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Indie Van Game Jam
Jul 11, 2014 @ 12:58am
Dec 29, 2014 @ 2:38pm
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Release date: Fall and Winter 2014
What the heck is an Indie Van game Jam?!

"It's BangBus for nerds." - Kotaku Comments

Picture Man vs. Food meets Indie Game: The Movie. Indie Van Game Jam is a documentary series about the studios, games and personalities of developers who have turned away from corporate publishing, and struck out on their own to create games they love. Each episode is a travelogue where Diego Almazan, Chad Stewart, and Zeb West from Binary Solo choose an indie developer and set off in their Indie Van to pose a question to them about game development. Now for the twist: along the way they attempt to answer the question themselves through a 'game jam', creating a video game in the van that answers that question. When they arrive at the indie studio, they show the tragic or triumphant results of the van-made game. Along with the episode, the results of the game jam are made available online. The all-star line-up of indie developers includes Austin’s Stoic Games, Chicago's Rob Lach, Vancouver's KLEI Entertainment, and many more.

What do I get?
Indie Van Game Jam is a one-time purchase with a new episode added every couple months in the Fall and Winter of 2014. You get all 7 episodes, all 7 game jam games (plus improved versions), 2 bonus game jams, plus Detours and Side Quests (special features), and to top it off you can download and play each of the games made with every episode.

The goods:
  • 7 20-minute-ish episodes!
  • 9 game jam games! (These are fun and crazy prototypes! Sketches of games! Improved upon for the Steam release alongside the originals.)
  • Detours and Side Quests! (special features! deleted scenes!)
  • A 'Greenlightsaber' Achievement on!
  • Special thanks in the final episode!

Episode List:
Episode 1: "Rob Lach and Two Smoking Barrels" - ROB LACH – Chicago, IL
Rob Lach is the creator of POP: METHODOLOGY EXPERIMENT ONE, a game that has received praise from Indiecade, Fantastic Arcade, and others. As a single developer going it on his own, he embodies the Indie spirit.

In this episode we make a twist on the first person shooter genre with our game, "It's Not Me, It's You!" The player wakes up in a hazy dreamscape after a plane crash and must fight to survive.

Episode 2: "Wizards of the East Coast" Phyken Media - Orlando, FL
Phyken Media, creators of Wizard Ops and Wizard Ops Tactics, invite us to Orlando to see how their studio operates. Our host and founder of Phyken, Kunal, shows us around and helps critique our game.

We show up to their place with a game about competitive beekeeping which makes use of local multiplayer. "Who Wants to Play a Game about Beekeeping!?"

Episode 3: Pixel Dash - Baton Rouge, LA
PixelDash is a studio that is just starting to break out of the dev-for-hire cycle. Their first original game is Swap Drop Poker and they are also working on the successfully kickstarted Road Redemption. We spend a few nights in the great state of Louisiana to see how they do what they do.

The game, inspired by their days doing dev-for-hire, is all about "cool." As if we could agree on what that means, we end up with a game about wanton destruction called "Wreckin' Ballz."

Episode 4: Stoic Studios – Austin, TX
John Watson, Arnie Jorgenson, and Alex Thomas are the makers of the kickstarter-backed, gorgeous, and epic turn-based strategy game The Banner Saga. In the Spring of 2013, they released Banner Saga: Factions, and are currently working day and night to finish the single player version.

Our game explores the impact of choice and focuses on the most exciting part of any game... Character Create!

Episode 5: Sky Tyrannosaur - San Francisco, CA
Sky Tyrannosaur are the brains behind Blowfish Meets Meteor for iOS. The game is a new take on the block-breaker genre which adds puzzles and action to great effect. The journey takes us just outside of San Francisco to the hills of San Rafael.

Focusing on the evolution of "simple" game-play, "Stunt Mitch" is puzzle race game that ended up with 25 levels of daring action.

Episode 6: Oreganik - Eugene, OR
Oreganik is a delightful play on words. They are currently making a game called Chess Heroes which you can now vote for on Steam Greenlight as well as Epic Skater, The Endless Skateboarding Game for iOS, Android, and Web!

The task of taking the physical into the digital world, the team decides to make a game about those terrible claw machines.

Episode 7: KLEI Entertainment - Vancouver, British Columbia
KLEI Entertainment are the folks behind the masterpieces Don't Starve and Mark of the Ninja (among others.) They are currently working on their new tactical stealth game Incognita.

This episode sees the team making a game that focuses on the interactivity between art and design. "Round the World" is the result. Play as a fisherman lost as sea paddling his ship to safety in a kinetic, visual experience best played with a controller.

Detours and Side Quests! (Special Features)
Indie Game Collective – Boston, MA
The Indie Game Collective is a unique group of studios and individual developers located in a single co-working space in Boston. They collaborate and help each other, a group of indies toiling together. The Collective includes: Ichiro Lambe and Rohit Shenoy (Dejobaan Games), David W. Evans (Hybrid Mind Studios), Erik Asmussen (82 Apps) , Michael Carriere (ZapDot), Trevor Stricker (Disco Pixel), and more.

International Game Developers Association St. Louis
On our way to Chicago we happened upon a tight-knit community of game creators that welcomed us openly. We joined them at the T-Rex Incubator for a holiday party and found plenty of new friendships. Guests include: Butterscotch Shenanigans, Pixel Press, Happy Badger Studio, and more!

A Day at the Symphony!
Chad was lucky enough to tag along to the recording of The Banner Saga soundtrack at the Dallas Meyerson Symphony Hall. Led by Austin Wintory, the Dallas Wind Ensemble plays an assortment of compositions that are used in Stoic's The Banner Saga: Chapter One. Includes interviews with Stoic, Austin Wintory and the musicians.
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Congrats! I'll be waiting for the launch
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This is a fantastic concept. Ive really enjoyed the 3 ive seen so far :) Keep it up guys
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Voted +++ nice music:)
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