksmith, but he also sells Titanite Shards for 800 souls. So you don't have to get them off Hollows, just save up your XP, buy them, then pay him to use them for upgrades. He also sells weapons of various sorts, so browse his selection and take whatever suits your fancy. The most notable items you will want to get include the Weapon Smithbox and the Armor Smithbox. These turn YOU into a blacksmith, letting you repair and upgrade your armor and weapons at a Bonfire if you have the materials and souls to do so. This is invaluable in areas with no Blacksmith readily at hand.

He also has a unique "Key". It costs a fortune, but unlocks a magically sealed door within Darkroot. You don't need to buy this yet, but if your farming the Gargoyles back at the Parish, you will rack up a lot of souls to spend on goodies.

Heading down from the Blacksmith leads you to a Titanite Demon, which is an EASY boss fight. And past that guy is the Darkroot.

This safe zone is a popular stopping point and if you rest at the bonfire, you can run back to the Parish, kill some Hollows, co-op the Gargoyles and rack up tens of thousands of souls in a relatively short time. Head back and forth upgrading your armor and weapons and in no time you will have a full suit of armor rated +4 or +5 along with weapons and shields.
Undead Parish Part C -Chapel Interior & Mini Bosses
Entering the chapel from the side is the safe route. Plus with summon signs everywhere, you can get some help clearing the area out before getting to the Bosses on the roof.

Upon entering, at your right you will find a large, enemy in black armor with a massive mace. This is a Tower Knight. He is very slow, so you can fight him inside, but you may have to contend with a wizard (called a Channeler) and Baldur Knights as well. So lure him outside where you have room to do battle. With enough Endurance and a 100% physical damage reduction shield, you can use block and strike tactics on this guy. I usually just circle and every time he starts a swing I roll behind him and hit him.
Once he's down, you can collect a Fire Keeper Soul at the altar he was guarding. DO NOT use it for the experience. Far easier ways to get XP and the Fire Keeper Soul will reinforce your Estus Flask (to +1, similar to weapon upgrades) so it heals more damage per dose.

Across from here, if you look up you will see the Channeler wizard. If you have a bow and arrow I recommend killing him from downstairs rather than fighting him upstairs and dealing with a mini horde of hollows alongside him. Stand behind a pillar, aim for his head and let lose arrows. When he fires a spell (Soul Arrow Spell btw), roll or step behind the pillar so you don't get hit. If you can hit him in the head, right as he is recovering from the critical hit, another arrow can be sent loose, hitting him again. Another easy kill.
Go ahead and kill the 3 Baldur Knights on the lower floor -Titanite Shards and items are nice to have. Then head up the staircase near the altar. Note the elevator shaft and elevator. This is a direct link back to Firelink Shrine, dropping you off near the Cleric. If you feel like taking a trip there now, go ahead and unlock this shortcut. Otherwise proceed upstairs to face another Baldur Knight.

Around the corner, there is an ambush of a dozen or so normal hollows that try to bum rush you. Damage adds up fast from a horde, so the method I prefer is to go shield up into the doorway, then swing and kill (1 to 3 per swing depending on density) a hollow, back step, repeat. This funnels the hollows through the doorway more or less single file so they are easy to dispatch.On the second floor landing keep turning left to go up another flight of stairs with another Baldur Knight. When he is dead, look for a wooden beam door with light coming through it. Break this with a weapon or a roll and head up the staircase.

Locked in a cell is a knight in gold armor named Lautrec. Use the Mystery Key to free him. This guy is NOT an innocent, but for storyline purposes I wouldn't kill him just yet. You'll get your chance later.

Head back and go down the hallway with the tables and barrels. At the end of the hallway is a body in a barrel which contains 1 Humanity. Pillage it and loop back down to the main 2nd floor landing. Straight ahead of you are more barrels and furniture, if you explore, you will find a body hanging out of the window to pillage for a soul of a lost undead

The Undead Parish is now clear. You can proceed to fight the Bosses for this level. On the second floor, head to the right hand side and climb the two red ladders. Traverse The White Light to fight on the roof of the Chapel.

If your in human form, you should see a golden summon sign right in front of the fog door. It's not me (I leave my sign near the chapel's side door), it's Soilare. You can summon these guy to help battle the bosses, even if you already have another player summoned with you. A 3 player battle significantly shifts the fight onto the players side
Boss -Bell Gargoyles (Weakness: Lightning, Fire, Warriors Of Sunlight)
The Bell Gargoyles (yes there are two) usually kill you on your first encounter -like most bosses do. The basic strategy is to circle them (remember my comment about hitting bosses on the butt? Works here). With wings and a halbred, the gargoyles have a long reach so your blocking and dodging will be put to the test. Circle around him as much as you can.

Inflict enough damage to his tail (300?) to cut it off, giving you the Gargoyle Tail Axe. Not the best weapon, but swinging it can hit multiple targets at the same time. When the first gargoyle is down to about half health, a second one makes his appearance. They both also breathe fire at this point a bit more than the solitary gargoyle did, so be careful.

If your fighting solo, I recommend staying focused on the first gargoyle. He's almost dead, and a few strong hits will finish him. Try to take on both and they will flank you, burn you and chop you up. With Co-Op, the battle is far easier, since different players can focus on different gargoyles or gang up on a single one, finishing him off quickly.

Upon victory, there is a chance you will earn theGargoyle Halbred, Gargoyle Shield or Gargoyle Helm. I BELIEVE, like most enemies in the game, hit location determines what you get, so go for his face and when he dies you get the helmet, go for his weapon arm and you get the halbred, go for shield arm you get the shield. Just keep in mind that if you have a low amount of Humanity, you tend to get squat. I like to have 15 or more Humanity at this point.

With the fight over, climb the two ladders up the bell tower and ring the first bell. You have completed part of your quest Chosen One. Good job. Now get ready for the hard stuff.

Don't just Homeward Bone your way out. Climb back down the ladders and you will meet an interesting religious figure, with a few items for sale you may be interested in. Plus a couple of books that relate to PvP in Dark Souls.

The Priest Of The Bell Tower
After ringing the bell tower bell, Oswald the Priest shows up, arms spread wide and with a creepy laugh. Talk to him, lean a new gesture (used as a "What Now?" taunt in PvP, and browse items.

Ring Of Sacrifice Cost: 5,000
I buy these (Oswald sells up to 5 of them in all) just to keep up stock and keep rage quits to a minimum. Getting invaded or dying from a bad jump, a failed boss fight and so on can be frustrating. If your paranoid about a new area, get invaded, or face off with something you never saw before, wearing one will stop you from losing Humanity and your collected souls when you die.

Indictment Cost: 200
This is the in-game way to punish people for invading you. You only need to buy this ONCE, you don't need multiple copies. Following an invasion, you will be prompted whether you want to indict the invader or not. You only have a few seconds to do so. If you do, their name is added to the Book Of Guilty and their Sin score is raised. What this means is a group of players who LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to dish out punishment can invade that player, often using a far higher level character, and beat them to a pulp. Eventually, you may want to do the same and join them. It can be very fun actually. Some players do it for hours on end :)

Note: Some players actually WANT you to indict them. This raises their Sin score and allows them to be invaded. These guys love PvP and don't mind being sought out for "punishment", so give em' a hand and indict them. Or don't -if you want to annoy them a bit

Book Of The Guilty Cost: whoops! forgot that.....
This lists all the players with a Sin score. This can be as low as 4 and as high as 60,000. You gain Sin for killing NPC's, invading other players, abandoing a Covenent and other actions. Once your name is in this book you risk being invaded by players who met out justice to sinners. You can also view player stats, weapons, levels and so on by clicking on their profile.

Purging Stone Cost: 3,000
This single use stone removes a curse. When you die from a Curse, your health is reduced by HALF until the curse is removed, so get some of these stones before entering the Depths.

Karmic Justice Cost: 40,000
This spell requires a Faith of 20. It automatically rebounds any heavy attack for a limited time, which can greatly help a faith-based character surivive battles and invasions.

Velkas Talisman Cost: 5,000
Like any other Talisman, this is used to cast Miracles, however, it relies on Intelligence rather than faith. So for INT builds, like a sorcerer, it helps with any miracles you pick up

Bloodbite Ring Cost: 10,000
This ring boosts your bleeding resistance by 100, which greatly reduces the risk of blood loss damage. Wear it when you recognize enemies with weapons that make you bleed.

Poisonbite Ring Cost: 15,000
This ring boosts your poison resistance by 100, which greatly reduces the risk of poison damage. Wear it when you recognize enemies with poisoned weapons or in Blight Town.

Abandon Covenant
This will abandon your current Covenant. For most Covenants, this raises your Sin score, so do it only if you are willing to deal with having a Sin score.

Request Absolution Cost: Variable
This removes ALL Sin points you have aquired from certain actions. However, it DOES NOT reduce Sin you have accumulated by being indicted, or killing certain NPC's who are considered central to the game's storyline. Reducing Sin reduces the chances of being invaded for punishment, but the cost is also very expensive.
Mini Boss-Titanite Demon (Weakness: Easy By Design)
I killed this guy the first time I encountered him. Not bragging. I just approach new areas slowly and found that the guy was sitting back trying to hit me with lightning and in between shots I could hit him back with ranged attacks. It wasn't till other playthroughs (I raged quit after another demon killed be in the lower burg) I found a more efficient way that saved time and button pressing.

The Easy Method
Stay just outside of range where the demon starts to move, but within range for you to still lock onto him. Pull out a bow or some Soul Arrows and let loose. If you stand in the right spot behind fallen debris and pillars, his lightning will strike the rubble while your shots shoot right over it and hit him in the.......he has no face, so neck?!?

So the battle pretty much is just pressing the trigger button a few dozen times till he dies.

The Hard Way
To make it more entertaining or a challenge, move around while you fire off your ranged attacks. This forces you to fire between his shots, and dodge anything that gets too close.
You can also enter melee combat with him. Get all up in his business and circle and he will circle along with you, allowing you to strike him a few times before he either swings his tail or that catch pole of his. He has a VERY long attack range, so approaching him is in itself a challenge.

Overall, I think this is the easiest mini-boss battle in the game. But for your effort, you get some Demon Titanite. Save that. It's spicy.
Darkroot Garden Part A -Farming Trip
Just past our burly blacksmith friend as his neighbor a Titanite Demon, is the Darkroot Garden. This place is a little dark and the green colors mix in well. There are a few dead drops and cliffs so running without knowing where you are going will lead to a fall. Not all falls are deadly themselves, but you may land on an enemy who ends up killing you. Point is: watch your step.

Character Level
After the Parish, my best guess is that most characters are level 20-30 when they come here, probably in the mid 20's. Its not as active as other areas however, so the level range may vary greatly depending on who is passing through and who is completing game objectives. I have noticed that summoning and being summoned seems to drop a lot after level 26 and is rare aroung level 30+.

Black Knight Sword
Courtesy of C_Hawk: If you have recieved (and can wield) a Black Knight Sword, using it two handed can pretty much kill any enemy in the Darkroot Garden with a single swing. Even the Great Stone Knights later on can be one-shot killed if you hit them with their shield down.

I cover the long route to explore the entire garden and loot it of everything. To skip straight to the first Bonfire, simply dont take your first right turn but go straight ahead and follow the narrow trail. Return trips here go much faster using this little shortcut.

Taking the first right will actually connect you to the Darkroot Basin. I don't plan on staying and fighting a Hydra right now though, just kill a lizard, a Black Knight and pick up some gear before heading back to the Garden.

There is really only one path, which is a long narrow cliff face covered in grass and/or moss. A little ways along the road, you will see a glowing object in the distance, which is a lizard. The guy scurries away much faster than the one in the upper Undead Burg, so I recommend getting out your bow and hitting him as fast as you can. Usually 4 or 5 large arrows is enough to kill him for some Twinkling Titanite and Large Titanite

Next along the path is a ledge to drop off to a body. This body has a full set of leather armor on it along with a Longbow and some Feather Arrows. Leather armor isn't very reliable for combat, but it doesn't slow you down much and has a great resistance against lightning. The Longbow is also a step up from the Shortbow, provided you have been increasing your Dexterity enough to use it.

Eventually you come to a bit of a fork in the road. One path leads further down, the other to a wooded area. This wooded area is populated by some slow moving crystal enemies, and a Boss: The Hydra. It also connects to the door where you encountered Havel in the Undead Burg. Feel free to go there and explore or open the door for a connection to the Burg, but the Boss fight and NPC's you meet there are covered elsewhere in this guide.

For now, I keep heading down, soon to face off with a Black Knight wielding a Halbred. He has long range, but the standard block, roll and swing method to combat should finish him off if you have developed skills in combating these guys. Just dont roll off any cliff faces. If you need to, constantly walk backwards up the slopes that brought you here and pelt him with firebombs or soul arrows. Just block or roll when he charges at you. When he dies, you get a Blue Titanite Chunk and if your Humanity is high enough, maybe even his shield, halbred or helmet.

Lastly, at the end of this downward journey along narrow slopes, you will come across a tunnel with a bonfire in it. Go ahead and kindle it, rest, etc. The tunnel leads to an elevator and a connection to the Valley Of Drakes, so I'd leave that area alone for now. Continuing just a bit further down your original path with reveal a body with the Grass Crest Shield. It has a 42% Magic reduction, which is one of the highest magic reduction shields you probably have at this point. This comes in Handy with the boss battle in Darkroot.

With this loot all gathered up head ALL THE WAY back to the Darkroot Garden were you took a right turn and head straight forward this time. Time to clear out this entire area and kill a butterfly

Darkroot Garden Part B -Main Section
After looping you will reach the area where you took a right. Now head straight. Mind the step. Falling here won't kill you, but you'll land in areas with enemies who might. We're going down there anyway.

You'll encounter the native tree's/shrub guys called Demonic Foliage. They have a long reaching attack that is deflected by most shields or a good roll. So close the distance after a strike and kill them. If they raise both hands slowly, they are going for an unblockable grab, where they bite you repeatedly for severe damage. These guys also tend to drop some useful items for upcoming levels, so you may want to hang out and farm for a while to stock up on the following:

Bloodred Moss Clump
This reduces bleeding buildup for a short time. Helpful against enemies that make you bleed
Purple Moss Clump
This eliminates poison in your system and reduces build up of poisoning for a short time. A great way to make sure you live after you get poisoned.
Blooming Purple Moss Clump
This reduces Poison AND Toxic build up for a short time and will remove the Toxic status after you get hit by certain weapons.

So going straight and following the only path available(unless your in the mood for a shortcut by falling), you will encounter a few more of the enemies, one of whom jumps out of the ground. Semi-hidden be a rock is a body with Large Soul Of A Nameless Soldier. Soon you'll approach a magically sealed door, opened only by the Crest Of Artorias. You can buy this from our burly Blacksmith for a mere 20,000 souls. Enter if you dare, its tough. I plan on going there later.

The stonework wall near this door contains an Illusionary Wall, which you can reveal with an attack. There is usually a sign left to help you, but not always. Behind the wall is a Bonfire, so rest up, kindle and do whatever you normally do.

Heading past the door and down, there is a small clearing to your right with a body to pillage in the center. The moment you pillage the body for a large soul of a nameless soldier, 3 enemies will burst out of the ground. You can run to the entrance to this clearing to funnel them single file, or get your block, roll, dodge, parry skills on to kill them.

Now Traverse The White Light. You are entering the main area of Darkroot Garden. Remember I'm taking the long way, so even though this area is open, go along the wall to your right until you reach a tree with moving roots. Hit the tree with your weapon till it dies. I'm not sure exactly what this does, if anything, other than open a new path.Your next enemy is a cute frog/manta ray. They have a long tongue with a bit of reach, but are easy to kill. They also tend to drop a Green Blossom, which boosts your recovery speed for stamina. Great for block and swing fights.

Continue to the left and kill another tree with moving roots. You'll be in an area with a large stone set of armor on the ground near a cliff over water. This guy animates when you get close, so if you don't want to fight him, stay far away and approach the cliff. You'll hear a splash as a group of the cute frog guys jump out of the water. Easy enough to dispatch for free loot. To the left (if facing the cliff), you will find a body with a Soul of a Proud Knight to pillage. Get that and now we can fight the big guy.

These stone guys are Great Stone Knights and are actually not TOO hard, they are like a slow moving Black Knight. However, they cast a slow spell that will make you move VERY slowly. If this happens, block as best as you can and back away until the spell drops. Circling, dodging and rolling around these guys is a reliable method to fight them, as is the block then swing method if you have decent endurance and a good shield.

There is a bunch of stone rubble, with a long staircase going up. Another Great Stone Knight awaits you at the top of the stairs. Defeat him and reach the end you get the Wolf Ring. You may have noticed this on an outcropping earlier in Darkroot. See? Lots of looping around to collect stuff. Wearing thie ring boosts your Poise by 40.

Now it's time to backtrack all the way to the open area were you so brutally killed the first wierd tree. Head back there and get ready to clear it of more Stone Knights, some wierd snakes and collect some goodies. You may notice you have several thousand souls now, so your also welcome to return to the bonfire and level up, then farm some more moss on your way back here.

To the left of the main entrance to this area is a small, narrow alcove. As you head down it, you will hear a Demonic Foliage erupt from the ground behind you, so turn around and kill him. Down this narrow spot is Partisan by a tree. Nice spear like weapon if you use those. Mind the vines. Its actually a two headed Tree Lizard. You cant lock on to it until it moves or you hit it first, so swing or shoot at it and dispatch it. If your lucky, it drops an , which is used to remove a parasite from your body. This wont happen for a while, so save that egg. Maybe get another. Snuggly like em

At this point, rather than fight 5 Stone Knights and a few Demonic Foliage at once, I suggest taking them one at a time. So walk towards the first and take him out. Further into the trees there is a matched pair by some loot. When you get too close or grab theElite Knight set of armor, 4 Demonic Foliage arrive. Fighting 6 enemies at once is a pain, so I like to retreat back near the entrance out of the tree cover. The Foliage move faster, so kill those first, then take on the Knights.

Facing the stone rubble, to the left is another tree with a snake. Then by the arched entrance to this broken down tower is another Stone Knight. Dispatch him and we're ready to face the boss.

The staircase leading to the boss hides a secret. Assuming your in human form, there is a summon sign beneath the stairs hidden by shrubbery. Cut away the shrubs and step under the stairs until you are prompted to summon Witch Beatrice. She's pretty powerful (being sort of a failed 'chosen one' like you), and frankly, if all you do during the boss battle is live, she can win the fight for you the majority of the time.
Boss -Moonlight Butterfly (Weakness: Ranged Attacks, Magic, Rolling, Witches)
As soon as you Traverse The White Light, this eerie ghostly butterfly will slowly fly about, pelting you with ranged attacks and only OCCASSIONALLY landing for you to get in melee attacks. So the solution is ranged combat. Also, summoning Beatrice helps a LOT.

He has 4 attacks, all of which are magic based, so equipping the best magical defensive armor and shield will help. The Leather Armor and Grass Crest Shield may be your best option. If you have a magic shield spell, use it. All of these combined wll block a LOT of incoming damage if you get hit.

The Easy Method
Lock on to the butterfly and fire off arrows, soul arrows and other ranged attacks. When you see any kind of energy build up, stop attacking and start rolling. His super-fast flying magical spears don't do a tremendous amount of damage, but that slow mist he shoots that homes in on you hurts a LOT. The key to not getting hit at all is to roll, roll, roll. Just keep rolling and the attacks will miss far more than they hit. If he fires his beam weapon, run to the opposite side and roll. If he flies overhead and releases an energy ball attack, roll away. In between his attacks, hit him back.

When he lands on the bridge, quickly grab your weapon two-handed for maximum damage and run up to spank his face. Again, if you see energy building up, run back and roll away. Otherwise, he releases an explosion of energy that stings quite a bit.

The Hard Way
There really isnt a "hard way" to fight this guy. Unless you forego any ranged attacks. Then you have to roll, roll and roll some more until he lands and you can melee attack him.

When you recieve the Moonlight Butterfly Soul, DO NOT use it. The XP you get is far outweighed by what you use the soul for later. Drop it in your bottemless box at the next bonfire just to make sure you dont spend it on accident.

Head up the long stone stairs beyond the boss arena. At the top you will find what appears to be a Blacksmith turned to stone. You will find the Basement Key along with Divine Ember. Take this back to the (living) Blacksmith with those huge pecks to unlock his ability to turn a weapon into a Divine Weapon. If your not in the mood to walk though the woods, use a Homeward Bone to teleport to the bonfire and cut down on the trip. Personally, I walk. The woods are nice this time of year

Lower Undead Burg
The Basement Key you acquired in the Parish opens the door located near Solaire, and the first time the Hellkite fried you like an egg. If you prefer to go to the Darkroot Garden instead, go for it. I usually do to farm souls and goodies before heading here.

Character Level
After the Parish, most characters are at least level 20. If they travel to Darkroot and defeat the boss, they pick up a few more levels, so the lower Burg seems mostly populated by levels 25-30. The level is short, so there isn't a whole lot of traffic, however. By level 30, I rarely spot summon signs or get summoned.

Bandits and Poison Dogs
The main enemies here are Bandits. They inflict bleeding damage, so if you get hit you will see your bleeding guage go up similar to a poison guage. Use some red moss if you want to reduce this risk. They also parry, inflicting high damage by cutting your throat, so be careful when they strike a parry pose with the knife held high. The Poison Dogs inflict poison (duh), so purple moss can help. Honestly though, treat em' like fast moving rats and block with a shield and that should be good enough. If you want to wear the rings that prevent bleeding and poison, go for it.

The first thing you will notice when you arrive is a staircase going up. Take that. It leads to a gate which you can open that connects to the upper Burg, across from the Bonfire. You've been here before, so if you want, head to the Bonfire, rest and return. Shortcuts help.

Heading down the steps, you will encounter 3 Poison dogs. Avoid stepping into fire (the dogs may leap into the fire or you can trick them into it for an easy kill). Take a right to pick up some loot and rescue an NPC.
A ways down, you will hear someone calling for help. Use the Residence Key to open the door and rescue this Sorcerer (name). He will meet you back at Firelink to teach you spells and sell you some very useful rings for use with Sorcery. The body in the barrel in this room contains a full set of Sorcerer clothing (high magic resistance natch) and a Sorcerers Catalyst.

Continuing on, you come to a gated area with basic hollows wielding torches. Fire hurts a bit, so take them out with a block then swing move and avoid getting ganged up on. The body on the ground contains a Twin Humanity, so pillage that and head back to the main path with the fire.

There are several buildings with closed doors and as you approach, 3 bandits will come out in an ambush. So don't rush it. To avoid their knives (and throwing knives), block and swing or roll and parry. One of the buildings at your right has a body inside. Pillage it for a Mail Breaker. Decent sword, but I still prefer the Drake Sword or my Scimitar.

A second ambush lies ahead as you approach the grassy area, with more Bandits and dogs. Same thing here: block, parry and/or roll to survive. At your left you will find a body in a barrel with a Large Soul of a lost undead on it. And in a building at your right you will find a body with a full set of thief clothing and a shield. It has decent bleeding resistance, but most armor you have to choose from at this point may suit your needs better. Compare it to what you have and choose what is best for you.

Straight ahead is the fog wall that takes you to the Boss battle. This tends to have the highest population of Summon Signs if anyone is even down here looking to help you. It's rare though, simply because the level is so short.

To the right of the Fog Wall is a set of stairs. Be wary of your left as a Bandit is around the corner as well as in front of you. Ahead of you is a body by a gate you can pillage for a Large Soul of a lost undead, and a locked door which leads to the Depths. Head up the other stairs to a Merchant and unlock a gate in the aquaduct for a shortcut to Firelink.

Before Moving On
Before I take on the Capra Demon, I like to head up the stairs to talk to a crazy old lady who sells poop. Then unlock the aquaduct gate for a shortcut back to Firelink Shrine. This lets me talk to the newly rescued Sorcerer and learn spells, pick up other goodies from the NPC's and rest at the Bonfire. This also cuts down on the return trip should the Capra Demon kill me
Graveyard Detour (Free XP and weapons)

Technically, you can come here ANY TIME you want. I just prefer to do it when I know I will survive. So with a return trip to Firelink at this point, my weapons, level and armor are high enough I can loot the graveyard real quick and head on to the next level. The shield here has a very high Magic resistance, so I sometimes stop by before killing the Moonlight Butterfly

Any weapon that does a lot of damage with a heavy swing helps tremendously here. The skeletons are hard, but a heavy swing with the Drake Sword (200 damage) makes them fall apart temporarily. While they do so, stamina recovers and by the time they get back up I swing again. 3 swings and they die without ever hitting me back. Fighting 2 or 3 at a time means I circle a lot, but a wide swinging weapon hits them all at the same time.

When you first walk down the steps, 2 skeletons will reform. I like to back up the steps or circle them near the bottom so I don't move too far into the graveyard and attract their buddies. So block, roll and circle tends to win the day.

Turning a 180 degree turn from the bottom of the steps, you will see a Large Soul of a lost undead near the cliff with 2 more Skeletons that reform when you approach. About the middle of the top landing is another Large Soul of a lost undead.

A little ways down and to your right, you will run into a Giant Skeleton. When he reforms, I usually run back to the stairs for some open space to do the block, circle, roll technique. If he holds his sword sideways and lifts it in the air with both hands, look out. This hit will drain all (or nearly all) of your endurance and stun you. Otherwise defeat him and pillage the body he was near for a Winged Spear. If you like spears, this one is awesome.

Continuing along this direction you will find a body on a cliff face with the Binoculars. If you like seeing the terrain and checking out the game world from a distance, these are nice for sightseeing. Give them a try and look at that strange city down below in the distance.

The last item it the Caduceus Round Shield. Located just a bit down the steps along the cliff face. You'll kill a couple more skeletons to get this item. It has a 65% resistance to both Lightning and Magic, which may be the highest in your shield inventory at this point and has such a low Strength requirement it's easy to use. So when you face off with enemies using primarily magic or lightning, use this baby.

At this point, I leave the graveyard and head back to Firelink. Continuing down the cliff face enters the Catacombs, which is not a very safe place. Veterans know the game well enough they can run pretty quickly past enemies, but if your not a veteran and don't want to die a lot, leave the Catacombs alone for now. Divine Weapon in hand (Astora's Sword or other), I will usually explore a bit for a ring and other goodies.....
Boss- Capra Demon (Weakness: Ow! I Died In 2 Seconds!)

The first time you Traverse The White Light to fight this demon, I would be surprised if you live. I died so many times, I figured I was entering the wrong place.

Its just that the Capra Demon hangs out right AT the entrance or so near that he swings at you the moment you enter. And he hits hard, so characters with lower Hit Points go SPLAT!

So block. Hold up your strongest shield while Traversing The White Light to block the immediate smack down. You may want to wear a Ring of Sacrifice just in case. Recovery can be difficult while fighting the demon.

The Easy Method
This fight is a challenge and there is no real way to "cheat" it. Go in with a summoned spirit or two and its much easier.
The Capra Demon will constantly pursue you and swing as often as he can, There are also two poisonous dogs that run around, nipping at you and generally making the fight annoying. If you can, right after you block the demons first swing, roll past him and run to the left, up the small staircase. One or both of the dogs will follow you, so you can dispatch them without having the demon hit you. In general, I recommend getting rid of the dogs as fast as you can.

At the top of the stairs is a small ledge and if your LUCKY, the Capra Demon may walk under you for a plunging attack. Otherwise he follows you up the stairs. Either way, once your down, run away and begin fighting like you were facing a Black Knight. Shield up, roll and circle. If you are confident with your skills, drop your shield to recover Endurance faster, then put it up before the demon swings. You may even be able to get behind him and spank him on the butt.

The Hard Way
This is not necessarily a hard way, I do it too. It's hard if you don't have the endurance to take hits to your shield. It's the basic block, then swing or roll and swing method similar to fighting toe to toe with a Black Knight. The Capra Demon hits hard, but if your high enough level, you can dodge out of the way, circle him and go for the popular rear attacks. I still recommend killing the dogs as fast as you can, usually by running to the far end of the room and killing them before the demon reaches you.
You can also use a combination of magic, ranged attacks and melee. Just be good at dodging, parrying or blocking or this boss will make your day pretty short lived.

Upon death, the Capra Demon leaves behind the Key To The Depths. Before heading there however, I visit the old lady who sells poop again and rest up at the Firelink Bonfire.
Friendly Little Old Undead Lady & Her Dung Pies
On the other side of the gate in the Aquaduct is this friendly old lady hollow. Why she seems to know so much about poop and moss, has Humanity and doesn't turn human is beyond me, but anyway.....
She sells moss and other goodies like poop (no joke) that help in the Depths and Blight Town.

Blooded Moss Clump Cost: 300
This increases your resistance to bleeding for a short time and removes Bleeding status

Purple Moss Clump Cost: 500
This increases your resistance to Poison for a short time and removes Poisoned status

Blooming Purple Moss Clump Cost: 1,000
This increases your resistance to Poison for a short time, removes Poisoned status AND removes Toxic status

Dung Pie Cost: 200
Toss this poop on an enemy to make them Toxic (this inflicts 7 damage a second for 10 minutes). However, you get poo on yourself too, so it raises your Toxic status. Too much poop and you suffer the same ill effect

Poison Throwing Knife Cost: 100
These throwing knives inflict Poison damage, so hit with enough and your target is Poisoned

Alluring Skull Cost: 500
Toss these to attract undead to wherever the skull lands. Doesn't work on ALL undead however

Charcoal Pine Resin Cost: 500
This coats the weapon in your right hand with 80 bonus points of Fire damage for 30 seconds

Rotton Pine Resin Cost: 1,000
This coats the weapon in your right hand and makes it Poisonous for 30 seconds

Transient Curse Cost: 4,000
This is used to fight ghosts. Mainly used in New Londo

Homeward Bone Cost: 500
Teleports you back to the last Bonfire you rested at

Prism Stone Cost: 10
These are highly useful to newer players. First, dropping one acts like a marker, it glows so you can spot it from a ways off. Useful for marking routes in areas you may get lost in -like the Tomb Of Giants or Crystal Cave (there are invisible walkways there). They also can be used to hold down pressure plates in Sen's Fortress.
For explorers, they also help guage a fall. Drop one off a cliff or other area and if you hear a loud report, falling from this spot will kill you. If you hear nothing, you can fall safely (sort of, you still take falling damage). Snuggly also wants one.........

Purging Stone Cost: 6,000
This removes a Curse should you die from one. Get at least 1 before entering the Depths.

Humanity Cost: 5,000
Low on Humanity? Buy one for a mere 5,000 souls. Nice lady. Just wonder how she got it

Fire Arrow Cost: 100
These arrows inflict fire damage, useful for an extra oomph! against enemies sensitive to fire

Poison Arrow Cost: 100
This raise the Poison meter more than a dagger, inflicting the Poisoned status quicker

Standard Arrow Cost: 10
Its an Arrow

Large Arrow Cost: 50
Its a Large Arrow

Wooden Arrow Cost: 3
Its a weak Arrow
The Depths Part A -Smells Like A Sewer........
Using the shortcut through the Aquaduct, I stop by Firelink and rest at the bonfire. This makes the trip back less stressful if you die before reaching the bonfire in the Depths. I also talk to the NPC's to purchase supplies, spells and whatnot, especially from the Sorcerer I just rescued from the lower Burg. There is also strange hungry sounds coming from the flooded area beneath the giant crow. Interesting............ Go talk to our cleric buddy, his two new friends and the young girl on the holy mission. Seems doomed. That miscreant in the chainmail thinks so too.

Next, I make sure to have at least 1 Purging Stone to remove curses (a section here contains curses). Or I buy out Oswald's entire inventory of Purging Stones, Rings Of Sacrifice, etc. Lastly, I stock up on goodies from our little old lady like poison daggers, arrows, and Purging Stones. This level can be annoying to newcomers, so take it slow when you can. Running can get you killed.

Character Level
This level is long enough that it see's activity and the low-mid 30's seem the most common. Players who farm for levels may be in the 40's, but I routinely see 5 or more summon signs at the Bonfire at level 30, and then maybe 1 or 2 at level 40.

Heading back to the locked door by the Capra Demon, use the Key To The Depths and head into the stinky sewers known as the Depths.

First, you will head down a few wooden staircases, a normal hollow with another behind you as you come down the stairs will attack, behind the stairs is a body with a Large Soul of an undead soldier. The landing with various tables contains several hollows wielding torches. The small stairs to the next landing has a Poisonous Dog and a Butcher, chopping up some meat. Get too close or attack him and the Butcher fights you. Fight the Butcher like you would a Black Knight, though he is much slower and easier. Be wary of getting too close, as he has a grab move that is pretty difficult. Hopefully when you kill him you will get a Sack (his "helmet"). Keep it. It has no value to except for Snuggly.

The Chest near the Butcher table contains a Large Ember, and you will want to give this to our Blacksmith buddy to turn your weapons into Raw Weapons. If you in the mood to leave and come back, go ahead. There is a short drop off behind the barrels where the butcher was located, but don't go down there quite yet. I circle around and loot before dropping down.

Below this landing is a watery area with 2 Poisonous Dogs and a hollow with a torch. Moving through the water slows you down (unless you got the Iron Ring from a return visit to the Asylum), but for the most part these enemies are no threat. Walk up the fallen rubble and turn to your left.

The room here is full of barrels and a Pyromancer is trapped in one. DO NOT USE A WEAPON to break the barrels. Hitting him with a weapon wil turn him hostile, so I recommend rolling into the barrels to rescue him. He will meet you back at Firelink and teach you some Pyromancy spells for a decent price. Again, if you want to head there now and learn some fire magic go for it.

Next, leave the room and go through the hallway. A Butcher will drop down behind you, so move around the pillars and use ranged or melee attacks to take him out. At the end of the hallway is a locked door with a staircase leading down.

At the bottom of the stairs, STOP! The loot (a Soul of a Nameless Soldier) to your left has a trap above it. Look up and you should see something in the dark shadows moving. Hit it with an arrow or other item and a very gross, poop like Slime will fall to the ground. Walk under it and it falls on YOU, taking away a bit of your health. These creatures move very slow, and if you lock onto them, a steady series of normal or heavy swings will dispatch them easily enough. They have a lot of Hit Points, so this can be annoying. If you keep hitting them, they flatten out or turn almost fluid, but keep swinging. If they go without being hit for too long, they extend little spikes to hit you or rise up and try to fall on you. However, they have a weakness to fire, so a single firebomb followed by a sword swing kills them outright.

They will also drop either Large Titanite Shards or Green Titanite Shards from time to time. So kill the ones near the Bonfire as a mini farm to help level up your Divine Weapons.

The next room contains a hollow with a torch and a long hallway. This is the slime farm -several slimes line the arched roof, so either run under them so they fall behind you, step forward till one falls and back up, or hit them with ranged attacks. The battle is easy, just time consuming. Use the Master Key to open the door at the end of this hallway and you have reached the Depths Bonfire. This is also the Summon Sign depot for this level, you will see signs just past the door and in the room with the bonfire pretty steadily most games up till about level 35. At level 40 they are much rarer. This level is large enough that it see's activity so if you want co-op, go for it.
The Depths Part B -Yep it's a Sewer
Leave the bonfire area and turn right. Below the grates you are standing on is a locked door you will open from the other side, so dont bother going down the short red ladder yet. Continue on and you will find 5 Poisoned Rats hanging out and drinking sewer water. There is a body behind them that contains a Great Axe. Loot it and follow the sewer water towards some boxes. A rat will burst out of the box to your right and a couple more rats to kill. The body sitting up against the bars in the same room as the Giant Rat (mini-boss) has the Sewer Chamber Key on it. Then down the narrow tunnel under the upper level is a body with a Soul of a Nameless Soldier.

Note the hole in the floor just ahead of you. Don't fall down their yet. Also, the staircase in this narrow tunnel leads to a fog wall to Traverse the White Light, but to loot this entire level, lets head back to the Bonfire and back to the beginning room with the Butchers table.

Drop down the hole behind the butchers table. You'll be on a ledge above the Mini-Boss (the Giant Rat you caught a glimpse of earlier). Walk around the far side of the ledge to pillage a body for a Spider Shield. Now lock onto the Giant Rat and kill it with ranged attacks.

This Mini Boss is so easy I didn't include its own section. Ranged attacks kill it, but if you want to drop down, go ahead and swing away till it's dead. If your in the mood for a Plunging Attack, do that as well, it often kills the rat outright. It's pretty much 1 free Humanity.

Note the waterfall at one end of the Giant Rats lair. Don't go down, there are curses that way and we will be going there via a different route. For return trips, this can be used as a shortcut if you want. Instead, go over to the body at the other side of the room and pillage a Soul of a Nameless Soldier and go through the small doorway across from you. There is a body with another Soul of a Nameless Soldier on it.

This next area is a bit of a maze. It also has pitfalls that lead directly to the area where the waterfall does. So look out for holes in the floor or areas where the sewer water is flowing downward. Drop down those holes and you will have to backtrack though a new maze of sewer system and deal with the Basilisks. They can wait.

Head into the narrow tunnels to the first intersection. There is a hole directly in front of you, so take a Left. A Poisonous Rat will flee and lead you to another rat. Follow him, and kill him with ranged attacks, or if you run fast, melee. Turn right, and at the next intersection (a two-way), turn Left. If you get a little lost in this area, just walk around and avoid all the holes, there really is only one way to go without forcing you to jump over the holes or fall down them.

The next area is full of several Poisonous Rats and a Channeler. Similar to the one in the Parish, a few arrows to the face will drop him. I like to take cover in the tunnel intersection and shoot him with Soul Arrows. Just be wary of the rats, and funnel them into the narrow tunnel if you need to. Past the Channeler are some boxes with 2 rats in them and at the end of this landing tucked in a corner is a body with a Large Titanite Shard on it.

Head back and go up the green wooden steps near where the Channeler was and Traverse The White Light. You have now looped back around to a familiar area, clearing this portion of the Depths. The Bonfire isn't to far away, so if you want, return there to refill your Estus Flask and heal up. That's what I'm gonna do, as well as prepare all my defenses for the Basilisks.
The Depths Part C -Beware Basilisks and Curses!
In this area, you will encounter Basilisks. Frog-like creatures with really big eyes. Kinda cute, but VERY dangerous if you dont move quickly.
When a Basilisk spots you, they will scurry towards you very fast. Try to take them one one at a time, since fighting more runs the risk of having one curse you will you kill his buddy.
When they get to within about jump-attack distance, they often raise up on their hind legs, or swing their head back and forth and spray a gas. Stay in this gas for too long and you will INSTANTLY DIE from a Curse. So give yourself room to back away. Wait for the gas to fade and kill the basilisk as fast as you can. If your in the gas, kill the basilisk and run out of the gas QUICKLY! Let your curse meter drop to nothing before moving on to the next one. So speed seems to be the best way to survive these guys. Equip your best weapon for both speed and damage, so you can hit them fast and often. I fall back to using the Drake Sword here, as a single heavy swing tends to kill them.

Lastly, Basilisks will sometimes drop the Eye Of Death. Here's what they do, just for reference:
They are used to level up in the Gravelord Servant Covenant (like Sunlight Medals for SunBro's). A member of this Covenant can use them to place a sign on the ground which sends Black Phantoms into 3 random players worlds. The players can search for the sign and use it to invade the Gravelords world in some crazy PvP fun. If the Covenant member wins, he gains an additional Eye Of Death per player defeated. Normal summoning guidelines apply to these PvP battles. Whether you use an Eye Of Death or not, save one for later in the game. You need one to pay a visit to Nito.

What Curses Do
If you linger too much in the gas, you instantly die. Upon reviving at the bonfire, you will notice that your Hit Points are HALVED!! Yep, curses suck. Get cursed a second time and your life total is halved AGAIN, down to 1/4 of it's original size. So avoid curses. If you can't, make sure you have 1 or more Purging Stones (purchased from Oswald or the old lady merchant). Use the stone after you awaken at a Bonfire to restore your health and remove the curse.

Here we go:
From the Bonfire, travel back through the doorway that contained the fog wall to Traverse through. Kill the respawned rats, and enter the yellowish brick maze area. Head straight and you will encounter a Slime. Kill it and continue past it. In the green stone floor is the hole that leads to the lower area and the Basilisks. Fall down and be ready to fight.

Two Basilisks immediatly charge, so lock on and swing. A third sits around the corner. There is a LITTLE room to back up if they spray their gas, so back up, roll and move fast. Ahead of you is a body with a Large Soul of a Nameless Soldier.

Head up the staircase and turn left. You'll face another Basilisk, and see some below you. A Heavy Soul arrow or other ranged attacks will dispatch the ones below you, making it easier when you loop back.

Cross the area to the doorway and go up the short staircase. There is a hole that drops you down to the lower level you just spotted, so get ready and do a running jump to get over it. On the other side is a body with 1 Humanity. If you fall, loop back around until you get it. When you do, go ahead and fall down that hole (or take the long way). Watch for any Basilisks you didn't kill with ranged attacks from above. Head under this area to a caged off section with a body and the Ring of The Evil Eye.

I like this ring a lot at this point. If you go slow and don't die from a curse, wearing this ring can help you survive fairly well. While worn, every enemy you kill restores some of your own health, so it saves on using an Estus Flask. I usually equip this and Havels Ring or a Ring of Sacrifice in case I still manage to die.

Return to the upper level and opposite from the location of the Humanity, follow the path as it curves around and you face 2 more Basilisks. A short tunnel has a body in it with a Soul of a Nameless Soldier on it. Continue along this path and you approach a staircase and a small waterfall (a hole from above with water falling in). A basilisk awaits you at the bottom of the stairs, along with 2 poison rats.

Taking the right turn, you will come to a 2-way intersection with a water fall to the right and a poison rat to the left. Head left and Dark Spirit Knight Kirk wil invade you. This is an NPC invasion and the battle is actually pretty easy. Just block and swing or roll and swing. When he dies, you can recover a Humanity from the red mist he leaves behind.

Past Kirk are some boxes and a poison rat. Head up the staircase and you will see that large waterfall from the mini boss rats room to your right and a rusted iron gate with an opening in it to your left. There are 2 more rats, a slime on the ground and a slime up above you to dispatch.

Just inside the iron gate is a funny dressed merchant at the right who likes to collect odd items. The stairwell before him leads to the boss for this level, and back near the waterfall is another stairwell that leads back to the Bonfire. Lets go that way and open up the shortcut from the Bonfire to the Boss. The long set of stairs brings you directly below the grated floor by the Bonfire. So climb the ladder, head to the Bonfire and rest up for the boss fight.
Boss -Gaping Dragon (Weakness: Patience, Ranged Attacks, Tail)

The shortcut here from the Bonfire is extremely easy to use, and when you head to the boss area, make sure to explore a bit of the castle structure before you Traverse The White Light to do battle. Nothing is on the first level, but go down the first set of steps and you will see a summon sign for Solaire above the second set of steps that lead to the fog wall. Just past that, to the right, you will see a white summon sign for Lautrec. Handy for a single player who needs two extra guys to fight the boss. A bit past Lautrec is a body with a Heavy Crossbow and some bolts

I died the first time fighting this Boss, never died again fighting him. If you fight patiently, it's easy.

The Easy Method
The room you fight in is very large, so it's easy to keep a distance. Stand far enough away he will roar and charge you. He's so slow however, its easy to avoid. He then sits still for a bit, where you can approach from the side or rear and hack at him before he moves again. I rarely use the lock-on feature to fight this boss, since there is a lot of running involved to keep a distance.

Directly behind him is risky, as his tail whip attack hurts a lot. So cut off his tail, and when he tries to do that attack it proves pointless. You also get the Dragon King Great Axe for cutting off his tail. This is a VERY powerful Axe, just requires Strength 50 to use.....

Directly in front of him runs the risk of him picking you up and tossing you into his gaping maw for tremendous damage.

If he flies into to the air, run away to avoide his ground-pound.

Lastly, he may puke up some nasty bile that coats a very large portion of the ground. Run out of and away from this vomit as fast as you can. It eats away at your armor and weapons. Stay in it too long and you will risk them breaking.

The Hard Way
The only way to make this fight hard is to go in alone, don't summon Solaire and charge in swinging away.

Once the Dragon is dead, you get the Blighttown Key, a Twin Humanity and a Homeward Bone. There is also a dead body in this area with a Standard Helm and a full suit of Hard Leather Armor on it.

To reach the entrance to Blight Town, head through the broken gate passed the wierd collector/merchant who loves these sewers. Before heading onward, however, I make sure to stock up on purple mosses of both varieties. Blight Town is NOTORIOUS for being Poisonous and Toxic. Hence it's name.

I also don't plan on going their yet, need some cool stuff first from the Asylum.
Merchant Of The Depths

This wierd collector of oddities is Domnall.

The Joy Gesture you learn from him is pretty cool, and he has some nifty wares to sell. He just charges a fortune for them.

The Gold Pine Resin (3 doses available, 1,000 each) is useful as always, so go ahead and buy it. And if you need it, he has a bunch of standard arrow types.

Next are the crystal weapons:
Crystal Straight Sword Cost: 4,000
Crystal Great Sword Cost: 6,000
Crystal Shield Cost: 4,000

These are all pretty nifty weapons, but since they can't be repaired, any damage done to them during combat, hitting a wall, etc. is permanent and they will eventually break. Only bother getting them if they have better stats than your current weapons or are easier to wield.

He also has a very wierd suit of armor that costs a ton of souls to pick up.

Helm Of The Wise Cost: 12,000
Armor Of The Glorious Cost: 15,000
Gauntlets Of The Vanquisher Cost: 10,000
Boots Of The Explorer Cost: 10,000

These armor pieces don't have very high protection against most normal forms of damage, but the resistance against magic, lightning and in paticular CURSES is probably a lot higher than what anything else in your inventory may have at the moment. So as always, compare it to what you have and choose what is best for your needs. Blight Town is coming up soon, so Poison and Fire Resistance are gonna come in handy
Return To Undead Asylum
I usually come back here by way of Firelink Shrine, stopping to see the Pyromancer I rescued from the Depths and learn some free fire magic. Then head up the Elevators to the Parish and visit our good buddy the Blacksmith and get some of the Green Titanite Shards I got off slimes to create or upgrade a Divine Weapon.

The first time you can return to the Asylum is when you have access to the elevators in the Undead Parish. However, the enemies there and the new Boss you fight are pretty strong so I usually go after I have reached level 30 or more. I prefer to come before I enter Blight Town since there is a nice ring that allows movement at full speed in water or other goop than normally slows down a character. Once the Asylum is clear, the only real reason to come here again is to trade with Snuggly.

To return to the Undead Asylum, first enter the Elevators to/from the Parish. As they pass the open area in the wall drop off to the ledge below and follow it to the right so you are standing on a grassy patch of mountainside. From here you need to roll to the ledge below. Miss it and you fall into the graveyard, so you'll have to loop back to the elevators to try it again.

You may have to roll past a little bump on the ledge to get all the way up it, but don't worry as long as you don't JUMP (roll instead), you'll land on safe footing near some stairs. Walk around the ledge to the left till you reach the roof of a building and roll across the small gap to get on the roof. There is a body here with the Undead Asylum F2 West Key you will need.

Turn Around and roll back to the ledge -if you miss, just loop back around again via the Elevator. Head up the two flights of stairs and walk to the birds nest. When prompted, curl up like a ball and wait for the giant crow to pick you up and fly you back to the Asylum. The first time, this may take a minute or two, so just wait.

The hollows here have torches, so grab a shield and do the block-swing method to kill them all without getting burned to a crisp. I strongly advise going to the bonfire before dealing with snuggly or anything else, because if you die before resting at it, you return to Firelink. In the room where you encountered the Asylum Demon during the walkthrough, do NOT walk across the middle of the floor. The floor will give way and you fall to face the Boss (the demon you saw outside your cell at the beginning of the game).

Walk around the edge of the room and kill 2 hollows, then rest at the Bonfire. Then head through the side door and up the stairs where you met the Knight who gave you the Estus Flask. He is now fully hollow, so you will fight him. I find it easiest to backtrack to the bonfire so I can circle and do the block, roll, swing moves. Good Guy, so your giving him peace. For your win you get the Crest Shield. This has a Magic Resistance of 80% and only needs a Strength of 10 to use.

Heading up the stairs the ball trap HAS re-spawned so look out. Kill the hollow and continue around to your left to where you fought your first armored hollow. You now face 2. No biggie. Use your brand new key to open the gate and head in. This short staircase has a body on it withe the Rusted Iron Ring. This Ring lets you move at full speed through deeper water and sludge that normally slows you down, so it's invaluable in Blight Town.

Drop down and head through the old familiar tunnels. You will encounter a Black Knight immediatly around a corner (where the archer hollow was when you first learned to use a shield). Fighting in the hall is tough, so if you want to lure him out, I recommend it. He will follow you pretty much anywhere and fights hard, so keep your rolling and blocking skills up and fight smart. Your win gets you a Red Titanite Chunk, and with luck his sword or a piece of armor.

When you reach the next bonfire, go ahead and kindle it. Keep heading this direction and you will loop back around to the first bonfire. Rest (to set up a return point really) and head for the red ladder (straight back from the Bonfire) and head towards your old cell. Another tough Black Knight stands outside the cell and the fight more or less is just like the previous one. If you wear the Rusted Iron Ring, you can back up into the room with the water and take shots at him with firebombs or magic while you stand in the water below and he stands on the high ground. Killing hime gets you another Red Titanite Chunk and possibly his sword or armor pieces.

Inside your cell is a body with the Peculiar Doll on it. This doll has it's purpose, so don't lose it.

The Asylum is now nearly clear. Head back to the main bonfire, do some trading with Snuggly, and when your ready, walk into the room and fall through the floor as it gives way to fight the Boss.
Boss -Stray Demon (Weakness: Rear Attacks, Bleeding)

Falling through the floor makes you suffer falling damage, so as soon as you drop, run back and around a corner and heal. Also, speed helps a lot, so use your best combination of armor and weaponry that helps you move fast.

The Hard Way
There really isn't an easy method, this battle is tough. But try to stay behind him as often as you can and you may just make it. If you have a Bandits Knife or other weapon that causes bleeding, this will help. His weakness is Bleeding damage, so 3 or 4 hits will cause extra damage. Gold Pine Resin, or even Magic Weapon helps too. Every bit of damage counts.

As with the first Asylum Demon, he has a hard ground pound with his weapon as well as his "butt stomp" where he flies in the air for a moment. When he lifts his weapon up and spins it upside down to slam the ground, however, this produces a Area Of Effect blast of fire/magic damage. I am told there is a spot behind his right leg that this blast doesn't hit, but I have not found it myself or taken the time to try it. What I do know, is that if you stay behind him and constantly circle, he does this attack quite a bit, and you usually have enough time to back off or roll back out of the effect range.
He also has a heavy forward slash that creates an explosion in front of him.
Like before, I prefer NOT to lock onto him. Rather I circle and run behind him and attack him by hitting his tail or butt with 1 or 2 swings before retreating. He may fly up for a butt drop, or swing, so you need to keep your endurance up to roll away and run.

When you defeat him you get a Titanite Slab, Humanity and a Homeward Bone as a reward.

Climb up the ladder that was blocked by a fog wall, fall down into the corridor near your old cell and you can now head out of the Asylum. Return her to trade with Snuggly, but otherwise it is now completely clear.
Snuggly The Merchant

Here's a quick breakdown of what you can trade with Snuggly. Remember, if you rest at the bonfire in the main courtyard, it may be easier to drop your item, then kill yourself and head back. Just don't die while doing so and lose all your souls and Humanity. You can only make a trade once. This means you cant use Snuggly to farm free stuff. Sorry

Item You Trade - What Snuggly Gives You
Bloodred Moss Clump - 1 Twinkling Titanite
Blooming Purple Moss Clump - 2 Twinkling Titatine
Cracked Red Eye Orb - 2 Purging Stones
Dried Finger - 1 Blue Titanite Chunk
Dung Pie - 1 Demon Titanite
Egg Vermifuge - 1 Dragon Scale
Humanity - 1 Ring Of Sacrifice
Purple Moss Clump - 1 Twinkling Titanite
Pyromancy Flame - 1 Red Titanite Chunk
Rubbish - 1 Titanite Chunk
Sack - 1 Demon's Great Hammer
Skull Lantern - 1 Ring Of Fog
Sunlight Maggot - 1 Old Witches Ring
Sunlight Medal - 1 White Titanite Chunk
Twin Humanity - 1 Rare Ring Of Sacrifice
Xanthous Crown - 1 Ring Of Favor and Protection

Happy Trading!
Darkroot Basin & The Hydra
Armed with the Rusted Iron Ring, the battle with the Hydra in Darkroot Basin is much easier, so lets head there and kill the beast.

Since I already covered the entire route through Darkroot Garden and looted part of the Basin, the only unexplored area is right outside of Havels Door (the exit from the Undead Burg). You can travel to the lake and Hydra's location through the Burg or Darkroot Garden, however you prefer. Either way, you arrive at an area full of trees, several Crystal Golems and the lake itself.
The Crystal Golums move very slow, and for the most part, a simple block then swing or circling tactic is all you need to kill them. If they raise both arms in the air to swing, they pound the ground and create an Area Of Effect attack that you can only avoid by retreating a bit from them. Any weapon that does 150-200 damage per swing should kill these guys relatively quickly.
Approaching the wooded area, you will see a body with a Large Soul of a Nameless Warrior on it. Let the golems that see you approach you, don't approach them (keeping disance avoids alerting the Hydra too early). Kill the golems then loot the corpse.

If you get to close to the Hydra, he begins spraying a wave like attack that is difficult, but not impossible to avoid while in the trees and rocks. Try to run straight at him and you most likely won't get very far, so run to your left and hug the wall to move up a small ledge. You'll come to a small cliff where the wave attack can't hit you and fight another Crystal Golum. He may get stuck below you, meaning you can toss firebombs or arrows onto his shiny head for an easy kill.
The last Crystal Golum is across the other side of the trees from you. You can run across the area (hopefully not getting hit by wave attacks) or use a bow and arrow to hit this Golum. When he notices you, he will approach, and occassionally, the hydra's wave attack will hit him, killing him outright.

With all the Crystal Golums dead, you can now face off with the Hydra.

The Easy Method
Run at the Hyra as fast as you can, wearing the Rusted Iron Ring so the water doesn't slow you down. You'll need to block or roll to avoid his wave attack, so run in a bit of a serpentine (hah! a Pun!) pattern. Once you are close enough, the Hydra will try to bite you with its heads.

Warning!!!! Get TOO close to the hydra, and you will fall into a deep underwater pit and die. The edge of this pit is difficult to spot under the water, so keep a sharp eye for this deadfall. Stay back just far enough that it roars and tries to bite you. Once you fight it a few times (or die trying), you should memorize where the drop off is. Just be prepared to die in an annoying way if you get too close to this boss.

The Hydra will slam his heads down to hit you. If you have a good shield (you should by now BTW), a block and swing tactic works. Just run at whichever head is closest and take a whack or two at it. If you prefer ranged attacks, just block or avoid each head slam and send off an arrow, spell or whatever you fancy. If it lauches its wave attack, roll to avoid it and watch for it to roar, this indicates it's going to sends it's heads your way again.

Little by little you should kill one head at a time. As each head is killed, blocking and avoiding attacks gets easier. All in all, this boss isn't too tough if you are patient and don't fall in that damn hard to spot underwater pit......

When the Hyrdra dies, you get a Dragon Scale and Dusk Crown Ring. This ring cuts your hit points in half, which is a pain, but boosts both your Sorcery and Pyromancy so for magical character classes it can be extremely helpful.

Heading to the right (if facing the water), you wil find a body with a full set of Knight armor on it. To the left, you will find a long ladder behind a waterfall. Up the ladder and beyond a bit you will find a corpse with a Soul of a Brave Warrior on it.

Continuing is a shortcut into the Darkroot Garden. This shortcut bypasses a lot of enemeis and you can farm for free souls, then head straight to a very interesting cat. But I prefer to use the door, kill some enemies and maybe do some PvP as well as farm souls, so my walkthrough covers entering through the door.....

Artorias Of The Abyss Note!!!
If you follow along the left cliff face and pass the waterfall, you will come to a tunnel, with a Golden Crystal Golem at the end. Kill it and rescue a young sorceress from Oolicle (name?). When she is free'd, a summon sign near a rock on the shore (facing the hydra's previous location) will be visible. She can be summoned to talk to and act as a merchant. Cast Light and a few other spells she offers are very useful to purchase.

Resting at a bonfire after the golden golem is killed and after talking to the merchant will drop a set of (armor name?) in the golems place. It has low physical defense, but the magic and curse resistance is high, making it useful in combination with other armor pieces.

Having freed the young lady (who is very polite), you have unlocked the first step to the DLC. The next step will be unlocked when you reach the Dukes Archives.
Beyond The Darkroot Door -Beware PvP!

PvP Environment
This area is filled with members of the Forest Hunter Covenant. Any intruder (someone NOT in the Covenant) can be invaded by up to 3 players that ARE members of the covenant. The players can be summoned from ANYWHERE, so they can be playing Dark Souls to their hearts content, and suddenly get summoned to this location to kill you.

As a safety precaution, after the first time you get killed, you may want to stay in Hollow Form. But if you enjoy regular PvP and are up to the challenge, go all out and have fun!

PvP, Farming Souls and Character Level
Like many areas, Level ranges a bit, but whenever I swing by here at level 30-40 I tend to get invaded like CRAZY or get summoned into co-op to help others farm. And it's a decent payoff. The NPC's here total about 5,000 souls when killed, so that can be repeated several times. If you hang out as a member of the covenant without going too high a level you will gain a lot of XP and items by killing invaders. Or fight alongside a summoned Spirit (or be summoned) to share souls in co-op farming of NPC's and invaders/invadee's (is invadee's a word? it is now....)

Here We Go:

Opening the door to this area requires the Crest Of Artorias, which you can purchase from our buddy Andre for 20,000 souls. You can take the shortcut by the Hydra if you want, but for Walkthrough purposes, I'm going through the door.

When you first walk down the staircase, head to the right, hugging the wall so the Forest Protectors won't see you yet. You'll approach a cliff and face off with 6 Demonic Foliage. These are tougher than what you have faced before, but 3 firebombs will kill them no problem. Try not to take on a group and get surrounded, go for one at a time. Follow along the cliff. You'll come to a body with a full set of Eastern Armor on it. Pretty decent armor suit, so as always, compare it with what you have and use what best suits your needs.

Return to the staircase and head to the left to approach the ledge under the stairs. Simply by standing here an NPC will attempt a leap attack and fall off the cliff to their death. It's a cheap way of farming souls, but beware of enemies who don't go over the cliff, you don't want to circle or leap either and wind up dead. A human knight and a magician will attack you. If they don't fall off the cliff, then try to focus on the magician first. He uses Soul Arrows a lot and those can be a pain. Using a decent amount of magic protection helps, and you can cirlce for backstaps or leap attacks.

Keep heading that way and you will run into another enemy with an Axe. Not too tough if you have mastered your fighting skills.

Next up is a Cleric and Bandit. This fight is a little trouble, as the cleric will cast a heal spell, which heals both enemies.

The last NPC enemy in the woods is an archer. Killing her rewards you with the Black Bow of Pharis, Pharis' Hat, and a Twin Humanities. I assume her is named Pharis.....

The Bow is pretty nifty. When you zoom in, your character holds the bow sideways, which looks nifty. It has the longest range of any other Bow in the game, but does less damage than a Long Bow. Personally I prefer the range, so I love this Bow. It requires a DEX of 18 to use.

If you need to return to the bonfire to level up and restore your Estus Flask, just remember that the enemies respawn. Otherwise head towards the stone structure.
Inside the stone structure is a large cat in a window. Talk to the Cat and she will ask if you want to join the Forest Hunter Covenant.

If you join, you recieve the Cat Covenant Ring. The forest hunters in this area will no longer be hostile towards you (you are one of them now), and wearing the ring allows you to be summoned to kill any invader. Just beware that no matter where you are at in the game world of Dark Souls, wearing this ring can summon you here to fight another player in PvP. If you like PvP and like this idea, then go for it. I actually enjoy it a bit, and depending on traffic in the area, you may get summone a LOT. Each time you successfully kill an invader (which is another player natch), you level up in the Covenant. Your first kill grants you a Divine Blessing (single use). Your third kill grants you a Ring Of Fog.

Past the cat and across a short stonework bridge, head down the stairs and loop around to the left to find a chest with a full set of Stone Armor in it. For most my characters, this armor doesn't fit my style of play, but check out it stats and if it works for what your needs are. Excellent magic/physical protection, but VERY heavy.

To the right, you will spot some Mushroom Children. The kids won't attack you, but thier parents will. You can slaughter them all if you want, but fighting the parents takes patience since they hit very hard. A lot of shields don't even stop damage, so be prepared to die after 2 or 3 hits. I usually swing once or twice, then back up out of range while they swing, then repeat the process. It's slow, but it works. Ranged attacks, fire and pyromancy also help.

In the center water where the Mushroom Parents were is a chest containing an Enchanted Ember. Andre the Blacksmith can NOT use this, but Wilheim can -it allows Magic Weapons at +5 to be ascended into Enchanted Weapons. So when you use Green Titanite Shards to get a magic weapon up to +5, you can now use Blue Titanite Shards to make the newer Enchanted Weapon up to +5. This adds Magic Damage that scales according to your Intelligence, which is great for high Intelligence characters.

Next follow along the cliff to another stone bridge that takes you towards a ladder (this leads down into the Darkroot Basin, so pass it for now). You'll run into 4 Giant Cats. These guys have an unblockable rolling attack, so when you see them roll, dodge out of the way. For cheap combat, stay in the grove of trees and use ranged attacks. When the cats run away, step out to lure them back, then jump back into the trees and repeat.

This path loops around to the ladder and shortcut back to the Hydra, but you want to head towards the next bridge and cross towards the large double doors. Beyond is the Great Wolf Sif.
Boss -Great Wolf Sif (Weakness: Close Combat, Belly Shots)
Not everyday you see a wolf wielding a sword. Good times.

Sif moves very quickly and swings his sword quickly as well. If you aren't REALLY GOOD at dodging attacks, I recommend having your best shield (hopefully with 100% physical damage reduction) up and ready to go. I like to use Havel's Ring, not be slowed down by heavy gear. Sif also inflicts Magic damage, so armor or shields that increase protection from magic are advised.

The Easy Method
Since Sif moves fast, you need to move fast as well. Try to rely on melee attacks and avoid magic or moves that have slower attack animations or he will hit you mid-spell or mid-sword swing. If you can get directly under him, you can slash at his legs and belly, avoiding a lot of his sword swings. Also, if you damage his legs anough, he will be injured and limp around much slower, making the rest of the battle tip more in your favor.
I'm not sure if Fire is one of his weaknesses, but using Pyromancy at close range is effective. Equipped with your strongest armor and getting in close, powerful pyromancy seems to work as well or better than powerful sword swings.
If you aren't built for close range combat then patience is important. When Sif swings the sword in a wide arc and jumps away, you will have a moment to lock on and toss a lightning spear, soul arrow or other ranged attack before he charges. Avoiding his jumps and spins takes some practice, but ranged combat works if you can keep a long distance and pick him off with 1 or 2 attacks at a time

The Hard Way
Yet another boss that doesn't have a "Hard Way". If you run away too much or try too much fancy footwork the battle gets harder. So any rise in difficulty is due to how you approach the fight.

Defeating Sif gives you the Covenant of Artorias and the Soul of Sif. Like the Moonlight Butterfly soul, don't use Sif's soul for merely leveling up, save it to upgrade weapons later. The Covenant of Artorias is required for a boss battle later agains (name here).

Over by the graves, there is a pillar in the center. Behind that is the Hornet's Ring. This ring changes your backstab and riposte animation against some enemies and increases damage for such attacks by an additional 30%. So if you like backstabbing, this ring is for you.

With Sif dead, head to the ladder and return back to the water where you killed the Hydra earlier.
Blight Town Part A (Beware Of Poison!)
Beware of Poison!

I mean it. Pretty much every enemy in Blight Town uses poison or toxic weapons and near the end the very water you have to walk through is toxic. So stock up on Poison/Toxic resistance items like Purple Moss. The Poisonbite Ring helps a LOT, so unless you have a favorite ring set you insist on using, make one of them this ring.

Character Level
It looks like characters in the mid 30's are most popular here, so I would say 35-40 is what you will encounter the most. A lot of souls are likely spent on weapon upgrades, spells, and items, so leveling up beyond 40 at this point is a bit rare.
After level 40 summonings become less common until down near Queelag's Domain, and after that most levels 45 and up are long gone.

Note: The Ladders in the very narrow and rickety walkways you will be exploring are marked with torches at the top, so that will help you spot them. Othewise, they blend in with the woodgrain.

After opening the door into Blight Town, circle to the left of the large pit and climb down the ladder. There is a small landing here before a short ladder leads to the first of many wooden walkways that makes up the "floor" of Blight Town. There is a cheat to dispatch the first few enemies by standing on this landing, so remember it.

When you first climb down to the walkway, you will see a very large enemy covered in rags known as Infested Barbarians. They are big and slow, but their attacks hurt along with increasing your Toxic status. They can be backstabbed easily if you circle fast enough, or you can draw them out, run back to the entrance and climb the short ladder to the wooden landing. Back up and they will walk below you, then fall to their death. It's cheating, but it works. Repeat as desired. They drop a Dung Pie when killed, which is great if you want to make an enemy Toxic, but personally, since it also affect you when you throw it, I don't like it. Without a high resistance to such an item, you may kill yourself so use Dung Pie's with caution.

I recommend moving slowly, dispatching the 3 Infested Barbarians, along with 2 Infested Ghouls, the primary enemy found in this portion of the Depths -almost look like an infected lizard man and carry swords. They are easy to combat provided you don't use rolls a lot on narrow walkways and fall to your death. Fight them as you would a human enemy (basic block then swing tactic is fine).

Draw out the 3rd Infested Ghoul you spot and let him come to you. Just past him is a Blowdart Sniper. Which, in the darkness is pretty hard to spot. If you advance too far, you'll get hit with his darts and it only takes 2 or 3 to fill up your Poison Status completely. So shield up, or using the wooden walls nearby for cover, you can approach him and kill him at close range or from afar with magic or arrows.

When you come to a fork in the "road", you'll find a ladder, climb down and follow the short path to kill 3 Infested Ghouls, and pillage a body for a Sould Of A Proud Knight. Head back up the ladder and travel along the fork in the road (they both lead to the same place, but one path is much more narrow and moves). You'll meet 3 more Infested Ghouls and come to another ladder.

At the bottom of the ladder to the left is a body with a Large Sould of a Nameless Soldier on it. Head forward along the narrow path, killing a Infested Ghoul who is inside a large clay jar and his nearby buddy. Facing ahead, you should see a ledge you can safely drop off to your right, so drop down and follow it forward until you come to another ladder. Climb up the ladder and you'll find a body with a full set of Shadow Armor on it. This armor isn't as strong as others you may have, but it has a very high resistance to bleeding and poison, so it is helpful in Blight Town at this point.

Head back down the ladder and head to the right to some wooden planks that you can break. Behind them is a body with a Soul of a Proud Knight to pillage.

There is another ledge below you at your left. Drop down and fight another Infested Ghoul and a Flaming Dog. These little red dogs are easy to kill, but they run pretty fast and have a decent range with a fire breath weapon, so facing 2 or more can kill you quickly. Best option is to snipe them with ranged attacks or run in fast and swing before they can attack you.

Hugging the wall to your left, you will come to the first Bonfire. Rest up, repair, and praise the sun before moving on in that same direction. Summon Signs sometimes pop up here, but usually only 1 or 2. This section of Blight Town is annoying even with co-op, and the major XP bonus is at the last Bonfire anyway, so don't expect to get summoned or summon very often here.

Heading forward past the Bonfire, you'll come to another ladder. The Infested Ghouls below you will try to climb the ladder when they spot you, so they are easy to snipe. Or just drop down and dispatch them quickly with a couple swings. There is a narrow walkway to your right (if back is to the ladder) with a body to pillage for 3 Blooming Purple Moss Clumps.

Head back towards the ladder and walk up the short angled ramp and you'll find another narrow walkway to your left. This narrow walkway shifts left and right as you move, so walk SLOW or you will fall off. On the other side is a Flaming Dog. To the left (lots of left turns.....) is another Flaming Dog and a body with 1 Humanity to pillage.

Head back over that super narrow, moving walkway and back to the Bonfire. Rest up after this little detour. If you want to get the Laito Sword, you can, but the jump is difficult to pull off for newcomers. You may die several times, so either spend your souls to level up or put on a Ring of Sacrifice and be prepared to die. I think this is the most annoying jump in the entire game....

From the Bonfire, turn right (rather than left) and go back up the ladder that brought you here initially. Heading right, cross a walkway/bridge and look down off the edge. There is a small shack like buidling roof with a corpse on it. The glowing item is the Laito Sword.

Getting this jump right is a PAIN. See that tiny 2x4 kind of board sticking out among the rest of the flooring? That can give you a few extra feet of distance if you hit it while running before you jump. If you kill the enemies in the area, you don't have need of much armor, so strip down to maximize your jumping distance, put on Havel's ring if you want, then back up, make sure your aim is true and jump!

Mark the spot carefully that you need to jump from. Hopefully you made it. If you died, don't blame me. There really isn't an easy way to make the jump other than practicing it so you know EXACTLY how to make it. If you died, just keep trying and eventually you'lll get the sword.

From the roof, head past the ladder you already climbed, killing the Infested Ghouls and 2 more Flaming Dogs as you cross the more solid stone walkway.

Just past 2 more Infested Ghouls, another Blowdart Sniper will attack. Just like the previous one, he's hard to spot in the darkness, but using cover you can tell where his darts come from and home in with a bow or other ranged attack. You could try to run and reach him but for first timers, it's usually safer to use a bow and arrow.

Approaching a breakable wooden wall, attack it to reveal a small ledge with a ladder. 2 Infested Ghouls are below, and they usually try to climb up towards you. Easy enough to kill... The body here contains a Soul of a Proud Knight to pillage.

Following this (only way to go) path, you will come to another Blowdart Sniper. Same as before, ranged attacks are favorable. Around the bend is a Infested Ghoul and on the solid stone ramp is a body to pillage for the Eagle Shield. I don't think I've ever used this shield.....
Blight Town Part B (Almost Done. Leech Farm Vs. Boss Battle)
Heading back to the ladder (lots of circling for treasure hunters...), look for the torch burning next to a section of wall. This one is also breakable, so attack it to reveal another ladder.

Climb down, kill the Infested Ghould and search the body here for a Soul of a Nameless Soldier.

To your left along the walkway you will see a spidery parasite known as a Parasitic Wall Hugger. This enemy only attacks when you get close enough. With a good ranged attack you can spam it until it dies, or you can go up the ladder to your right to get behind it (it can't attack you from behind). Just beyond the parasite is a body to pillage for the Power Within pyromancy spell.

Going up that ladder, you will encounter a Blowdart Sniper, then enter a cave. Kill the Infested Ghoul and climb the ladder to get directly behind the Parasitic Wall Hugger (unless you already killed it). Turn left to circle back around and head back to the landing where you found the Soul of a Nameless Soldier. Head into the cave here to face both a Infested Barbarian and Infested Ghoul. The area is narrow so the fight can be annoying, but focus on one enemy at a time and it should go in your favor relatiely easily.

Climb the next ladder down to Traverse the White Light. Two more ladders follow for you to climb down further.

The cave-like area to your left is empty, so don't bother exploring unless you want to risk falling for just seeing some lame terrain. Rather, head along the walkway you are on, kill 2 Cragspiders and take more ladders downward. 2 more Cragspiders are below you to dispatch. With most swords, all it takes by this point is 2 heavy swings or 1 light and 1 heavy to kill the creatures, so combat with these guys is easy.

Along this wodden pathway, however, there is a Blowdart Sniper at the right hand side of the angled ramp. You can run and close the distance to him quickly and kill him no problem. Around this corner is a full set of Wanderer armor and a Flachion sword. The Wanderer armor has high poison resistance, so it's likely the best you got. Equip whatever items give you the highest resistance to poison, as the brown water below is toxic to the touch.

You can drop down if you want, but for the cautious, I recommend following the wooden pathway, another ladder and the short wooden ramp that leads into the murky swamp. Kill whatever Cragspiders remain.

Also notice that Giant Mosquitoes now show up. They can detect you at very long range, but move slowly enough you will see them coming. And they infinitely respawn, so you will encounter 2-4 of them every few minutes if you stay in one spot. They don't cause much damage, but wing their lower abodmen and spray toxic blood on you. Since they also hover just above head height, a normal sword attack wont always land. Block their attack with a shield, then follow with a swing and hope to hit them. Or lock on and use a bow or other ranged attack.

Just don't bother using your powerful, limited attacks, because there are a LOT of mosquitos...

The muddy water here slows you down AND poisons you. So the best option for survival is to gear up on the highest poison resistance you have, wear the Rusted Iron Ring to move at full speed through the water (limiting you exposure to poison) and move from landing to landing. There are several small islands of mud that is safe footing, so unless you are confident on where you are going, hop from island to island as you move and let your poison meter drop to safe levels. Purple Moss will help a lot too, especially for newcomers not used to dealing with the ever increasing poison meter.

To your left is a large area full of Leeches, to your right is a Bonfire and Queelag's Domain. I suggest going straight for the Bonfire. That way if you die, you respawn here and not in upper Blight Town. Also note that resting at a Bonfire cures your poison status, so that's helpful in a pinch.

Hug the wall to your right side to stay on mostly stable, non poisonous footing, killing the Cragspiders and Mosquitos as needed. An opening in the wall contains the Bonfire. In Human form around levels 35-40 (sometimes higher, but not always), you will see the Summon Sign depot here. Since Queelag is nearby, this is the popular spot for summonings to kill the spider queen in co-op.

In Human form, right around this area you will also be invaded by Maneater Mildred. This NPC invasion fights like a butcher, so circling around for a backstab, or jumping out of the way when she swings overhead lets you get in attacks pretty easily. Deafeat her, and her summon sign will appear just outside of the Boss's (Queelag) battle area to be summoned. She's not super effective in the battle, but helps serve as a distraction if you are going solo or don't have other players to summon.

Up the slope from the Bonfire, you will find an openin in a gate that leads to a circular area and a chest. Inside is a Dragon Scale. You can use it to upgrade the Drake Sword if you want, but honestly it doesn't improve the weapon that much. Do what you want though. Myself, I usually have Astoria's Sword or a more poweful weapon at this point via upgrades that the Drake Sword is not as useful anymore anyway. Every bit of damage helps though, so if you like the Drake Sword and it's served you well, go ahead and upgrade it.

From the Bonfire, you can do two things: Head out to the right towards a pyromancer, explore the wooden gear-works and beyond to Queelag, or go to the left and the leech farm for Green Titanite shards and an entrance to one of the optional areas in the game.

For the treasure hunters (like myself), I'll cover the Leech farm first. The basic route is to run straight ahead from the Bonfire, then follow the cavern's wall all the way around in a big circle, killing everything along the way to collect Green Titanite, souls and other goodies. Opening the entry to the hidden level as well, but not going inside just yet. Once that's done, it's rest at the Bonfire then head the other direction to go towards the Boss battle.

Blight Town Part C (Leech Farm and The Great Hollow)
This is the largest concentration of enemies that drop Green Titanite Shards in the game, so it's the best spot to farm this Titanite. However, like all drops, it's random, based on how much Humanity you have inside your "bosom", so you may only get 1-2 Shards or you could get 15 each trip....
Load up on Humanity, DON"T die and lose it, and once you are happy with the routine, you can run around here several times to gather up Green Titanite for upgrades.

Honestly, my first trip here, I spent a few hours just to make the trip to and from the Bonfire and kill leeches about a dozen times to get 30 or so shards. Didn't use them all either. Good times.

Under Construction. More To Come
Blight Town Part D (Entering Queelag's Domain)
Under Construction. More To Come
Boss -Quelaag (Weakness: Ranged Attacks, Smack Her On The Butt!)
The Easy Method

Quelaag, the spider demon may be sexy, but Beware Amazing Chest!. See those hollows with the egg sacks piled up on their backs in the tunnel leading to her? Attack one and you will get swarmed by larvae and most likely die unless your good at combating multiple, fast enemies. That's what Quelaag does to the men in her life, so don't trust her good looks. She's a spider through and through. There is a wierd benefit to having one of these larvae attack you IF you join the Chaos Covenant, but more on that later....

Quelaag is immune to fire damage, since it's what SHE uses. So stock up on the best fire/physical damage reduction combo you can. Like many bosses, the basic tactic with her is to circle and try to get behind her -or at least to her side. Flank her in Co-op and she's far easier to deal with. Also, if you hit her human body with a ranged attack, she will get stunned for a moment, making it possible for another player to take a swing at her or for you to get a few hits in.

She will occasionally spit out lava on the ground and if it catches you, you will get burned badly. If this happens roll out as fast as you can. If you pull too far away from her, she will leap into the air and spit lava, which is harder to avoid, so stay at about mid range while you maneuver. If you face her directly, she will swing in a fast, wide arc. You can block this attack with decent Stamina and fire protection, or as her animation begins, back off just out of range so she swings at nothing. Directly behind her causes her to bash you with her spider abdomen. She also has a bash attack and a rare explosive attack.

Overall strategy is keep out of range of her primary weapon, circle to get at her side and rear and be patient. Ranged weapons and ranged magic helps while your moving and a double-handed swing or a long reaching weapon like a Halbred is pretty handy too. When she spits lava, she is vulnerable for a few swings, so look for those openings and exploit them.

The Hard Way
Can't really think of a Hard Way to battle Quelaag. She's tough all round. You can make the fight harder on yourself by not using fire resisting armor and items, or by running in sword ablaze and swinging like a madman.
Sen's Fortress Part A (Beware Traps!)
Under Construction. More to come
Mini Bosses -Titanite Demon Pit (Demon Titanite Farm)
If the large swinging axes hit you and you survive the fall, you land in an area with a Titanite Demon. If your not used to mini boss battles by now, this can lead to your death very quickly. But with patience and strategy, you can kill these demons and farm some Demon Titanite.

Personally, my favorite tactic is to come down here on purpose. Stand at the ledge with the first Titatine Demon below you, run forward and do a plunging attack. It doesn't always hit, but when it does it makes fighting him a lot easier.

The floor is covered in a black sludge, so you will move slow unless equipped with the Rusted Iron Ring. If you want to take on the first Titanite Demon by using ranged attacks, run far away to the left hand side of this room and try to get into the doorway opening. You can try to move back and forth and fire off ranged attacks while avoiding the demons lightning. However, I found a way that worked for me, kinda by accident.

I locked on and got as close as possible, literally right up in the demon's legs and torso area and just kept swinging, and circling. I rarely got hit by it's tail or catch-pole and when it lept into the air to come diving down, I just blocked the attack. So it's the basic block, circle and swing method. Oddly it worked out. I do it every time I play now and it works.

The second Titanite Demon is down a tunnel at the far end of this pit area. As you approach, some lightning wielding lizard men will attack from above, so watch out for their ranged attacks.

I usually take cover behind one of the pillars and take out the lizard-men above with a bow attack. Heading down the tunnel, I usually draw out the demon and do the same up-close and personal attack. Or, take cover behind the corner of the tunnel entrance and move in and out of cover firing off arrows until it dies.

With the demon dead, there are a couple bodies on the ground you can pillage for (Items here)

Under Construction. More To Come
Boss -Iron Golem (Weakness: Close Combat, Pyromancy, Black Iron Tarkus)
Despite his size, this boss is far less intimidating that it appears to be. With another player or summoning an NPC spirit to help, the battle is actually quite easy compared to earlier boss battles.

The Iron Golem will charge you, so try to close the distance between you both as fast as you can so as to be on the largest part of terrain rather than a narrow walkway. Few things suck as much as getting knocked off a bridge or causeway and dying in a single swing.
Once in the center area, I usually lock on with Pyromancy and let loose as I circle the golem. Rolling between his legs is also useful to hack away at his shins.
He broadcasts his attacks well enough that by now you should know when to roll out of the way or back up enough to avoid contact. Just be careful not to fall to your death when trying to avoid getting hit.
When the Golem is severely injured, it staggers badly as one leg is severely injured. This is your sign to run in and spam it with heavy attacks, rapid light attacks or whatever else is at your disposal. This will end the battle very quickly.
Sometimes, if you time it just right, you can cause the Golem to come at you for a leap attack and have it leap off the cliff to it's death, but I have yet to try that myself.

With this boss dead, the ring of light left behind will transport you to Anor Londo. If your not ready to go, leave the Fortress and come back after you do some farming or whatever you need to do. Luckily, there is now a short cut with elevators to get into and out of Sen's Fortress much faster. Otherwise step into the light.
Anor Londo (Beware Evil Twins!)
Character Level
My first trip here was at level 60 and I have gone back from level 60 to 75. Summon signs were rare, but invasions and punishment invasions for sinning were common at these levels. Part of the difficulty with co-op summonings is several short sections of the level remove your summon sign as you explore. For example, place a summon sign near the bonfire and run for the elevator across the courtyard, and it vanishes..... makes co-op a bit sketchy.
Most summon signs are found past the elevator, so be prepared to go solo in several sections of Anor Londo since it's broken up into small sections like this.

Under Construction. More To Come
The Painted World (To Kill A Nice Lady Or Not?)
If you want to enter the Painted World, you need the dried finger. You Don't have to have it equipped, but just in your inventory and not stored away in a Bottemless Box (or traded with Snuggly)

Simply step up to the painting and you will be prompted to examine the painting if you have the Dried Finger. Then Poof! you find yourself alone on a narrow bridge in a snow-driven desolate area

Character Level
Character levels are a bit all over the map here depending on how much players have farmed for souls, whether they are doing speed runs or whatever else. I've been here a few times at levels 60-70 and regularly found summon signs or was summoned. Lower levels are unlikely to be as common just because of the need for high levels and survivability at this point in the game. Higher levels? I have no clue but suspect anyone level 80+ has moved on to other places.

This optional world is rather cool looking and I like it's setup a lot with the snow. Plus it has some unique rewards and story elements to it, so have fun. Just be prepared for some annoyingly difficult enemies.

You'll appear on a rickity wooden bridge with only one way to go: forward. When you reach the other side, regardless of detours that appear in the terrain, there is nothing to be found by exploring so you can follow the craggy trail upwards to a bonfire.

Lighting and kindling this Bonfire will help you while you are here, but it is specifically isolated from the rest of the world. This means when you gain the ability to warp between Bonfires, you can warp TO the painted world, but NOT out of the painted world. I Kindle every Bonfire a minimum of 3 Times with the Rite Of Kindling, but I have my reasons for that (See the section on Replays for details).

Under Construction. More To Come
Boss - Crossbreed Priscilla (Weakness: Fire and Lightning)
Priscilla is an optional boss battle. She tells you to leave, and will stay true to her word if you jump off the cliff. You return safely to the (normal?) world.

However, the moment you strike her, she will no longer be any kind of docile or nice and will attack. This gives you however long you need to look around, organize your inventory or heal up a bit before the battle.

Once the fight starts, she will turn invisible and is hard to track unless you watch for her footprints in the snow. A good area spell like fireball/orb or other high source of damage will break her poise and make her visible again. Her sythe causes bleeding damage, as well as a crystal powder she blows in the air, so staying mobile is a good option for this fight.

Magic Shield, Magic Barrier and anything that boosts your bleeding resistance is highly recommended, as she causes significant bleeding damage.

The Easy Method

Grab your best weapon, with both hands for max damage and step behind Priscilla for your first attack. Since she is docile until you first hit her, this gives you a free shot to start the fight. She swings the sythe rather slowly, so avoiding it should be somewhat easy. Stay moving, and if there are any summoned spirits with you, they will greatly aid making her visible again.

If she starts blowing the bleeding crystal powder, you will have an opening to hit her once or twice before backing off and out of the powder area of effect.

Some high damaging fire, lightning and Pyro attacks will finish her off.

The key, like any other boss is rear attacks. She's slow enough that if you watch the footprints you can get behind her and strike with a lightning spear or other weapon, or just toss area of effect damage in her general direction and widdle her down.

If you cut her tail off, you get Priscilla's Dagger, so striking her tail is also a good reason to get in the rear.

Upon Defeat, you get the Soul of Priscilla and 30,000 souls.

If you killed King Jeremiah, his body will be slumped over near the cliff you leap from to exit the Painted world. Loot it for the Xanthous Armor set.

The Hard Way

The only way to make this a "Hard Way" is to rely on going toe-to-toe without flanking or rear attacks.

If you want the challenge, try to roll, dodge and block her attacks while swinging away with a short sword, dagger or other weapon that doesn't do extra damage. If you're gud, this just means the battle will go on for a lot longer
Return To Anor Londo
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Re-Kindle The Firelink Bonfire (Time For Some Vengeance!)
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The Great Hollow -Titanite Chunks Everywhere!
This area can be tricky if you run a lot. And since you can visit it any time you are in the lower part of Blight Town, skilled players will venture here much earlier in the game to get upgrades, level up a bit and farm goodies.

Under Construction. More To Come
Ash Lake -Hydra part 2 and Covenant with a Dragon
Under Construction. More To Come

Hydra Boss Battle
This Hydra is visible from a long ways off, so there should be no surprises. Approach it as the one in Darkroot, watching out for it's wave of water as you run along the beach. The Hydra moves this time though, so when you enter the water, it will draw in closer to you.
This is actually an advantage, because it means the Hydra will not unleash it's wave attack but instead try to bit you.
Just like the previous Hydra, block or dodge the heads as they slam down, then swing a few times, taking out one head at a time.
And look out for the dead drop in the water, lest you fall to your death.......
No much to add to this battle, as it's identical to the one before more or less
The Catacombs -Bring Divine Weapons!
First things First. Technically you don't NEED a divine weapon, but unless you want to fight constantly re-spawning skeletons and get spammed my 50 of them attacking you at once, you NEED Divine Weapons!

This is where Astoria's Longsword helps a lot. Depending on your loadout, it may not be the best weapon, but by the time you reach this point in the game, a good combat build will let you kill a skeleton with 2-3 light attacks or 1-2 heavy attacks with the sword. Not too shabby.

Under Construction. More To Come
Tomb Of The Giants (Having Light Helps!)
Under Construction. More To Come
The Dukes Archives
Under Construction. More To Come
The Crystal Cave
Under Construction. More To Come
New Londo Ruins (Who You Gonna Call? Ghostbusters!!!)
First thing: GET TRANSIENT CURSES!!!!!!

If you don't have any Transient Curses your gonna have a heck of a time here. Probably die. A LOT. So stock up on them from the Merchants who sell them. The game only gives you a few to start out with.

That being said, the ghost's here also drop as many as 3 to 5 transient curses upon death. So if you are a decently high level by now, a single transient curse will last 5 minutes or so, allowing the 3 you picked up to cover 15 minutes of combat. During that time you can kill the first dozen or so spirits you encounter and pick up another dozen or so Transient Curses. Moral of the story: Keep your item discovery attribute high with Humanity and kill the ghosts as fast as you can. There is a really nifty ring to wear that boosts Item discovery that can help too..........

Under construction. more to come
Valley Of The Drakes -Dragonslaying 101
Beware Lightning

Each Drake uses Lighting based attacks. So boost up on lightning defenses to minimize the damage you take on a hit. Other than that, a solid ranged attack, lots of arrows, pyromancy, magic etc. is the best tactic. Up close and personal fighting is the hard way to take on a Drake unless you can deal 500+ damage per swing of a weapon and kill them with 4-6 swings.

I usually prefer to use poisoned arrows and knives to slowly widdle them down like the golems in Sen's Fortress. Pyromancy is also effective if you have maxed out your ability and have the higher damaging fireballs or fire orbs.

Under Construction. More To Come
Demon Ruins (Fire Protection = Good)
Technically, you can come here right after the fight with Quelaag, which I have done myself. But the very first Mini-Boss is extremely difficult to fight. If I come here early in the game, I use the "cheat" to kill the mini-boss with Arrows (using anywhere from 400-600 arrows depending on the bow and damage involved).

Under Construction. More To Come
Lost Izalith
Under Construction. More To Come
The Final Battle -Prepare For Glory or Death
Tip: Get Gud!

Seriously, Even at level 100+, this guy deals a lot of damage and will kill you somewhat quickly. This is where combat practice really pays off though.

Parry Method:
This is the most common choice people seem to use and its very effective if done right. Time your parries JUST RIGHT (you will die a few times getting the timing down) and you can parry, parry, parry the boss until he's dead.
Once you are really, really good at parrying, the boss battle becomes a tad bit too easy.....

Central Cover Method:
This is my favorite method for just being cheesy and cowardly. Near the center of the room is a stalagmite (cave rocks pointing up from the ground for those who don't know sciency stuff..).
Run as fast as you can and keep circling (locking on helps), keeping the stalagmite between you and Mr. Fiery Boss-Man. He'll swing at you (occassionally hitting with his long reach), but otherwise will just keep circling to try to get around to reach you.
If you mess up, you can roll to the side and get back into position.
Locked on, this allows you to cast spells like Fireball, Fire-Orb and Great Chaos Fireballs while mostly on the move. Time it right and start casting just as he finishes his attacks and you can step out just enough to toss the fireball into his face, then side-step right back to keep the rocks between you two.
Repeat until dead.
Artorias Of The Abyss Part A
The DLC part of the game, this is actually an incredibly difficult portion, but so rewarding play wise I am a big fan. The Mini-Bosses and Main Boss are some of the most difficult you will ever face, which has a major feel-good win to it when you defeat them.

So Prepare To Die if this is your first visit here.

How To Travel Here

In order to unlock entry to warp here, you need to accomplish a few things in game. I put these in order of the first appearances, as they would appear if playing according to the walkthrough. Of course, these may change if you enter places earlier or defeat bosses in a different order, so the order doesn't really matter, as long as each goal is achieved.

1- Kill the Golden Golum in Darkroot. Located past the Hydra in the long cave tunnel. This releases (name) of Oolicle from her prision within the Golem, who then leaves her summon sign on the shore in front of the Hydra's location. After resting at a Bonfire, the location of the dead Golem will also have a (item) dropped to pick up, so return here at some point to get it.
2- Kill the Blue Golum in the Duke's Archives, located near the bonfire just before entering the expansive library area. The Golum drops the (item) upon it's death.

Under Construction. More To Come
Bed Of Chaos (Multi-Stage Boss, Weakeness: Game Reloads)
This Boss battle is rather different than all the others because you don't hack away at the boss itself, and you don't circle around it. It's a 3 stage battle of basically suriving long enough to hit specific points.
First, you need to destroy the large firey orbs at the left and right side of the boss, then the final stage is killing its heart, which is underneath the boss.

Falling, being one-shot killed and one-shot knocked into a hole is common with this boss, so you will die several times before you get used to the battle and can pull it off without trouble. The good news is that each death does not restart all 3 phases, so if you manage to destroy one orb and die, it doesn't need to be destroyed again. So you can destroy an orb, die, then come back to destroy the next orb, die then come back to destroy the heart.
Just be prepared to die. A lot if you aren't used to this boss battle.

Co-Op Note:
Summon signs placed outside the fog door DO WORK. However, anyone you summon has to wait until you slide down the ramp and actually begin the boss fight. At that point, summoned Spirits can step through the fog and join in the battle.
In Co-Op, it usually works best for the two players to split up. One going for the right, the other for the left. Makes for destroying the two orbs rather quick and saves on backtracking over broken flooring

Homeward Bones & Reset:
If you have the time, a Homeward Bone works in this boss battle, though it is a LOOOOONNNGGG walk from the nearest bonfire back to this point. So destroying an orb then homeward bones are not an option everyone prefers.
Another option is after destroying an orb and watching the animation of the boss changing forms, simply quit the game.
Yes, this is technically cheating, but I'm including that in the walkthrough.
Quitting will save the battle progress just like dying as well as putting you right outside the fog gate when you re-load the game. Saves a LOT of travel time from the bonefire doing it this way as well as souls and Humanity if you get killed.

Battle Stages:
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LegoCrazy Aug 5, 2017 @ 11:36am 
please finish the guide
Pixlin NRG Jul 25, 2017 @ 2:15am 
nvm i did it im so happy
Pixlin NRG Jul 25, 2017 @ 2:06am 
i think i accidentally killed kirk and i cant progress help please
Roblins Jun 4, 2017 @ 3:44pm 
The only guide i needed was death lol
ThreeSon Feb 10, 2017 @ 4:27pm 

Thanks very much. :) Was that what your invite was for?
NerdgamerDave  [author] Feb 10, 2017 @ 4:08pm 
ThreeSon, if you're referring to the locked door in the upper level near the point where you drop onto the boss, you need a key found in firelink shrine. Its covered in the chapter "Return To Undead Asylum". Basically you ride the elevator from the undead parish, step off the elevator through the opening in the wall, roll onto a narrow ledge and walk up stairs. you'll see a body on a roof above the water filled section of firelink shrine.

feel free to send messages for any questions you have as well :)
ThreeSon Feb 10, 2017 @ 1:40am 
This is a silly question but I can't find the answer anywhere - How do I open the locked door in the tutorial area, behind the armored hollow?
John "John Wick" Wick (John Wick Jun 21, 2016 @ 3:08pm 
It was the staircase with the flaming barrel.
NerdgamerDave  [author] Jun 20, 2016 @ 6:13pm 
Huh.... First I've heard of that. Did you go down the steps where the hollow rolls the flaming barrel at you, the staircase inside the tower or the steps outside the door that leads towards the lake and the Hydra?
John "John Wick" Wick (John Wick Jun 19, 2016 @ 9:46pm 
He chased me past that point. No invisible wall to speak of.